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Sitting at the Table of Honor

Every wedding ceremony I have ever attended has a high table. It is where the newlyweds dine and only a few people have the privilege of joining them there on that special day. There is a special menu at the high table. It is also the most beautifully decorated table and every good thing finds its way there.

Similarly, the universe has prepared a high table for its guests. There is special treatment at the high table of the universe. This is the reason why you should find your way there as soon as possible. Wealth maximization and expanding your Kingdom of wealth in the universe becomes possible when you sit at the high table of honor. It is where important decisions are made – even concerning unlimited wealth.

The table of honor makes it possible for people from various social classes to be on level ground. The universe grants you a chance for your voice to be heard and your efforts to expand your kingdom of wealth can be realized. Outside of it becomes almost impossible to realize your dreams. There is etiquette to be observed at the high table and the universe is very particular about it.

Etiquette of the New Class

What do you need to know when sitting at the table of honor? This is the platform that the universe has prepared for you to go beyond limits. It is now possible to accumulate unlimited wealth. This is the missing piece of the puzzle.

You can now meet your weekly targets within days. The race to infinity wealth can easily be won when you take your seat at the table of honor. This is the etiquette at the table:

  1. Do not despise humble beginnings.

You will meet different types of people at the table of honor. The universe brings people from diverse areas of life; each with different backgrounds. While you may have bigger dreams, your background and those of your peers are not the same.

The universe uses smaller beginnings to manifest bigger blessings. The famous chain of supermarkets you know was once a simple wholesale shop and before that, a retail one.

Unlimited wealth has a source. The universe has ordained this source to multiply a hundredfold for you. The blessings are for those who have accepted the high calling to sit at the high table.

  1. Do not bite more than you can chew.

Sometimes you may want to stretch yourself out a little bit more. This extra effort can be too much to sustain and you may fall from the grace of the table of honor. The universe appreciates you working within your goals. It has granted you an honorary title that you should not abuse by failing to observe nature’s etiquette. Biting more than you can chew is first-degree selfishness that nature does not condone.

Your kingdom of wealth is built one day at a time. Do not try to do everything all at once. Be honorable as it fits your status at the table and you will cement your legacy in getting unlimited wealth. Honorable members of the high table have controllable ambitions and the universe trusts them more with unlimited wealth because they are selfless. They are in the process of being groomed for future leadership.

  1.  Share items for common use at the table.

You may pass salt or sugar when dining at the high table. Similarly, there are things you should share when at the table of honor. Nature is observing your kindness to strangers and people lower than you in social rank.

A lot of responsibilities come with wealth and the universe rewards a generous heart. It is proof that you will not mistreat other people when you have leverage over them. Are you ready for the mantle of wealth and responsibilities that follow? Start practicing generosity.

  1.  Concentrate on what is on your plate.

The universe gives everyone a fortress. You feel most secure in it and life outside it looks almost impossible to work out. While at the table of honor, you are served your favorite food and drink. Everyone at the table could have different meals and it is perfectly okay. Focus on what is on your plate and do not bother about others.

Nature wants your focus to be on your area of strength and invest there because therein lies your breakthrough. It could be mental, physical, emotional, or intelligence strength. These are the guiding lamps to your feet as you journey to the land of unlimited wealth.

Moving your eyes to other people’s plates at the table of honor will make you wish for abilities that you do not have at the moment. Why not focus on yours in the meantime?

  1.  Be courteous.

Courtesy is the bare minimum at the table of honor. It is the badge of honor that everyone at the table wears. You should get yours.

Improve how you treat the other people present at the table of honor. You will enjoy every minute with them and form deeper connections that determine your next steps to unlimited wealth. Be polite to the gas station or toll attendants, the supermarket cashier, and everyone else you meet. It is the little things like “please” and “thank you” that add up value to you. The universe appreciates gentleness and politeness.

Consider how everything co-exists in the universe. The humblest person you know could live under the same roof as the strictest person. Nature has room for every type of personality. Similarly, be courteous and you shall be rewarded with unlimited wealth.  This is the promise of the universe.

Your bargaining strength is greater at the table of honor.  It is here that you can bargain for everything you desire and you develop a deeper relationship with the universe. For this reason, guard your seat at the table of honor by living an honorable life deserving of the honor granted to you.  

