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Why Don’t I Feel Emotions When Manifesting Anymore?

We are emotional creatures, and we were born to express them openly and freely.

But somewhere along the way, we feel ‘negative’ emotions – and we repress them to feel accepted, loved, and fit into society’s version of a perfect person. 

But if we can make peace with knowing that feeling negative is a part of life, most of our sufferings would come to an end. If we can deal with our emotions rather than suppress them, you’d discover that they are your friends.

Note: When I say negative emotions, I don’t mean wrong or bad. I’m only referring to those emotions we don’t want to feel.

Working towards manifesting a goal can be quite exciting. It feels magical when you realize that you can manage your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs to create the outer-world experience you desire.

For many people who learn manifestation techniques, there is an initial excitement. But what happens when it doesn’t deliver the big result that you expect? You start feeling despair and anger. When trying for the second time, you’ll likely be disconnected from your emotions.

Most people are bombarded with different rules when manifesting. So, we don’t have a choice but to follow every information on the internet.

We have to change the crappy self-image of ourselves, we have to believe in things we want, try to block out the things we don’t want and find a reason to stay positive all the time.

This can take a toll on your mental health. You tend to be resistant to these sorts of feelings which complicates things more.

What causes emotional numbness?

Dealing with emotional numbness can be quite challenging. How do we transform the energy we don’t feel connected to? We may have been disconnected from our feelings for so long, we don’t know what to feel anymore.

Emotional numbness can be caused by so many things. Maybe your family was the type who believed “Children are to be seen, not heard” so you had a hard time healthily processing emotions.

There might have been a time where you expressed yourself, but anger was met with anger, the fear went unacknowledged, and plenty was overlooked because you needed to be a big girl/boy.

So as a defense mechanism, you shut them out. You’ve learned to bury your feelings, pain, and anger – you put on a mask, head outside, and build walls trying to hide the pain from everyone including yourself.

Or maybe you couldn’t handle these emotions for some reason and it was part of your personality.

Whatever reason it is, without an emotional connection to the things you want badly, they have cannot be manifested.

If you truly wish to manifest something, your HEART and MIND have to be in unity.

The biggest problem is resistance

Feeling negative or numb is not the problem, trying to shut it out is. Resistance is what stops us from analyzing our feelings and finding the driving force behind them.

These feelings did not pop out from the woods, they were triggered by something. When we are feeling bad, we tend to curse ourselves for not being good at this “becoming a better version of yourself” thing.

Then we hide them deep inside us where others can’t see them. These unresolved emotions get trapped in our bodies, draining our energy, leading to emotional imbalance, burnout, and disease.

Not feeling any emotions when manifesting isn’t wrong. It can be the key to unlocking what you want.

Are you getting attached to the outcome?

When someone tries a technique several times but fails repeatedly, they tend to become less interested. Have you tried a technique that didn’t work out for you?

This could be a major reason why you are feeling numb. But, you have been getting it completely wrong.

Listen, if you are the type of person that gets attached to outcomes, you’ll probably have a hard time when manifesting.

Do you live in the moment or worry about the outcomes? If you choose the latter, the manifestation may not be good for your mental health.

We get a bit obsessed with shifting our energy and crappy outcomes make us feel unworthy, broken, undeserving, lacking, and incomplete.

Your search for signs becomes unhealthy. You begin to feel intolerant, constantly fearing that if you don’t get a sign from the universe, something bad would happen. And when you can’t find a laid-out direction, you get sad and disconnected. Let go of manifesting from a point where you need to be fixed.

Have you cross-checked with your heart?

Ever experienced a situation where we want something badly, but when we get it, the excitement doesn’t follow the package?

How many times have you heard the story of a person with a perfect life – great job, money, big house, beautiful kids, loving home – but she just felt empty or unfulfilled?

Sometimes, we think we want something, but if you examine your desires thoroughly, you’d find out that it is not in agreement with what your heart wants.

In situations like this, we feel emotional numbness when manifesting because the heart cannot connect to the energy and frequency it needs to bend to the universe.

Feel as if you are living in your answered prayers

That exact moment when you get that one thing you want, how are you feeling? I want you to connect with the energy each time you want to manifest. Yeah, a forced smile can become natural with consistency.

Learn to get out of your HEAD and INTO your heart to have the FEELINGS surrounding this THING. Whenever you feel negative, don’t shun it out. Rather, take out time to examine these feelings and re-create them to connect with the desired thing you want.

Before you start any manifestation technique, it is a good idea to throw out grief by engaging in the things you enjoy doing. You can watch a comedy, draw, or even watch success stories of people that have tried manifesting on youtube.

Become calm, cool, and collected always. Use your imagination to get the feeling of already having the desire and live as though you are there.

I hope this helps you get out of your current state of numbness and connect with your inner child.

Happy reading!

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What is the 369 manifestation method as seen on TikTok?

“If you know the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”
-Nikola Tesla.

According to the philosophical system, your mind is the force that holds the capacity to manifest anything into existence – as long as it is safe for you, for others, and the planet.

There are plenty of ways to start manifesting your desires, from using the law of attraction to creating vision boards. One of the methods getting a fair share of attention (apparently, it works for people who have used them) is the 369 method.

What is the 369 Manifestation Method?

You probably have not heard what it is or where it has come from.

The 369 method, in its basic form, involves writing down what you’d like to manifest three times in the morning, six during the day, and nine times before you go to bed.

This method originated from TikTok with videos of many people who have tried it claiming it has helped them manifest their dream cars, houses, financial breakthroughs, and the likes.

It’s currently under the hashtag ‘369method’ amassing over 165 million views as at the time this article is written (aside from other supporting hashtags totaling approximately 80 million views).

But are these random numbers?

Let’s find out.

What’s the history behind the figures?

Though there is no concrete evidence behind the originality of this technique, a vast number of people believe it can be traced down to Nikola Tesla (yeah, the guy Elon Musk named Tesla Productions after).

The Serbian-American inventor and owner of the popular Tesla coil are well known for his spiritual enlightenment. He thought that three, six, and nine were divine numbers and had spiritual significance in terms of the power of the universe and human nature.

