Seeing Repeating Numbers Everywhere? Here’s Why That’s Great News

Ever noticed numbers like 11:11, 222, 555 literally popping out of nowhere? 

For example you wake up and see the numbers on your clock. Or you see them on bills, tickets or license plates.

If you’re like most people who come across them, there’s probably a host of questions running through your mind.

Maybe you’ve wondered if there’s a deeper meaning. Maybe you’ve even wondered whether good luck’s  standing by for you.

Truth is, there’s a lot of contradicting and even outright false information floating around about these numbers.

That’s why I rolled up my sleeves and uncovered their hidden meanings. And what I discovered is that these repeating numbers are angel numbers.


Then you’ll even be more surprised when you discover that these numbers are sent by the universe. Yes, it’s the universe’s own cool way to let you in on something.

Want to know more about them and how they apply to you? Let’s hope right in 

These numbers are called Angel numbers: Here’s why

In manifestation there’s a general belief that you have a guiding source.

This source is known as the universe. The universe communicates with these  numbers when it has a message for you.

Think of them like manifestation bells alerting you on something. Could be big changes in your life. Or a reminder that you’re on the right path.

The goal with these numbers is to give you a soft nudge in the right direction. That’s why each one’s got a unique meaning attached to it.

It’s important to note that you don’t find these numbers, as most people believe. They find you. 

Because they’re sent to guide along your spiritual journey. 

What Do These Numbers Mean?

They’re not called Angel numbers for nothing. Packed with tons of information, they’ll be of great service to you once you know how they work.

And that’s through  the concept of synchronicity. 

What this implies is that seeing them means your body or mind is aligned or in “sync” with the universe.

Which is a great place to be, of course. Because all you have to do is stay calm, and pay attention. And it starts from knowing what these numbers stand for. In other words, the possible meanings they’ve got in your life.

Angel numbers are divided into three broad categories: 

  • Single-digit numbers, 
  • Double digit numbers or Master numbers. 
  • And lastly triple or four digit numbers (Also known as multiples)

Single Digit Angel Numbers.

As the name implies, these include numbers like 1, 2, 3 etc. 

In repetition, each one has a special meaning to your situation. While some numbers are closely related in meaning, they’re instinctively different.

Here are the meanings of some single digit angel numbers:


Being the first number it signifies origin or source. It implies your uniqueness or originality in life.

We’re all special beings, and an increasing frequency of 1 in your life is a reminder that you’re special.

If you find yourself in the middle of a project, it could mean that this is one for the record books. Or that you should let the unique parts of yourself shine through.


The number of faith and trust. 2 carries the meaning of reassurance. Signaling you to continue to trust the universe to grant your desires.

It’s an encouragement for you to believe in the process. To trust that things will work out for you in due time.


Looking for growth in your life? Then you might need some help in your life. Especially if the decisions are big.

The number 3 is a sign that help is on the way. It’s the number of expansions, which at some point, requires some assistance.

The universe is letting you know to hold on tight, a helper has been sent to you.

This a good reminder that the universe is always caring about your wellbeing


This is your guiding number of resourcefulness and passion.

It signifies that you have the strength to carry on with whatever you’re looking to accomplish. 

When this number occurs repeatedly the universe is pointing you towards resources at your disposal. 


The number 5 is burning with optimism. Why? Because of the big change that’s coming your way.

5 signifies a major shift in your life. Things are about to get bigger. Your world is about to open greater opportunities.

So if you notice a reoccurrence of the number 5, pay attention.


When you look at the middle numbers from 1-9, the number 6 is the greatest, with the other being 5.

Where 5 brings big changes, 6 signifies  balance. It lets you know when you’re losing touch of things that center you in your world.

Life brings changes that can throw you into an up and down cycle. Making you lose track of the center pieces in your life.

The number 6 lets you know when this cycle is taking its toll on you. 


If you flip the number 8, it becomes an infinity sign. Which means the number 8 is a signal for endless attraction of your desires.

