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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The goal is to be happy and healthy this year.

The universe is about to take you to the top of the world. It is yours to rule! It is amazing the things that people will do for happiness and health. They use their money to “buy” happiness and “pay” for good health. However, nature can gift you both of them and do so in abundance. The universe can save you a lot of trouble in getting the most precious gifts. Wealth only makes these gifts accessible but the universe puts them in your hands.

There are many killers of happiness and health. But there are also many more builders of the same that the universe has put in your hands. Nature wants you happy and healthy even when it looks difficult. It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and it is rightly true. The universe is working round the clock to give you apples that will keep you healthy and far away from the doctor. Here are some of them:

  1.     Positive affirmations.

“I can. I will. I shall.” This is the confession of a winner. If other people can do it, so can you. The difference between you and them is just time. Your time to be victorious is fast approaching. Positive affirmations cure the anxiety that builds up over time. Anxiety is a killer of happiness and it condemns you to constant worry. The universe wants you to make positive affirmations whenever you are anxious. It brings positive energy to your spirit. This wards off the negativity slowly eating you up to deny you happiness.

Everything that exists in the universe was created out of positive affirmations. Let us learn from electric power – generated from natural gas, wind, fuel, or water. Live electric current flows through the positive terminal. Without a positive/live connection, there is no power. This apple of positive affirmations will keep anxiety away from you.

  1.     Meditation.

Meditation is taking time off to reflect on the good things in your basket. It is a powerful weapon against stress. The leading cause of stress is when plans fall apart. The success of our plans brings a lot of joy. Stress comes in when things do not work out as we had hoped. Even as things fall apart before our eyes, you still bagged some victories. Take time off, consider it like half-time during soccer, to reflect on the success that the universe granted you. Your joy will resurrect and your face will light up. Meditation is an apple of hope for a better tomorrow. It keeps your happiness intact.

  1.     Prayer

Our spirits communicate to the universe through prayer. We lay our worries, fears, and expectations before the universe every time we go to prayer. Prayer neutralizes overthinking which kills many dreams. Overthinking makes you worry about failure. It stops you from being productive and instead you drown in self-pity. On the other hand, prayers move mountains. It is your chance to offset your burdens to a higher authority. Children offset all their worries onto their parents. They believe that their parents can handle everything. Similarly, we offset our burdens to the universe through prayer. Your life will be more peaceful and calm this year if you take this apple of prayer.

  1.     Spiritual renovation.

Are you drowning in self-pity? The universe is here to give you a license to happiness. No renewal is needed! Spiritual renovation is overhauling your spiritual life and making the necessary changes. The universe is in charge of this renovation. A little building here and some adjustments there will prepare you for the joy ahead. Self-pity makes you look down on yourself and disqualify you from places where you belong. You deserve the heavens and the earth. Good health and long life is your portion. By allowing the universe to overhaul your spiritual life, you are giving yourself a second stab at success.

  1.     The spiritual mirror.

Low self-esteem kills good vibes. It condemns you to misery for as long as you accept it. The spiritual mirror is a weapon to fight low self-esteem. What do you see when you look in the mirror? The person you are staring at is victorious, happy, and healthy. You are a work in progress that shall be completed within no time. The spiritual mirror is not like the physical one. It only reflects your strengths and successes. You can look at it whenever you feel low or depressed. It accepts you as you are and reflects positivity. Looking at it takes you to the path to happiness.

  1.     The spiritual gymnasium.

We invest a lot of effort in getting fit. Our physical bodies need maintenance and we do it without hesitation. We should pay the same attention to our spiritual bodies. Go to the spiritual gym to exercise and get fit. A healthy spirit is content, fulfilled, and happy. The universe is your instructor. He is there to guide you in exercises that will shift your focus to good health and happiness. The spiritual gym builds your resilience when you are going through a rough patch. Being happy is difficult when you are facing challenges. The universe wants to build your capacity to be happy even when circumstances do not allow you to.

  1.     Disciplined feeding.

Your health heavily depends on the foods that you eat. Nature did not program you to eat anything at any time. There is a discipline in eating habits that will guarantee you good health. Natural foods are rich in minerals and nutrients that are absent in all the fast foods that we eat. Everything that you need to have good health is in natural foods. Our great-grandparents ate natural foods and lived healthily. Lifestyle diseases will be a thing of the past if we turn to nature for advice on food. An apple fruit will keep the doctor away.