The reason Tesla called these divine numbers is because of the role they play in our numerical system. When studying circles (360 degrees, which is 3 + 6 = 9), he discovered that no matter how many times you divide a circle, you’ll still arrive at either 3, 6, or 9. He felt those numbers held great importance in humans, nature, and the universe.

Numbers aside, the 369 works in conjunction with the law of attraction which states that we attract what we focus on and give our attention to.

By focusing on what you want and being consistent in positive emotions and thoughts, you can magnet your desires into reality.

Your brain receives positive messages when you wake up in the morning, in the middle of the day when you are most productive, and at night when your subconscious mind becomes awake.

The significance of the numbers

Here’s the significance of every number in the sequence:

  • 3 represents our direct link to the universe and our self-expression.
  • 6 represents our inner strength.
  • 9 represents our rebirth i.e, letting go of negativity.

Tesla quoted, “If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” These are the three ingredients we use when manifesting.

So how does the 369 manifestation work? How can you use this fast-rising method?

How the 369 Manifestation works

Before getting started, you’ll want to figure out what exactly it is you want to manifest. It could be a raise, a loving partner, a new house, or anything.

Grab a pen and a journal. You’ll be needing that for the next 21 days. Writing what you want on a physical note can be fr more effective than jotting it on your laptop (speaking from personal experience).

We are going to begin the process by keeping in mind that one manifestation takes at least seventeen seconds to write down (probably two to three sentences long).

Why 17 seconds? Is this some random number?

Another theory about why this method work involves a renowned inspirational speaker and Author, Abraham Hicks, also known as Esther Hicks. He believed that writing down a manifestation for at least 17 seconds long gives your brain the capacity to create the energy and emotions around the thought.

If you focus on happiness for 17 seconds, we create more of that energy. This makes it faster to manifest what you desire.

This technique has helped lots of people welcome financial miracles, new jobs, promotions – the universe does not have a limit.

What do you want to manifest? Whatever it is, you want to start it with gratitude. For example:

“I am so thankful for the universe aligning me with a scholarship to study (insert details), bringing it with happiness, joy, and excitement into my life.”

The key is to use words that amplify the emotions you want to feel.

Here’s what you want to do from here:

  • Take your journal every morning as soon as you wake up. Write your manifestation you have crafted three times.
  • The next step is midway through the day. Write down your manifestation as above six times.
  • In the evening before you go to bed, write your manifestation, but this time 9 times.

As your pen scripts your desire onto your journal, the key is to feel as if you have already received it. Imagine yourself getting what you want. How are you feeling? Release it and let the universe do the magic.

However, you should not hold onto your manifestation so you don’t sound desperate. By utilizing the power of the 369 method with Hicks’ 17 seconds alignment, it would work for you as it has for millions of people.

Tips for the 369 Manifestation Method

    • Do not hold on to your manifestation. The how and when is not your concern. Trust in divine timing and let the universe do the magic. When the universe notices that your energy is ready to receive, it will be yours.
    • Be consistent for this to truly work. Set aside your time for each process and treat it as a priority. Trust me, you won’t regret being consistent.
    • Speak in the present tense always. Use words such as “I will” or “I want”. Trust that you will get it at the right time.
    • If you feel negative or self-doubt, take out time to access these emotions to find out the reason behind them. Try not to hold on to it for long. Rather focus on positive things that will align your energy to what you desire.
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4 Impactful Ways To Drain Negative Energy

I’ll admit it, negative energy sucks.

Not just how it makes you feel on the inside. But also how it prevents you from experiencing the feelings you desire.

Things like joy, happiness, and their other cousins.

It’s hard to focus on anything, much less manifestation – when your emotional core is strangled by emotional energy.

I’m living proof that if you let negative stuff linger on too long, tragedy happens.

Your emotions are your most reliable compass. They serve as a direction. To where your solution lies. Or where your problems are hiding.

So when you get that sick feeling in your stomach? It’s time to update your subconscious mind.

And this article covers one of the best ways. By draining negative energy out of you

So there’s a ton of space for your desires to settle in.

So let’s do this.

Why should you get rid of negative energy?

Apart from obvious reasons like sadness or anger, negative energy are desire blockers.

It’s probably the major cause of manifestation roadblocks.

And if you’ve ever wondered why certain things haven’t fallen in place for you just yet…

Negative energy is right up there with a host of other culprits.

I’m sure you get the point by now, it’s that bad.

So before we place the solution in your hands, let’s look at a few prompters.

They’ll let you know when your body or mind needs some energy detox.

Call them signs if you like. They act like signals.

Because they’ll give you a heads up to open up your toolkit and get rid of negative energy.

Signs You’ve Got Negative Energy.

Our body and mind uses an effective way to let us know when something’s up.

Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a moment.

Well, it’s called pain.

Pain is like those notifications on your phone constantly reminding you to update your apps. But in this case, it’s time to update yourself.

It’s like a symptom we get from a buildup of negative energy inside us.

And it presents a few telltale signs you can easily spot.

We’ll go over these signs. And anytime they show up, you know it’s time to drain yourself of negative energy.

So, let’s get started.

-You feel stuck.

Goals are good, great even. But what happens when we strive to achieve them without success?

We feel broken, angry, and frustrated. Like we’re stuck in life.

For some, it’s reality quicksand. The harder they try to achieve that next milestone, the more stuck they feel.

If you ever feel in a rut, like you’re not where you want to be – then it’s easy to be surrounded with negative energy in your mind.

That feeling damages your core. And drops your vibrational frequency.

So once it starts creeping in, it’s time to get rid of that bad energy.

-Feeling restless or edgy.

Ever spent the day feeling out of control? Or like your emotions are all over the place?

Well, that’s a good sign there’s some negative energy lurking in the corner of your mind.

Your body is designed to be in a state of calm for optimum results. That’s why techniques like meditations are powerful. Because you feel relaxed, and at peace.

So anything that disturbs your core state will pull your feelings in many directions. Causing you to feel restless.

When you notice this, take a step back. Then track your feelings down to its root cause.

-Feeling sick and tired.

Sometimes you get a sick feeling in your body that’s largely unexplainable.

“Where did this come from?” “Why do I feel this way?”

Questions like these race through your mind as your body gets weaker.

In that moment, it’s like there’s no end. But there is, usually.


