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What goes around comes around

The circle.

Who can guess the beginning and end of a circle? Nobody. It is infinite.

Drawing a circle requires excellent accuracy if you are to draw it with a free hand. Otherwise, you will need a compass or some round object to trace its outlines on paper. That is how special the circle is.

You can be sure that when you start moving around a circle at any given point, you will find yourself at the same place where you started. This is exactly how life is.

Life is first virtual then real.

The meaning of life has not fully been exhausted. The riddle of the paradox of life still remains a mystery. However, only one thing is certain – nothing is permanent. Power, wealth, investments (both long-term and short-term) are all temporary. 

How you relate with other people counts at the end of the day.

Organizations talk of human capital so does life. Human relationships are all that you have left when everything else is gone. The universe reigns supreme above all of us. It is the equalizer.

Virtual images are not real. Even their sizes are not like real images. However, they portray the right image of real objects.

Everything that a person acquires over some time is virtual. The universe causes this to happen so that you can see the real character of a person. Power and wealth can never change a person; they only manifest one’s true identity.

Action and reaction.

Status makes someone have a false sense of security. They think they are untouchable and nothing bad can happen to them. For the moment, it is true until the universe renders justice. What goes around comes around.

Every good or bad action is never forgotten. God – the sustainer of life and creator of the universe – has a record of every one of them. Nothing skips His attention. In His wisdom, He lets things unfold and He seems invisible or affected by what happens.

Have you ever watched a video or audio in loop mode? After it is over, it automatically restarts. You will surely love it if it is good media or your favorite. The more it replays the more it gets better.

What happens if it is something that you do not like? The moment you realize it is in loop mode, you will quickly skip to the next or exit altogether. You do this without a second thought. This is how our lives are before God.

The supreme God.

Our lives are in loop mode before God. He can let us continue in prosperity if our actions are good or cut us off entirely if our actions are evil. He can also stop us in our tracks until we change our ways.

There is no bias because we take full responsibility for our actions. We are liable for our mistakes and deserve an appropriate punishment for the same. Either that or a reward shall visit you soon enough. Its delay is a chance for you to change your ways.


Its mention is mostly feared because there is only one thing you can expect – only what you deserve. Karma is the payback master.

But Karma is not entirely bad. It is your actions or inactions that attract consequences. Bad actions attract bad Karma while good actions attract good Karma. You cannot cheat your way. The only way out of this equation is to be on the right side of it.

The magnet.

Consider the power of a magnet. It only attracts metals and not non-metals. Even the smallest pieces of metal are strongly attracted by a magnet. This is the true test of the presence or absence of a metal in an object.

When an alloy is passed over a magnet, it will be weakly attracted or not at all altogether depending on how much metal it contains.

The size of a magnet does not matter. It does not affect how it will attract metals. It will still attract metals and not non-metals. A magnet is incorruptible and when it is breached, it no longer remains a magnet.

Karma and the magnet.

Just like how the magnet, no matter its size, can differentiate metals from non-metals, so is Karma. It can differentiate good from bad. The intentional and unintentional actions that caused hurt are equally known by Karma.

Many unkind words have been said about it but nothing changes the law of nature. The good shall forever be rewarded and the bad shall be punished. This is to encourage kindness and condemn cruelty.


Every kind act, no matter its size, is always recognizable. It is like a seed that you plant and you shall reap from it in due time.

If you sow a kind act in people, you shall reap it in multiplication. A single seed planted in the ground produces fruit with many seeds in due time. Equally, any unkind act sowed in people shall receive multiple cruelties.

You will want to consider how you treat people moving forward. They are God’s creation and He shall protect them as a parent does their children.

The genesis of it all.

What is happening to you right now is a product of what you did some time back. It is not a coincidence that you lost your job or your business is failing. The universe does not operate on luck but on tangible things.

You could be right in time to save yourself from the calamity ahead. You could have acted out of ignorance before but upon enlightenment, you can make it right again.

Moving forward.

In the spirit of good faith, do good and it shall come back to you. This is the principle the universe wants us to observe.

Form better and healthier relationships with each other because the same people will stand with you after everything is gone. Investing in human relationships is never a bad investment. 


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The Power of Association

Friendships and relationships.

Friendships and relationships form the fundamental basis of human interactions.

