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The Power of Association

Friendships and relationships.

Friendships and relationships form the fundamental basis of human interactions.

Like a beaded bracelet, they are the thread that holds all the beads in position. The beauty of the bracelet lies in the excellent color combination of the beads which would not have been possible were it not for the thread joining them.

This analogy of a beaded bracelet is what associations are to our lives. Ignore them at your peril. Without their success, your life will be one hell of a mess you wish you could quickly get out of.

Friendships go a long way in ensuring our smooth lives. A mere genuine friendship means well for each other. It can later graduate into a relationship. This goes beyond what was just normal friendship.

Relationships are more personal. They are beyond simple friendships. It could take the form of a working relationship, a romantic relationship, or a social relationship. Whatever form it assumes, it bears the best interest of either party.

The associations you forge are so powerful beyond what you may think. There are many reasons why you may enter into friendships and relationships.

Here are some of them:

  1. It is the social nature of human beings.

Whoever said that human beings are social beings did strike the right chord. It is the most sensible and truest saying this century.

No man is an island. We are dependent on each other in one way or the next. This interdependence is the blessing that the universe has bestowed on us.

We find pleasure in talking to the next person about this or that. Eventually, we finally became best friends with strangers. Goodness! Who has ever known the secrets of the universe?

You are not weird if you find yourself overly social. Consider yourself blessed with an abundance of nature’s gifts.

  1. To build a social network.

Our social nature drives us to build social empires of people we know. The network of people you associate with is also a form of wealth that is mostly overlooked.

While there are limitations on the extent of aid we may receive, the power of your network knows no boundary. The advent of social media does not come as a surprise.

Even the elderly of this generation need social media. At one point in their senior years, they may need WhatsApp to video call their grandchildren living far away. They will need assistance doing this but still, they are building their social network with family.

You can build your social network and meet strangers online who could be potential clients, workmates, or bosses.

  1. Meeting in workplaces and social joints.

You may start a friendship with someone because you met them at work. You need to establish a good working relationship with them for work to run smoothly. Without it, conflicts may abound and the objectives of the work will not be met.

These friendships of convenience finally transform into the best thing we have ever had. We partake in the lives of our workmates because their performance at work affects the output. This could become the genesis of a lot of things.

  1. The need to confide in someone.

Vulnerability is the last thing any of us can acknowledge. However, throughout our lives, the baggage that comes along with survival can get heavy and we may need someone to confide in.

It is almost like an automatic reaction for you to be vulnerable to your best friend, sometimes your partner. For this reason, people get into relationships and friendships more so because they feel safer in them.

Besides these reasons for associating with others, you should not forget the power they wield over your life. This makes it more important when choosing friends and partners.

Here are some of the powers of association:

  1. Adoption of new habits.

It is undisputed that your associates can initiate you into new habits – both good and bad. What was foreign to you could turn out to be the best thing you have ever done, thanks to your friends.

Their influence on you to do what they do is greater. For the fear of missing out, you will eventually yield to their pressure.

Come to think of it, not everything is bad. They can help you discover new things you never knew existed.

The beauty of friendships is in self-discovery and the beginning of an adventurous future.

  1. You will be introduced to new places.

We slack in visiting new places alone because of the fear of being lonely. Nobody wants to be lonely. Instead, we all would like great company wherever we go.

In the right company, you can explore new places. Time spent bonding is invaluable and we would do anything to replay such beautiful moments.

Yes, you can enjoy your company. But it is even better when you know new places courtesy of your associates. 

  1. Associations connect you with destiny connectors.

We meet many people through our friends. Some of them are the ones destiny has put in our way to connect us to our future. Have you ever wondered what would have become of you if you did not meet certain people?

You probably first met these people through your friends. You owe them a debt of gratitude for unknowingly enabling you to meet your current employer or clients. This is the best part of networking.

  1. Creating heart-to-heart connections.

You can bond so much with your associates to the extent it seems you share a single life. Their concerns automatically become yours and your troubles as well become theirs.

This power of association will make you stronger to face whatever comes your way because you know that you are not alone in it. Someone will give you a pat on your shoulder and this will keep you moving.

Associates are responsible for the building or ruining of your dreams. When you meet the right people, they will help you climb the ladder of life to the highest levels. Their support is invaluable.

