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Switching on the Light of Grace in Your Life

I can only imagine how life must have been before the discovery of electricity. It has now become the most important energy in the modern world and everything would come to a standstill should it no longer be available. Although alternative sources of energy like geothermal and solar energy have already been discovered, they still supply the same thing to the consumer – power. This power runs heavy industrial machines and home appliances. It lights our houses, cooks our food, charges our devices (phones and computers), and it has offered employment to thousands. Electricity has undoubtedly transformed the lives of many people. 

Your spirit needs this kind of electric energy to power it up. This energy will keep you alert and, on your toes, so that you continue to remain productive. Your life will be a dull one before you discover this energy. After you do, and when you start using it, your life will improve. Nature has been instrumental in bringing this electricity closer to us in more than one way. But there is only so much that it can do; the rest is left to your personal effort on the same. 

Discovering the switch. 

The first thing you look for when you enter a poorly lit room is to look for the switch to turn on the lights. This is why it is mostly just near the door so that you do not stray far away but find it as soon as possible. Similarly, nature has put the switch to turn on the lights in your spirit and for you to access this super electricity closer to you. You only need to stretch out your hand, child.  

This switch is your purpose. When you put it on, your spirit and life become well-lit and you can see everything clearly as you should. Your purpose is the willpower to live. It is what you live to accomplish each day. You feel incomplete without fulfilling your purpose. Your whole life is centered on fulfilling this thing that you feel strongly for. Turning on this switch marks the entry of grace into your life. This grace is ordained to help you see clearly in your now well-lit spirit. 

purpose of life

The burning desire to curve your unique space in society leads you to your purpose. You can never be mistaken about it. When you finally locate this switch, this is how you can turn and keep your spiritual light on: 

Fuel your spirit.

Your spirit is like a vehicle. You need to fuel it often before it switches off unexpectedly. Fuel to your spirit is as food is to your body. It gives you the energy to move on and keeps you healthy. This is a more experienced person with insight into how the spirit works. They guide you through spiritual matters and how to keep yourself pure in the increasingly challenging world. Spiritual purity ensures your light remains on. Without it, your light will go off as soon as you switch it on. Child, fuel your spirit today. 

Set targets

Targets help you to remain on course. Sometimes we may wander off to less important goals but having targets makes you remember that there is a box to tick at the end of the day. The light in your spirit will continually remain on, not for the sake of it, but if there is a good use. Do you have something to show off for the time that your spiritual light has been on? Look at nature and how it maintains the ecosystem. There is always something new happening. Each day is unique with its events. Meeting your targets is a justification for having your spiritual light on. This way, you can fulfill your purpose with ease.  

Conquer new territories

Victory tastes sweet. As you pursue your purpose, it is only fair to win some battles before the war. Your purpose will lead you to develop new habits that are fit for a person of your stature. These new territories are a mark of your success. Your future self needs a new environment different from the previous one before you put your spiritual light on. This new environment will help you to foster new habits. They equally attract grace from the universe for you to gloss over them.  

Partnering with like-minded partners

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you walk to walk far, walk with someone.” This could not be further from the truth. There are other people who discovered their purpose before you found yours. These are the people the universe wants you to keep in their company. They will be there to support you to maintain your spiritual light. More so, they will forewarn you against doing things that can turn your light off.

Your like-minded friends will also attract a new grace in your life. You will not struggle with some things whenever you are with them. Consider their company like an umbrella. You could not be having one but you can join your friend in his to protect you from the rain. This is how shared grace feels like.  

like-minded partners

Guard your frame. 

Your switch could get spoilt if water pours on it. This means that your light will go off until you replace the spoilt switch. It is wise not to do anything that endangers the lighting in your spirit. Spiritual purity helps you maintain the grace the universe has put over your life. In fact, it will multiply two-fold because you have made the owner of the grace proud. The reputation of good rain is known – it helps to water the crops on the farm. It only becomes bad when it exceeds the desired limit and causes floods. This is how your reputation should precede you. It will multiply the grace in your life. 

Switching on the light of grace in your life is as easy as following nature’s will. This is the switch to forever turn it on.

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graduation day throwing caps

Graduating from the Mystery School of the Universe

Graduation is a big deal to every scholar. Their eyes are set on the prize that is in the graduation after warming the books for several years. Family and friends come in droves for the graduation ceremony of their kin. It is a very special occasion that you cannot afford to miss. On the part of the graduand, nothing else matters on that day except the graduation itself. Their world stops and everything else takes second place. This is the time he has been waiting for all his life and nothing can go in between.  

But what is in a mere graduation ceremony? Is it significant or it is just a ‘social event’? There is a lot to it but what sticks out is that it marks a shift of class on the part of the graduand. The vice-chancellor and the university senate confer powers on you to read and write. It is the pinnacle of academic excellence. This power that is now upon you is what you have been working on the whole time. 

The school of the universe equally churns out graduates to the world. The graduands are ready to face the world and be agents of change wherever they go. They are people who have been shaped by life experiences to attain their current status. They have been baptized by fire and water and nothing else scares them. Their time of graduation has come. 

This divine graduation is the identifier mark to separate nature’s finest children from the rest. The difference between them is as clear as day and night. This makes the graduation ceremony very important in the life of every child of the universe. 

Why graduate? 