Happiness, good health, and long life are on the bucket list of many people. Following the universe’s guidance towards getting them is an insurance that we all need.  

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The Universe’s rules of origin

The Universe’s Rules of Origin

There is a thin line between original and counterfeit. For various reasons, it is increasingly becoming difficult to get the original. People have lost their original identities and lifestyles and it becomes almost impossible for them to retrace their steps to originality. It is difficult to maintain originality without guidance from the universe. You will be tempted to walk away from your precious original nature that the universe gifted you in the beginning.

The good news is that the universe is sending divine help your way. Are you ready for it?

The savior is here!

The universe loves you. She has always loved you. Whoever loves you unconditionally will find a way to rescue you, even when you are stuck. She is reaching out to you out of her deep love. You will finally retrace your steps back to originality and live your true lifestyle. Everything shall lay bare before you and you can make informed decisions. There are rules to guide you back to finding your originality and becoming the best you could ever be – the best worker in your company, business person, student, group member, or wherever you could be.

  1. Listen to your inner voice.

Do not ignore the still small voice speaking within you. It is your spirit communicating directly with the universe. Your inner voice is always right. It guides and advises you when everyone else abandons you. It is mostly overlooked because it is less persuasive compared to worldly temptations. The universe speaks to our spirits through conscience. It is the conviction of right and wrong. You will feel guilty when you knowingly stray from the right original path to follow your selfish desires. Stay in the lane of originality by listening to your inner voice.


  1. Do not be afraid to be different.

Well, the original is different. Ten people maintaining their originality are all different from each other. It is not true to assume that you will be like every ordinary Tom, Dick, and Harry when you remain original. Originality is not uniformity. Nature is not uniform and so is originality. There are hills, mountains, valleys, plains, and plateaus. They all have different features and climates yet they are all part of nature.

This is how beautiful it is when you decide to be different. Do not be afraid to do things differently. Different is beautiful.

Look at the different climates worldwide. The winter in Canada, the hot climate in North Africa, the Mediterranean climate of western Europe, and the tropical climate of Australia, sometimes all happening at the same time make the science of nature very unique. It can accommodate diversity gracefully. The beauty of being different makes you original in your right.

  1. Be ready for a small beginning.

Everything major once had a small beginning. Originality starts with baby steps but eventually grows to leave elephant footprints. Nothing genuine grows big overnight. It takes some time to grow it into something reputable.

Otherwise, the modern world is offering success readily served on a platter. It looks attractive but it’s not long-lasting. Grow your original idea through all the stages of growth. Work on your business, no matter how small it may be, and the universe promises you expansion.

The best teacher is how rain is formed. A small cloud is blown by the wind across the sky and it grows over time (depending on the prevailing weather). The same cloud then gets pregnant with rain and it pours heavily.

We hardly appreciate how the rain was formed and assume it was brought by the big dark clouds that we saw in the sky. The small fist-like cloud eventually grew bigger and brought the blessing of rain.

Your small beginning on an original idea will eventually grow into something bigger and better.

  1. Be like the wind.

Do you love the wind? I not only love it but also admire this beautiful act of nature. The wind is mysterious in a good way. You can neither see nor touch it. You can only feel it and tap into its goodness. There is a valuable lesson that nature is teaching us – that what is original can be felt. It cannot be ignored. Your choice to stay on the original path shall be felt by everyone in your orbit.

There is nothing wrong with being mysterious like the wind. Whatever your original design or plan in life is, adopt the wind approach. Put in all the hard work and you shall have direction – just like the wind – blowing to the right or the left. On your original path, your success can be measured and it is undisputed. The strength of the wind is measured by a windsock – wind filling the sock-like bag indicates how strong the wind is blowing. This important measurement influences decisions in aviation.

Your progress on the path of originality equally influences a lot of things in your life. This is the path that the universe has chosen for you.

  1. The original is consistent.

The sun and the solar system are part of the universe in space. The silent rule governing originality is consistency. Follow up on your idea and be consistent in making it work. This gives you a lifeline even when challenges arise to cut you off. You can avoid accidents when you are consistent.

“Accidents” like the solar and lunar eclipses in space are caused by a lack of consistency of the sun and moon to remain in their orbits. But most of the time all year round when planets in the solar system remain in their orbits, everything runs smoothly with zero inconveniences. Choose to stay consistent in your orbit and your life will not be chaotic. You shall be an example to be emulated all through. This is the Universe’s plan for you.