In conclusion, the power of association is undeniable. Do not think twice to forge associations with the right people and cut off those with people that mislead you. 

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24 hours of Change

The common denominator.

If there is one thing that the universe has allocated fairly to all of us, it is time. 24 hours is all we have in a day yet how we spend it makes all the difference.

Across all the different time zones, everyone has the same 24 hours to do all they have to. What may understandably vary is the length of day and night.

Most economies worldwide are transitioning (if they are not there already) to be operational 24 hours. The world is now a global village. Everyone is competing for the limited resources available. If you keep on complaining about having limited time for a task, somebody else will replace you unapologetically.

Bias? What bias?

There is no bias whatsoever when it comes to time. Everyone takes personal responsibility for their success or failure wherever they are. Yes, there may be other reasons for failing at something but certainly, time cannot be one of them.

Our individual efforts place us at different levels. You should not rush at anything because you may get it wrong in your hurry. Everything happens at its appointed time.

The speed of time.

It is common to talk about how time flies or crawls like a snail. The truth is that the speed of time is constant. What makes the difference is the activities we do.

You must have noticed how ‘fast’ time moves when you are busy with a task. You never know when an hour or two have passed until you finish what you were at. This is the power of productivity.

To effect 24 hours of change, you need to be busy. Not just being busy but doing a value-added activity. This is what is lacking in a majority of people. The brighter side is what you are doing right now – reading this – adds value to your personality.

 The value of time.

Besides water, time is an extremely important resource. You cannot recover it once wasted. When you misuse it, you will feel its repercussions in a little while. This will torment you when you see others doing what you should have done a long time ago.

The value of time is measured by what you do in a given duration. Did you use your childhood to learn or you were a truant? Did you work when you had the opportunity?

The value of your time will be measured alongside those lines. Your efforts shall be crowned at the appointed time. Everybody has different seasons to shine. You never know how long they have waited to enjoy their current glory. It is an investment of a considerable amount of time. You too shall reach there if you value time and work towards your goals.

Creating value from time.

There are many ways you can create value from your time. You can create the change you desire within 24 hours.

  1. Learn a skill.

Education is endless. It is recommended to go to school at an early age because your young brain can easily grasp new concepts. However, there are many other skills you can learn even after you are grown up.

Soft skills like online marketing, editing digital media, technical writing, translation, e-commerce, and other free courses are available online. Instead of procrastinating, take action and enroll in a course of your choice.

This will make you better placed in an evolving world where your skills guarantee your survival. Idle time spent on wishful thinking will erode your efficiency even in what you already know. Depending on the duration of what you are learning, you will turn out a different person altogether incomparable with your idle peers.

  1. Invest in your health.

Health is wealth. Take time to invest in your health today. Go to the gym and do some cardio exercises, go for that early morning run, or join the local football (or any sports) team. invest in good health

The time you invest in your health will differentiate you from those who did not take such seriously. You can never regret keeping fit because its benefits are extensive.

Not going to the hospital for muscle aches problems, easy mobility, and a stronger immunity are some of the reasons that should motivate you to engage in physical sports.

The temptation to watch Netflix movies day and night and play video games are great and you require greater discipline to overcome it. Do not allow your 24 hours in a day to drown in that pit.

  1. Invest in personal development.

The first person you should invest in is YOU. S(he) will never let you down. An investment in personal development is good because it will transform you to become a better version of yourself.

Read literature that aims to improve your personality (like this one). You can also watch transformational and inspirational content online. The time you spend with such rich content will redeem you from bad habits and prepare you for the outside world.

If you must be addicted to blue screens, then use them to build progressive habits. Habits that will foster unity and improve your overall being instead of constantly doing what you cannot account for online.

Can you imagine the long-lasting impact good digital content can have on you? Why should you drown in depression while you can invest your time in personal development?

  1. Constantly think of ways you can improve.

What you engage your mind in matters a lot. Take your time to think of new ways to do greater things. Do not settle at a single source of income or one way of solving a problem.

Have you ever wondered what would have become of you if had spent your time brainstorming on how to solve your problems instead of complaining to people who cannot help you?

Now that you have seen only a handful of people can help you without any self-interests, think wide and deeply about how you can improve your situation. If it is good, it can become better. If it is already better, make it the best.

