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Success and Family – The Best of Both Worlds

Family ties.

You can choose your friends but not your family. The universe has already made this choice for us. Of course with proper reasons. It is possible to climb the ladder of success to the very top when you have people you can fall back to.

Consider the family unit as your first training field. You register your first success here before the rest of the world see it. When the world finally knows about you, they see a perfect person. You are the end product of a process initiated by the master himself – the universe.

According to Forbes, statistics in America have it that businesses owned by families do extremely well. Families are worth a collective $1.2 trillion – up about 30% from $916 billion in 2015. This is not a mere coincidence but a well-crafted plan by the universe to show the world how success and family are intertwined.

Blessings of the family.

The universe has put some blessings on the family unit. Anyone who falls short of the family grace shall miss out on these blessings. It is not a wonder that many successful people are family men and women (although they have their fair share of challenges too).

So, how can you get the best of both worlds? There is an easy way out. Embrace the value of the family because it is the custodian of the keys to success. In detail, there are at least six blessings of the universe on the family.

  1.  An unconditional support base.

You will meet a lot of people out there. However, you will always return to your family back home. They will always accept you unconditionally because you are one of them. Anything that affects you directly touches them in one way or another.

Watch this: for centuries, it has been an American tradition to have a thanksgiving day every fourth Thursday of November annually. Families dine together in celebration of their successes. The moral lesson is to always celebrate with your family your success. The universe will keep on blessing you with more.

  1.     A unit you proudly belong to.

Your name is your identity to those who do not know you. When you introduce yourself by your name, people can already know where you belong because of your family name. The Vaughns, the Williams, the Millers, the Thompsons, and many more.

Apart from the identity factor, your family contributes to your mental health. Good mental health and family support go hand in hand. Your mental health success is determined by how you relate to your family. This dependency comes naturally because they are the people that the universe planned to be part of your immediate circle.

Relate with them well. Here is how you can bond with them more this summer and equally improve your mental health:

  •         Go for a picnic at a local park.
  •         Take a walk in nature.
  •         Go for bike riding with the young ones.
  •         Go camping.
  •         Play card games as a family.

The universe wants you to have the best of both worlds. Embracing good family time takes you a step closer to succeeding in everything you do.

  1.  It builds your personality.

The type of person you are does influence your success in many ways. Personal values that make you a great person are built in the family unit. If you are honest with your family, you will equally be honest with other people. This is the trade that happens with the universe – give and take.

Integrity, discipline, satisfaction, commitment, and personal beliefs make successful people. These values are taught in the family and the family alone. The universe has not placed this responsibility on other people other than your own. Improve your behavior with your family and you will be closer to success than ever before.

  1.  It is the universe’s gift of long life.

Success is not always about what you own. Long life is also a form of success. The universe wants you to have a long and satisfying life. The original plan is for you to live longer to fulfill your destiny. So, how can you live longer and walk in the original plan of the universe for you?

Communicate with the Universe

According to the Independent, being a parent can increase life expectancy, especially in very old age. Parents aged 60 years live up to two years longer than their childless counterparts according to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health in Sweden.

Sweet long life is the desire of the universe for you. You should embrace this new wish and work towards it. How so? Get more involved in your family and you shall be rewarded by nature.

  1.  Family meals = healthy diets.

The secret to a healthy life is in your diet. Truth is that most single people hardly eat healthily. They consider cooking such as burdensome and prefer some take-away meals from their favorite joint. These foods are rarely healthy but a quick fix for hunger.

Family meals are mostly healthy. Vegetables are fresh straight from the kitchen garden or the local market. There is plenty of time to make a family meal because the goal is not only to eat but also to eat healthily.

The love in a family is the primary gain of the universe for you. What is secondary yet equally important is your health. It is also a form of success. Being part of a family brings you both – love and health.

  1.  Generational knowledge.

Every family has its wealth of knowledge that is passed down from one generation to the next. It forms part of your business or corporate success when you are knowledgeable about things that not everyone knows.

It is not too late to go back to your family and learn its family history because you are missing out on a lot. You can revive a family business that has been dormant for a long time because you have the advantage of the monopoly of that knowledge compared to other people outside the family.

More so, you could finally reconnect with your purpose and the destiny of your family. You will be in line with the intentions of the universe.

A win in family life is success itself. The universe has put blessings in your life alongside that line and you will be pressing the right buttons when you embrace family. The end goal is to have the best of both worlds, right? Go for it.

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