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How To Let Go Of A Hurtful Past And Manifest Your Desires

Heartaches, trauma, mistakes.

We don’t want them.

We try our best to avoid them.

But in our pursuit for a better life, we pick up wounds that leave scars we carry along for years.

In turn, they form a past you end up struggling to let go.

Haunting you when you least expect them.

Like ghosts, we can’t see them.

But we feel their torturing presence when it’s time for something new.

They lurk in our minds, pollute our thoughts, and ultimately prevent us from manifesting our desires.

Which poses a big problem down the road.

You see, a vital part of manifestation is thought alignment.

And as you’ve probably heard: thoughts create things.

So allowing your mind to dwell on your negative past will push your desires away.

That’s why I’m a big believer in letting go.

So you’ll create room for positive thoughts, vibrations, and energy.

This way, the universe will tap into them.

And give you what you deserve.

On that note, let’s explore things about your past.

Along with their impact on your life.

Why does letting go feel like a tough nut to crack?

There’s a bunch of countless tips on letting go.

Yet, despite their good intentions, there’s one thing you realize once you try to free yourself from the shackles of your past:

It’s not easy.

In fact, it’s probably the toughest part of your journey.

And just thinking about it can leave you feeling guilty or angry.

It hurts knowing that people took our vulnerability or kindness for granted.

And your baggage of the past hanging heavily on your shoulders doesn’t help either.

All of this can make it harder to focus on things that matter.

You know, good moments, family, and your desires.

If you wrestle with emotional pain or have flashbacks of things you did that you’re not proud of, then you’ve probably noticed your growth is moving slowly.

So you may be wondering why it’s tough to just get the past over with.

For starters, you may not even realize your past mistakes have their claws on you.

You see, when you don’t forgive yourself, you create internal judgments that stick with you for a while.

We all have our inner critics.

A second part of ourselves reminds us about some messed-up thing we did.

Judging ourselves hard like this plants doubts, and fears that are not easy to recognize.

Because they build up over time.

Forming layers in our personalities, and character.

Reasons why you should let go

This part is to give you a fresh pair of eyes.

To help you look at past trauma, and mistakes from a new perspective.

So you can realize there’s actually a need to prevent them from blocking your desires.

By the time you’re done, you’ll see that it’s not all doom and gloom for you.

And there’s some silver lining you can reach for underneath all the mess.

Because let’s face it, why you might have some pretty bad experiences, you’re not alone.

Countless people have been able to forgive themselves.

And attract good things into their lives by simply forgiving, and letting go.

If you’re on the fence about this, or not sure why it’s important…

Here are a few reasons to let go, and trust the magic that awaits you:

  • The past can’t make you happy. They’re all memories. Want to be happy? Live fully in the present, and create your future.

  •  Hanging on just eats your life away. It’s hard to grow. Tough to focus on the good. And drains your energy.

  • New things need a place to stay in your life. Throwing out the old creates room for positive things to flourish.

  • You find yourself. There’s a stronger, better, smarter version of you waiting inside. Hoping you’d let go of yourself so he can attract all the nice things you deserve.

Tips on letting go.

“Holding on is believing that there’s a past. Letting go is knowing there’s a future” Daphne Rose

That’s really the missing piece for most people.

Burying their old selves.

Shutting the door on their negative past.

And facing the abundant blessings that lie ahead of them.

You see, the universe doesn’t care who you were.

All it sees is who you are now.

Your current version. Your 2.0.

This part will help you create a brand new person the universe will love handing gifts to.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

Focus on the now.

There’s a lot of power that lies in staying in the present…

And allowing your mind to focus on what’s happening around so you can live fully.

First off, your vibrations will become effective.

You won’t get pulled on all sides by distractions of the past or uncertainties of the future.

You’ll be able to feel your meditations and visualizations.

Also, crafting a habit of present-moment thinking turns you into a powerful manifestor.

Because you’ll reduce the time, and mental space meant for the past.

With this, you’re happier and give off more trusting energy to the universe.

So it can respond the way you want.

Release your pain.

Want to know what happens when you heat up a bottle of glass from the inside?

That’s right, it shatters into tiny pieces

Similar things happen when you allow pain to build up inside you.

You send out broken fragments of energy.

Which puts out mixed signals to the universe.

And mixed signals equals confusion.

Which means you don’t get the goodies you’d like.

Sure, I get it.

It’s really not easy.

And you definitely have the right to feel the way you do.

When you share your kindness or vulnerabilities with the world, it’s only right for people to treat you well.

But someone or people took advantage of it.

And it’s not fair.

But nourishing old memories of pain only does more harm than good.

It obstructs new blessings from flowing into your life.

That’s why I suggest you find helpful channels to release your pain.

For example, you can pick up journaling.

Beautiful things happen when you pour out your feelings on paper.

You look at them, and realize they have no power over you.

Plus, you feel much better.

Also, you can talk to a friend, and let it all out.

NOTE: It’s important you don’t allow this part to consume you. So you don’t get trapped in a negative cycle.

Use this to free up space for better things to come.

Visualize your desires

If you’ve done the previous tips correctly, you’ll notice how improved your ability to feel is during manifestations.

Visualization is an important part of a powerful manifestor’s tool kit.

And feeling your desires in the present moment fast tracks them into reality.

Take a moment in a week to imagine how life would be once your desires are fulfilled.

Allow yourself to feel the touch of a new partner. Or hear their voice.

Get yourself to feel what it’s like driving around the city in your new car. Going to the mall. Or a trip to your favorite spots.


It’s worth repeating that making a shift to remove your old self isn’t an icing on the cake.

It’s not a walk in the park to remove false beliefs.

So you bringing out the time, and effort to fix things up is commendable.

Going forward won’t be easy though.

And you might face a few stumbling blocks along the way.

But the process outlined here will help you form a version of yourself that the universe, and you will be proud of.

Just remember, every moment is a choice.

So you can choose to live fully in the present, and increase your energy.

Happy letting go!

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