How to Identify your Calling

You were made for this!

Being stranded about what you want in life is becoming a normal thing to many people. It is a worrying trend for people to be unable to discover their passion. Your calling is first your business before it becomes anybody else’s. Unless you make an effort to know where you stand, nobody will help you realize it.

You should not simply live but live meaningfully. It is not automatic that you will discover your calling earlier. The only guarantee is that everybody’s life has a purpose. Realize that nobody will fulfill your calling if you do not step up to it. You were made for this!

What is your purpose in life?

Your purpose is what makes you wake up daily in the morning. Some are lucky to discover what theirs is at an early age. It requires that you are under the guidance of a more mature person with experience that you lack. They will help you come to self-realization and discover your purpose.

It is worth noting that your purpose is not the end in itself but a means to the end. It is the driver to the actualization of your calling. Without it, you may never fulfill your calling.

Your calling.

It is how you are destined to serve the world. Your calling ranks higher than self-interests. No wonder people have a hard time identifying it because they cannot see beyond how it will benefit them. It is okay for one’s calling to vary from that of another person. Siblings can have different callings altogether.

Types of calling.

Despite the several types of callings, all of them are for the service of humanity. They mold one not to be selfish but equally prioritize other people’s needs.

  1. The calling of leadership.

Some people have this calling to lead in their various capacities. They are innate leaders. This gift is for the benefit of society. They may not know it all but their skills in bidding support and formulating favorable policies are unmatched.

People with this calling attract love wherever they go. Masses cannot find fault with them. They will want to be under their leadership without thinking twice. Although there can be more suitable people, they are not preferred to them.

  1. The destiny connector.

These are people that the universe has put on our way with a good reason. They may neither be our relatives nor friends, but we will forever be indebted to them. People with this calling desire to help others expecting nothing in return.

Destiny connectors genuinely enjoy helping other people. They either know someone in a position to solve a problem or have a skill needed at that same time to help someone.

One thing with destiny connectors is that they never fall short of resources even though they are constantly giving aid. Their basket is ever full.

  1. The hub of knowledge.

This is a gift from the universe. People with this calling are mentally gifted. They are resourceful wherever they go. Like destiny connectors, they also seem to have an answer to everything.

Their performance in academics is exemplary. Teachers marvel at their razor-sharp minds from an early age. Unlike their peers, they do not struggle to understand new concepts. Everything is at their fingertips.

This calling is hardly recognized because people consider it normal. Those gifted with it assume senior positions in the world of science and technology.

  1. The unity thread.

People with this calling are equally important. They bring different people together despite their variations. They are like a string that holds beads of different colors and sizes together. It is like an artist who creates a beautiful beaded bracelet or necklace. The product is never fully appreciated until it is complete.

Those with this calling are ambassadors of peace. Not everyone can be an agent of peace as much as they love it. They will pass the buck to somebody else. They are not to blame because their calling could be elsewhere.

From these four types of callings, have you identified yours yet? If not, here is how you can know yours.

Trust the process.

The process of identifying your calling is not as complicated as some think. It involves a little bit more honesty on your part. You will fail if you are economical with the truth. You must accept the harsh reality you may not be ready for.

This is the way to go:

  1. Establish your passion.

Find out what you genuinely love. It should be free from peer pressure and external influence. You may think there is none but there is something buried within you that brings you great joy. Your passion is independent of all prevailing circumstances. Nothing can ever out it off.

However, there is a weak spot. Some people think they love something because they do it daily. That is a routine of convenience. Your passion is what you will do even when you have an alternative.

  1. Know the resources you have.

In identifying your calling, you need to audit your resources. Do not rely on what you do not have. You can mistake something for your calling simply because you crave it.

Cravings are temporary but a calling is for a lifetime. It is not something you can change in a fortnight. Your calling aligns with your ability.

  1. Willingness.

This is gauged by your subconscious acts. They are what you do involuntarily. Do you find yourself constantly making peace? Do you stand in the gap to help those stranded? Or are you the go-to person to be consulted?

Audit the causes you have pursued unknowingly. They will point in the direction of your calling. It is something that you will do tirelessly and effortlessly. You will eventually be unable to sustain it if you fake your way. Be authentic to know your true calling.

In conclusion, gauge your feelings towards your calling. One enjoys their true calling no matter how difficult it may get. Re-evaluate your choices and identify your calling before it is too late. 

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