It is possible to learn and not graduate (either willingly or if the institution declines). The school of the universe is not any different. It can postpone your graduation if you do not demonstrate that you are ready for it. 


Graduation classifies your competency. 

A competent institution as the universe only allows the best to graduate.

Graduands are grouped in classes for the world to know their different levels of competency. They are often grouped as either first-class honors, second-class honors upper division, second-class honors lower division, or pass. The graduation classes in the School of the Universe are believers, doers, doubters, and testers.

The testers class is the group that hardly believes in anything. They test everything to see if it will work.

The doubters class is the group that suspects everything without making any choice.

The doers class is the group that acts. To them, it does not matter what to believe. They are there to act on the ‘trending’ faith.

The believers class is the group that believes in their faith and calling. They will go to any extent to prove their faith in their calling and their existence. Graduates from all these graduation classes of the mystery school of the universe expose their competency in real life.  

Requirements to graduate from the school of the universe. 

Complete the coursework. 

Completing the syllabus is a prerequisite for every institution. The syllabus of the universe is dynamic. It calls out to your patience without which you will not be ready to graduate. The universe monitors your interpersonal skills over time. Your relationship with people matters a lot in becoming the perfect graduand.

Are you proud, contemptuous, friendly, or cautious with strangers? How do you treat people in a lower social or economic class than you? Even the slightest remark you make silently counts. Nature wants you to treat other people as respectable human beings. They are not children of a lesser God. The faster you learn this, the quicker you will complete your coursework. 

Complete required practicals. 

There is a practical application of the coursework you have learned. This also counts in preparing you for graduation. The practical part is how you handle difficult moments. Although we do not wish to be caught in them, the universe brings it to us nevertheless. How do you handle rejection, pain, or loss? Also, how do you handle victory, glory, or happiness?

This is the tipping point in your quest to graduate. Failing in either of them throws you back to square one. Handle every episode in your life with grace. In all of them, there is no villain. It should never be a personal duel of you versus them.

This is the takeaway lesson from the practicals – nothing is permanent. It is the universe that sustains everything we have and equally gives us the grace to endure the hurting phases. Hearty congratulations for passing the practicals.  

Satisfy your supervisor’s requirements. 

The universe allocates a mentor to every student in the graduating class. Sometimes it happens that you do not know your supervisor. This does not make them any less important. This is how you can know your supervisor – he/she is the person most interested in your life progress. They are concerned about every little progress or delay in your life. Their concern is in good faith and they do not have any evil motives. It may even happen that your supervisor is not even aware of his role in your life. They consider your relationship with them casual.

The universe is watching the both of you to see if you get along fine. It naturally makes the supervisor take personal responsibility for your success or failure. This is nature’s way of appointing a human angel to guide you. Unless and until you make your supervisor happy, you will not graduate from the school of the universe. Their satisfaction with your work is a gold signature. 


Post-graduation life. 

Those who have graduated from universities and colleges have a testimony of how post-graduation life is. It is beautiful to be qualified to handle matters in your field. It is even more beautiful to graduate from the mystery school of the universe in the class of believers because your life will take a totally new direction henceforth. The universe is looking forward to your graduation, child. We are cheering you on your way.  

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Writing Your Success Story

As fate would have it, life has its twists and turns. The good and the bad are on different sides of the same coin. Sometimes the universe answers our prayers to the last one and thereafter punishes us for our wrong choices. A lot transpires as you write your success story. You may feel like giving up and relocating to another planet. It could feel as if the whole world has abandoned you. But the universe wants you to know it is not true.

You continue to remain nature’s favorite child.  

Success and glory are earned. It is a careful balancing act for you to quickly move from grass to grace. There is no shame in humble beginnings, the grass stage. It is merely a starting point and you can move up the ranks to finally dine with royalty. The universe itself began humbly. The earth was without form, void, and filled with darkness. It had nothing yet here we are in the twenty-first century a very modern world nobody could have dreamt of. You can speak to someone across the globe at the touch of a button. The same had been impossible at the beginning.

The world is now a global village and the glory of the world shines brighter now more than ever. This is the grace stage. If this is the journey that the world has traveled so far, it will without a doubt support your rise from grass to grace. 

The universe is offering to mentor you. He wants you to walk in his footsteps so that you may one day be the giant you have always wanted to become. This is his advice for you: 

Speak the word – let there be light. 

Deep darkness often covers humble beginnings. It is the darkness of ignorance when you do not know how or where to start from. This same darkness covered the whole world and nothing could happen. A mere lamp cannot remove this darkness because what will happen when you run out of fuel? You need a permanent light to shine on your world. You have the power to command that there should be light.  

darkness of ignorance

You can have permanent light to shine on your path when you seek knowledge. It is light to your spirit. When you are knowledgeable, ignorance has no place in your life. You end up guessing your way around when you cannot see clearly in the dark.

God forbid, you may even fall into a ditch!

The light of knowledge enables you to make informed choices in the course of your life. Child, the journey from grass to grace requires you to speak the word – let there be light. 

Separate business from pleasure. 

Business and pleasure do not mix, they will eventually separate. History has judged harshly those who mix business with pleasure because one finally gives way to the other. Every natural act is intentional and part of the universe’s plan. At creation, the sky was separated from the ground by a firmament. The two could not stay together because there could be no room for the development of the remaining part of creation. Separation of business and pleasure helps you to focus on one thing at a time. You cannot afford to have a divided focus and leave a trail of incomplete projects.

