Life’s Secret Prescription – Live Love Laugh

Storm in paradise.

Life has many surprises but hardly do people anticipate storms in paradise. Everyone is fighting a silent battle – depression, family issues, stress, anxiety, work-related issues, and many more others. Most people are struggling to find their footing in the universe but the landmines in their way are slowing them down. They are yet to get it right. Is this the intention of the universe? Is it intentionally sabotaging us and writing our death sentence? Of course not. The universe means well for us. The little mishaps we face are not its creation. If it were up to it, our life in paradise could never be cut short.

The secret prescription.

Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) wrote a poem in a competition for a magazine contest that asked, “What constitutes success?” She gives an insight into the secret prescription of success.

He has achieved success

who has lived well,

laughed often, and loved much;

who has enjoyed the trust of

pure women,

the respect of intelligent men and

the love of little children;

Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952).

The near 100-word poem has left a permanent mark to date with the words Live Love Laugh. This is the antidote to the storms that you are facing.


If there is anyone who wishes you well at all, then it is the universe. She is like a benevolent mother showing love to all her children indiscriminately. Deliberately look away when your world becomes stormy. Some problems are our creation because we want to live the future today. By doing so, we invite challenges of the future to the present moment yet there is no sufficient grace from the universe to handle them. The universe is whispering something in your ear, “Live one day at a time, my child.” Heed to this advice and you will know no sorrow.


This is the greatest gift from the universe. Love wins all. It conquers all. It withstands everything. It is not only an emotion but also a lifestyle. Love is the weapon that you need to fight your battles successfully. Play your cards right when in the eye of the storm. This is how to use love as a spiritual tool – contradict the expectations of the moment. If people expect you to act with rage, then play cool. When they expect you to walk away, stay put. All your actions must be crowned with love if you want to win your battles.


happiness | laughingLaughter translates to Joy. You are not expected to be happy when things are not good. There is an irony in laughing when the mood is sadness. The universe knows these two sides – Joy and sadness. It is okay to be sad but do not let it affect your spirit. Your spirit is the engine that drives your life’s purpose. Guard it against bad energy because it will stall your life. This is why Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) writes that we should laugh often. Laughter is medicine to the spirit. It heals your wounds and refuels you for the next winning phase.

The secret prescription to live love laugh is a journey we have a purpose to undertake. Here are some guidelines for this healing lifestyle:

  1. Be flexible.

Flexibility is the ideal path to follow. You should be open to new ideas because nobody knows where their breakthrough lies. Learn to adapt to situations as they come and you will have an easy time coping with challenges. The universe itself speaks to us in different ways. A flexible mindset easily receives communication from it. On the other hand, a fixed mindset is an enemy of progress. You will have a difficult time adapting to the wishes of the universe. Mark you, the universe is the ultimate director of your life. Life gets easier when you align your purpose with it. Flexibility helps you adapt to the live love laugh manual.

  1. Know your limits.

Sometimes we are very ambitious because maybe we see the wisdom in wanting to win everything at once. The secret prescription to live love laugh is to operate within your ability. It is okay to dream big but also be aware of your current capabilities. Until you develop these new strengths, your prior attempts are futile. Do not take on an elephant with the strength of an antelope. Doesn’t nature teach you how predators hunt? There is prey that the lion hunts alone and others that require the whole pride to put in combined efforts. Likewise, accept help when you need it.

  1. Have definite goals.

Definite goals are easily achievable. Avoid having amorphous goals because you will not direct your focus and energy where you need it most. To live love laugh, you need to set your parameters and at the back of your mind know how you will fill up your space. Contrary to this, you will achieve little to nothing in the long run. Is this what you want? Your definite goals should also have a time frame so that you can gauge your progress bit by bit. Spirituality too requires you to plan. It does not operate in isolation.

  1. Define your destination.

What do you see on your plane, train, or bus tickets? There is common information in all of them – the boarding place, destination, and price of the ticket. It is important to define your destination because you can easily live the lifestyle Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) describes in her poem. You cannot afford to live a purposeless life, love the wrong people, or laugh in the wrong company. All your efforts will count as worthy with your destination defined.

The secret prescription to live love laugh is intentional and its progress measurable. One thing we should NEVER miss out on is the universe’s appetite for well-thought plans. Spirituality and mindfulness are inseparable. The quicker you sync how they work for you, the more blessings you will receive from the universe.

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