Confession Brings Possession

Say a word!

Confession is the act of speaking aloud your innate desires. It could be to someone or yourself anytime you wish. It is the most underrated method of affirmation yet remains very effective when done in the right way.

Some are fearful that confessions are unfruitful especially if your foes happen to hear you. They could work against you to halt your dreams. However, the secret is that confessions thrive in antagonism. The universe works for the bold. It favors fearless people who would want to thrive regardless of any opposition in their way.

Refuse to be ordinary.

Ordinary people refuse to act differently from everybody else. Confession appears as a simple act of ignorance that does not go beyond speaking. However, there is a great secret in it. This is only understandable by those who defy norms and confess their dreams to the universe.

Stand out from the crowd and boldly confess your dreams. Do not shy away from them because nothing will be hidden from people at the time of manifestation. 

They will marvel at how your dreams have come true before their eyes.   

The power of confession.

The universe considers confessions the way soldiers act on orders from their commanders. Orders are not questionable. They are expressly implemented. The destiny of people is directed by the universe.

The destiny in tandem with your desires as expressed in your confession manifests when you learn to communicate to the universe. Speak what you want to possess and it will draw nearer to you. God who is the master of the universe wants us to tell Him our desires although He knows them.

The only path set by the universe for us to follow is confessions. Prayers, which is a populous way of speaking to God, is also a form of confession. 

We pour our hearts into the universe and thereafter get favorable feedback from it.


What do you want to possess?

When you are capable of satisfactorily answering this question, then you are drawing closer to receiving it. Indeed, our needs vary yet the universe holds all our answers. It can never be saturated with them because prayers are answered daily.

The answered prayers belong to those who believe in them. You cannot lie to the universe. If you believe you can receive what you are confessing, consider your prayers answered. It can only delay but shall surely come to pass.

The next time you are confessing your dreams to each other or the universe, only do so for what you believe in.

What do you confess?

Always confess positive no matter how difficult a situation may look. Confessions attract our possessions and we should never wish any bad luck on ourselves; not even in anger. 

Speak positively of the future even when the present seems dark. It is darkest before dawn.

Products of confessions are hardly reversible. Negative confessions can cause too much damage before they are stopped. 

The consequences can live with us forever. They can maim or leave permanent scars in our lives.

Discouraging situations can mislead us into believing illusions about ourselves. 

We may think the universe is against us when we pass through the fire. 

However, all hope is not lost. When we confess good things but the universe does not yield to them, there could be one door that is locked.

Purity of confessions.

Purity is the prerequisite you have to fulfill if you want to possess your confessions. 

The universe knows our deepest secrets. It cannot grant you a wish on tainted hands. Some of the dirt in your hands could be slander, theft, illegal business, or malice.

Purify yourself before you confess to the universe your desires. 

The universe can manifest any confession you make with the purity of heart and soul. It rewards good and punishes evil.

Granting confessions to one with soiled hands will make you misuse possessions at your disposal. Purity unlocks the possessions of your confession. 

Seek forgiveness from those you wronged, return the plunder from those you stole from and confess your evil plans to those you intended to harm.

Refusing to seek purity will block the door to your possessions. God encourages us to be at peace with everyone as much as possible for it to be easier to answer our prayers.

Conscience in confessions.

What is your conscience when confessing to God your prayers about the present or future? The intentions you harbor to use your possessions thereafter matter a lot if the universe is to consider your request at all.

If you intend to capture power, for example, for the aim of revenge and not to serve then the universe will shut its doors. We often do not receive what we pray for because our conscience is unclean.

We can hide our conscience from family and friends but never from the universe. Before you confess, in public or private, have a clear conscience to use your possessions for the benefit of the universe or people you live with.

Why should the universe grant your wish if your possessions will not serve humanity? In the extreme, it can grant your ill confessions and they shall only haunt you and spare those you intended.

An abundance of possessions.

When it is clear what you are confessing to the universe is a generous cause, answers will come in abundance. God shall answer you speedily and multiply what you asked for because you intend to serve the universe.

In service, your life too is transformed. You become an instrument the universe uses as a blessing to others. As a source of blessings, you shall never lack because the universe shall entrust you with its resources.


To whom much is given…

To whom much is given much will be demanded. The universe gives you the responsibility of taking care of others owing to the multitude of your possessions. Guard yourself against falling prey to selfishness or misuse because the universe can shut its doors to you.

In conclusion, confessions surely bring possessions when done in the right way. What is preventing you from being a good son/daughter of the universe? Take a bold step today and be an example to the rest.

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