Renewal of your Spirit

The insight of the spirit.

Verily, much more weight is on the shoulders of the spirit than any aspect of humanity. It is very dependable, reliable, and trustworthy above everything else. It sees and hears what the normal ears cannot. The insight of the spirit sees through any deception, selfishness, and ill will. However, this insight is subjective to how well the spirit is nourished.

The nourishment of our spirit should concern everybody because the effect of lack of it is disastrous. Having a malnourished spirit is akin to walking in the dark. Although a flash of light may occasionally lighten your way, your safety is not guaranteed. You can easily fall into a pit as you grapple in the dark.

Watch out!

Guard your spirit jealously from malnourishment and those who want to harm you. There are daily threats that endanger your spirit. If you do nothing about it, they may finally succeed to kill it. Do not be gullible and fall into the manipulation of ill conceited people.

You may succeed in protecting your spirit from external threats but ignore the in-house duty of renewing it often. Renewal of the spirit has outgrown all other needs that man may have. The spirit cannot withstand the increasing immorality that soils it. It thrives in purity and thus needs to be renewed as often as possible.

The dwelling place of the spirit.

Despite that the spirit is invisible and intangible, it dwells in the mind. It is alive to everything that happens in our lives. Our deepest secrets too are not hidden from the eyes of the spirit. With all the vital information at its disposal, is the spirit trustworthy?

It is trustworthy if renewed following the correct path. There is a logical and acceptable way of renewing our minds vis-à-vis radicalization. Radicalization is a weapon the enemy uses to renew our minds following his doctrines. Renewal of your mind is the same as that of the spirit because the former is the dwelling place of the latter.

The spirit’s input.

Our battles are either won or lost in the mind. A renewed spirit easily hands us victory. Its input cannot be ignored. An unattended spirit is like an unused tool that gathers dust in the store. It can hardly be helpful.

A continually renewed spirit is sharp to identify the good and bad from a situation. It can save you from lurking danger because it is attentive to what you would have otherwise overseen.

The spirit can raise an alarm where things are not going right. Its input in directing our lives is invaluable.

The correct path.

What is the right way to renew your spirit? Although there are other ways of doing the same, the proper logical way is investing in your spirit more than you do your career or business. The renewal of the spirit is not an event but a process. It should not be done occasionally because much is at stake.

  1. Consuming the right content.

You can continually renew your mind by reading personal development literature or watching content on the same. They have valuable life lessons that can change our perception of things. There is always somebody ahead of you on the ladder of life. They have amassed a wealth of experience that can polish ignorance from your spirit.

Do not consume bad news. They will contaminate your spirit with bad energy and roll back all the gains you have made. Negative content is equally powerful to poison the charisma of your spirit.  

  1. Confessing positively.

Making daily positive affirmations is a way of renewing your spirit to welcome the blessings of the day. The universe has apportioned blessings for each day separate from another. Speak positively of the day at hand and forget the disappointments of the previous day.

Your spirit will still hold on to the past if you do not make daily positive affirmations. It will soil your good intentions if they do not align.

  1. Listening to the universe.

The universe has blessings for everybody. Your spirit should pay attention to it above everything else. It provides direction and strength to your spirit during difficult times. Your spirit understands what oozes from the universe better and renews it daily.

A spirit that listens to the universe is like a tree planted by the river bed. It has a constant supply of water and enjoys the rich environment of the banks. It is spared when other trees struggle with drought.

  1. Moving with time.

We do not experience time and seasons twice. Each is unique and carries its blessings. Be sensitive in the spirit and move with time to inherit the blessings it has to offer. The spirit is continually renewed in the blessings of the day.

Sifting through the blessings of time, the spirit is nourished and renewed by what each season offers. Do not get stuck in ancient practices. They will deny you from experiencing the joy of the moment.

  1. Staying under the right tutelage.

The success or failure of your spirit is anchored on whom it submits to. Whoever your spirit obeys has the potential to renew it frequently or abandon it. There is a hierarchy in the spiritual realm like it is in the physical world. Some people’s spirits are wealthier and stronger than others.

Such strong spirits due to either their vast experience or favor from the universe can renew other younger spirits. They act as mentors and are a figure of authority.

  1. Maintaining discipline.

Discipline is very important even in the spiritual realm. It is reinforced to both children and adults because the lack of it could crumble what has been built over a long time. Renewing your spirit by maintaining discipline will help you retain what you have learned.

Hard work takes you to the top but discipline maintains you there. Indiscipline can never allow you to renew your spirit because you will despise what is aimed for your spirit as insignificant or irrelevant.

In conclusion, renewing your spirit is important for you to be successful. Do not neglect it because it is the source of every achievement. Success stems from what you have achieved in the spiritual realm before it manifests in the physical. 

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