Seeing this number means you’re about to experience a huge amount of your desires becoming reality. 

And it signifies the height of your ascension process.

Double digit or Master Numbers.

Bringing double the power of single digit numbers, these guys deepen the meaning of your synchronicity with the universe.

They’re also foundational blocks of other angel numbers.

So let’s take a look at them.


This is the master angel number. It’s one of the most powerful numbers in the law of attraction.

It’s the number of light awakenings. It’s a sign for you to connect to your highest self. So you can experience a new beginning.

Like the number 1 it signals the start of something fresh or new within you.

It’s also the number that signifies you have the inner strength required for a new journey


This is the angel number of relationships. You’re often going to see either after a new relationship starts. Or at the end of an old one.

It’s also a signal for you to trust what’s ahead for you. To believe the universe helped you in making the right decision for your situation


This is your call to stay patient, and adopt a spirit of perseverance in your life.

When you see the number 33, it’s a good reason to keep going. That success is right around the corner.

It could mean that help is coming or you’re a few steps from achieving your desires.


Are you dedicated to your spiritual journey?

Are you focused on achieving your desires?

The number 44 serves as a sign to zone out distractions. You’re going to achieve success, you just have to stay focused.

Triple Digit or Multiple Angel Numbers

So these numbers are formed from the combination of the ones we’ve gone through.

They’re usually the most common and  easiest to spot.


The number of spiritual awakening.  If you’ve wondered if you’re on the right path, seeing this number means “yes”

The gateway of blessings is open for you. Meaning you’re on a journey to new beginnings.

11:11 is your wake up call to something higher. Once you see this, just keep moving on.

The universe is letting you know that you’re on the right path.


Like it’s cousin 11:11, it’s a powerful mirror angel number.

When you see 12:12, it’s a call to embrace positivity. Which means surrounding yourself with positive things, people or even places.

A good way to maintain that fresh air of positivity is gratitude.

Showing appreciation for the tiny and big things keeps your mind, and body running on positivity.


Something or someone is coming your way so pay close attention.

It’s a fun way the universe reminds you it’s giving you support and guidance.

You can also see it as a relationship number. Maybe you just met someone and you’re wondering if he/she is your twin flame.

If you keep seeing the number 222 then it’s a sign you’ve made the right choice.


You know that feeling when something doesn’t go your way? So you decide to let your emotions drive the wheel only for you to regret it later?

Well, this is a sign to follow the guiding light of logic. It’s a moment of reflection to look at a reasonable response to what’s happening.


At each point in our lives we’re striving towards our goals.

One thing that increases our chances of achieving them is a solid foundation. So when you see 444, it’s a signal for stability.

It could mean the universe is helping you achieve this or showing you how to achieve it.


The number 5 signifies change. So it’s older brother 555 is just taking things a step further.

It’s time to let go of the old you. Things like your past failures, doubts or failures no longer hold you from experiencing profound change.

When you see this, it’s a moment to trust the new ways to replace the old ones that don’t serve your purpose.


This one might come as a surprise to some people.

Isn’t this an evil number or something?. But angel numbers are all about positivity.

666 usually pops up when you shift your focus to materialistic things. And ignore the stuff that truly matters: Like taking care of your mind and body.

The average person has the tendency to move their attention to shallow areas. But with this angel number, you’re reminded of the main things in life: a healthy body, and a sound mind.

What To Do When You See These Numbers?

The first thing you do is pay attention the moment you see it.

Take a step and reflect on what was going through your mind before you saw the numbers.

Also, go through your situation and point out areas that might need your attention.

Always remember that angel numbers act as pointers. Their job is to give you head ups so you can take the right action.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite quotes from Pythagoras:

“Numbers rule the world, and govern our affairs”

Keep this quote top of my mind for whenever you come across angel numbers.

So I encourage you to take what you’ve learned in this article, and use it to see the world through the lens of numbers just like Pythagoras.

Because the universe is always watching, and communicating with you.

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