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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The goal is to be happy and healthy this year.

The universe is about to take you to the top of the world. It is yours to rule! It is amazing the things that people will do for happiness and health. They use their money to “buy” happiness and “pay” for good health. However, nature can gift you both of them and do so in abundance. The universe can save you a lot of trouble in getting the most precious gifts. Wealth only makes these gifts accessible but the universe puts them in your hands.

There are many killers of happiness and health. But there are also many more builders of the same that the universe has put in your hands. Nature wants you happy and healthy even when it looks difficult. It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and it is rightly true. The universe is working round the clock to give you apples that will keep you healthy and far away from the doctor. Here are some of them:

  1.     Positive affirmations.

“I can. I will. I shall.” This is the confession of a winner. If other people can do it, so can you. The difference between you and them is just time. Your time to be victorious is fast approaching. Positive affirmations cure the anxiety that builds up over time. Anxiety is a killer of happiness and it condemns you to constant worry. The universe wants you to make positive affirmations whenever you are anxious. It brings positive energy to your spirit. This wards off the negativity slowly eating you up to deny you happiness.

Everything that exists in the universe was created out of positive affirmations. Let us learn from electric power – generated from natural gas, wind, fuel, or water. Live electric current flows through the positive terminal. Without a positive/live connection, there is no power. This apple of positive affirmations will keep anxiety away from you.

  1.     Meditation.

Meditation is taking time off to reflect on the good things in your basket. It is a powerful weapon against stress. The leading cause of stress is when plans fall apart. The success of our plans brings a lot of joy. Stress comes in when things do not work out as we had hoped. Even as things fall apart before our eyes, you still bagged some victories. Take time off, consider it like half-time during soccer, to reflect on the success that the universe granted you. Your joy will resurrect and your face will light up. Meditation is an apple of hope for a better tomorrow. It keeps your happiness intact.

  1.     Prayer

Our spirits communicate to the universe through prayer. We lay our worries, fears, and expectations before the universe every time we go to prayer. Prayer neutralizes overthinking which kills many dreams. Overthinking makes you worry about failure. It stops you from being productive and instead you drown in self-pity. On the other hand, prayers move mountains. It is your chance to offset your burdens to a higher authority. Children offset all their worries onto their parents. They believe that their parents can handle everything. Similarly, we offset our burdens to the universe through prayer. Your life will be more peaceful and calm this year if you take this apple of prayer.

  1.     Spiritual renovation.

Are you drowning in self-pity? The universe is here to give you a license to happiness. No renewal is needed! Spiritual renovation is overhauling your spiritual life and making the necessary changes. The universe is in charge of this renovation. A little building here and some adjustments there will prepare you for the joy ahead. Self-pity makes you look down on yourself and disqualify you from places where you belong. You deserve the heavens and the earth. Good health and long life is your portion. By allowing the universe to overhaul your spiritual life, you are giving yourself a second stab at success.

  1.     The spiritual mirror.

Low self-esteem kills good vibes. It condemns you to misery for as long as you accept it. The spiritual mirror is a weapon to fight low self-esteem. What do you see when you look in the mirror? The person you are staring at is victorious, happy, and healthy. You are a work in progress that shall be completed within no time. The spiritual mirror is not like the physical one. It only reflects your strengths and successes. You can look at it whenever you feel low or depressed. It accepts you as you are and reflects positivity. Looking at it takes you to the path to happiness.

  1.     The spiritual gymnasium.

We invest a lot of effort in getting fit. Our physical bodies need maintenance and we do it without hesitation. We should pay the same attention to our spiritual bodies. Go to the spiritual gym to exercise and get fit. A healthy spirit is content, fulfilled, and happy. The universe is your instructor. He is there to guide you in exercises that will shift your focus to good health and happiness. The spiritual gym builds your resilience when you are going through a rough patch. Being happy is difficult when you are facing challenges. The universe wants to build your capacity to be happy even when circumstances do not allow you to.

  1.     Disciplined feeding.

Your health heavily depends on the foods that you eat. Nature did not program you to eat anything at any time. There is a discipline in eating habits that will guarantee you good health. Natural foods are rich in minerals and nutrients that are absent in all the fast foods that we eat. Everything that you need to have good health is in natural foods. Our great-grandparents ate natural foods and lived healthily. Lifestyle diseases will be a thing of the past if we turn to nature for advice on food. An apple fruit will keep the doctor away.