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Going Beyond Limits

Define your limits.

Your limit is the point at which you are stretched out beyond comfort. You can hardly manage and it is only a matter of time before you cave in. You cannot sustain these limits to the extreme without needing extra help.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb.

This African proverb is the wisdom you need to go beyond limits. Several things could be limiting you from exploring your potential. Be it weight gain, old age, failing health, loneliness, or failing business. These struggles are the points in your life where you need good company so that you may go far.

Understandably, you may be worried about how you can get a truthful company to take you beyond limits. The Universe is the company you need.

Welcome to a new dawn.

Your limits are put to the test whenever you are out of options. This is not the end but rather the dawn of a new era. Your failing health is the beginning of a healthier life, your loneliness is where you will find the best friends, old age is where you are needed the most, and a failing business is a time to learn how NOT to run a business.

Experiencing these in your life is nature’s way of preparing you for take-off. It is always darkest before dawn.

The Universe has been pushed to the wall by climate change. According to NASA, climate change is slowly changing the world from the haven it once was. But this has not tied nature from going beyond the limits that are slowly being imposed on it by climate change.

Evidence of climate change is in the rise of global temperature, the ocean getting warmer, and rising sea levels. This limits nature from having regular seasons and or a constant traditional climate in different parts of the world.

Amid all these challenges, the Universe has been brave to contain an otherwise dangerous situation where human activities would be severely disrupted. We still plant crops and get enough harvest, you can still go for the summer holidays, and do all the regular activities in your schedule. Thanks to how the Universe is going beyond limits to defeat climate change and its effects.

Mark you, human activities like burning coal, deforestation, and using fertilizers containing nitrogen are also to blame for the rapid climate change. But still, nature is defeating these limits imposed on it and still manages to sustain life.

What can you do to rise above limiting factors as nature does? These are lessons from the Universe:

  1.     The greater good theory.

When you are on the brink of giving up and almost letting fate hit you, think of the greater good theory and continue holding on. The greater good theory states that an act is recommendable if it brings the greatest good to the greatest number, if it increases net happiness—or decreases net unhappiness—when everyone is taken into account.

The “death” of nature will kill all life in all forms. This is the major reason that climate change has not crippled nature completely. What will happen when you can no longer hold on? What will happen to the many other people who depend on you?

Let this be the motivating factor that you will continue to manage the challenges you are facing. Apart from them affecting you, many more people who are directly or indirectly dependent on you will suffer if you give up. For their sake, do not.

  1.     Aim at breaking the ceiling.

There are many ‘firsts’ in your life and the pressure you are undergoing is one of them. Even though you could have reached your limits, you still have some more room. This is where you break the ceiling. Do not focus on what you do not have but on what you have.

Although it is difficult dealing with a problem for the first time, ask yourself how the Universe copes with the new challenge of climate change. It is happening for the first time in the world yet nature is gracefully handling it. Observe closely how the world has been united in this. A lot of lobbying and mobilization is happening even at the United Nations to solve global warming that causes climate change.

Likewise, at old age, do not resign to being helpless. You now have a new goal – to break the ceiling of who has lived the longest in your family. In your failing business, your new goal is to transform it into a successful family enterprise. Lobby for support from different people and you will go beyond the limits holding you down. This is exactly what nature is doing through the world body and it has by far been successful.

  1.     Have self-confidence.

Self-confidence is important when planning for victory. Now that you are pushed to the wall, self-confidence assures you that you shall come out of your dilemma unhurt. Persisting problems create doubts in your mind on whether you can overcome them. This doubt lowers your self-esteem and you resign to letting what can happen to happen.

If nature could let climate change have an upper hand, we would not be having the world as we know it.

It is the Universe’s confidence that it shall overcome every challenge its way which has allowed nature to thrive again. Even if everyone were to leave your side, never stop believing in yourself.

To go beyond limits is to go against what is considered normal. It is to succeed where others failed, to have wealth where your family had none, to live longer than anyone in your family, or to be a leader in a place you never imagined.

The Universe has anchored itself in these three pillars – self-confidence, breaking the ceiling, and the greater good theory – and it has withered many storms. This is how you can live a life of infinite possibilities and go beyond limits.  