The Universe’s rules of originality will guarantee your success this new year. It does not matter if you failed before, here is a second chance to retrace your steps to your origin.  

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The Recipe for Happiness

We want the food we eat to be tasty, delicious, and mouth-watering. Food that will make you ‘worship’ the chef. Good food unites people from all over and they will always look forward to when they will meet again. The recipe for tasty food is a closely guarded secret that barely leaves the kitchen. After all, if you know how to cook it yourself then you will no longer need the chef.

PS: What is your favorite food and do you know its recipe?

There are several ways in which the universe operates that remain a mystery. You may have unsuccessfully tried to figure it out. This is the recipe that barely leaves the kitchen. Anyway, there is nothing to worry about because you are still a beneficiary of the universe’s kitchen. Nature serves you with happiness, purpose, health, growth, leadership, and long life. All this depends on what you order from the menu. If you earn the universe’s trust, then you can be trusted to enter the kitchen. You can interact with the staff there and make new friends.

Modern-day unhappiness.

Do you feel lonely, sad, or stressed?

Most people, especially at this age, are very unhappy. They tolerate their marriages, jobs, businesses, and everything they do instead of enjoying them. You could be at work in the morning and you immediately look forward to lunch break. At noon, you are already wishing it was evening. Life becomes an endless cycle of complaints. How unfortunate! The good news is that there is a solution. The universe can give you the freedom of everlasting happiness that is missing in your life.

The secret recipe.

The universe has shone its light on the secret recipe for happiness. It will cure our lives and restore our original joy. It is His will that we do not drown in self-pity and complain about everything. It’s kitchen time! Here are the ingredients.

  1.     Self-love.

Self-love is an important ingredient in happiness. It is the starting point. Do not break your back taking care of other people and in the process forget about yourself. You serve others better when you are in a better state yourself. Gift yourself nice clothes, eat good food, explore your hobbies, and prioritize every good thing for yourself. Appreciating yourself for your effort and work well done will make you feel important. It will boost your self-esteem and give you one more reason to smile.


Do you recall anything you did for yourself and were proud of it? Constantly treating yourself better makes you happy. Happy people make others happy too because they are not bitter. Their positive energy creates an aura of positivity and possibility. It is a win-win.

  1.     Appreciating nature.

Go mountain hiking. Visit that game drive. Take a walk in the forest. Go bird watching. There is nothing as beautiful as nature. Its beauty is unexplainable and our spirits connect with our environment automatically. The sight of beautiful rivers, landscapes, beautiful skies, the ocean, and every other creation, works magic in our spirit. Why so? Because nature is our natural habitat. We just don’t know it enough. When you are unplugged from nature, you suffocate with sadness. Even doctors prescribe the morning sun and sunset rays as a source of vitamin D.

Life without appreciating the beauty of nature is like fish taken out of water. It will struggle and eventually die because it has been taken out of its habitat. Your happiness lies in nature. The evening wind will do you more good than watching a movie and watching the stars at night will give you peace. Appreciate nature more and your smile will be permanent.

  1.     Family time.

The family is an underrated blessing. Quality family time with your children, spouse, or parents is something that is slowly fading in this generation. This is why you must seek it aggressively for you to be happy. Your family will love you unconditionally; not because you have money, a good job, or a successful business, but because you are one of them. You are their father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter.

My friend once told me about the value of the family blessing. They are the reason we go to work. We want them to spend the money we make. Why would you go to work for money that you will not get to enjoy with your family? Our happiness is to see our family content and happy.

The family connection remains a mystery. The universe designed it so that we are happy when our family is happy. Create your happiness today.

  1.     Discovering your purpose.

Your purpose is very important in the recipe for happiness. It motivates you to wake up in the morning and face the day at hand. The blessing of the universe for that day is hidden in what is your purpose for the same day. At the end of the day, week, month, or year, what do you want to have fulfilled? Whatever your answer is – that is your purpose.

There is satisfaction in living up to your purpose. You are happy for absolutely no reason that you can explain at the moment. This is the power of your purpose. It is like a well that does not dry up even during the dry season. Every other thing that makes you happy at face value can be taken away or even die a natural death except your purpose. It is inborn and resilient to challenges.

Discover your purpose and hold on to it like an infant grabs her mother’s hand. Only then shall you be happy forever.

Eternal happiness.

The universe wants to grant you eternal happiness. Not as the world or friends give you, but with a touch of divinity. It is fulfilling, loving, and selfless. You do not have to hurt someone else for you to be happy. There is enough space for everyone.