Let’s dive into a few ways to kick out negative energy.

Tips To Drain Negative Energy

Over the years, I’ve seen folks turn their lives around with the methods you’re about to discover.

You see, it sucks to feel down. And no matter how hard you try to stay focused, your energy is all over the place.

So consider this section your breakthrough for tougher times.

Not only will these tips help you get rid of the bad – you’ll be armed with hacks to help you steer clear from muddy emotional waters.

-Find out resistance points.

The aim of this part is to dig deep. Pull back the curtains. Peel the layers to find what really carries the blame.

Maybe it’s the negative people around you. Or the kind of food you eat, and music you listen to. Perhaps, it’s a text from someone you care about. Or past wounds that stay fresh in your mind.

Whatever it is, finding out why you feel a certain way rests on your shoulders.

It’s a simple cause and effect principle. Finding the cause of your negative energy puts you one step closer to getting rid of it.

So it’s up to you to carve out time and dig deep.

-Create your positivity circle

What we absorb, shapes us.

I might frame that as my quote just for fun. But on a more serious note, think about how your favorite music makes you feel.

You absorb the energy from the beats or sounds and it lifts your mood.

That’s why it’s crucial to create your positivity circle. This includes positive people, good music, inspiring movies or videos.

The more you expose yourself to high vibrational stuff, the easier it is for you to maintain a positive energy.

Today, sit back and catch up on some feel-good movies. Invite a friend that always leaves a smile on your face.

-Use Meditation And Other Calming Techniques.

Exercises like breathing, and meditation give you a huge edge.

Because unlike some other methods, they shape your core state.

By bringing a sense of calm to your world, each session leaves you feeling refreshed. Completely energized, and ready for the world.

You’ll find peace when you meditate. Meditation’s an ancient practice passed down due to its efficiency.

And I personally love to carve out thirty minutes of my day for it.

I recommend you do the same too.

Any length of time is fair game. Just enough to fill your world with peace, and pure bliss.

-Go outside.

Ever heard of forest bathing?

Most people love staying indoors, pressing their phones, and scrolling endlessly on instagram.

But there’s an immense benefit to stepping out into nature. And that’s what forest bathing means.

You get to “bathe” in the energy of the sun. Absorb it, and experience a higher vibrational frequency.

Pretty confident this will leave you bustling with positive energy.


I kinda feel bad for negative energy after this jam packed. Cause you’ll be giving it some good butt-kicking.

Actually, I don’t feel bad. Because you deserve to feel happy, and positive.

So anything that removes negative energy from your life is a win in my book.

It’s time to take on the world with your new, and valuable tools.

And as always,

Happy manifesting!

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Listen, the Universe is trying to send you a message

If we were to look deep into nature and strip

our minds of every complication that comes with the ego of the physical mind, we would find that the universe all along has been conspiring to send us a message. And although it may not seem like it, this is the situation of the world as we know it.

The powerful energy and vibration of the universe is a gift. Sadly, not everyone will unlock a way to connect to it. So, if you’re reading this, maybe you should consider yourself lucky or, wait for it, maybe it is the sheer manipulation of a higher frequency that has brought you here and now reading this, on this blog.

A sudden shift into a highly metamorphic chapter

The first time I realized the universe was looking out for me, I was in a terrible place emotionally. On the one hand, I had a terrific job that paid well, a family I love and loved me in return, everything I could ask for. Yet, there was constant unrest in my soul. It was a curious bipolarity. When I embarked on a spiritual soul searching, it was then I realized that the universe was trying to prepare me. To be open to receiving unlimited blessings, I had to be ready.

At this moment, even the air around me began to change. There was a remarkable internal shift within my spirit and I could feel my whole life plunging into the depths of an incredibly metamorphic chapter. Today, I have a mindset where I expect unexpected things to happen and I know things are naturally falling into place for me. Today, I do not ignore the signs of the universe anymore; I embrace them; I search for them.

In this article, I’ll like to show you some signs that you’ve probably kept ignoring up until this moment, signs that the universe is trying to communicate with you. To help you shine your internal light so bright without any fear. Let’s go.

5 signs the universe uses to send you a message

The Full Moon

If you’ve ever walked under a full moon, with your mind clear of the world’s baggage, you will find a purity that you have never experienced before. The occurrence of a full moon symbolizes a great many things and one of them is a search into your soul. There is a cosmic peak that happens on the full moon. A time for you to let go of what needs to be removed from your soul. The full Moon is a time to balance your chakra and accept the full blessings you’re about to receive.

To tap into the frequency of the full moon, you can perform the following ablutions

  1. Close your eyes and focus: Let go of everything in this world and inhale fresh energy. Affirm that you are tapping into something new and divine and letting go of all the negativity in your life.
  2. Affirm aloud: you may lie down on your back, gaze into the full moon, and say aloud the things you desire the most.
  3. Let your mind run: Sit under the moon and visualize your goals. You’re allowed to paint the most beautiful pictures of your future.


The first time I became aware of my spiritual self and began to see beyond the illusions of the physical world was when the universe started showing me patterns throughout the day. When I started seeing repeating numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 9:11 and 1,2,3 in a sequence, I knew a higher force was at work. When I picked up my phone to check the time, it always happened to be 11:11 or a peculiar number. I began to see the number 7 more frequently in the most random things. It could not have been a coincidence.

Have you been seeing number patterns? It could be the universe trying to draw you closer. It’s time for acceptance.


There’s always an air of mystery that surrounds dreams. Scientists try to explain that it is your subconscious creating images on its own but I think we all know dreams are a lot more than that.

People experience dreams that are mind-blowing and soul-shattering sometimes, for they are spiritual occurrences. Through dreams, you can connect to a powerful frequency of the universe and experience a sudden shift in your soul.

It is also through dreams that the universe speaks to us, showing us images and visions which we must interpret and decipher.


Animals have such a powerful spiritual significance in the universe and constant sighting of a specific kind of animal should never be taken for granted. Similarly, we all have spirit animals that resonate with our signs and destiny. It is not abnormal for us to see these animals more often than others.

