Brain Fog? Try Unlocking your Third Eye Chakra

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on your important projects in life?

Are you carelessly investing all your hard-earned money into failed projects?

Are you unable to work with that creative zeal that you once worked with?

If you have answered YES to any of the above-asked questions or all of them, then my friend you have a Blocked Third Eye Chakra.

A blocked Third Eye Chakra would lead individuals to experience difficulty in concentrating on things at hand. 

You are unable to understand the wider truth of life. 

You would have a lack of creativity or enthusiasm to achieve your projects. 

The other symptoms of blocked third eye chakra include:

  • Thinking about a problem from a very logical viewpoint of view, especially matters related to the heart.
  • Getting swayed by your emotions and taking rash or impulsive decisions  
  • Experiencing feelings of disorientation
  • Inability to understand your purpose in this life, in the things you are doing or relationships you are in.
  • You are unable to get in touch with your intuition.
  • You feel you are lacking creativity.
  • You feel you are not wise enough, as you were earlier.

You feel you are slowly falling apart and you cannot explain WHY?

So the Third Eye Chakra is the Chakra that is located between your eyes. It is the chakra that is responsible for your creativity, intuition, inner wisdom, and the greater purpose of life. 

Significance of Third Eye Chakra In Buddhism: 

The third eye Chakra, according to Buddhism, is the Eye of Wisdom. It is said only after you have achieved the mastery of seeing the world around you with this Eye of wisdom, rather than the physical eyes that you are born with, you shall achieve Nirvana. 

This means that you shall be able to overcome all the negative emotions that hinder you from seeing the real truth about the outside world. 

You shall be able to take a peek inside your inner world, you will be able to understand your reality, you will become the master of yourself, not a slave to the materialistic world’s strings.

As Carl Jung once said, Your vision will only become clear if you look inside your own heart. For he who looks outside, dreams but he who looks inside, awakens. 

Thus in Buddhism, this chakra has been given the utmost importance, for it was this chakra that helped Gautama to truly introspect himself, the meaning behind life, and his true purpose in life. 

Significance of Third eye Chakra In Hinduism 

In Hinduism, this Chakra is called the Ajna Chakra, or the energy system that creates a pathway through which you can come in touch with your true self. 

To be able to perceive the realities within you.

A Blocked chakra would lead you to act like an ignorant human, who takes pride only in flaunting his materialistic pleasures, drowns himself in lust, greed, or jealousy.

Lastly, it leads the person to commit acts of adultery which are not limited to the field of romance but also lying and cheating on others, committing heinous crimes.

So by indulging in such acts, we end up blocking the pure, vibrant energy of the universe to enter the third eye chakra. 

It has been said that by unlocking this chakra, one allows the energy of Shiva ( The yin or the male energy) and shakti ( Yang or The feminine energy ) both to exist within oneself. 

So the left petal signifies the existence of Shiva (The final truth) within us and the right one Shakti ( The junction of cosmic energy) 

Thus there needs to be a balance of both the energies within, to become a person who is free from the chains of Maya ( illusions of this materialistic world that we feel would make us happy and content) 

Third Eye Chakra according to Modern Science and Philosophy :

French Philosopher, Rene Descarte, called this gland the junction of the Physical and Spiritual World. He named it the place where the Seat of Soul lies. 

According to science, this chakra is related to your Pineal Gland. This gland is situated right in the middle of the two halves of the brain.

The basic function of this gland is to regulate the circadian rhythm. The hormone secreted is Melatonin, which is responsible for the regulation of sleep.

So an imbalance of this hormone would lead to all kinds of sleep disorders. Research on this gland also points out that an imbalance of the same would lead to the person to suffer from sleep apnea, have increased high blood pressure, would suffer from insomnia, etc.

So how does one unblock this Chakra?

Balasana Or the Child’s Pose :

In a seated position, rest your hips upon your feet and then try to stretch your arms in the forward direction, make sure your head lies in between your shoulders and touches the ground. 

Make sure to sit on your hips and slightly stretch your arms as much as you can.

Now breathe deeply and feel a slight pressure upon your third eye Chakra.

You can try mentally saying “I am open to new wisdom”

Candle Gazing : 

For this, you can simply just rest in the initial child’s pose position and light a candle in front of you. You can also do this in a room that is a bit dim so that you can focus properly upon the candle’s light.  

Thus you can start by a few deep breaths and focusing your vision upon the illumination of the light of the candle 

In the beginning, you will notice it is just a flame exerting yellow bright light, but later when you would closely pay attention you would be able to see and envision that there is a blueish purple light being illuminated by the border of this yellow light.

You can close your eyes gently during this time, and envision an indigo- purple circle of light that is breathing and existing inside, right near your third chakra.

You can inhale and soak in the vibrations of this energy and as you exhale, let out all those past held illusions of materialism, greed, Maya, leave your system.

The phrase here should be “I am open to receive guidance from the universe”


Meditation has been seen as one of the easiest ways which are quite difficult to master, but once you do, you can easily unlock the true capabilities of your third eye chakra.

Whenever people think about meditation, they feel they need to force the breathing and also keep track of their thoughts or if they have any negative thoughts then push those away. That is not how mediation works.

When you meditate, you allow yourself to firstly relax, sit in a comfortable position and make sure your environment is also peaceful or serene otherwise you would not be able to relax.

Then as you inhale and exhale you become aware of your bodily sensations and not too much of those that go around in your environment, for that would make you lose your focus

Next, as you meditate, even though it is as less as 10 or 15 mins daily, you make sure you let those initial negative thoughts, thoughts that cloud your brain flow, do not let stop them or do not go into analyzing them, then you would once again find yourself getting entrapped once again in the same cycle.

As you inhale, tell yourself you are now allowing the universe’s positive energy, allowing yourself to be a part of the greater energy force, you’re letting loose all those tightly held assumptions that have hindered you from understanding yourself.

And as you exhale, let those out, those negative thoughts leave your body.

Try this every day for a few minutes and you shall be surprised that within a few weeks of this exercise you feel very light and are also able to focus your energy in a better way.

Diet : 

Next, it has also been seen that following an active healthy lifestyle too aids the unblocking of your third eye chakra.

This means following a diet plan that is rich in omega-three and magnesium, you can find these in a healthy dose of dark chocolate, in seeds such as chia seeds, flax seeds, and also in walnuts. 

One can include purple food in your diet, as this color is the color of your third eye, it includes plums, blueberries, purple cabbage, etc!

Positive Affirmations for Activating Third Eye Chakra :

Before going to bed every night, or while you are practicing the meditation you can try repeating these Positive Affirmations:

  • I believe in my intuition 
  • I will allow my intuition to guide me
  • I am open to newer ideas and wisdom.
  • I am wise and connected with my inner guide.
  • I am capable of seeing the greater truth in life.
  • I accept my true self, without any prejudice or deception
  • The love I seek outside is inside me, I am open to receiving love.
  • I shall let the universe guide me
  • I feel creative and full of life.
  • I believe in the power of my third eye chakra.

So by following the above-mentioned exercises and by making simple readjustments in your diet and life, you can unlock your third eye chakra and also be open to newer, more positive vibrations from the universe!

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