Happiness, good health, and long life are on the bucket list of many people. Following the universe’s guidance towards getting them is an insurance that we all need.  

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Trust The Universe With Your Life

The burden of trust.

Where does the burden of trust lie?

Some trust in friends and others in their abilities. Each of them has had their fair share of experiences. Trust is earned and thereafter comes the responsibility of guarding it. You could be forced to watch the trust you have built for over 10 years come down in front of your eyes within days or even hours. What is more painful is how helpless you are when all your effort is undone.

The good news is that there is someone whom we can trust with everything that we have. We can even put our lives in its hands and nothing will go wrong. On the contrary, things might improve for the best.

The value of your life.

You cannot put a price tag on the value of your life. You will always trust yourself to take care of your interests before considering someone else to do it for you. Not even your closest friend has your best interests at heart compared to yourself.


However, there is someone else you can trust to take care of things for you. This person is all you have got. You can even entrust your life to her and go for a vacation. When you come back, it will be just as you have left it. It’s laughable, right? This is just how much this one friend is trustworthy. She is the Universe.

The trustworthiness of the universe.

  1.  Trust the universe to provide for you.

You can have issues with a ‘provider’ who provides nothing. The term provider will mean nothing. A reliable provider never fails even when things get tough. The thought that you are dependent on him will keep him on his toes.

Consider the example of how birds take care of their chicks. After they hatch, they remain in the nest, and the mother bird will fly to wherever she has to go to look for food for her young ones. She will only return to the nest when she has some food. After feeding her chicks, she will remain with them in the nest and warm them. Her role as a mother is very diverse yet she does it faithfully.

If this is how birds of nature take care of their young ones, how much so about nature herself? The air you inhale comes from trees that give it willingly to you. The food you eat comes from the farm or animals. Both of them are sustained by the universe to ensure that you do not go hungry. The rain from the clouds irrigates the farms to give you food and animals’ pasture.

You can trust the universe to sustain you. Be willing to till your farm or your computer for that matter. The plate at your table shall forever be full.

  1.  Put your faith in the hands of the universe.

Not once, not twice. You have at one point in your life felt like giving up on everything. You probably wanted to go to another world away from the tribulations that you are undergoing. Running away from problems has never worked. But also, you cannot sit around and plan to save the world

It is physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining to pursue perfection. You could end up making more mistakes and undoing the progress that you had made. Put your faith in the universe and she shall do you justice. Just as she takes care of you in matters beyond your understanding, so shall she take care of what you have trusted her to do.

Cast all your worries to the universe and doubt nothing. You shall manifest divine perfection. All you have to do is trust.

  1.  The universe has honest intentions.

It is a relief to finally meet someone with honest intentions. The world is full of imposters – people pretending to be who they are not. They do this for personal gain or whatever reasons they may have up their sleeves. However, things change when you come face to face with the universe in all her glory.

Nobody has control over the unknown. We cannot predict what will happen next even if we badly want this superpower. The single custodian of this superpower is the universe.

Take the example of how you watch a movie. You know the hidden intentions of one character (because the director lets you see it) but the fellow characters in the play do not know it. In this case, the universe watches our lives and everything that goes on. She can see what is happening on the other side that you are blind to. It is unknown to you but laid bare before her. Don’t you think she should be your best friend?

Believe in the universe and her intentions more than you do anything else. If you pay attention to her communication, you will be the happiest person ever.

  1.  The universe is all-knowing.

Knowledge is power. No matter how good your intentions are, it really does not help much when you are unknowledgeable. The one deserving your trust is the one who knows their way in and out. The universe has been there for all eternity. She has seen people before you who faced the exact trouble you currently have.

Depending on whether or not they relied on nature for answers, she was still there when they solved that dilemma. This is the knowledge you want from someone you trust.

Consider the example of people who apply for formal jobs. One comes to you with a promise to be up to the task and another comes with years of experience from a similar role. Who do you think will be hired?

Similarly, the rich experience from the universe is enough to earn your trust. When you trust her, she will walk with you through the valleys of life and its hills. You will emerge victorious at the other end. You can trust the universe to help you not commit mistakes and warn you of impending danger. This is the advantage of having someone by your side who knows it all.