Writing your success story is a divine responsibility that does not want you to share your time with lesser goals. Everything else plays second fiddle. 

Separate black and white. 

There are no grey areas when it comes to your journey from grass to grace. Everything is either black or white. Calling out things as they are is part of writing your success story.

Creation could not continue before dry land is separated from water bodies. It gave way to further creation and we have the world as we see it today. It is difficult to make some choices if you do not see things for what they truly are indeed.

Although this could leave you a loner because most people shun the truth, it is a painful part of writing your success story. It will wean you off the hypocritical company and leave you free to pursue your goal – moving to grace. 

Feed on pastures of good habits. 

Good habits are cultivated over time. Doing the right thing requires a lot of discipline. The more you sacrifice your pleasures to do the right thing, the more you become perfect at it. Over time, you will be perfect at doing good. Whatever you feed grows and what you starve dies.

Starve your bad habits and they will naturally die. On the other hand, good habits need to feed on good pasture. They will grow and replace your bad habits. The smallest things that you are likely to ignore contribute a lot to making you successful.

Consider how rain is formed. Small clouds come together and when they are heavy with rain, it pours. A single light cloud cannot form rain alone. It is blown by the wind until it finds other clouds. Similarly. bad habits continue to pin you on the grass stage but many good habits overpower the bad to unpin you from there and pin you to the grace stage. 

Good habits

Create life. 

The grace stage is a place of life. It is a contrast from the grass stage where there is none. Nature is giving you a chance to create life through intentional habits. Have a healthy routine that adds value to your life as you pursue your dreams. This is the life that the universe is searching for in your life.

When the universe acknowledges your creation of life, it blesses you and gives you the power to multiply all that you have. 

The universe has handed you the power to be a co-creator. You can create a life of honor by intentionally writing your success story. Child, turn on the switch in your life.

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Tapping Into the Power of the Tongue

The pilot is in charge of flying the airplane to its destination (with guidance from the control tower). The driver is in charge of driving the bus to the bus stop (as instructed by the bus company). Who is in charge of directing your life? Nature has gifted you a driver to be in charge of directing your life. This driver can take you to your destiny safe and sound provided he seeks the guidance of nature. A driver under no guidance poses a risk to your life because he has nowhere to consult on how to best chauffeur you. The said driver is the tongue.

The tongue is a powerful body organ that plays multiple roles. It is unimaginable how life would be without it. This boneless muscle is the only trusted chauffeur to take you to your destiny. Should he mess up, your goose is cooked. Should he equally be keen, your glory is served on a golden plate. The driving manual of the tongue is your spirit. It cannot chauffeur you to a place that your spirit has not consented to. This is the control tower from where all instructions concerning your life come from.

Ordained for the Holy work.

The tongue is ordained for the Holy work of being a priest in your life. A priest does not give from his resources but from above. All good things from above are first received by your priest (the tongue) who then pours the same into your life. A perfect universe-priest-spirit-you relationship is the foundation of success. 

perfect universe

The ordained priest (your spirit) has the following dedicated roles:

  • To expand your Kingdom.

The tongue has the duty to expand your Kingdom. As circumstances may have it, sometimes the opposite happens – your Kingdom shrinks. This is unfortunate. The buck stops with the priest because he is the accounting officer. 

How does the tongue expand your Kingdom? It is responsible for building a good relationship with other people – your family, friends, workmates, and strangers. Speaking good things and staying away from conflicts strengthens these ties. The tongue has the power to turn strangers into best friends and bosom buddies to become sworn enemies. Every bridge built is an asset in your life. All relationships are very significant. 

Words can crush bones. Even the best friendships are broken by hurtful words. Refrain from saying harsh words to each other that you may later regret. It is better to say nothing than speak out of ignorance. Nature fills our spirits with good thoughts and desires daily. When your tongue fails to speak the same to the people around you, they stop seeing your importance and can cut you off. Equally, when your tongue speaks from the reserves of the spirit, your Kingdom expands and more people will want to be with you.

  • To labor in your Kingdom.

The tongue is a laborer in your Kingdom. It can either make you richer or poorer. Your tongue works for you by marketing either yourself, services, or products to other people. A hardworking laborer will attract many customers because he goes over and beyond the normal to increase market dominance. Without the input of a good marketer, sales dip and the company will face imminent closure. As the chief worker in your Kingdom, your tongue greatly influences your wealth or poverty.

You can tap into the power of the tongue as a good worker by encouraging positive talk. Do not gossip or be a rumormonger because this will contaminate the role of a priest worker. Use your tongue to work good always by presenting yourself, services, and/or goods as the solution to people’s problems. Nature will not do this for you because He already gave you the gift of the tongue. Use it for your service. 

  • To fight your battles.

Did you know that your priest is a fighter? The tongue is here to fight your battles. Do not hole up everything inside you like a defenseless person. The tongue is well-armed with enough ammunition to fight your battles. Circumstances may have forced you to flee from your enemies. You shall no longer be on the run because nature has gifted you the best warrior.

Nature is a caring parent who will always stand up for her child. Can you hurt a baby elephant in the presence of its mother? You will meet its mother’s wrath because you pose a threat to her child. The tongue presents nature’s protection over your life. Allow it to lash out at your oppressors before it is too late. 