Additionally, some animals appear to us to comfort us and to remind us of loved ones we may have lost. If you’re seeing animal sightings more often, it could be the universe trying to send you a message.

déjà vu

This is an experience I’m pretty sure every person has had at least once in their life but until now, probably didn’t give it any significance. Think about it: how is it possible that you feel like you’ve had a pattern of experiences before and yet your mind has no memory or database of it? How is it possible that you’re so sure you’ve met this person before even though it is also very logical that you might have not?

It’s the mysterious situation of repetitive encounters that we call Déjà vu. Sometimes, it can be a glorious experience. Or enlightening. Or even frightening. But without a doubt in your mind, you must understand that it is also a sign from the universe to show you that you’re resonating naturally on the path it has set you to embark on.


When you’ve had a spiritual epiphany, it means you have come to a mindful awareness of the universe. The way you perceive the world will take a unique shift and you see clearly the line that separates the physical from the spiritual. This is when you begin to connect to a higher frequency.

The good news is that the universe is constantly trying to get you to this bridge. It is conspiring tirelessly to open your eyes to something mind-blowing. And it is doing this through numerous signs sprinkled at every corner of your life. It is time for you to listen.

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The Magic Of Vision Boards: Bring Your Dreams And Goals To Life

These days goals are the new fun thing for most people.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have one or two in sight. And rightfully so. Goals inspire us. They add meaning to our lives.

And if you’ve got even the slightest ambition, they’ll encourage you to bring out your best each day.

But you know what’s even better than setting goals? Achieving them.

And few things boost your chances of living your dream life like vision boards.

They’re fun to create. And unbelievably effective in getting your goals accomplished or desires fulfilled.

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry “swear” by them.

And as you grow in your manifestation, they’ll form an integral part of your toolbox.


Because they’ll bring you MANY steps closer to achieving what you want.

So if you’re ready to learn how you can create yours for a better life…

Let’s have some fun.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection or collage of texts, pictures or images of your desired goals.

They’re snapshots of a future self or life you’d be proud of.

And they cover a variety of things, from visuals like pictures to text based stuff like inspirational quotes or hand written affirmations. (Yours preferably)

Why Would You Want A Vision Board?

The best thing about vision boards is that they serve as reminders.

Each time your mind wanders off, they bring back your focus. Keeping you on track.

Plus, they remind you of your why. You see, everyone’s got a why. A deeper meaning behind their actions.

Why they go to work. Why they do certain things. And more importantly, why they set their goals.

Having your own vision boards keeps the things you care about them top of mind. This way you stay present and motivated

Another benefit of vision boards is how they shape your mind to find your TRUEST desires.

Vision boards force you to think about the most important stuff first.

You get to dig deep, and unearth the goals or desires that matter most. This is good because you’ll have stronger feelings for them. And in turn, more powerful manifestations.

Also, they give you an added sense of purpose. And in your corner, they ensure you never lose sight of your dreams

Steps To Creating Your Own Vision Board

Our unique experiences provide fun directions for creating effective vision boards.

Pictures speak in a different way to most people. One thought, feeling, goal or desire can be expressed with a pool of different pictures.

The steps outlined here will serve as a framework you can build your vision board around.

And as a bonus, they’re simple to follow.

So let’s get about creating your own vision board

-Reflect on what matters to you.

Goals are all about change. Change in the right or positive direction.

Change that makes life more fulfilling for you.

For some people, this could involve certain areas of their lives. For others, their entire life might need a complete overhaul.

Whatever the case, it’s important you get clear on what areas of your life need improvement.

Then, imagine what life looks or feels like once your goals are met.

This part is crucial in creating your vision board. Why?

Because if you can’t imagine your dream life you’ll find it tough to represent your desires with fun pictures.

So sit back or take a walk. Then picture your own version of the “good life”. A world where your goals are finally accomplished.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions.

-Collect your materials.

Now it’s time to track down the various parts that will form your vision board.

My favorite place to go? Magazines.

They’re filled with pictures of people, places or things that represent my goals.

So take out a bunch of magazines, and cut out pictures you feel fit into your goals. You can also take things a step further with newspapers, comic books or book covers.

These materials will serve as an endless source of inspiration. Or as motivation fuel when you’re running low on energy after a hectic day.

It’s you pull from different places as possible. These will make sure you’ve got enough ideas to work it.

The fun doesn’t stop at pictures though. You can get a bunch of texts of your favorite inspirational quotes.

And as we like to do, write down affirmations in our own writing.

Not sure about what kind of materials should be on your vision board?

No worries, we got you.

We curated a list of categories most goals tend to fall into.

With this, you’ll sharpen your mind in search for the right materials:

Wellness Goals; You can create a vision board to serve your health and fitness goals. Pictures of fit men or women will do.

Income Goals: What life does a significant rise in income present to you? Get some pictures that fit into what you want.

Peace Goals: Looking for some inner peace? Get pictures of a quiet or serene environment. Or an image of a family having fun at the beach.

Relationship Goals: Most people need a companion to go through life’s hurdles with. Whether it’s a friend or lover. And if that’s you, gather a few pictures of couples having fun. Or two friends sharing a hug.

There’s more but this should get you started.

-Assemble And Create

Your creative juices should be flowing. So it’s time to let your creative powers shine through.

And it starts with the right environment. A”workplace” where your ideas flow effortlessly from your mind to your vision board.

No rules here. So allow your mind to wander and experiment.

Plus, you could always bring your favorite music along. To keep you in the right mood all through the creative process.

Where Should You Place Your Vision Board?

In your car? In your bedroom? Everyone wants to know a great place to keep their vision board.

Our suggestion? Somewhere that makes it easy to spot. Your vision board should serve as a constant reminder of your goals.

So you don’t want it tucked inside a box or something. You want it on full display for your subconscious mind to feel alive.

The aim is to keep your desires fresh in your mind. So you’re loaded with daily inspiration.

With this, your bedroom wall remains one of my favorite places for vision boards

A Place For Digital?

With the world going digital these days, why not vision boards?

If you’re the type of person that’s always on the phone, a digital or online vision board makes sense.

For starters, you can open a pinterest or instagram account. Then search the web for ideas to create your vision board.

Trust me, there’s an endless supply of positive photos, images, and words waiting for you to grab them.


I love vision boards.

And they’re a fun way to get your abundance powerhouse running full steam.