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The Power of the Present

The past, present, and future are important stages in our lives. Each one of them informs how good your next stage will be. But one stage stands out – the present. A lot of things depend on it. What do you know about the present? It is the current time in your life when you need to be updated with what is happening with your life and the world at large.

Consider knowing about the present as important as updating software is. An update has important features and security improvement that upgrades what is already existing. Without it, your program will slow down and eventually collapse.

Similarly, without being up to speed with the present, even the rich past that you held on to could eventually fail you. Not to talk of the future. The present is very pivotal in solving challenges that may be blocking you from the available opportunities in your life. Grief, depression, loss, and bad luck are some of the things that can make your present undesirable. The Universe has put hidden power in the present for your use. This is the power of the present:

  1.  What do you see?

The Universe is highly visual. Sight is at the center of how nature works. Use your physical eyes to look around when assessing the prevailing challenges. Do not rely on hearsay and rumors.

This will discourage you further. Instead, be a first-hand witness. Watch, hear, touch, and feel things for yourself. This will give you a clearer picture of what you are facing. What was giving you sleepless nights could be solved within hours or minutes.

You only needed to be in the present. Do not equate your challenges with what happened in the past. That was at that time and things could have changed. The solution to your problems is in the present. What do you see around you?

  1. Detachment from the past.

The present focuses on the here and now. It is an injustice to yourself to overthink. Overthinking builds anxiety and stress until you can no longer handle it and it explodes on you. This is very unfortunate. It may cause you to create non-existent problems and then try to solve them. It denies you closure and keeps you busy with fruitless efforts.

The present gives you a break from your past, no matter how undesirable it may be. It is a second chance to be happy after you lost your first one in the past. The present makes you superhuman with the power to detach from the past and build on what you have at the moment, not imaginary thoughts. This is fundamental to mental freedom that opens your mind to what the Universe has for you.

  1.  Continuity of life.

The present is the only assurance that you have of the continuity of life. It gives you hope that there is a future. This explains why nature is always moving forward. There is no reverse for anything that happens in the Universe. Consider a simple example of germination. A seed germinates and we have a seedling. It continues to grow until its maturity. Even when the seedling is put in unfavorable conditions, it will find ways to adapt.

Growth is inevitable and is facilitated by the present. This is your time to grow, improve, and establish yourself. The Universe gives you the power of the present to plug yourself in the right state of mind (favorable conditions) for positive growth. There is hope in the present that you can grow into whatever you wish if you embrace the present.

Your present efforts guarantee you a place in the future. Every word and action in the present builds what you will have in the future. There is no future without the present. Even reading this article right now is gaining knowledge on the power of the present and how you can turn it into gold for the future. What else are you doing right now?

  1.  Right judgment.

The Universe has put the power of judgment in the present. You could have erred in the past but the Universe will judge you in the present. The decisions you make in the present greatly determine what your future will look like. You have the power to detach from toxic friends in the present to safeguard your future.

You can cut off bad habits that derail your personal development in the future. Do not postpone long overdue decisions. Your inaction can cost your future. The right decisions you make in the present move you away from your past and closer to your future.

Perfecting decision-making will eventually get you the perfect future you want for yourself. Although other things may change over time, the Universe shall be there in your future as it was in your past and present. This is the constant you have to move with through all the phases of time.

  1.  Time for healing.

The present is your time to heal from anything that could have hurt you before. Take time to heal from rejection trauma, low self-esteem, grief, or loss. Now that you have left the cause of your hurt in the past, the Universe wants you to heal your wounds in the present.

The future awaits a stronger version of you with only scars that no longer hurt but are proof of the healing in your present. Meditate in the present, accept the reality of what happened in the past, and turn over a new leaf. Not only is time a healer, but the present is also the cure.

What you do in your present can right all the wrongs. Look at nature. The sun rises daily in the east without fail. There is no day it does not show up because it did the previous day or the week before. It has to be there in the present. This is the power of the present. These are more ways you can be like the Universe by using the power of time. 

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Five Ways of Unlocking Closed Doors

The frustration of wanting to open a door only to find it locked is so real. The joy of having the key to a locked door is equally very real. You have to go through many doors in life. Some are already open for you while others are not.