You can tap into the power of the tongue to protect you by using it to pray for your protection. Prayer is a powerful weapon to fight off planned attacks on you. You give the universe permission to stand up for you and protect you like the royalty that you are. Divine protection comes from the prayer of a faithful child of nature made by a courageous tongue. Your priest shall not fail.


  • To bless your future.

The tongue is an intercessor always rising on your behalf to intercede. Who else knows your needs better than your priest? He is aware of your present situation and sees the future ahead of you. His main work is to link you to the prosperity ahead. 

Life has its fair share of challenges but the universe had already foreseen this. He has gifted you an intercessor to pray for you in your weakest moments. When your strength is failing, remember you do not need to do it alone. Let your intercessor pray for you.

What is your relationship with your priest? Do not give the enemy a chance to ruin the beautiful thing that you have. The prayers of your priest are divine and will be quickly admitted to the Holy of Holies. Child, you are blessed and highly favored. The best is reserved for you.

You can tap into the power of the tongue wherever you are if you make a conscious decision to do so. Make this choice today and watch the transformation of your life.

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calling out money effortlessly

Calling Out Money Effortlessly

How does it feel when the person you are calling responds quickly? It is relieving and satisfying that they heard you fast enough and spared you the energy of shouting their name.

On the contrary, it is frustrating to keep on calling someone who does not respond. You do not know whether the person ignored you or he/she did not hear your call. An unanswered call is irritating, to say the least. But an answered call is joyous because you have been granted an audience with the one you were calling.

Did you know that money has ears? It can hear when you call it. However, its response depends on the manner you call it. For one to positively identify that it’s them you are calling, you need to call them by the correct name. It is only then that the person can be sure that it is him/her you need. The same applies to money.

The chase for money and wealth stops the moment money responds to your call. Instead of running after it, call it by its name, and should you do it right, it will respond to you. Bingo! Welcome the world of the rich and mighty.

The different names for money.

  1. Power.

Money is power. It gives you the ability to fulfill your needs and wants. Everything costs money – tuition fees, shopping, food, bills, house utilities, and even travel fare. Money has purchasing power (depending on the currency and amount) that buys or pays for all your needs. There is an x amount of money that you need daily to be able to carry on with your day.

The universe understands all these dynamics. Here is nature’s free advice for you – call money by its power name and it shall respond quickly. You do so by offering solutions to existing problems. Recurrent problems need a recurrent solution and people will pay for it. This constant source of income will cater will pay off your daily expenditure.

three name of money

  1.  Leverage.

Money gives you leverage over those who lack it. This advantage makes you stand out from the crowd. The poor do not become extinct all of a sudden because they lack money even though they struggle a lot to survive. When you master the art of calling out money effortlessly, it makes your life a little bit easier and you can afford more than basic survival. The plan of the universe for you is that you do not labor in vain.

Calling money by its leverage name is asking it to take you beyond basic survival. Nature empowers you to call money by this name. It does so by granting you grace and favor before the rich and mighty. The grace of their associations opens doors of money in your life. It is not because you deserve it but the favor upon you works overtime for your sake. Consider revising your company of friends and associates because they greatly determine whether or not money will respond to your call.

  1.  Class.

Money influences your social class a big deal. It makes the ultimate decision concerning whether you can mingle with other “money-ed” people. Money is like a lubricant that oils the moving parts of a machine. It makes your life easier by upgrading you to a new class.

Here, you no longer fight for basic survival or leverage, but to maintain your newly found class. There are quite a handful of people who call money by its class name. Money has found a new home in their bank accounts and it is not moving out soon.

Nature has preserved your space in this elite group. You can call money by its class name when you support charity and good-cause programs in the community. It is an indication that you are beyond the survival phase, no matter how little or much your contribution is. Nature will command financial blessings to come your way because you are instrumental in improving the social and economic class of other people.

Just like a person has several names and is identified differently with them, the same applies to money. The name you will use to call someone heavily depends on your relationship with them. Money operates on the same wavelength. It will respond to your call depending on the name you have used to call it. Power, leverage, and class (PLC) are all money names.

Which one do you choose?

What next after calling money? You need to further the conversation in a language familiar to both of you. The skill of having money is different from the one of maintaining it. Nature’s language of maintaining your new wealthy status is TALENT.

The new money program.

After calling out money effortlessly, what follows is maintaining your newly found status. The universe figured it all out and pre-installed a program in you. You may or may not have already discovered this program but it does not take away its importance.

new money program

Your talent is the money program in you. It works best when you know how to monetize it. Your level of education and social status is just a bonus on this divine program. Your talent is gold. It is as rare as it is precious. It maintains your good relationship with money after it has responded to your call. Without it, money will walk away as fast as it came into your life.

A talent is an inborn ability to do things with ease and effectively. Nature intended you would use your talent to lubricate your life. Can you write, negotiate, network, play a sport, or play an instrument? These are some talents that you can capitalize on to further your relationship with money.

You can play soccer, even internationally, and get paid for doing what you love. Musicians, artists, arbitrators (servants of the courts), and writers get paid for working on their talents. The universe is proud of a creative son/daughter who uses nature’s program to maintain their relationship with money. Say goodbye to money constraints and begin your money-manifesting journey.