The time you make this life-changing decision of trusting the universe with your life, doors you never knew about will open for you. It is like the feeling of being chauffeured by an experienced driver. Watch this space.

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The Rise and Rise of your Star

In context.

Let us put things in perspective first.

Do you know your star already?

Let me show you what it is – it is a gift from the universe in your life that directs you to your destiny.

Just as you admire the heavenly stars every night on a cloudless night, your star is equally beautiful. It sparkles and shines brighter in its galaxy. The universe in its wisdom gave everybody a star. This is an equal start-up point in the journey towards your destiny. Nobody is ahead of the other. However, some people have been able to “make it in life” because they know how to use the universe to draw closer to their destiny.

Identifying your star.

It could be a simple task or very difficult depending on what you are looking for. Although everyone has a star, they are not the same. The variations make everyone unique.

What is the gift that the universe has put in you?

Like Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Identifying your star is the first step to making it shine brighter.

This is how to begin – what is your passion? There are things that you could be doing out of obligation while there are others that you do automatically without anyone pushing you to do it. This is your gift. The star that will shine light into your world as the universe wished in the first place.

The nature of your star.

Your star is unique and dynamic. It is beyond what you think you already know. Do not envy other people. Instead, look at your star and trust the path to your destiny that the universe has planned for you.

It is possible to use your gift as a life-changing opportunity both for yourself and others. If your star is singing, do not sing to yourself in the bathroom. Share with other people this light and let them enjoy what the universe has gifted you.

You know what to do with a lamp. It is put on a lampstand in the room to light it up. Nobody puts it under the bed, what use will it serve anyway?

How to use your star.

  1.  Service to others.

Nature plays a great role in the rise of your star. It is responsible for making it shine brighter. You already know of the good intentions of the universe towards you. It will put you on the map right where ‘things happen.’ Your light is only appreciated when there is darkness. Nature will put you somewhere where you will be needed the most.

This is a chance to use your gift to the advantage of other people. The next time they are in a similar fix, they know who to get – you.

  1.  Embrace adversity.

News about this star that shines a light on the lives of other people will spread fast. While some will want to be associated with you for all your goodness, others will want to dim your star thinking it will make theirs shine brighter. It does not, it only makes the room darker. Your star will rise above theirs when you do not engage in such fights.

Choose peace throughout, not revenge. When enemies of progress want to dim your star, join other stars and provide light to the universe. There is so much good in the world that is still unexplored.

  1.  Do not focus on the challenges.

It is difficult not to be concerned about things that give you sleepless nights. Sometimes we think that when we focus on solving our problems then they will go away. They do not. On the contrary, they seem to multiply and get more complicated.

Put all your focus on lighting up all the dark corners and your light will be appreciated more. It could be cloudy and your star is covered completely. This should not make you feel any lesser useful. The clouds will be blown by the wind elsewhere and you shall continue providing light.

  1.  Embrace your weaknesses and work on your strengths.

Everyone has their weaknesses. Even if you are physically disabled, know that you are abled differently. Your star is not disabled. It is as able as that of everybody else and you can make it shine brighter.

Do you know of the morning star? It got its name from how brightly it shines in the morning more than other stars. How adorable is it that people will praise it!

When the sun is up during the day, its brightness overpowers that of the stars. But this does not make them any inferior. Stars know when their light is needed most – at night and in the early morning. As small as they look, they produce their own light. This is their biggest strength.

You can equally use this example from the natural stars. Use your strengths to make your star shine brighter among your peers. It raises the stakes for you.

  1.  Read the times and seasons.

There is a time and season for everything. A time to be up and a time to be down. The universe knows this fact and awards those who do the right thing at the right time. Know when to compete fiercely and when to retreat to regain your strength.

Equally, know what to pursue and what to leave alone. You will preserve your energy for things that matter. The rise of your star is determined largely by how you align yourself with the seasons of the universe. You want to be on the right side of things and get rewarded for your effort.

In anticipation of greatness.

Many things will happen as your star rises. The first is how you will get more enemies. The second is that you may no longer know who your true friends are. In all this battle all along, remain true to your passion and commit to your cause wholeheartedly. We shall one day talk about the rise of your star to other people. 

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The Universe Wants You To Be Healthy

The first blessing.

The universe wants you to be healthy!

