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6 Steps to Invite Spirituality in Your Everyday Life

Spirituality is not a very mystic experience. Many tend to perforce spirituality as a magic trick that involves angel reading, incense sticks, mantras and chakras, and what not. However, spirituality does not involve all these things.

Having spirituality in your life is not also about taking yoga practice or going on cool retreats. It is not about what you eat or what you wear. chakras

Spirituality is how you connect with the world. It is the art of living fully. Spirituality is the path that connects you to yourself and the world in the purest form. It looks at the world and your inner self to help you become one.

It is not difficult to tap into your spirituality, as it is a natural experience that does not require effort.

Here are 5 simple practices you can incorporate into your life everyday, which will help you live more spiritually. 

Invite spirituality by practicing kindness and compassion 

Time flies so fast and we are swamped with daily activities, we have no time to practice kindness and compassion.

Kindness is a virtue  we should emulate, not just to our friends and families, but to everyone you encounter.

Instead of judging others and feeling you are better than them, seek understanding in others. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see the world from their perspective.

Set an intention to treat people with kindness everyday and respond to people with compassion. Accept others for who they are and choose forgiveness over resentment. The people who hurt you need to be shown kindness. That’s how you invite spirituality in your life. 

Check your anger

When we are angry and full of rage, we can be particularly harsh towards others. It’s like a disease that consumes your life.

When we let anger and negativity control our lives, we become pessimistic. Little things like traffic congestion or waiting in a long line triggers us. You start using words to bring others down, spreading gossip and rumors.

Oftentimes, when you are angry, you become destructive. If you are bothered by situations and circumstances that are not in your favour, what can you do?

Check in with yourself?

Where is the anger coming from?

What can you do to take and control it?

How can you become more aware of your emotions? 

You can invite spirituality in your life by letting go of grudges

It’s extremely easy for others to be offended and upset. We get offended when we don’t get invited to a party or if we don’t receive thanks for a good deed. When someone upsets us, our ego and pride tells us to ignore and resent them. 

Rather than holding grudges against people, take the high road and forgive. Resenting others makes us get angry with ourselves. We tend to feel a weight or burden on our shoulders. The easiest way to live in peace and invite spirituality in your life is letting go of grudges and forgiving others for their misdeeds.

Practice gratitude 

Practicing gratitude is a game changer. I strongly believe that being grateful for the things you have open doors for more blessings and opportunities for which you will be more grateful for. gratitude

Showing gratitude is simple. Perhaps the most difficult part is becoming more aware of the good things in life despite any negative situations you are facing.

Nonetheless, here are simple ways to show gratitude:

  • Every time you wake up in the morning, think of something you are grateful for. It may be as simple as waking up alive or feeling the sunset on your face. 
  • Set out time during the day to stop whatever you are doing, take a deep breath and spend a few minutes touring, reflecting and showing gratitude.
  • Keep a gratitude journal. It is a great way to write down both the big and little things you appreciate as you navigate your way through life. 


Meditation is a form of mindfulness and it’s a great way to invite spirituality in your life. Meditation helps to give your mind some rest.

Try meditating daily, even if it’s for only five minutes. This will help you declutter your mind, start your day from a place of consciousness, and feel more grounded and aware of the things happening around you. 

Meditation has brought so many positive changes to my life. I feel less stressed, sleep better, have more patience, and I have a deeper connection with my inner self to help me show kindness to others. 

Many people think meditation is when you don’t think about anything and focus on nothingness. However, thoughts are natural and you need to let them flow. The main thing about meditation is that you don’t hold on to any of them. 

I began my practice a few years back and it’s been an amazing journey. Remember, it is better to meditate for five minutes every single day than 25 minutes twice a week. 

Spend time in nature

Nature is the best spiritual teacher and we can understand many things from nature by just observing. It helps you appreciate your surroundings and become more mindful whenever you are outside.  Nature

Choose your perfect spot and relax. It could be a bench in the park, or hiking on a beautiful mountain, or walking on a beach. Be mindful of your environment without thinking too much about it. 

Enjoy the clean air, the beautiful sounds, the magnificent color, and the way the breeze feels on your skin. Stop to smell freshly cut grass and admire beautiful flowers. Allow nature to heal anything troubling you.  


The fact that you are reading this article and not something else at this very moment is something which has been put on your spiritual path. We all have a purpose to fulfil in life and inviting spirituality in your life will help you discover and achieve your purpose. 

Spirituality is a journey and it begins with you. With daily practice, you’ll be able to create a stronger bond within yourself and with others. 

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spiritual awakening

What is the best way to achieve spiritual awakening?

“You seek it to find that you have it.

You’re within it when you think you’re without it.

You can’t see it or know it but you never leave home without it.