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Trade and commerce

The Rules of Trade in the Universe

Trade and commerce run giant world economies. Before this, industrialization was the real deal. Industrialized countries were the envy of most if not all developing countries. It was very beneficial to these countries because they had a ready market for the finished goods from their industries. Fast forward to the present day, trade and commerce run the show. Anybody in any part of the world can trade with the rest of the world without as many barriers as was the case many years ago.

The ease of trade is attributable to many policy factors but there is a magic hand behind it – the hand of God (nature’s direct influence). Trade is nature’s gift to humanity and we should receive it with both hands. The world revolves around trade and commerce and this gift from the universe to you will unlock all the financial doors in your life.

The purpose of trade.

  1.    To meet your needs.

The list of needs keeps growing by the day because of limited resources. What does a loving parent do when their child is drowning in a pool of needs? This is exactly the course that the universe is taking in your life. Trade is where you exchange your surplus products for the ones you need. It creates a win-win for both parties trading. Just like a loving parent, nature will smile at your satisfaction because your need was an answer to someone else’s and vice-versa. The joy of a parent lies in the joy of his/her children. Trade is the means to meet these recurrent needs.Purpose of trading

  1.    To make you a complete human being.

The universe has news for you – your creation is still ongoing. Nature constantly molds us to become better people. It does so by facilitating your interaction with other people. In this regard, trade is the means to the end. Trade enables you to meet people from different backgrounds and diverse cultures, each of them with their different sets of needs. You acquire ‘people skills’ through trade and this exposes you to a world you never knew existed.

The universe introduced trade to intentionally benefit us. The current market supposed to create a fertile environment for trade to flourish is increasingly becoming polluted because the rules of trade are not being adhered to.

What are the rules of trade and for whom were they meant?

  1.     You are the product.

This is not meant to reduce your value as a human being. In the universe’s market, you are the product to be traded. People will buy your presentation of the service you are offering or the product you are selling before they buy it. You have the power to either attract more clients or to put off even the few ones who have shown interest. The universe has reduced the rush for money and wealth to a challenge on who presents themselves better in the market. Nature’s Forbes magazine classifies your net worth on your presentation of yourself as a product in the market. Money and wealth will follow you when you eventually manage to be the best product in the market. Are you up to the task?

rules of trade

  1. Define your target market.

There is always a target audience for every product or service in the market. Nature is a like a mother who has many children in different age groups. Their needs vary depending on the age group they are in. While younger kids would naturally want to play with toys, the older ones would be interested in the science of technology (sometimes seeking to operationalize the toys they played with). Similarly, the product or service you are offering to the market should target a specific audience. People would pay a fortune for customized services or products because they feel that you had their needs in mind. Here is an opportunity to capture the neediness of your target market and become the biggest shareholder of nature.

  1.     There is market regulation.

Trading in the universe is not a free-for-all business. Karma regulates trade in the universe. All rogue merchants get back exactly what they deserve, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. The street name is a dose of their medicine. Every service or product you offer in the market should be in uttermost good faith. Nature arrests ill-intended actions towards others and subject the doers of such to public ridicule. Every secret plan designed to sink another person’s ship shall be exposed by Karma. This regulation is nature’s way of weeding out evil. Consider the prevailing regulation of financial institutions – central banks regulate commercial banks and the International monetary fund (IMF) advises central banks globally. Embracing the Universe’s trade regulations earns you a compliance certificate to trade!

  1.     Answer an existing problem.

The aim of trading, according to nature, is to solve an existing or potential problem. Therefore, as a principle, products and services should be problem-solving in nature, and not create more problems. Whatever does not conform to this rule dies a natural death. The universe suffocates it from thriving because it does not abide by trading principles. Money and wealth follow the person who manages to make life easier and more enjoyable. People will willingly pay for a solution that will directly benefit them. Even nature itself is interested in startups that consider its welfare. For example, renewable sources of energy will always have the blessings of the universe because it answers the problem of the need for energy production and at the same time do not create other mini problems like pollution. There are a lot of unexplored areas that the universe also has an interest in. This is where money and wealth lie in. Is there any business idea ringing a bell in your head?

The rules of trading in the universe are not discriminatory against anyone. It has no social or economic status exemption. Abide by these rules of trading in the universe and watch yourself step into the shoes of money and wealth.

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Inviting the Magic Wand to Work in Your Life

Many people have a faint idea of how magic should look or feel. During the good old days, magicians would visit schools for performances and we were so thrilled. We all believed in magic without a doubt. What has changed now that we are adults? Most people have lost faith like that of a child to trust that things will eventually work out. Magic can make the mountain of challenges in front of you disappear. Magic is not a fairytale and nature wants to reassure you that it exists and works for you. Believe it, child.  

Look in the right places.

If you are yet to experience magic, it could be that you are looking for it in the wrong places. To clearly define it, magic is the power to influence events by using supernatural forces. The universe is supernatural and it has a bigger role in working magic in your life. What looks impossible on the surface, is very possible with the blessings of the universe.

Remember the story of Cinderella? It inspires hope through magic. One girl took a step of faith to believe in magic and her world changed forever! What she did differently is look at the right place which is the possibility of her attending the ball dance. It was against the wish of her stepmother who denied her permission to attend and took her two biological daughters instead. But when the fairy godmother visited her later, Cinderella’s dream of attending the ball became a reality. She eventually danced with the crown prince.

