3 Things To Be Grateful For All Year: Boost Your Manifestation 24/7

My wife was taken away from me. She got broadsided and died.

“This wasn’t the plan.” I thought to myself.

We had just landed in L.A from Ohio.

Our reason? To pursue my dreams.

I knew I could sing.

And was sure I could use my music to speak to the hearts of millions.

So the only logical thought in my mind?

Make a trip to L.A to change my life.

But the universe had other plans.

As she got hit, I saw my dream slowly dying in front of me.

Plus, my guitar got stolen at the airport.

And the apartment I rented was a scam.

I stood in the cold – alone in the dark.

With nowhere to go, completely scared to death.

That was the day I lost everything.

And this is the story of what happened next.

My Journey To Gratitude.

Most people would have given up after all that happened.

And honestly, I won’t blame them.

No one hands you a manual when shit hits the fan.

In my situation, I decided to take a dead job in Antarctica.

Yes, you read that right.

In my head, it was the right move.

Finally, I could get away from all the madness life was throwing at me.

Fortunately, it was there that I started learning how to be grateful for everything that happens to me.


Because I met a woman, Aria.

And she opened my eyes to a new world of peace, and nirvana.

It was bliss.

I watched as I let go of pain, bitterness, and anger.

So I could embrace love, and gratitude.

Soon enough, I found peace within myself.

To take life on again, and manifest my desires.

I also realized that while I felt I was running away, the universe was pulling me closer to good things.

So I decided to pick up a gratitude-first lifestyle no matter what.

It’s the same thing I want for you.

We often complain when things go wrong in our lives.

But I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of things you could be grateful for.

In fact, here’s a bet I’m willing to make:

If you sat down, and really thought about it, you’d find 10 things in your life to be grateful for.

Not 4. Not 7.


Can you think of any?

Well, if you want a pointer in the direction, you can continue reading below.

But before we dive in, you should understand why gratitude is so important in manifesting your desires.

Why Is Gratitude Important?

Gratitude and manifestation go together like bread and butter.

And when you talk about healthy emotions, it’s definitely right up there.

It gives you an absolutely divine energy that’s impossible to resist.

You radiate positivity so much the universe can’t wait to push blessings your way.

One reason why gratitude is so effective is because it puts you in a state of abundance.

Your mindset shifts.

And you tune into a frequency that signals good emotions.

And the universe loves good emotions.

Simply taking the time to be grateful for things right now in your life will attract more of it.

And your world starts changing when you look at life through the lens of a thankful heart.

More peace. More fulfillment. More energy.

Just more of the good stuff.

Gratitude is excitement.

Excitement is like energy.

And it’s one of the universe’s favorite ones.

Because it shows you’re living in the now.

That you’re fully present.

Always trusting. Always abundant.

So I came up with 3 things to keep your abundance meter high so you give off the right energy.

Things To Be Grateful For.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue, it’s the parent of others” – Cicero

The key to showing gratitude is to be present.

So you’ll be able to notice things.

Even the tiny ones.

Especially the tiny ones.

It’s one of the fastest ways to transform your life.

Sure, life can turn you into a punching bag.

And it sure does taste like lemon sometimes.

But dwelling on that energy will only block your desires.

These 3 things will serve as constant fuel to keep your gratitude vehicle.

Because you experience each day.

Of course, it takes practice.

And you’re free to use them as inspiration for things I might not know that’s going on in your life.

Bonus tip: If you’re in doubt, start small. Then gently climb up the “gratitude ladder”

All that matters is that you feel a deep sense of appreciation for anything you pick.

So, are you ready to pump gas into your gratitude vehicle all year round?

Nice! Here are a few things to be grateful for:

1) For Life

Cliché, I know.

I can almost hear you saying “I knew you’d say that”

But it’s true.

It might seem so simple.

However, when you give thanks for the simple, you discover a lot.

Each time you wake up hale and hearty is another moment to send out gratitude energy to the universe.

Before you get anything done in the morning, take a moment to appreciate life.


The sun as it shines beautifully. Birds blessing your ears with magical sounds.

In addition, you can also do what I do – And create your “gratitude morning” . It’s simply taking ten minutes each morning to show appreciation.

2) A warm bed

Oh yeah! This one’s a favorite of mine.

I love how my bed feels even during cold nights. It’s a special feeling to get back home and drown myself in so much warmth.

You know how you feel each time you sleep peacefully on your comfy bed?

Be grateful for that.

How you can wrap yourself nicely to enter a beautiful world of dreams?

That deserves some appreciation too.

So keep your thanks flowing.

Who knows, you might receive a sign in one of your dreams.

3) The existence of Manifestation

Imagine this.

You wake up one morning to find out all your affirmations are gone.

All the books you’ve bought on manifesting no longer exist.

The blogs, websites and much of what is out there right now on manifestation is wiped out.

Basically, the universe has shut you out.

I won’t be wrong if it sends you into full panic mode.

Because all those desires you’ve piled up are never seeing the face of reality.

Which means goodbye to the new car, vacation or relationship. Yikes!

That’s why you should feel extra grateful that you and I share this unique gift of communicating with the universe and manifesting our desires

You’re truly blessed to discover this corner of the world

It’s where dreams come true. And peace exists within ourselves.


By now, you probably see how gratitude can shape your life into something wonderful.

You can call it the key, the missing piece or the final step.

Whatever the case, the effect it has stretches across every area of your life.

Now, it does require some practice. Especially if it’s not something you’ve always done.

But not to worry, as long as you get serious about your gratitude mornings, things will turn out nicely.

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