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The Flavor of Manifestation

In all wisdom, the universe gifted us with a sense of taste. We use it to differentiate sour, bitter, and sweet flavors. Our sense of taste has led us to make different decisions that we are proud of. What would life be without the sense of taste? It could be difficult to determine the tastes of flavors and make independent decisions. The food industry heavily depends on the sense of taste because people eat not only to be satisfied but also to enjoy the sweet meals they order.

The sense of taste is also responsible for the good relationship you enjoy with your children or younger siblings. Children love sweet foods and snacks. They will forever be grateful to you when you buy them cakes, sweets, biscuits, and their favorite milkshake. Their good sense of taste makes them enjoy these snacks and they come to thank you for it. This is the tip of the iceberg on the many things that we enjoy courtesy of the gift of taste.

Manifestation of our desires is the ultimate goal we are looking forward to. The universe is giving you a chance to choose and taste your flavor. Consider the example of how you cook food. You add salt to the food you are cooking and taste it to confirm it is as you would like it to be. If it is not, you have a second chance to add more until you feel it is okay. Similarly, as you manifest your desires, the universe is giving you a window to add salt and taste. This is how you can do to improve the flavor of manifestation by adding salt:

  1.  Be kind.


It is said that in a world where you can be anything, be kind. This is a conscious choice that you make without any external influence. Kindness is not measured by your wealth or riches but by who you are in your spirit. The manifestation of your desires from the universe you are looking forward to is for the benefit of other people too. Nature is home to all of us. The corporate world has borrowed this concept. Companies are engaged in corporate social responsibility to give back to the community. It is not an obligation per se but a choice that companies make while looking at their future in the environment they operate.

Those that are involved in social responsibility cement their foundation in business with the community. They would be welcomed by the residents who would be their first customers. Similarly, your kindness to nature and the universe is a social responsibility on your shoulders that will determine how quickly you manifest your desires. You can show kindness by caring for the needy. Share with them, not out of abundance but love, what you may have. These little acts of kindness reflect who you are in the spirit. The universe speeds up or slows down the manifestation of your desires as is reflected by your spirit.

  1.  Be humble.

flavor of manifestation

Humility is the ability to accept your achievements without boasting about them. You recognize it is an honor to achieve what you have even as you look to achieve greater levels of success. Your search for manifestation can be tasteless or very salty if you lack humility. The universe is very sensitive to the flavor of your manifestation. Consider the example of a parent and a child. He/she will not give the child a gift that will ruin his future or make him go astray. Every gift a parent gives to a child is given in good faith and with noble intentions. In case the parent foresees that the gift may cause more harm than good to the child, he/she does not give it out. Similarly, if the flavor of your manifestation is tasteless or salty, the universe will withhold the blessing of the manifestation of your desires. The universe acts in good faith just as any responsible parent does.

  1.  Be consultative.

Consultation is a very noble act. A person who consults widely is more likely to make the right choices in life. He recognizes the experience of other people and their different points of view. A wise man accepts that he does not have a monopoly on knowledge and he reaches out far and wide. Consider the example of cooking which like any other art has levels of experience. Some people have more and others less. Experienced chefs know at what point in cooking to add salt and what amount. In their experience, they know which foods need more salt and which do not. Similarly, as you seek to manifest your desires, consider being as consultative as possible. The universe will give a green light to the manifestation of your desires if it tastes the right flavor. Experienced people who have walked down the same path as you are better placed to guide you on how to get the right flavor. This explains why some experienced chefs are in high demand; moving from one hotel to another because their services are highly sought after. They know how to get the right flavor. This is the make-or-break deal to manifesting your desires.

  1.  Accept correction.

get over it | acceptance

It is human nature to make mistakes, sometimes even adding too much salt or none at all. What can make you a great chef and enable you to tune the flavor of the manifestation of your desires to the right one is how quick you are to accept correction. After consulting with the experts, you should be ready to accept correction and adjust your cooking skills as the experts have advised. You taste your food first before you serve it to guests. Before you submit your manifestation prayers to the universe, have you accepted the correction from the experts whom you have consulted? You should be sure that your manifestation prayers have the right flavor to get a green light as fast as possible. No student submits work for marking that they are not sure about. Always strive to get it right the first time.

The flavor of your manifestation prayers matters a lot. Salt adds this flavor but it is you to determine how much of it you will add. These four ways will guide you to do the right thing. I am cheering you on your way!  

