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Successful People Look Like You


The face of success.

It pleases me to be the bearer of good news – successful people look like you. It is human to always imagine what something looks like even long before you see it. There is always an image you conceive when you hear about success. It could be a big beautiful mansion, expensive cars, a well-paying job, or maybe high social status. But is this truly the universe’s definition of success?

The face of success remains constant despite the ever-changing world. People have new interests daily and the economy changes. Yet, surprisingly, nature chooses to define success in the same way it did many years ago. Nature paints the face of success daily on a canvas in front of your eyes. It has a decoded message for you.

American leading business magazine, Forbes, reaches over 150 million people monthly. It keeps tabs on the who is who and everyone wants to know all about them because they consider them the face of success. It has a large audience base because everyone wants to know what success looks like and how they can be so.

The original meaning of success.

Can anyone confidently say what is the shape of water? It has none but takes the shape of the container it is put in. The universe has made success have this same property. This is the message on the canvas painted daily in front of your eyes by nature – successful people look like you.

  1.  You have seen it all.

You have been there during the rain and the sunshine. From winter to summer you are a witness to the life cycle and how nature has nurtured people who were once at the bottom of the pyramid. Everybody who has achieved something in life at one time did not expect to be where they are today. What makes you different from them?

The former lonely school-going child in the neighborhood now owns his store or chain of stores. The young girl who sang at birthday parties of friends with her melodious voice is now top in the Billboard Hot 100 list. Everyone you once knew at their lowest points is at a new level. What makes you think the universe has abandoned you?

As you say these words, believe in their conviction. “Successful people look like me.”  There is a reason you have been made to see people you know rise from the ashes. Do not disqualify yourself or lose your self-esteem because you have not reached half their achievements. Your time is drawing closer.

  1.  You are part of a system.

You are part of the same system that made other people successful. You share national leaders, you could probably be living in the same state, sharing common religious beliefs, and having many other similarities. If people with whom you shared a lot of things are now successful, you are in the queue for your date with destiny.

You are a success story in waiting. The face of success is your patience, resilience, and fighting spirit to achieve your goals. Consider the example of the judiciary. Litigants trust the courts to award them justice no matter how long it may take. The only place to prosecute their case is in court – a system for the administration of justice.

The universe is the system that has overseen the success of other people. You are part of it and it considers you as part of its next cohort of successful people. Look at yourself in the mirror and see the next business owner. Your place at the podium of success is already here.

  1.  Your energy is renewed daily.

One clearest indication that you are marked for success is that your energy is renewed daily. Do you always find your way back to doing something even after a failed first attempt? This is a good sign for your future life (even in the present). Nature loves a resilient spirit. It proves you are on his side.

Sometimes success does not come at once but after several attempts. What becomes of those who give up at a first unsuccessful try is that they give away their chance at success to others in the queue. Your resilience is the face of success.

Let alone the big dreams that you think define success. They will remain dreams if there is no follow-up. But the small dreams you have shall be successful if you pursue them daily. Think of the first airplane by the Wright brothers.

It was their renewed energy that made them enter the books of history. Your renewed energy makes you have all the green flags for success. Keep on pushing on.

  1.  You are flawed.

You could be asking yourself how you will be successful with all your countless flaws. Contrary to your dilemma, your flaws make you the perfect picture of success. Successful people are not perfect. They are human too with their challenges and shortcomings. No matter how disqualified you think you are, the universe wants you to know how you radiate success.

The universe operates with this principle – flawed is beautiful. The Japanese art of Kintsugi helps them embrace their flaws and rise above guilt and shame. This is a step closer to the podium of success.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi was used to put broken pottery pieces back together with gold. The whole idea was to help people see the beauty of flaws when used as a beauty pattern instead of condemning imperfect people as unsuccessful.

If you think that you are flawed and unfit to be successful, nature has good news for you. You are the person she is looking to crown as successful. Your flaws are the exact reason why the award of the year should be given to you.

The glory of success.

The glory of success shines brighter when you have the blessings of the universe. Here is how to partake in these blessings: Endure everything, be part of a system of success (like a family), renew your energy daily, and accept your flaws. Successful people look like you.

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