Go put your creativity to work so your vision board can sparkle with positivity.

Until next time,

Happy manifesting!

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Stuck In A Financial Mess? Here’s How To Manifest Wealth In 2021

Do you feel frustrated that you can’t effortlessly attract money into your life?

Well, it’s your lucky day because things are about to get better for you.

You see, I’ve long flirted with the idea of addressing wealth manifestation.

Because unlike some people would have you believe, it’s important. 

Without money, bills don’t get paid. Health problems pile up like garbage at a local slum.

Plus, let’s face it, no one really wakes up in the morning saying: “You know what, I wish my finances were lower”

Money allows you to spend time, and things on the people you love and care about.

So when the world slowly opened up after a scary year, I knew it was time. 

People are looking to spend more. Soak up fun memories. And get serious with their health and lifestyle.

So to make their desires easier to achieve…

I figured it’s time to show you my favorite ways to manifest true wealth for 2021.

So if you’re looking to finish the year with a much higher income…

Keep reading.

Ways To Manifest Money Into Your life.

Time to dive into my favorite wealth attraction practices.

Given the opportunity, most people would beg to have them. So consider yourself lucky.

Because you’ve landed on a treasure load of effective money manifesting methods.

Erase Your Limiting Beliefs

Are you rejecting yourself before you even had a chance?

Well, if you’re still holding on to limiting beliefs then the answer’s yes.

Growing up, we inhale a ton of limiting beliefs about money. They end up becoming extensions of our inner selves.

And prevent us from attracting our desires.

For instance, ever told yourself any of these before?

“Money is scarce”

“Money is evil”

“It’s really hard to make money”

These limiting beliefs affect your relationships with money.

You need to forge a relationship with money that makes it easier to get wealthy.

And it starts by getting rid of limiting beliefs.


Because beliefs drive your manifestation power. Limiting ones slow down your vibration. Making it tougher to attract wealth.

But a great way to remove them is with affirmations.

The truth is that money is not scarce. It’s abundant. Rather than believing money is scarce, use an affirmation like:

“Money is abundant to me.” Or. ” I am a money magnet.”

This creates a positive shift in your mind. And you’ll be able to see a life where you finally have effortless wealth attraction.

Visualize & Act Accordingly

This part is all about gateway habits that lead to your desired outcome.

It could be as simple as taking ten minutes a day to visualize what a life with abundant wealth would look, and feel like.

First think of your desired income. Then visualize the experience that money would provide for you.

For example, want the money for a new car? Visualize yourself taking a trip to the mall in your new car.

Want to settle a few bills and get debt off your chest? Visualize a feeling brought about due to zero financial stress or worries.

Soon enough, you’ll notice a gradual rise in your energy.

To add to that, start acting like you’re already rich

Ask yourself what the daily life of a rich person looks like. Then, adopt it.

It’s a fun twist to the “fake it till you make it” life.

Raise Your Vibrations

Vibrations are like the cornerstone for your wealth attraction.

Because it’s how you communicate with the universe.

The universe scans for high vibrations. And if yours is low, well you’re going to miss out.

Luckily for you there’s a pool or tips, hacks, and exercises to elevate your vibration.

Here are a few to get you started:

-Taking a walk or hike in nature.

-Meditational practices.

-Eating high vibration foods like avocado or veggies

-Reciting daily affirmations.


You’ve been armed with some of my favorite ways to attract wealth.
And I’m confident they’ll turn your life around.
It doesn’t matter how bad things have been in the past. You can still make a huge difference in your life.
And these tips you discovered here will help you out.
Happy wealth manifesting!
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How to Trust and Strengthen Your Belief in the Universe

How to Trust and Strengthen Your Belief in the Universe

From the time we were young, we were made to believe that your bills should always be paid, you need to come out top in your class, and you should have a good-paying job. I’m not saying those are bad, but when you can’t live up to societal expectations, it can leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. No matter how you try to look at things, no one is ever truly in control, and in moments like this you need to remind yourself, “I gotta have faith in the universe.”

Whether things are difficult now, you are doubtful if things will work out your way, or you are simply stressed, all you need to do is surrender to the universe to experience ease and peace in your life. What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘faith’ and ‘belief’? If you are like most people, you probably think about religion. But it’s outside the bounds of religion. It’s universal. Whatever you believe in – God, The Big Guy, Higher Forces, The Universe… It doesn’t matter. Always trust that there is a power out there that gets you anything good you want and desire.

This doesn’t mean that you have to change your way of life or quit your job to meditate on a high mountain. Trusting the universe means that you are certain that everything will be taken care of. A job will come. You will manifest your dream partner. You will graduate with good grades, and as far as your eyes can see, it will be yours.

Trusting the universe is an art – a process. To trust the universe, we need to have a leap of faith.

In the process of trusting and strengthening your belief in the universe, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

You are not online – you’re a reflection of the universe

Our connection to the stars, the world, and everything around us that can light up our path is actually within us. You are a reflection of the universe and that’s why you act like you are part of something big and powerful. The universe is here, it’s big, and you are a part of it. I don’t want you to think of the universe as a higher power – but an accomplice.

Look up to it to learn about how it changes your life. The moment you realize and accept that you are special, the faster your reality starts to change for the better. Own your readiness to accept the universe unconditionally. Take that leap of faith because one day, you’ll be the happiest person alive and all your dreams will come through.

Let Go of Things You Can’t Control

When you have no faith, you want to control everything. You want to do things your way without considering any other thing or people. The actions in your life become tight and bureaucratic, without allowing the universe to work with you and give you directions. As a part of growth, you need to learn to relax and let go of things you can’t control. Most people beat themselves up because they can’t “handle” things.

But in reality, the only way you can get clarity is to release your sense of control and allow yourself to flow with the universe’s rhythm. While on some levels, you can control certain things in your life, you should be aware that some things are way out of your league. Give yourself the chance to trust the universe. You may be surprised that the unknown you fear may turn out to work in your favor. Rather than holding on tight to things, you should try new adventures that could be beneficial to you.

Say Positive Affirmations

If you are unsure about what will happen in the future, always tell yourself, “I have faith in the universe. All things will work out the way they should.”

As simple as that sounds, it builds your trust that the universe has your best interests at heart.