Other doors are not locked; they are only closed. You only have to turn the door handle and it is open! You eventually have to pass through all these doors so it will do good to know how to get past closed and locked doors. All these doors and some gates open to the infinite mansion of the Universe where everything is in abundance. It is the promised land free from suffering and hurt.

While closed doors to this mansion could look like bad luck or an unfortunate turn of events, it is a blessing in disguise. This is a time to look around the mansion, even before entering, and familiarize yourself with this beautiful Kingdom. You will love the beautiful garden and the neatly kept lawns. You may even be lucky enough to find a swing where you can reminisce your beautiful childhood memories. All this you would not have done if you found the door to the mansion already open. You would have instead gone straight into the house to see what awaits you.

Some of the closed and locked doors in your life could be unemployment, rejection, diseases, poverty, low self-esteem, and discouragement. They are barriers that withhold you from experiencing the beautiful future that awaits you. The good news is that it is not all lost. The universe can help you to open these doors and overcome everything that is standing in your way. This is how you can do it:

  1.     Explore your talent.

Underexploited talent is a great threat to many people worldwide. Nobody is without a talent. This is what the universe has put in all of us. Your talent is what you do without much struggle when everyone else breaks a sweat for it. Talents can make you dine with Kings and Queens.

It is a key to unlock a locked door to the mansion of the Universe. You could be so close to wealth yet you have not put your talent into use. This is the key you need to generate wealth and kick poverty out of your life.

This key unlocks the doors of unemployment and poverty. Never again shall you wait upon people to do things for you. The Universe wants you to use this key to enter the mansion and make yourself at home. You shall then be the one to open the door to your family and friends to let them inside this side of the Universe’s mansion.

  1.     Continue doing good.

Unkindness closes the door to acceptance. You begin facing rejection even from people whom you did not expect. The Universe wants to be sure that you can be a good human being when you finally open the door to get inside his mansion. The temptation to return unkindness with an equal measure is so real.

Sometimes you are hurt by rude people and you want to pay them back in their own coin. This will make the door of acceptance remain closed in your life. The Universe wants a cheerful person who can take care of other visitors in the mansion. Prove that you can be good to everyone as he is and you shall be able to finally open this door. Kindness is the key to the door of acceptance.

  1.     Master your words.

Knowing what to say and when to say it is another key to a locked door of the Universe.

The Universe has a record of how many things you have built or destroyed with your words. Nobody wants a destroyer in their house because you can never be too sure of what they will do. They may ruin everything that you have taken forever to build. Your tongue could be your undoing even without you knowing it.

You can use your speech to bring harmony inside the mansion and for that reason, the Universe will give you the key. You will be an asset every master would want. Choose carefully how you want to present yourself – whether as a person totally in charge of his/her tongue or as someone who cares less about it.

  1.     Positive affirmations.

Do you speak highly of yourself? This is not boasting. It is knowing your value and rightfully attaching yourself to it. Boasting, on the other hand, is doing so with pride that there is none like you. Humbly make positive affirmations – “I am blessed. I am healthy. I will overcome this.” Did you know that the Universe hears your mind and heart?

He associates with such people because they have the right spirit and attract good luck. This key will open the door to the mansion of the Universe because you stand for the right things. The Universe welcomes you to his mansion because you are the guest that everyone will want to let inside. 

  1.     Look at the successes.

A lot of things happen daily. Some are good and others are bad. Others are natural occurrences that you have no control over. How do you react to all these happenings? The Universe is watching you closely to determine whether or not he will give you the key to the door of encouragement. In everything that happens, look at the successes instead of dwelling only on the failures.

Successful stories motivate you to put more effort and not to give up because your day of success is also drawing close. The Universe is careful to only give the key to this door to motivated people who look at the glass as half full, not half empty. These people will create an aura of encouragement even when they are finally inside the mansion of the Universe.

It does not matter whether you are stuck in whatever problem there may be. What counts the most is that the Universe has the key to every locked door. You can find the keys here to open every closed door in your life. The Universe has a lot in store for you. 

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Six Hero Lessons from the Universe

While everybody wants to be a Hero, only a few understand what it takes to be one. What do you look for in a hero? Some people expect heroes to be physically strong people while others use mental strength to qualify one as one. The world has many expectations of heroes. Anyone who meets these expectations automatically becomes one. Nature itself is a hero in so many different ways. It is what guides you to ultimate heroism.