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secrets of manifestation

The Secrets of Manifestation

Secrets can make or break friendships, relationships, marriages, or trust. Come to think of it, who does not have secrets? Almost everybody does it for reasons best known to themselves. Secrets could be shameful issues that could damage your reputation and they could as well be powerful recipes for success that should be closely guarded. If our secrets could be written on our faces for everyone to see, we would have nowhere to hide from the world. This makes keeping secrets a secret very important and it is for the good of everyone that we respect them.

Does the universe have secrets? Are there things that are deliberately kept away from us? Yes, there are secrets hidden from everybody. The universe is the most secretive friend you could ever find. She knows what is happening in the life of everyone yet she does not gossip about it. Her lips are sealed to hold your secrets forever. In the same way, there are secret principles that the universe operates on. Manifestation is shrouded in secrecy and it remains a mystery to most people.

How can you make manifestation work for you? These secrets of manifestation will enable you to live a stress-free life:

  1.     The secret of the early bird.

You must have heard that it is the early bird who catches the worm. A minute late will cost the bird the worm and it may go hungry. There is an appointed time for everything in the universe. This is the reason why the sun does not shine at night or the moon during the day. Again, the sun rises and sets almost at the same time each day. The coordination of the heavenly lights is amazingly superb.

secret of the bird

Time is nature’s gift to us and we should take full advantage of it. Develop definite timelines and plans for your work. Being the early bird who is time conscious will sync your routine with the universe’s and your desires will manifest, one after another. You no longer have to fight with deadlines because you completed your work long before time. The early bird always hits targets because of timeliness. It eats the best before others wake up and feed on the remnants.

  1.     The secret of the ant.

The ant is a small-body insect in size yet a very important one. They are very hard-working insects. For their size, you would not expect much from them. They will prove you wrong with how much they work – day and night. Ants walk in a straight line wherever they go. They look for food and carry it to their anthill where they store it for the future. Whenever one of them finds food for the group, it will go to their anthill and tell the rest. They will then go together and carry it home. They work tirelessly and in unity to hunt for food. They have enough to eat when drought strikes or during bad weather. Their wisdom in saving for the future and working in unity is the secret to manifesting your desires.

the secret of the ant

Parents do not spoon-feed children for the rest of their lives. At a certain age, they wean them off milk and introduce the baby to solid food. Similarly, the universe as a good parent does not feed us milk only. It is time you take on solid food and work like the ants in unity and determination to realize your dreams. Nature is using ants to show you that it is possible to be determined and to manifest a life of abundance.

  1.     The secret of the bee.

The bee is a famous insect. It is famed for the sweet honey it produces. Not everybody is lucky to see the bee, taste its honey, and see the honeycombs from the bee hive. There are many valuable lessons that nature wants us to learn from this insect. Like the ant, it is very hardworking. Bees fly widely in search of flowers where they can take the nectar to the beehive. From there, the process of making honey takes place. The bees’ hard work alone is not enough. There is a clear chain of authority from the government of these wonderful insects. They live in colonies that are headed by a single queen bee. She is royalty and commands respect throughout her colony. All bees respect her authority without question and will put their lives on the line for her sake. When the colony is attacked, soldier bees do all it takes to keep her majesty safe. Their work is to provide maximum security to whom they treasure the most – the Queen.

Nature teaches about authority and dedication through the lives of bees. Guard your dreams against any attack from wherever quarters. In the same spirit, adhere to authority as bees do in their colonies. The secret to manifesting all you desire is to live like bees.

  1.     The secret of the lion.

The lion is the King of the jungle. When he roars, everyone is reminded who is the King. He is strong, calm, and a good hunter.

the secret of the lion

Manifesting your desires is a way of hunting for them. The lion is not the fastest animal and neither is he the most endangered species yet he rules the jungle. What makes him stand out as King is how calculative he is. Each hunt is well thought out and success is mostly always guaranteed. A lion takes time to observe its prey, whether it is in a herd or alone. After singling out the animal, the King of the jungle slowly starts the chase until he catches the prey. The secret of foresight rests with the lion. This is important to manifest your desires. The universe is aware of the many competing interests but needs you to be focused on what is on your bucket list. This razor-sharp focus will bag you the gold medal and you will eventually manifest all your desires.

The secrets of manifestation lie with nature. Sometimes it could be right under your nose and you need to be conscious of your environment. Be on the lookout for more secrets from the universe

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