If you don’t get that promotion at work, or if that project didn’t turn out fine, I want you to believe that there is a better one out there for you. We aren’t meant to navigate life without the water stirring up once in a while – it’s what comes after these challenges that shows you why you went through them. When you surrender to the universe, timing, enlightenment, and peace follow.
The universe is meant to serve you. Know that it wants you to be happy.

It All Comes Back to Love

Love is the greatest force in the universe. Love is caring. Love is having faith. Love forgives. Love is tolerant and understanding. Love is not controlling. Love is pure.  Love is all around and within you. By emitting love from your life, you’ll attract so much more than love from the universe.

Develop the mindset that the universe loves you and that’s why it serves it even when it doesn’t work out well for you. Sometimes not getting what you want is the best.

Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition is your guide in life. It is the number one method the universe uses to communicate with us. But since it’s a subtle part of our consciousness, it is often unheard and overlooked. One of my favorite quotes is from Alexandria Hotmer. She said, “if we would just take a moment to look around, we would find that the universe is in constant communication with us.”

Trusting the universe means believing that everything holds a purpose in your life. The good things, the bad things, and everything’s meant to push you a step further to where you are meant to be. So listen to your intuition. The guidance you seek comes from within your soul.


The greatest gift you can give yourself is knowing that the universe has your back no matter what. You have to trust it daily, even when things are not working out well. There are no ifs or sometimes. You need to be in constant communication with the higher force because it will give you clear direction.

When you trust it blindly and fully, the universe gives you anything and everything you desire. Take that bold decision today and embrace the universe to serve you.

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Manifest Love – 6 Ways to Attract Your Dream Partner

It’s hard finding someone you are interested in, but making them aware of your feelings is even harder.

There is nothing wrong with being single. You can live life on your terms, sleep in the middle of the bed, and do what you feel like. 

At some point, you might want to spend your life with an awesome partner. You are ready to start a family and enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting relationship. 

If you are reading this article, chances are you are ready to manifest love and attract your dream partner, but you haven’t had major success.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you six steps from my personal experience that will help you attract the person you desire.

Looking for ways to get a great partner? Try these six steps – trust me, it works without much effort. 

1. Know That You Deserve Your Dream Partner

Write down at least 25 characteristics you want your ideal partner to have.

While some of your lists can be negotiable, few should be compulsory.

When you know what you want, the universe will send someone that reflects these qualities to you.

Be aware that you want to date someone who introduces you to their friends and loved ones.

Someone who loves kids as much as you do.

So today, I’m telling you that you deserve a life of joy and happiness. If you want to manifest the person of your dreams, you need to know that you deserve to be loved the way you want.

I want you to tell yourself, I deserve a great love

Tell yourself each time you look in the mirror. Shout it to your next-door neighbor when they walk past your front yard.

Because you do.

2. You Are Enough

Let go of the mentality that you’re not ‘good enough’ for the man/woman of your dreams.

It’s hard to manifest the right person in your life when in every relationship, you constantly think about heartbreak.

Even if you shift your energy toward positive things and you work on your thoughts, when your subconscious mind tells you that you aren’t good enough, you end up manifesting the wrong things.

Because you were manifesting from the point that you needed to fix and you weren’t good enough, you also tend to attract these kinds of people too.

I want you to know that even if you are single or you are not in your ideal relationship, you aren’t inadequate.

To manifest a healthy relationship, you need to shift your gears and start looking at it in this way: “I am enough and complete. I don’t need to be fixed.”

3. Stop paying attention to negativity

STOP listening to people who tell you, ‘When it comes to finding someone you want in your life……’, ‘Stop being unrealistic’.

The truth is, if you can see the ideal partner you want to take, you can call him/her into your life.

Instead, focus on people who give you positive vibes. Spend time with people who attract their dream partners and draw inspiration from them.

The most pain-free way to manifest anything you want is to stay genuinely happy for others and let go of negative emotions.

Just the way you clean out your room and take the garbage out, you should clean out old beliefs from your life.

Right now, all this fake information you’ve been fed in the name of being ‘realistic’ shouldn’t ruin your entire look at life.

Anything is possible, and that’s what I want you to believe.

Thankfully, you are reading this article and you are taking lessons from someone who has manifested their dream partner and is encouraging you that your relationship can be surreal and as romantic and passionate as you desire.

4. Do Things That Creates Positive Vibes

Here’s a secret:

Your ideal partner isn’t going to come to you faster if you sit around doing nothing. You need to enjoy your process and part of having fun is doing the things that bring a smile to your face.

Do things that help you create a positive vibe while you are waiting for that ideal person to be delivered.

Whatever creates positive vibes is going to be essential to manifest love in your niche. Do you know why? The universe wants to see you happy.

What can you do to feel good about calling in your dream partner? Is it watching an inspiring Netflix movie? Or taking a walk around the park to see healthy couples and get inspiration from them?

Do that today.

5. Get Specific on What You Want

I kid you not, if you get specific, the universe delivers.

The key is to create a board of your ideal partner. Include everything – what they look like, the dates you want to go with them, events you’ll attend, how your life would look together.

The magic happens when you take a few moments every day to visualize and see your ideal partner showing up in your life.

What do you want in a woman? If you hear a voice saying, ‘that’s unrealistic’, or any negative sentence, you tell it to get lost.

Here’s a fun exercise for you to do:

Grab a pen and paper right now, and write down 10-25 things you feel will make up your dream person.

If you want a guy with nice blonde hair, write it down. If you want a woman who is Brunette, grew up in New York, or whatever, just write it.

Use creative adjectives and don’t limit your imagination.

It’s super important for the next tip I will share with you.

6. Believe That the Universe Wants You to be Happy

Your only job when you tell the universe what you want is to prepare to receive it. When you get specific, the universe responds so fast.

Always believe that the universe is your genie and it wants you to be happy. If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you’ll realize that to attract things in life using your energy you need to feel good now, not when you get it.

When it comes to manifestation, one thing you should bear in mind is to, ‘act as if.’ This means that you should act as if you already have what you’re trying to manifest.

Remember that little task I gave you earlier?

Turn those sentences into statements and start with, “I am grateful to the universe for sending me…” and complete these affirmations using the list you just made.