In conclusion, much can happen within 24 hours. Both destruction and creation can happen. Invest your time in creating positive habits and the best practices for your success. 

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Choices Have Consequences

The state of life.

Much has been said about what life is but much more has been left unspoken. It is a classroom where anything can happen. At one time, the student can be the teacher and circumstances can make them exchange places. Life is unapologetic.

Most importantly is the power everyone wields over their lives. This power is vested in decisions.

The beauty is that we take credit for the failure or success of what we become. What we may consider as insignificant choices finally come to haunt us day and night.

Love it or hate it, choices have consequences.

Decision making.

We may think that decisions are what is only reached in boardrooms or in other official meetings. The many choices we make daily are also decisions that cumulatively form the bigger picture.

The irony is that when we choose to make a choice, we have made a decision. When we also choose not to make any choice, we have equally made a decision. We cannot escape decision-making for what it is and when we finally settle on our preferences, we should be ready to face what comes along with it.

The moment of truth.

The moment of truth comes when we are between a rock and a hard place. It is when circumstances force us to choose between options we would rather avoid.

You need to evaluate what are the consequences of each option. There are some sacrifices you may have to make at the altar of decision making. This does not make you any less a better person.

Many people fail when it is demanded of them to choose between two very dear alternatives. They forget that their inaction is also a choice they have made. Thereafter, the aftermath of their inaction starts haunting them.

The aftermath.

Although you may not realize it yet, decision-making is not for the faint-hearted. The consequences of your choices have made you survive the hardships of life (and equally its greatness).

Up to now, you must be aware of one law of nature – the law of action and reaction. It is not rocket science as you once perceived when you first heard of it. 

Every choice we make (action) has its consequences (reaction). The two follow each other in tow. It can never be wished away. Although the consequences may delay, they shall finally come knocking at your door.

Here is what you should possibly expect from your choices:

  1. The reaction of those whom your choice has not favored.

You already know that your decisions shall not please everyone. Some people will be happy about it while others will not be amused. What you do not know is the reaction of those who will be unhappy.

Your choice could hurt their interests and they will not take it lightly. It is natural for people to protect their territories. Anyone who crosses the line is a targeted enemy.

Those not favored by your choice shall withdraw their support from you. They cannot partner with someone who does not consider their interests. While you could have acted innocently for self-preservation, they will cut you off for it. This is the price you have to pay in decision-making.

  1. Uncertainty on the future in your choice.

Sometimes you may have to make first-time choices. You may have to travel in an unfamiliar path for the greater good. Most sober decisions are not popular. They are landmark choices that could completely turn around your life.

There is a certain degree of doubt coupled with anxiety about what lies ahead in store for you. You have no one to turn to and ask about their experience in the choice you have made. You can only trust yourself.

It is perfectly normal to doubt yourself at the beginning but you must not withdraw from what you have started.

  1. Change of environment.

The best assurance in life is that change is constant. It can work for or against us. The circumstances around what made us initially decide can change. What will happen if they change to what we wanted after we have already chosen to move forward?

This is a tough call to make especially if you have already started implementing your choice. Going back will make you look indecisive. For the sake of your dignity and sanity, you will have to reassure yourself that you made the right choice given the prevailing circumstances at that time.

  1. Unmet expectations of your choice.

You cannot have everything all the time. This is a lesson that most people hardly learn. It is one of the possible consequences of your choices. It does not make your initial decision bad. You made it based on what was good for you and you were convinced of its success.

You are strong for making an unpopular choice even if it may not have eventually worked as you had hoped for. Although some of your choices may disappoint, you cannot quit decision-making. Ever.

Unmet expectations fortify your personality and reception to failure. You become better than what you had hoped and disappoint those who expected your downfall.

Your recovery plan.

With all these possible consequences of your choices, you need to know how you can handle them. You should be able to brave the rejection(s) and bask in the glory of your successes.

As you think about the choices on your table, you should plan the way forward whether or not your choices are successful.

This is more important because you cannot dwell on the past. A good plan will have you recover quickly from any setback (should there be any).

Whether good or bad, your choices will have their effects. Are you prepared for them?

Every choice you make should be for a good cause. Your conscience should be clear that you mean well. The sooner you recognize decision-making as a battle that you have to win, the better for you. As you choose, settle on long-term benefits and not short-term gratification. 

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