Like a beaded bracelet, they are the thread that holds all the beads in position. The beauty of the bracelet lies in the excellent color combination of the beads which would not have been possible were it not for the thread joining them.

This analogy of a beaded bracelet is what associations are to our lives. Ignore them at your peril. Without their success, your life will be one hell of a mess you wish you could quickly get out of.

Friendships go a long way in ensuring our smooth lives. A mere genuine friendship means well for each other. It can later graduate into a relationship. This goes beyond what was just normal friendship.

Relationships are more personal. They are beyond simple friendships. It could take the form of a working relationship, a romantic relationship, or a social relationship. Whatever form it assumes, it bears the best interest of either party.

The associations you forge are so powerful beyond what you may think. There are many reasons why you may enter into friendships and relationships.

Here are some of them:

  1. It is the social nature of human beings.

Whoever said that human beings are social beings did strike the right chord. It is the most sensible and truest saying this century.

No man is an island. We are dependent on each other in one way or the next. This interdependence is the blessing that the universe has bestowed on us.

We find pleasure in talking to the next person about this or that. Eventually, we finally became best friends with strangers. Goodness! Who has ever known the secrets of the universe?

You are not weird if you find yourself overly social. Consider yourself blessed with an abundance of nature’s gifts.

  1. To build a social network.

Our social nature drives us to build social empires of people we know. The network of people you associate with is also a form of wealth that is mostly overlooked.

While there are limitations on the extent of aid we may receive, the power of your network knows no boundary. The advent of social media does not come as a surprise.

Even the elderly of this generation need social media. At one point in their senior years, they may need WhatsApp to video call their grandchildren living far away. They will need assistance doing this but still, they are building their social network with family.

You can build your social network and meet strangers online who could be potential clients, workmates, or bosses.

  1. Meeting in workplaces and social joints.

You may start a friendship with someone because you met them at work. You need to establish a good working relationship with them for work to run smoothly. Without it, conflicts may abound and the objectives of the work will not be met.

These friendships of convenience finally transform into the best thing we have ever had. We partake in the lives of our workmates because their performance at work affects the output. This could become the genesis of a lot of things.

  1. The need to confide in someone.

Vulnerability is the last thing any of us can acknowledge. However, throughout our lives, the baggage that comes along with survival can get heavy and we may need someone to confide in.

It is almost like an automatic reaction for you to be vulnerable to your best friend, sometimes your partner. For this reason, people get into relationships and friendships more so because they feel safer in them.

Besides these reasons for associating with others, you should not forget the power they wield over your life. This makes it more important when choosing friends and partners.

Here are some of the powers of association:

  1. Adoption of new habits.

It is undisputed that your associates can initiate you into new habits – both good and bad. What was foreign to you could turn out to be the best thing you have ever done, thanks to your friends.

Their influence on you to do what they do is greater. For the fear of missing out, you will eventually yield to their pressure.

Come to think of it, not everything is bad. They can help you discover new things you never knew existed.

The beauty of friendships is in self-discovery and the beginning of an adventurous future.

  1. You will be introduced to new places.

We slack in visiting new places alone because of the fear of being lonely. Nobody wants to be lonely. Instead, we all would like great company wherever we go.

In the right company, you can explore new places. Time spent bonding is invaluable and we would do anything to replay such beautiful moments.

Yes, you can enjoy your company. But it is even better when you know new places courtesy of your associates. 

  1. Associations connect you with destiny connectors.

We meet many people through our friends. Some of them are the ones destiny has put in our way to connect us to our future. Have you ever wondered what would have become of you if you did not meet certain people?

You probably first met these people through your friends. You owe them a debt of gratitude for unknowingly enabling you to meet your current employer or clients. This is the best part of networking.

  1. Creating heart-to-heart connections.

You can bond so much with your associates to the extent it seems you share a single life. Their concerns automatically become yours and your troubles as well become theirs.

This power of association will make you stronger to face whatever comes your way because you know that you are not alone in it. Someone will give you a pat on your shoulder and this will keep you moving.

Associates are responsible for the building or ruining of your dreams. When you meet the right people, they will help you climb the ladder of life to the highest levels. Their support is invaluable.

In conclusion, the power of association is undeniable. Do not think twice to forge associations with the right people and cut off those with people that mislead you. 

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