For example;

“I am grateful to the universe for sending me my dream woman with blonde hair.”

To refresh, here are six tips you can take to manifest the partner of your dreams:
  1. Know the exact characteristics you want your ideal partner to possess.
  2. Let go of the mentality that you are not enough or you are not worth it.
  3. Don’t listen to negative thoughts and emotions.
  4. Be genuinely happy for people around you.
  5. Do the things that bring you peace, joy, and happiness.
  6. Believe that the universe works in your favour.
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Do Daily Affirmations Really Work?

Not surprised you asked.

After all, few things can boast of landing you a dream job or partner by saying a few words.

So it’s no surprise you want to confirm if it’s worth your time before diving in. And if you’re like me, it almost sounds too good to be true.

In fact, if you called b.s. a few years ago to someone saying you could have the good things in life…

Land a new job, get a raise, or find yourself a dream house by simply saying a bunch of words…

I’d be right there supporting you. Calling the person a fraud. Or ignorant, at best.

But now? My mind’s in a different place.

Thanks to daily (and positive) affirmations I’ve attracted a bunch of things I’m eternally grateful for.

Like a supportive wife and family. Plus a brand new car at the start of the year.

So if you’ve wrestled with the question: “Do daily affirmations work?”

Here’s the short answer, yes.

For the long answer, we’ll dive into the deep end of the affirmation sea to uncover a few treasures.

And by the time you start practicing what you’ll discover on this page…

You’ll walk around feeling so good people will wonder why.

How do daily affirmations work?


At first thought, it might seem like fantasy. But there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes that gives affirmations so much power.

You see, if you repeat something to yourself long and often enough, it starts to shape your thoughts and reality.

That’s the underlying principle behind why they work so well.

The way you speak to yourself is important. Because it forms a solid foundation for your thoughts and feelings to build on.

You see, our brains are pretty clever. Feeding your mind positive beliefs through your words rewires your brain to see yourself in a whole new light.

It’s giving your best self the attention it deserves. With this, your manifestations are stronger because you feel more confident.

Remember, aligning your feelings with what you want is how you manifest the things you wish to achieve.

And there’s no better way to do this like affirmations

As you say the words, watch as you feel a change in energy inside you. It’s almost surreal.

That change? That feeling you get when you say something good about yourself?

Well, that’s your subconscious slowly adjusting as you install a new belief system.

Now before we continue, it’s important you see affirmations as a double edged sword.

Meaning they can work for you or against you. So you’ve got to create the right ones.

The next part shows you how.

How to create powerful affirmations that work

Good and bad. Yin and Yang. Sugar and Vinegar

Well, you kinda get the point – for every right way to do something, there’s a wrong way that can ruin your efforts.

Luckily for you, I’ve got a few rules to unleash all the power inside affirmations.

They’ll guide you to create your own. And provide you with insights to spot great ones.

You can also see them as tips if you like.

So let’s get into it:

1. Keep them positive.

This comes first above all else. It’s vital you stay in the zone of positivity with ALL your manifestations.

No negative words. Or phrases that reinforce negativity.

They only block your desires from manifesting.

Like I said, positive words are like fuel in your manifestation journey. Because they align your energy with the goals or desires you want to achieve.

For example, let’s take a look at two affirmations for someone that wants to escape a stressful job to a new I.T job.

E.g 1 “I now have an enjoyable and fun I.T job.”

E.g 2 “I’m tired of my current job”

No. 1 is the clear winner.

It keeps things fun, and positive. Which is how you want yours to be like.

2. Stay in the present.

This is a common area most people get wrong.

They think: “I want a better job, house or lifestyle in the future”

So they go ahead and create their affirmations in the future tense.

Well, that poses a big problem. Why?

Because your desires get stuck in the future. And we both know you want them in your life like right now.

A key part of the law of attraction is the “power of present”

Whether it’s being fully present in your manifestations. Or saying your affirmations in the present tense.

The goal is to say your desires like you already have them.

Here are some examples.

-Low self-esteem? : “I am confident and comfortable in my own skin.”

-Hate your job?:. “I have a wonderful [insert dream job]

-Want to lose weight?:. “I love how my body looks”

3. Keep things short.

Brevity shows clarity. It highlights the fact that you’re sure about the things you want.

And this is great for you. Because you radiate a special kind of energy the universe will pick up on and send some goodies your way.

Short affirmations are quality ones. And they stand out due to their straight-to-the-point nature.

How To Do Affirmations

After nailing down the creation process of affirmations, it’s time to put them to use.

By now, you should have a few on your mind or a piece of paper.

So let’s look at a few ways to get them to work for you.

1 Repeat them everyday.

Some people are confused about the right frequency for affirmations.

In my experience, anything from three times a day upwards is fine.

The key to success with anything – especially affirmations, is consistency.

Daily commitment speeds up the process of attracting your desires.

Plus, it reinforces positive thoughts that shape your life. And transform you into the person you want to become.

2. Stay positive.

It takes a huge amount of conscious effort to stay positive.

So I know it’s not always easy. But just like the words you came up with for your affirmations, you’ve got to a bring a positive attitude each time you say them.

A good way to get into this state is to think of something that’s working in your life.

Could be anything. Just make sure it’s positive so you can slip into the right state of mind.

3. Say them in front of a mirror

This adds a really fun twist to things.


Because in this section you’re going to say your affirmations in first, second, and third person.

Like this:

“I love….”

“You love….”

“[Insert your name ] loves….”

Pretty simple, and fun too.

So it’s You, I, then your name attached to the rest of the affirmation.

Hard to stay sad while doing this one, eh?

When to use affirmations.

It’s time to zoom in on negative events where affirmations serve as useful tools.

I call this the magic pill effect. Because these events infect our mood and drop our energy levels.

Plus, if we’re being honest, it’s almost impossible to stay away from them 24/7.

Affirmations help us challenge negative thoughts or feelings these events create in us.

Here are just few scenarios you can use affirmations:

-When you’re feeling stuck and unsure of your next move.

-When your vibes off and you’re not sure why. They’ll raise your energy so you give off higher vibrations.

-When you’ve got a new goal you want to achieve

Final Thoughts

So it’s a wrap.