Now that you have the secret recipe for happiness, the universe entrusts you with the responsibility of being an agent of happiness. 

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The Universe’s Bank of Happiness

What is your happiness?

What will your answer be when a random person asks you what is your happiness? Some things define your happiness and you would give up anything in exchange for them. You may think that when you finally get them then your happiness would be complete. But this is not always the truth. There is always something more we are chasing after.

Most people can go to any extent to be happy. There is a lot of struggle to reach there. You dream and plan tirelessly for it but to some extent, something is still not adding up. Only one thing can complete the missing piece of this puzzle – the universe. Have you ever wished to know what are the plans of the universe for you?

Material things could define your happiness, or maybe it could be the peace of mind that completes your joy. When the universe finally grants your wish for happiness, what is next for you? The good thing is that the universe has a bank of happiness and the best part is that you already have an account in this bank. Like any other bank, you can transact and get value for your money. Here are some of the ways you can transact:

  1. Deposit a lot of goodwill.

Of course, goodwill is immeasurable. You cannot quantify it. But the universe is supernatural – it can quantify it! In the universe’s bank of happiness, you can deposit goodwill and you should rightly do so. Deposit a lot of it. Goodwill is demonstrated in your pure intentions toward people. Have a clear conscience with no secret card to put on the table.

Goodwill acts as an insurance policy. It keeps bad karma away because of something good that you did to someone else some time back. The more you deposit, the more you can withdraw. If you are unhappy, it means that you have a smaller deposit. Your balance in the universe’s bank is insufficient to withdraw as much happiness as you need. Do justice to your bank account.

  1. Make a standing order.

standing orders

We give standing orders to our banks to execute specific repetitive instructions. This is to ensure timely payment of bills and also make us enjoy uninterrupted services from our providers. Standing orders never fail as long as you have sufficient balance. If this is how the financial system works, so efficiently and timely, how much so about the perfect universe?

You need to make a standing order on your account in the universe’s bank of happiness. This bank shall respect your instructions and execute your order. Go out for treats, picnics, and road trips as often and regularly as possible. All this is on your account in the bank of the universe. There is no special occasion for you to treat yourself. Each day is a day to be happy. This is the will of the universe for you. All you need to do is to make plans.

  1. Be ready for transaction costs.

transaction costs

Every transaction has a cost. The bank of the universe of happiness operates more or less the same as other banks do. The operation of your bank account in the universe will attract some premiums to be deducted from your account. It is the small price you have to pay for your happiness. As usual, the cost is lower than the principal amount in your transaction. You can withdraw a lot at a very small fee.

There is a cost to being happy. It is a commitment fee that you are ready to pay for your happiness. The decision to be happy throughout your life is only yours to take. The cost to be incurred is losing a few friends and breaking away from your tiresome routine. This is surely something that you can manage if it will assure you eternal happiness.

  1. Share the news of customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction

In your busy schedule and rush to check off every item on your bucket list, you should always give back to the source of your happiness – the universe. It is the bank that stores all everything for you. You can surely manage to do some marketing for it pro bono (free of charge). It is not that difficult. Start by telling your friends about the source of your newly found happiness. Let them know that karma is out there and they need insurance (goodwill) against bad karma if they want to maintain their happiness.

The universe rewards you with good karma when you help someone find their path to happiness. Good things start following you. Doors that were previously closed for you open wide when you approach, your name gets mentioned in a room full of opportunities, and the favor of the universe locates you. If your worldly bank rewards you for loyalty with points redeemable for shopping, how much will your bank in the universe do for you?

  1. Withdraw your rewards.


Go ahead and withdraw happiness in large amounts from your account. Your account is full of it because of your cumulative good deeds. Just like a normal bank where you are entitled to withdraw any amount from your balance, so does the universe allow you to withdraw any level of happiness within your account balance. You need this withdrawal to neutralize any bad blood that could have been there.

Withdrawing your rewards is claiming what is rightfully yours. You have no apologies to make for the same. Chase your dreams to the last one and leave no stone unturned to fulfill everything you have ever desired. The universe has everything and it shall give you because you have rightfully earned it.

Your final decision.

What is your final decision to bank with the universe? It is the best decision you will ever make because your returns are guaranteed and your happiness is secure. The universe’s bank of happiness is a dream come true for everyone who is yet to be happy in life.

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