The lifestyle of a hero is exemplary. Your whole life is examined under a microscope by people whom you would think are not qualified to do so. You become a person of interest and the threshold of your actions is raised a little bit higher. As a hero, you are not limited by what limits ordinary people. These are the six hero lessons drawn from the Universe that will help you live a limitless life:

  1.  Heroes are generous.

Generosity is the ultimate measure of heroes. True heroes are less concerned about themselves and more about others. It does not matter that they have less for their use, they will still share the little they have with those that have none. Look at nature. She is the most generous creation ever. She gives life to the birds of the air, fish in the sea, animals in the jungle, and even human beings. The air you breathe is free from the Universe.

It would have otherwise cost you a fortune if you were to buy it in case you are hospitalized (God forbid it happens). All this giving does not take away from the Universe anything. Instead, it earns her respect from everyone. Be generous in your capacity as is the Universe. It does not matter the little or much you have, but having the heart of sharing with those who need it more is what will make you a hero. Heroes are superhuman and so are you.

  1.  Heroes have a moral code.

Heroes are guided by a moral code. Their actions are always backed up by full proof evidence. You are deprived of the right to act as you wish because you are a hero. Nature itself does not do that. You are too important and powerful that if you are left to act as you please then a lot of things would go south. The moral code that guides the universe is called Karma.

Every action is justified under this code. What is your moral code as a hero? Your moral code, like Karma, puts you in check as is in chess. You know where to invest your energy, what not to do for more wealth or fame, and what to continue doing to unleash the genius hero mentality.

  1.  Heroes are helpful.

What is heroism if your impact is not felt by people when they need you the most? All heroes are helpful. They come through for those who need them the most – the vulnerable and needy. There is always someone who needs what you have in surplus more than you do.

It could be a luxury to you but a necessity to them. Do not withhold it. The Universe has made your paths cross for that purpose. Look at how the Universe helps to free you from anxiety and stress even without you asking for it. There is no debate that you need nature’s help to be free from stressful thoughts and anxiety.

Meditation opens a door for you to see the world from a whole new perspective other than how you initially thought. Just as the Universe helps, so should you as a hero. It qualifies you more into heroism.

  1.  Heroes are inspirational.

What is common with all heroes is their ability to inspire others. It feels good being around people who are unbothered by common problems. Heroes create an aura of positive energy. You feel better about yourself and everything you stand for. Going away from heroes makes you feel like you have lost something. This is how powerful they are.

Consider the example of how the systems of the Universe inspire you to outdo yourself. The automatic rising and setting of the sun daily is one case of inspiration. It is unstoppable. Let this make you wake up with renewed energy daily because you are surrounded by evidence of inspiration all through.

  1.  Heroes are geniuses.

Heroes have everything figured out from the beginning, as do geniuses. This is the secret power they hold over ordinary people. The Universe is a master planner and effective accomplisher. Take for example how weather seasons are spread throughout the year – summer, winter, autumn, and spring – all happen in an orderly manner at the appointed time.

Each of them is unique and equally important. The ability of the Universe to plan all of them to occur at different times and in a sequence is master genius. Your heroism needs a genius mentality like the Universe’s.

  1.  Heroes are accommodative.

Heroes accommodate diversity. You should not feel intimidated by other people in any way. They have their part to play and so do you. Consider the example of the Universe. It is so big yet accommodates everything. Everyone feels a part of it. This is how heroes should be. Supportive, not oppressive; bringing together, not scattering; diverse, not selfish.

A candle does not go out when it lights another candle. It continues lighting thereafter. This is the spirit of true heroism. Heroes represent something bigger than themselves. This is why they embrace more people and even help them rise from the ashes. They are like iron that sharpens another iron.

Heroes also have other heroes they look up to. It’s a whole chain of heroes. Be encouraged that you can also be one. Heroism is for everyone who dares to believe beyond the ordinary. You become a superhuman capable of doing what most people would rather not think or do. You can discover how to join the league of heroes here and learn from the best. 

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have you received your paycheck

Have you Received your Paycheck Already?