Affirmations are words. And words have immense power to shape your life into something you’ll be proud of.

The more you tell yourself how amazing you are or your situation is, the faster you can attract good things into your life.

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Best Spiritual Foods To Boost Your Manifestation Power

You know that feeling when you sit down at a table full of food?

To have all those wonderful options in front of you. To enjoy something you know will give you immense pleasure.

That’s the exact feeling you’ll get when you dive into this post, and see what’s in store for you.

Plus, it comes with a fun twist – where nutrition (or food) meets spirituality.

You see, it’s no secret that your vibration greatly impacts your manifestation journey.

Low vibration, unhealthy energy and bad moods are simply recipes for disaster.

However, thanks to the natural, healing, and manifestation-boosting power of certain foods – you won’t have to worry about the effects of any of those things

Why? Because certain foods leave you with sparks of energy after eating them.

And as the saying goes: you are what you eat. I know, kinda cliché. But it’s so true.

Especially in a world where we’re bombarded with unhealthy food.

That’s why this article’s aim is to serve as an eye-opener into the unique world of food.

And show you how special foods possess the power to supercharge your manifestation.

Also, when you make it all the way to the end, there’s a bonus meal plan waiting to get you started on some ideas.

So if you’re in for a treat…

Let’s dive into the various parts of a manifestation diet.

Why you shouldn’t ignore spiritual foods…

Most manifestation topics stick to the spiritual side of things.

You know, visualization, meditation, and the likes.

While those are clearly important, the physical aspects that involve your body are crucial too.

Nothing much comes out of an unhealthy body.

Think of the last time you felt like you’re in a funk.

Or when getting out of bed felt like climbing a mountain.

I’m pretty sure manifesting your desires got tougher. Because your feelings were all over the place.

And few things send you over to “unhealthy land” like low vibration foods.

I call them “manifestation blockers.” Because they stop our desires in their tracks. And keep you waiting for days, weeks or even months.

On the other hand though, there are some heroes called good-for-you foods.

And they lift your vibration with each bite.

You see, your body is the center of your energy. Treating it right sets you on the path to profound success in life.

Like most things, I see foods as choices. Making the right one makes all the difference in watching your desires unfold into reality.

Quality high vibration foods and manifesting go hand in hand.

Because your energy and emotional state largely depends on it.

High vibration foods to supercharge your day

We know eating right is good. But sometimes we forget why.

So I’m fixing that…

It’s time to unpack those excellent high- vibration foods that deserve a place on your shopping list.

Plus a brief bio on each one to serve as a reminder on why making better choices with your food is vital.

With this, you’ll understand why they’re often favourites in creating an “angel’s diet.”

So if you’re ready to feel alive…

Let’s eat!

Green vegetables

Mum always knows best.

That’s why she encouraged you to make them a part of your day.

Veggies are like powerhouses.

By drawing from the energy of the sun, they provide huge bouts of energy

Imagine having all that inside you as you start your day.

You’ll be bursting with so much vibration the universe will pick up on it, and hand you whatever you want.

That’s why when I sense moodiness creeping in, veggies are my go-to choices.


Nothing’s gonna boost your brain function like these bad boys.

And as you probably know, a healthy brain means a healthy mind.

A mind that’s clear, and unaffected by daily distractions is powerful.

That’s why I look for creative ways to stuff them in my diet.

If you’re looking for improved concentration during your meditations or visualizations, then you can’t go wrong with avocados.

Wild berries

A great choice for people leaning to the more fun side of things.

Juicy. Tasty. And with a touch of excitement…

Berries are a great introduction into the world of spiritual foods.

Oftentimes I get asked what’s a less boring way to get started on a manifestation diet.

And I always point to the berries family:
Strawberries, elderberries, huckleberries.

Who said spiritual eating couldn’t be fun?

With these guys, there’s a lot you can do if you want to stay far away from boredom so you can get creative.

Think smoothies and jams.

Everyone’s spiritual practice is different, and unique.

Berries offer an exciting way to let your imagination shine through.


Turmeric and cinnamon are the agents in this category.

While they’re not chewables like the rest, they’re worth mentioning because they’re just so damn effective.

In fact, you may have noticed them hiding in various health supplements. Actively working as antioxidants.

And helping to get rid of harmful causes of stress.

Also, these spices boosts your immune system by fighting off bacteria.

Now, I know. This is not a nutrition site.

However, healthy bodies are the ones capable of carrying out effective manifestations.

So it’s kind of important to take a step back to keep our bodies optimized.


Want to give bad moods a good kick in the butt?

Then you can’t go wrong with beans.

They’re fortified with nutrients to keep you active and positive.

Negative energy will find it really difficult staying in a body that’s fed beans regularly.
(Consider that a bonus tip) 😉

So be sure to walk into a nearby grocery and help yourself to some fresh beans.

You’ll fill your cup of life with so much joy, and happiness to make your manifestations more meaningful.

Low vibration foods.

Now that you know what to have in your diet…

It’s time to discover what to stay away from.

If you want to maintain a high vibration that is.

Processed foods.

Meat, fish or anything that goes through the gruesome chemically-infusing path of processing is a no, no.

Chemicals are bad for your body. Which means terrible for your energy.

You want energy boosters in your corner. Not drainers.

And these guys suck the vibration you need to manifest your dreams.

Baked stuffy foods.

Cravings happen to all of us.

And sometimes we fall, and have a piece of bread or two.

Once or twice? That’s okay.

But a daily diet of flour based foods, and you’re rewiring your body to feel tired.

This leads to a constant struggle to attract the things you want in your life.

Bonus Meal Plan

As promised, I cooked up a meal plan for your day.

It’s one thing to have a list of foods.

It’s another thing to find the right, and delicious ways to combine them.

You can go with this. Or allow it to spark some ideas inside you.


Whip up some tasty strawberries smoothie you can have with an avocado pie.


Nothing beats beans for a tasty, filled lunch.

To max out on nutritional benefits, add vegetable salad toppings


I usually go light with my dinners.

So I recommend a bean cake with elderberry juice


That’s a wrap.

Health is wealth. A healthy body is a powerful manifesting machine.

And since we often get out of something what we put in, it’s only right we stick to high vibration foods like the ones here.

Happy healthy manifesting!

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