Attracting magic

Attracting Magic in your Life

The universe bears the good news of magic. When putting up a guest list, you write all the names of the people you would want to attend your function. Remember to invite nature, the magician. You do not want him to be stopped at the gate or frustrated for attending your function (your life).

  1.     Believe.

There should never be second guesses when it comes to belief in magic. There is power in believing that magic works. The supernatural controls the ordinary in all aspects. If you managed to be in control in the spiritual realm, you would have won half the battle. Contrary to popular belief, magic is not evil. It is a shortcut way of manifesting all your desires legally. Your spiritual connection with the universe is proof of your belief in the supernatural and by extension, magic. It is permission for the universe to waive its magic wand over your life.

  1.     Effort.

A believer in magic should be ready to collaborate with nature. There should be an equal investment of effort from your side in making things work. A one-sided effort is a recipe for the failure of magic. It will work on other people who could be as needful as you but not for you because they put effort while you did not. Your effort is seen in your goodwill to be peaceful and not disturb the ecosystem. Your positive energy in the atmosphere is a recipe for magic to work. The air of peace, free from quarrels, helps the universe push some blessings your way because you have been a good child. Don’t all good children deserve to be feted?

  1.     Influence.

A person who can influence the decisions, opinions, and perspectives of other people is very powerful. They wield the power to have other people fight for them without them raising a finger. Nature gifted everyone some level of influence over other people. The difference is that some use their influence more actively and it continues to grow over time while others do nothing and even the little influence they initially had faded away. In your space and capacity, try influencing things to move as you would want them to. Do not force things but influence by lobbying and championing what you would love to see happen. Nature will pick up from there and magically give life to your influence. Other people will see the rationale in your reasoning and follow your lead.

  1.     Lead.

Leaders are magicians. They lead by example and from the front. Magicians take the initiative to take the first bullet by staying at the frontline. It is a shame when their magic fails yet they are standing in the limelight at the front. It is equally glorious when their magic works and they are standing right beside it. This is why the universe is impressed by their daring courage to lead by faith. Magic is bold. Bold is leadership. Leadership is attractive. Your magic as a leader is seen when you show people the path through experiences they never thought they would overcome. Nature crowns this courage dressed in faith with glory.

  1.     Risk-taking.

Nature’s principle on risk and reward is that the higher the risk, the higher the reward. The human body responds to risk by producing high adrenaline to prepare you for fight or flight. This is a magical experience for the body to help you to protect yourself from lurking danger. There are things that you cannot do until your body produces excess adrenaline.

For example, you can run faster over a long distance without getting tired quickly compared to if it were under normal circumstances. Sometimes you can have extraordinary energy to lift heavy baggage or fight when in danger. All these experiences cannot happen when there is little production of adrenaline in the body. Nature appreciates when you take worthy risks. There are some things that you cannot achieve unless you take these calculated risks. You have the power to waive the magic wand of success in your life if you embrace the risks nature brings your way.

magic fairytale book

Magicians seem to have a coded language they use to communicate with the universe when they are working magic. Today, it is no longer a secret and you can also use it to work magic in your life. The mystery school of the universe is home to magic.  

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How to Use the Currency of Innocence

Trade has evolved over the years to become what it is today. It became necessary for communities to trade because they lacked what their neighbors had and vice-versa. This led to the emergence of barter trade where people would exchange their commodities with others. It further evolved to the introduction of markets where people would meet at a common place on specific days to trade. It was not easy but necessary for survival. Human needs were increasing with each passing day and there was no way you could find a perfect match with whom you would do barter trade. One thing led to another and finally, currency was introduced.

Money has now become very necessary in trade. It now comes in different forms – hard cash, digital money (transacted through mobile and internet banking), and cryptocurrency. The universe is very much aware of the evolution of trade because it happened before its eyes.

The universal currency.

There is a local currency whose use is restricted to a geographical location and there is a universal currency (also known as international currency) that can be used beyond borders. More so, the universal currency is more valuable and has a higher purchasing power than the local currency. A perfect example of a universal currency is the united states dollar. It has dominated international trade for longer than other currencies.

Nature has watched the evolution of trade and the need for a universal currency. How awesome would it be if you had unlimited access to this universal currency? It is possible to have it and control your usage freely. Financial freedom is finally here. This universal currency is innocence.

new currency

Contrary to what many people think, innocence is a powerful currency camouflaged in weakness. Those who wield it have the power to buy anything they would wish. Innocence is neither weakness, foolishness nor ignorance.

The duck test.

How does innocence feel, appear, or experience? The universe has hidden perfect innocence in the life of a child. He is an incorruptible soul who does not know any evil. A child is naïve, loving, selfless, and always willing to learn. The innocence in their eyes, their blank face, and their open hearts make children vulnerable. But it still doesn’t take their beauty away. The life of a child is an empty book waiting to be written on. This is the currency of innocence.  

What does nature have to say about the nature of innocence? It says so through a duck test – if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is probably a duck. Innocence is dressed in the clothes of a child. You can get the universal currency of trade by living your life like a child. This is how to trade in innocence:

  1.     Innocence buys favor.

To be pure is spotless and without blame. It means that there is no mark of dirt to taint an otherwise clean slate. Pure people attract good intentions from the universe because they have sowed good seeds. Karma rewards your purity with the power to attract the best from the universe – equally pure friends and blessings of goodwill. Good karma works on the power of innocence.

