24 hours of Change

The common denominator.

If there is one thing that the universe has allocated fairly to all of us, it is time. 24 hours is all we have in a day yet how we spend it makes all the difference.

Across all the different time zones, everyone has the same 24 hours to do all they have to. What may understandably vary is the length of day and night.

Most economies worldwide are transitioning (if they are not there already) to be operational 24 hours. The world is now a global village. Everyone is competing for the limited resources available. If you keep on complaining about having limited time for a task, somebody else will replace you unapologetically.

Bias? What bias?

There is no bias whatsoever when it comes to time. Everyone takes personal responsibility for their success or failure wherever they are. Yes, there may be other reasons for failing at something but certainly, time cannot be one of them.

Our individual efforts place us at different levels. You should not rush at anything because you may get it wrong in your hurry. Everything happens at its appointed time.

The speed of time.

It is common to talk about how time flies or crawls like a snail. The truth is that the speed of time is constant. What makes the difference is the activities we do.

You must have noticed how ‘fast’ time moves when you are busy with a task. You never know when an hour or two have passed until you finish what you were at. This is the power of productivity.

To effect 24 hours of change, you need to be busy. Not just being busy but doing a value-added activity. This is what is lacking in a majority of people. The brighter side is what you are doing right now – reading this – adds value to your personality.

 The value of time.

Besides water, time is an extremely important resource. You cannot recover it once wasted. When you misuse it, you will feel its repercussions in a little while. This will torment you when you see others doing what you should have done a long time ago.

The value of time is measured by what you do in a given duration. Did you use your childhood to learn or you were a truant? Did you work when you had the opportunity?

The value of your time will be measured alongside those lines. Your efforts shall be crowned at the appointed time. Everybody has different seasons to shine. You never know how long they have waited to enjoy their current glory. It is an investment of a considerable amount of time. You too shall reach there if you value time and work towards your goals.

Creating value from time.

There are many ways you can create value from your time. You can create the change you desire within 24 hours.

  1. Learn a skill.

Education is endless. It is recommended to go to school at an early age because your young brain can easily grasp new concepts. However, there are many other skills you can learn even after you are grown up.

Soft skills like online marketing, editing digital media, technical writing, translation, e-commerce, and other free courses are available online. Instead of procrastinating, take action and enroll in a course of your choice.

This will make you better placed in an evolving world where your skills guarantee your survival. Idle time spent on wishful thinking will erode your efficiency even in what you already know. Depending on the duration of what you are learning, you will turn out a different person altogether incomparable with your idle peers.

  1. Invest in your health.

Health is wealth. Take time to invest in your health today. Go to the gym and do some cardio exercises, go for that early morning run, or join the local football (or any sports) team. invest in good health

The time you invest in your health will differentiate you from those who did not take such seriously. You can never regret keeping fit because its benefits are extensive.

Not going to the hospital for muscle aches problems, easy mobility, and a stronger immunity are some of the reasons that should motivate you to engage in physical sports.

The temptation to watch Netflix movies day and night and play video games are great and you require greater discipline to overcome it. Do not allow your 24 hours in a day to drown in that pit.

  1. Invest in personal development.

The first person you should invest in is YOU. S(he) will never let you down. An investment in personal development is good because it will transform you to become a better version of yourself.

Read literature that aims to improve your personality (like this one). You can also watch transformational and inspirational content online. The time you spend with such rich content will redeem you from bad habits and prepare you for the outside world.

If you must be addicted to blue screens, then use them to build progressive habits. Habits that will foster unity and improve your overall being instead of constantly doing what you cannot account for online.

Can you imagine the long-lasting impact good digital content can have on you? Why should you drown in depression while you can invest your time in personal development?

  1. Constantly think of ways you can improve.

What you engage your mind in matters a lot. Take your time to think of new ways to do greater things. Do not settle at a single source of income or one way of solving a problem.

Have you ever wondered what would have become of you if had spent your time brainstorming on how to solve your problems instead of complaining to people who cannot help you?

Now that you have seen only a handful of people can help you without any self-interests, think wide and deeply about how you can improve your situation. If it is good, it can become better. If it is already better, make it the best.

In conclusion, much can happen within 24 hours. Both destruction and creation can happen. Invest your time in creating positive habits and the best practices for your success. 

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