Nobody chooses to be sick or suffer any form of disability. It is circumstances that you have no control over that make you sick (or so you think). There are secrets of the universe to unlock good health. It is not the ordinary doctor’s prescription but one from the chief doctor itself – nature.

Is there anything you can do about it? Yes, there is. Pay attention to what the universe wills for your health. It is what was in the beginning before false teachings corroded the original doctrine about good health.

This is how important good health is – all aviation workers (including pilots), security officers (including the military), and many other professions undergo a mandatory health check-up at regular intervals. We cannot afford to have a sick pilot flying a plane carrying hundreds of passengers. Neither can we afford to have a sick officer on duty.

The elusive prize.

Indeed, good health has been elusive to very many people. Tens or even hundreds of people are on continuous medication. It is something they have come to accept as part of their lifestyle. But this is not what the universe wills for us. Nature intends that we live a healthy life because it has everything we need in abundance. However, there is a disconnection between man and nature. This is what has made good health very elusive.

This is not to trash any medical practices. No, not all. They do extremely well to keep our population healthy. There is only so much they can do. They only supplement nature’s medication and everything they do is drawn from it.

The road to health and wellness.

There is a thin line between being healthy and being well. One is a natural state (being healthy) and the other an induced state (being well). When you fall sick and go to the hospital, you get well. But when you follow nature’s prescription, you live healthily. It is great to be in either state.

There is a path to follow if you want to be healthy. Yes, it is a path because first it is narrow and secondly, not many people are willing to take that route. This is the direction that the universe wants us to take to manifest good health.

  1.  Proper dieting.

I guess you already know a lot about this. You must have already tried to observe proper dieting. Let us see if you are doing it the right way.

How often do you eat?

What dominates your diet?

We are not supposed to eat frequently. Maybe after every half an hour. Of course, unless it is advised by a doctor. Otherwise, you should schedule your meals – breakfast, lunch, and supper in that order. This gives you time to plan what to eat for the next meal.

Secondly, on what you eat, nature has plenty of options for you in the form of natural foods. Do not eat what is available for the sake of it. You will be turning upside down the universe’s plan for your good health. Nutritionists agree with the universe that there are benefits to good health only found in natural fruits and vegetables.

The secrets of natural foods.

Do you want to strengthen your immunity? Eat oranges, berries, bananas, grapes, and all those fruits you can find. The universe has put it in natural fruits so you will not have a problem being healthy. Even the medical vitamin supplements are drawn from these! Vitamin C is also responsible for growth, development, and repair of all body tissues.


Natural vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, cauliflower, asparagus, and all the others you know of can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent some types of cancer, and do so much more. The secret has always been with nature.

This option has always been with you all along. Accept the universe’s offer to restore your health by abiding with the right type of diet today.

  1.  Sunshine.

Sunshine is very good for your health. Contrary to popular opinion that sunshine is here to burn our skin and force us indoors or to cause famine, it is actually good for your health. The morning and evening sun rays are a good source of vitamin D. It is responsible for strong bones.

Staying indoors all the time deprives you of this opportunity. You may think that you are saving yourself the trouble of ‘scorching sun’ but you are in fact driving yourself to be unhealthy.

The universe is equally fair to us because the sun shines on everybody. None is discriminated against. This means that we can all have strong bones and all the health benefits from sunshine.

  1.  Hydrate frequently.

That water is life could not be further from the truth. Did you know? Our bodies are made up of 60% water! This is how important it is to hydrate frequently. There is plenty of water to drink thanks to the universe. It had our health in mind when it made water available anywhere – it wants you to be healthy.

Water is so important that you are advised not to fast for long without taking it because you may starve to death! The importance of water cannot be underestimated.

As medical advice, ensure you take at least eight glasses of water daily if you want to be healthy. Your kidneys will thank you for it and so will your digestive system. Water is as grease is to moving machines. Encourage yourself to drink a lot of water.

  1.  Heed to calls of nature timely.

We are all guilty of this. We want to postpone our call of nature by a minute or two because we are doing something else more important. Well, I have news for you. This is not the healthy lifestyle the universe wants for us. Calls of nature should be heeded in time so as not to stretch our body organs to their limits.

The universe wants you to be healthy because you deserve it. These are just a few telltale signs that should guide you to good health. Nature is looking out for you. You are one step closer to health and wellness. Listen to your body’s reaction and observe nature’s prescription for good health. 

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