You can trade your innocence for unmerited favor from strangers. People you have never met before can step up for your sake because of your innocence. You are a good human being who deserves the best and not some half-baked love. The universe is giving you a chance to earn favor from the high and mighty through innocence.

  1.     Innocence buys discipline.

Discipline is training yourself to do the right thing even when it is not convenient for you. It is difficult to do the right thing especially when it does not align with your interests. A disciplined person is innocent because he will always do the right thing regardless of the consequences. Nature operates in discipline and order. Discipline is the modus operandi of the universe. You become part of the universe through your discipline.

Nature acknowledges that you will perform your duties because you are disciplined to do so without fail. The universe is giving you the chance to discharge your mandate through discipline bought by your innocence.

  1.     Innocence buys wealth and power.

Money and wealth control the world. Having either or both of them gives you the right to sit at the decision-making table. The universe acknowledges the role of money and wealth in your life and is giving you the right to make a choice today. A glance at the world economy and you will see how everything has been commercialized. What did not cost a dime about a decade ago now costs a fortune. This is why it is important to evolve with the world’s diversity.

The currency of innocence has a higher purchasing power to buy you the privileges that those with money and wealth enjoy. How so? You automatically become trustworthy by being innocent. You can be trusted to close business deals, own property, and even be in a leadership position because you will not misuse it.

Wealth is equally a source of power. Many opportunistic people will misuse the authority of leadership for self-gain but innocent people are not among them. Their innocence preserves them from such sin.

Innocence is like a gold reserve. The more you have of it, the wealthier and more powerful you become.

power of innocence

The purchasing power of innocence.

The purchasing power of any currency is the ability to buy a lot of things with a small amount of money. Innocence has a higher purchasing power than any other international currency. Trading in the universe can be done through different currencies like power, innocence, experience, and influence. Among all these, innocence has a higher purchasing power because the universe considers it a mark of purity.

You are the universe’s innocent child who gets whatever he/she wants. You have to use your currency of innocence as a priority above all the rest. The universe guarantees it shall answer all your prayers made in innocence.

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mastering the art of attracting desires

Mastering the Art of Attracting Your Desires

“Your desires are the whispers of your soul, guiding you towards a life of purpose and fulfillment.”

In a world brimming with possibilities and dreams, the pursuit of manifesting our desires has become an essential aspect of our lives. Whether it’s achieving career success, nurturing fulfilling relationships, or attaining personal growth, we all yearn for the power to shape our reality. .

But before attracting our desires it is essential to understand the Laws of Attraction: 

The first law of attraction suggests that similar things attract each other. This means that you are more likely to attract things into your life that are similar to your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. For example, if you have a positive outlook on life, you are more likely to attract positive outcomes and experiences. Similarly, if you have negative thoughts and beliefs, you are more likely to attract negative outcomes and experiences.

what is intuition

The second law of attraction states that nature abhors a vacuum, so it’s up to you to clear out negativity and fill that space with something more productive. This means that when you remove negative thoughts or beliefs from your mind, you must replace them with positive ones. This is because your mind has a finite amount of space, and when you remove negativity, that space needs to be filled with something else. By filling that space with positivity, you can attract more positive outcomes and experiences into your life.

Finally, the third law of attraction tells us there is always room for improvement in the present moment. No matter how difficult or challenging your current situation may seem, there is always an opportunity for improvement. Even small improvements can make a difference, and over time, a positive mindset can lead to significant progress and a better situation overall. By focusing on the positives and making small improvements, you can transform your life and attract the outcomes and experiences you desire.

Thus to attract your desires its essential to: 

Take the first step: 

When it comes to manifestation, it’s crucial to start with small and attainable desires. This approach allows you to build your confidence and trust in the process, creating a foundation for greater manifestations in the future. As the famous saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” By taking small steps towards your desires, you are taking that crucial first step towards a more fulfilling life.

non-judgemental mindset

Maintain a non-judgmental mindset:

Instead of placing expectations and passing judgments on the manifestation process, embrace an attitude of openness and acceptance. By doing so, you create a space for the universe to work its magic and deliver your desires in the most appropriate and beneficial way. Judging prevents us from understanding a new truth. Be open to possibilities, and let go of judgment.

When you release judgment, you free yourself from limitations and allow for unexpected opportunities and blessings to unfold. By accepting the infinite possibilities of manifestation without attaching rigid expectations, you invite the universe to manifest your desires in ways beyond what your limited perspective could foresee.

Take Action: 

It is vital to recognize that intention alone is not enough. Taking inspired action plays a pivotal role in bringing your desires to life. By identifying tangible steps aligned with your intentions, you set the wheels in motion and signal to the universe your unwavering commitment. Taking action demonstrates your readiness to receive and invites the universe to collaborate with you on your journey towards fulfillment.

When you embark on your path with determination and a proactive mindset, you align yourself with the flow of opportunities and synchronicities that will support your manifestation. Each step you take, no matter how small, propels you forward and expands the possibilities for your desires to materialize.

Remember, it is through your actions that you engage with the world and co-create your reality. By courageously facing challenges, pushing past your comfort zone, and persistently pursuing your goals, you harness the transformative energy required for manifestation. Trust that as you actively participate in the process, the universe conspires to align circumstances and people in your favor.

