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Switching on the Light of Grace in Your Life

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I can only imagine how life must have been before the discovery of electricity. It has now become the most important energy in the modern world and everything would come to a standstill should it no longer be available. Although alternative sources of energy like geothermal and solar energy have already been discovered, they still supply the same thing to the consumer – power. This power runs heavy industrial machines and home appliances. It lights our houses, cooks our food, charges our devices (phones and computers), and it has offered employment to thousands. Electricity has undoubtedly transformed the lives of many people. 

Your spirit needs this kind of electric energy to power it up. This energy will keep you alert and, on your toes, so that you continue to remain productive. Your life will be a dull one before you discover this energy. After you do, and when you start using it, your life will improve. Nature has been instrumental in bringing this electricity closer to us in more than one way. But there is only so much that it can do; the rest is left to your personal effort on the same. 

Discovering the switch. 

The first thing you look for when you enter a poorly lit room is to look for the switch to turn on the lights. This is why it is mostly just near the door so that you do not stray far away but find it as soon as possible. Similarly, nature has put the switch to turn on the lights in your spirit and for you to access this super electricity closer to you. You only need to stretch out your hand, child.  

This switch is your purpose. When you put it on, your spirit and life become well-lit and you can see everything clearly as you should. Your purpose is the willpower to live. It is what you live to accomplish each day. You feel incomplete without fulfilling your purpose. Your whole life is centered on fulfilling this thing that you feel strongly for. Turning on this switch marks the entry of grace into your life. This grace is ordained to help you see clearly in your now well-lit spirit. 

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The burning desire to curve your unique space in society leads you to your purpose. You can never be mistaken about it. When you finally locate this switch, this is how you can turn and keep your spiritual light on: 

Fuel your spirit.

Your spirit is like a vehicle. You need to fuel it often before it switches off unexpectedly. Fuel to your spirit is as food is to your body. It gives you the energy to move on and keeps you healthy. This is a more experienced person with insight into how the spirit works. They guide you through spiritual matters and how to keep yourself pure in the increasingly challenging world. Spiritual purity ensures your light remains on. Without it, your light will go off as soon as you switch it on. Child, fuel your spirit today. 

Set targets

Targets help you to remain on course. Sometimes we may wander off to less important goals but having targets makes you remember that there is a box to tick at the end of the day. The light in your spirit will continually remain on, not for the sake of it, but if there is a good use. Do you have something to show off for the time that your spiritual light has been on? Look at nature and how it maintains the ecosystem. There is always something new happening. Each day is unique with its events. Meeting your targets is a justification for having your spiritual light on. This way, you can fulfill your purpose with ease.  

Conquer new territories

Victory tastes sweet. As you pursue your purpose, it is only fair to win some battles before the war. Your purpose will lead you to develop new habits that are fit for a person of your stature. These new territories are a mark of your success. Your future self needs a new environment different from the previous one before you put your spiritual light on. This new environment will help you to foster new habits. They equally attract grace from the universe for you to gloss over them.  

Partnering with like-minded partners

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you walk to walk far, walk with someone.” This could not be further from the truth. There are other people who discovered their purpose before you found yours. These are the people the universe wants you to keep in their company. They will be there to support you to maintain your spiritual light. More so, they will forewarn you against doing things that can turn your light off.

Your like-minded friends will also attract a new grace in your life. You will not struggle with some things whenever you are with them. Consider their company like an umbrella. You could not be having one but you can join your friend in his to protect you from the rain. This is how shared grace feels like.  

like-minded partners

Guard your frame. 

Your switch could get spoilt if water pours on it. This means that your light will go off until you replace the spoilt switch. It is wise not to do anything that endangers the lighting in your spirit. Spiritual purity helps you maintain the grace the universe has put over your life. In fact, it will multiply two-fold because you have made the owner of the grace proud. The reputation of good rain is known – it helps to water the crops on the farm. It only becomes bad when it exceeds the desired limit and causes floods. This is how your reputation should precede you. It will multiply the grace in your life. 

Switching on the light of grace in your life is as easy as following nature’s will. This is the switch to forever turn it on.

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