Listen to the Still Small Voice Within You

Pay attention.

A serene environment optimizes your hearing ability. However, in a multitude of voices, it is difficult to hear what individual voices are saying no matter how hard you strain. The universe speaks to us calmly amid chaos. Other voices are louder than it and the former gets lost therein.

The major difference is that the still small voice speaks in you, not elsewhere. The universe has a way of communicating with your spirit. It speaks in a tender voice within you. As it speaks, you are convicted in your heart to act upon what it is telling you.

Communication with the universe.

The universe communicates to us diversely. Most notably is the still small voice speaking within us. It is calm even when the situation is chaotic.

In an intense situation and with an adrenaline rush when we are under the pressure to make a move, it is difficult to pay attention to what the universe is telling us. You can be sure that only the voice within you holds the key to unlocking the stalemate. Communicate with the Universe

Maintaining calm under pressure is difficult. Everyone is looking up to you for direction and you feel obliged to be the hero.

Communication is a skill perfected over time especially with a tight situation at hand. Here is a guide to listen to the still small voice in you:

  1. Withdrawal.

As much as we may spite this, our environments play a significant role in how we communicate to the universe. It is difficult to hear what the universe is saying if we live in a chaotic environment.

Consider the analogy of the price of a bottle of water. At the airport, it could be priced at $7. The same is priced at $5 in supermarkets and $3 at its wholesale outlets. Why is the price different for the same commodity?

The difference is a result of a change of locations. This signifies the importance of our environment. Change your location if you cannot hear what the universe is telling you.

  1. Focus.

The focus of your attention at any point is very important. Always focus inwards before outwards because the external environment can soil your focus before you have discovered yourself.

The universe operates like the camera. You focus on the subject before taking any shot. There is a guarantee of a perfect shot if the focus was accurate. Similarly, focusing on yourself enables you to sift through the multitude of voices. You can distinguish your desires from the right thing to do.

You master self-control when you focus on yourself. Lust or any other selfish desires cannot stop you from listening to the conviction in your heart by the universe. Without accurate focus, you will mistake your innate wishes for what the universe is telling you.

  1. Adjust.

The universe requires us to adjust to what it is telling us. Adjustment is an uncomfortable affair. We have to cut down on our pleasures and settle on a middle ground. It could be something we were unprepared for but we have to do it anyway.

The still small voice within us always demands what is right over what is convenient. We may have to adjust by shedding off some unnecessary friendships. They could be the hindrance to manifestation by the universe. communicate with the Universe

Listening to the still small voice involves doing away with anything that comes in the way. Mark you, the universe wants what is best for us contrary to people who only wish on us what will be convenient for them too.

  1. Act boldly.

Have the guts to implement what the still small voice within you is saying. The universe never forgets. It shall not pardon you for contempt to implement what it told you. Of all the relationships you have forged, yours with the universe is supposed to be the superlative one. You owe fidelity to it as it does to you.

Pursue the dream you have always wished for before someone discouraged you from doing it. Court the lady or man giving you butterflies in your stomach. Do not think twice to apply for that scholarship when it is still available. Bold actions are always rewarded.

Demonstrate faith in your actions. Believe in the voice convincing your heart to act on something because it is never wrong. 

  1. Observe acts of nature.

Apart from the universe communicating to you in a small still voice, it does so through acts of nature. Observe what is happening around you that reinforces the message of the still small voice. Has your best friend suddenly abandoned your agreement on something without an explanation?

When the universe speaks to you about leaving one course for another, you will be hesitant especially if you had invested heavily in it. The universe will command things to frustrate what you are doing until you toe the line. Part of the reason why this happens is if the course you are taking is disastrous. The universe knows what lies ahead and will warn you of impending danger.

When everything is happening in your favor, the universe is encouraging you to continue with what you are doing. It shall be rewarded. The still small voice can be stifled by what happens around us but acts of nature reinforce what we may not be ready for. What the universe wants always prevails.

In conclusion, it is paramount to listen to the still small voice within you. The universe rewards obedience and punishes rebellion. Choose where you will want to lie wisely.

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