It is exciting to receive your paycheck. At that moment, all the tiredness you felt is replaced by the joy of receiving a paycheck. You can cash it and withdraw the funds or you can have it deposited in your account. You are paid for work done as you had agreed before you were hired. What you expect on the paycheck is not a surprise because you had negotiated for it.

Depending on your agreement, you can be paid weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. What comes alongside a paycheck is a pay slip. While a paycheck is an actual payment, a pay slip is a breakdown of the same from gross to the net amount.

The Universe is an employer and it pays its workers.

Not all paychecks are equal. Some are paid higher than others because of their skill level or competence. Every worker wants to be in the pay grade above and move up the ladder of income.  As a worker in the Universe, have you received your paycheck already?

If yes, is it satisfactory or you will want to do something about it? If you are yet to, what are you doing to get your first paycheck from your employer – the Universe? You can attract the secret of the miracle 33 even on your paycheck! Here are a couple of things to do:

  1.  Uphold your contract.

Every worker enters into a contract with the employer before work begins. Even manual laborers have a gentlemanly agreement with their supervisors before beginning work. This assures them of pay at the end of the day. As a worker in the universe, one sure way of ensuring you get your paycheck is by upholding your contract. Do exactly what your employer wants you to do.

You are nature’s superior creation and this makes you responsible for taking care of all creation. It is part of your job description. You cannot receive your paycheck if you do not uphold the contract with your employer. The bank of the universe cannot process your payment because you are a ghost worker. The human resource department in companies and governments is audited periodically to weed out ghost workers. When you uphold your contract with the universe, you become qualified to receive your paycheck for work done.

  1.     Go the extra mile.

Sometimes it is not enough to only do good. You need to unleash your best if you want to get a good paycheck. Complete your duties as assigned and do even an extra part. Firstly, it shows your commitment to your work. Secondly, it shows your love for it. Every employer will want to hire you or retain your services. The Universe is not any different. As your employer, it rewards your service delivery to nature.

Regardless of the work you do, your work is to serve other people. Do it to the maximum and leave a permanent impression in their hearts. Gestures of kindness and goodwill directly touch the nerve center of the Universe. Your employer will be pleased with you and bingo! Your paycheck will be ready. Pleasing the Universe is as easy as being a good person.

  1.     Create value.

The value you create is equivalent to the paycheck you receive. The higher your value the higher your paycheck. The Universe is fair and shall pay you as you deserve. Different employers measure your value as an employee differently. The Universe recognizes how many lives you have touched and turned around. This is the ultimate measure of your value. This is also how the Universe rewards promotions to its workers.

When you impact people positively, you are blessed for their sake so that you may continue encouraging them that they will one day reach your position (or even go higher). Interact with people nicely and be cheerful as you go about your work. Your employer is watching.

  1.     Observe the greater good theory.

You are given your paycheck after you have completed your work. A pay rise in your paycheck is determined by the good work you do. What exactly is good work? Many lives depend on nature and this makes it less of ourselves and more of it. What can delay your paycheck from your employer is when you do not observe the law of the greater good.

It states that in everything you do, be considerate of other people. Weigh how much it will benefit other people versus how it will benefit you alone. At this point, always choose where it will have a greater good.

You can discover effortless wealth by being there when you are involved in the good welfare of other people. The greater good practice gives you chance and opportunity to serve more people, do business with them, and increase your resources.

  1.     Cash your paycheck already.

Your paycheck is most useful after you have cashed it out. Here is how the clearing of cheques in banks works. If both you and your employer hold accounts in the same bank, a cheque deposit goes through on the same day. The clearing period is instant!

More so, when your employer is the bank itself, there is no way you will miss your payment. You can go ahead to pay your bills, do your shopping, and live the best life you want. Your bank teller is Karma. He is there to level the playing ground for everybody. When you are cashing out your cheque, he will make deductions from it. He subtracts what you received corruptly and penalizes you for missing work ethics. Your net payment could be a third of the gross payment.

You could even get nothing out of it. If you have been a good worker with zero misses, then the bank of the Universe will pay you in full. How pleasant!

If you want to loot the bank of the Universe ethically and face no charges, observe work ethics, have zero misses, and a hundred percent hits. You will get your paycheck in full as you should. It is not that difficult, is it? In addition, our program, the Miracle 33, is here to guide you down the same path. Choose to be a magnet of wealth today and take this leap of faith. 

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