The Universe Has Your Back: A 3-Step Process To Go From Fear To Faith

Do you sometimes feel overtaken by fear or uncertainty about the future?

Like you’re stuck in a crisis that’s out of your control?

Then you need a healthy manifestation diet.

In other words, a mind detox to get rid of all the fear plaguing you.

Because if there’s one thing we both know, your desires can’t manifest when fear is moving around in your head.

I pulled the most nutritional tips and hacks for a healthier, fear-free mind.

And laid them out for you on this page.

In order for you to have a greater sense of trust.

Said another way, I’m about to install a faith-based mindset inside you.

But why is faith so important?

Well, fear makes you focus on lack.

While faith puts your attention on abundance.

Fear is a surge of negative emotions.

Faith is a gentle flow of positive feelings.

In summary, where fear falls short.

Faith steps up.

Sure, it’s not easy to face your fears.

But it’s a fine starting point to getting rid of them.

Because they pose a resistance to the beautiful things you deserve.

Now, I’m sure you’ve got a hidden power.

We all do.

Won’t it be great if you can tap into it so you can steer up belief in yourself?

You see, I want you to trust your ability to tune into the loving vibrations of the universe.

Because at the end of it all…

My goal is that this article enters your life, and provides you with some help or guidance.

With that said, here’s my step-by-step process to go from fear to faith.

Step 1: Identify with your REAL self

Become aware of your true being.

Unlike most people, I don’t recommend starting with “embracing your fears”

Because things work better when you see yourself for who you are first.

You’re the source of everything that happens to you.

And like I said, you have the hidden power to shape your life.

Your fears? Well, they don’t define you.

That’s why it’s vital to get in touch with your soul.

Because everything has its origin within you.

Remembering that nothing happens without your permission is a great way to align your thoughts to what matters.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to keep your self-belief high.

Step 2: Embrace your fears.

What we resist persists.

Now, it’s time to acknowledge how you feel.

Don’t fight back or try to deny it.

Realizing you’re scared is a great way to understand, and master your emotions.


Because fully embracing your fears opens up the opportunity for you to process them.

So you channel it out of your body.

You see, you can’t get rid of something if you don’t acknowledge its presence.

That’s why I often tell people to get in touch with their emotions. To give themselves permission to feel the rush of anxiety.

It’s totally okay to feel scared about the future. Or to be unsure if you’ll ever attract your dream partner or car.

So when you understand this, you realize the fear isn’t really you.

It’s just a coping mechanism for your brain.

This way, it becomes easier to just let it all out.

Step 3: It’s time to let go.

Sometimes I wish there’s just one way to get the fear out of my system.

How nice it would be, right?

Well, I’ll be showing you a few ways to help you say goodbye to fear.

So you make room for faith, and love to grow.

You might end up enjoying all of them. Or fall in love with a few.

Whatever the case, each one will help you release your fears.

A) Write them down.

I know, writing seems to be the answer to a lot of things these days.

But it’s got some surprising benefits.

Especially when it comes to showing your fears the door out of your life.

Now, don’t be hard on yourself and try to fill up pages if it’s your first time.

My philosophy is one line at a time.

Take a moment to truly feel your emotions so you can accurately express them on paper.

This is also a great way to carve out new lessons from old experiences.

As you put the words down on paper, things begin to happen.

First, you see all your fears laid bare in front of you.


With no control over you.

Then, you start to gain new insights on how to pull out faith from them.

B) Spread love more

When you spread love, your fear shrinks.

It’s a powerful way to get rid of anxiety.


Because it boils down to loving yourself first.

When you love yourself, trust builds.

You give yourself more room to let go and be free

Self-love has a great way of shaping how we see ourselves.

It fills us with unshakeable belief, and confidence.

Soon enough, our vibrations start to pick up.

Then we become a joy to be around.

We radiate so much love, it becomes hard to get scared.

Because when you send out good emotions, great things find their way to you.

Self-love brings self-confidence.

And self-confidence increases your belief or faith levels.

C) Do more good

See this part as a practical extension of the one you just read.

Probably after reading the previous section, you thought “How can I spread more love?”

Well, your answer lies here.

While the former served as a foundation, this will take a more actionable approach.

Want to spread more love so you feel all good inside?

Good. Become compassionate.

Take time out to get gifts for your friends or loved ones.

Lend a listening ear to someone’s problems.

People love to feel heard.

I’m sure you do too.

Imagine how awesome you’d feel if you could make someone’s day better by simply hearing them out.

Do things for people without them asking.

You’re going to create a large, comfy space for love to sit.

Plus, seeing how well you impact others will be a massive boost to your confidence.

And of course, your levels of faith.


I’m really happy you made it this far.

Fear’s a big deal for most people.

And I appreciate it when people like you carve out time for them.

So I want to commend you on taking the leap.

As you start strengthening your faith muscle, you’ll notice your life start transforming in amazing ways.

Your manifestations will feel better.

And you’ll begin to see signs that your desires are becoming a reality.

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