Surrender to the Universe: 

Attachment and resistance act as stumbling blocks that impede the natural flow of energy. To overcome this, it is crucial to embrace the art of letting go and trusting in the universe’s perfect timing and methods. By releasing the grip of control and surrendering to the process, you create space for miracles to unfold and maintain a positive, receptive state of mind. Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be. 


Letting go allows you to release stress, anxiety, and the need for immediate results. It frees you from the constraints of time and allows the universe to orchestrate events in the most harmonious and aligned manner. By adopting a state of surrender, you open yourself to the flow of divine timing and trust that everything is unfolding as it should. It enables you to cultivate patience, faith, and a deep sense of peace, knowing that the universe is conspiring in your favor. 

“Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about something anymore. It’s just realizing that the only thing you truly have control over is yourself, right here, right now.” – Deborah Reber

Mastering the art of attracting your desires is a profound journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and co-creation. By embracing the principles of starting small, maintaining a non-judgmental mindset, letting go, and taking inspired action, you unlock the unlimited potential within you to shape your reality. As you embark on this transformative path, remember that manifestation is a harmonious dance between your intentions and the universal forces. Trust in the process, have faith in your abilities, and stay open to the abundant possibilities that await you

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power of words

Tapping into the Commanding Power of Your Words

“In the beginning was the Word.

 These profound words from ancient scriptures remind us of the immense power contained within language. The power of our words transcends mere communication. They possess the extraordinary ability to construct entire worlds, kindle the flames of passion, and mold our destinies. 

Within our words lies the profound capacity to unlock our hidden potential and forge profound connections with those around us. Through the artful use of language, we unleash the force that propels us towards greatness and fosters profound understanding and empathy.  In a world where communication is key, understanding how to tap into the commanding power of our words becomes not only important but essential. 

Thus is its quintessential to understand the power of your words while creating a life of your dream: 

Engage in Future Scripting: 

Enter the world of future scripting, a powerful tool that invites you to co-author the story of your life, aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with the reality you wish to manifest. Future scripting is a creative process that involves writing in vivid detail about your desired future as if it has already come to pass. It goes beyond traditional goal-setting, immersing you in the rich tapestry of your aspirations. As you pen your script, allow your imagination to soar, painting a captivating picture of the life you wish to lead.

Start by selecting a specific area of your life you wish to manifest—a career achievement, a loving relationship, vibrant health, or abundant financial success. With clarity in mind, embark on your script, describing in vibrant detail every facet of this desired reality. Write about the sights, sounds, and emotions that accompany your success. Infuse your script with positivity, gratitude, and unwavering belief, as if each word you write breathes life into your dreams.

man pointing to an AI script

As you engage in future scripting, immerse yourself fully in the experience. Feel the surge of excitement as your dreams unfold before your eyes. Allow yourself to become the protagonist of your story, experiencing the joy, fulfillment, and abundance that radiate from within. Embrace the emotions and sensations that come with living your scripted future, for it is through this alignment that manifestation truly takes root.

Try the 369 Method :

The 369 method, attributed to the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, unveils a fascinating perspective on the power of numbers and their ability to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Tesla believed that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 held a profound significance, acting as the keys to cosmic understanding. Intriguingly, these numbers also play a significant role in the realm of numerology, representing concepts such as connection to the source, harmony, and inner rebirth, respectively.

To harness the potential of the 369 method, begin by gaining clarity on your desired manifestation and formulating a positive affirmation that aligns with your intentions. These numbers also hold significance in numerology, symbolizing connection to source, harmony, and inner rebirth. To utilize this method:

  1. Clarify your manifestation and create a positive affirmation for it.
  2. Write your affirmation:
    • Repeat it three times in the morning upon waking up.
    • Repeat it six times in the afternoon.
    • Repeat it nine times in the evening before going to sleep.
  3. Continue this practice until you genuinely feel that your manifestation has become a part of your reality.

Create a Manifestation Journal :

Consider creating a manifestation journal, a sacred space where you can record your experiences, insights, and milestones. Begin by documenting your initial desires and intentions, capturing them on the pages as if etching them into the fabric of your reality. This act of writing solidifies your commitment and serves as a compass guiding your manifestation journey.

manifestation journal

Regularly revisit your journal, noting any signs of progress, synchronicities, or moments of alignment that manifest themselves in your life. Celebrate the small victories and milestones, for they serve as powerful reminders of the path you’re on and the manifestations that are unfolding.

Furthermore, track any actions or steps you’ve taken towards your goals. Record the affirmations you repeat, the visualizations you immerse yourself in, and the inspired actions you courageously undertake. By tracking your efforts, you gain valuable insights into what techniques or practices resonate most strongly with you, allowing you to refine your approach and enhance your manifestation process.

Additionally, writing positive affirmations and a gratitude list are also great ways to keep your mindset focused on the positives. By reminding yourself of your strengths, worth, and all the things you’re grateful for, you can help to attract positive outcomes and maintain your motivation and enthusiasm.

It is essential to remember that this is an ongoing process, and with practice, you can develop a stronger connection between your thoughts and your reality. As Abraham Hicks once said, “your thoughts are the blueprint of your life,” so why not use manifestation journaling to design the life you desire?

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