We can’t name it; but when we see it, we call it a spiritual awakening.

So allow it to discover its power.”

Everyone wants the ‘best’, isn’t it? What is the ‘best’ way to achieve spiritual awakening? It’s just like asking, “What is the best way to turn off the lights?” Whether you use your hands or legs, it doesn’t matter. Just switch off the light. 

The same thing goes for spiritual awakening. There is no best way to achieve it, and you can’t achieve something you already have. 

What if what you’re seeking is already inside of you but you haven’t ‘realized’ it yet?

The notion of spiritual awakening has been around for centuries and can be observed through almost all religions in the world. Call it ‘enlightenment’; call it ‘bliss’; or even ‘nirvana’, spiritual awakening begins the moment a person steps back and ‘wakes up’ with a  new sense and meaning. spiritual awakening

The spiritual awakening journey you seek seems to occur in an exotic place or after a traumatic life experience. It causes us to question our entire existence – Who am I? Why am I here? It’s like waking up from your everyday life and stepping into an awareness of higher spirituality. 

In simpler terms, spiritual awakening helps us see beyond our ordinary eyes. We now understand the basis of the universe and you feel more open to the truths of life. happiness

We keep living our lives thinking that money, power, and fame are important to attain true happiness, but that is not true. Happiness is something that is embedded inside you. You have to look within yourself and spiritual awakening helps you find it. 

What causes spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening can be triggered by anything and it takes numerous forms; from a trip to an island, the loss of a  job, the loss of innocence, death of a loved one, or a near-death experience. Regardless of what causes it, the experience shakes your world and you see things with a new eye. 


Spiritual awakening represents the lifting of ignorance or aviyida which means “incorrect or false understanding.” It is a state of not knowing what you don’t know. Through the process of spiritual awakening, you get punched out by the limiting belief and ignorance towards a destination of self-realization. 

This is mapped into your consciousness and they are clues and steps that indicate you’re on the path of awakening. Let’s explore each stage in greater detail and the simplest way to achieve spiritual awakening:

The call to awakening

This call represents a break from your life and a sign to start your journey of self-discovery. It is the awakening incident that spurs up from the subconscious, catches your attention, and compels you to look at life differently. meditation

At this point, you begin to question everything you once knew. You begin to clear certain habits out of your life and invite new beliefs in. During this phase, it is common to feel lost, disconnected, or confused. 

Rock bottom

This stage of spiritual awakening is marked with a rough patch. This is where your soul strips away all aspects of old habits, beliefs, and practices. It’s very challenging and you will likely hit rock bottom. But once you’re down, you will be forced to make real changes. 

Choosing your path

Once you have made it out of the rocky phase, you are ready to create your new life. The limited worldview can no longer contain your expanding awareness. You’re in search of answers – trying out new hobbies, religion, relationships, etc., to help you remap your worldview. 

Following your path

The next stage calls you to be a spiritual seeker. Having chosen your path, with consistent practice, happiness and joy become your ground state. Regular practice removes mental, physical, and emotional blockage that obstructs the manifestation of your desires. 

The soul sessions

Think you have achieved spiritual enlightenment? Not yet. This phase begins when you are building an actual through which your spirit can thrive. This usually comes with trials and errors. Growth can be a very uncomfortable process. It is not uncommon to face struggles, self-deceptions, and other external influences that halt your spiritual journey. This period can take years or even decades.


And finally, we have awareness. No longer striving for spiritual enlightenment, you now exist in oneness with your inner self. By this point, you’ve gotten to know your soul, you’ve figured out a lifestyle that works for you, a permanent shift has taken place and you’ve awakened fully to your true identity. 

You have full awareness of your divinity and you live in service to others, which brings you joy, happiness, and contentment. 

Here are some signs that you’re going through a spiritual awakening or you are about to embark on one:

  • You feel disconnected, overwhelmed, confused, and detached from the things and people you used to enjoy. 
  • Whether it means quitting your job to find your passion, or exploring a new religion, your beliefs are gradually changing, 
  • The desire to find meaning and fulfillment within your spirituality becomes an important part of your life. 
  • You are approaching what you do with a deeper sense of service. 
  • You feel more intuitive and connected with yourself. 
  • As you begin to feel more connected with the world around you, you begin to feel empathy for people suffering. 
  • You feel compassionate towards others. 

Bottom line

If you want to make space in your life to start your spiritual journey, the best way to go about it is to develop a weekly or monthly spiritual practice like practicing mindfulness or meditation, 

Practice love and compassion. Be gentle with yourself. Spiritual awakening is a journey so trust that every occurrence will gradually unfold and fit into a bigger picture. 

While it may not be easy, it is worth it. 

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