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Luck or Hardwork? – The Mystery of Abundance

There is a thin line between luck and hard work. Hard work is a purely human effort but luck is determined by nature. The window to be both hard-working and lucky is always open. Still, some people are hardworking but not lucky, and vice versa. Although they look similar, both hard work and luck have their unique blessings. The universe is the custodian of these blessings and we have to unlock them. The blessing of abundance is a card the universe holds closer to its chest. It only reveals to those who find favor before him. This is how you seek divine favor from the universe – complete devotion in body and spirit to its divine will.

The secret card of mystery.

Spirituality often does not work as we would expect in the physical realm. For example, the rule of merit where the most qualified are rewarded does not always apply in spirituality. Even the less qualified one has a chance to redeem himself. The universe gives all of us an equal chance to fill our stores. Nature goes further to conspire for your success. As the loving Father Who He is, He positions you ready to receive the blessings of abundance.

a photo showing cosmic heaven for mystery of abundance

The mystery of abundance is that at the right time, even the clock will tick without batteries. The heavens and earth will work tirelessly to fill your stores to the brim. Your hard work will stand on one side of the equation and the universe will stand on the other side to balance it. Growing spiritually opens your eyes to new levels of growth. It is like climbing up a ladder. You can only see some things below when you are at the top.

The dynamics of growth.

Come to think of it, doesn’t the ocean ever get empty? Again, who plants the forests in the Amazon? Drought, no matter how severe, has never dried the Pacific. Neither has anyone gone to the tropical rainforests of the Amazon to plant trees and take care of them to maturity. There is a superpower that makes everything run as it should. This is the power at work in your life when you submit to nature. I kid you not, abundance will be your second name.

When abundance knocks at your door, people will be torn between calling you lucky or a hard worker. Trees that you never planted will give you cool shade away from the burning sun. Wells that you never drilled will quench your thirst. When you seek abundance through prayers and devotion to your work, the universe will open doors of abundance for you.

Unlocking the doors of abundance.

  1.     Be fruitful.

It does not come as a surprise that everyone wants to be associated with success. Success attracts more success. It calls out to her neighbors and friends to come to join her because it has found a home in you. Devote yourself to your humble beginnings and make it work. The fruits of your work will speak for you and people will want to know the person behind it. It is like seeds that fall on fertile ground. These seeds come from fruits which is the success of your small beginnings.

  1.     Be patient.

When a seed falls on fertile ground, it is first buried in the soil. During this time, it looks like nothing is happening. When the seed dies after it is buried, it loses its form as a seed. You can barely recognize the beautiful seed it once was. Some people may look down on you because they do not know that something beautiful is buried but it will sprout better than they can ever imagine. Once you pass this test of patience, you have successfully made the first step ahead in unlocking the doors of abundance.

  1.     Be prayerful.

a man praying

Prayer is a powerful link between the present and the future. It is some sort of time travel that you use to go to the future and see what lies ahead. The seed buried in the ground is at risk of being eaten by birds and other insects. It’s game over when it is eaten before its time. You protect it through prayer and hasten its germination by watering it. It is like rain that falls on a tilled farm. It gives the buried seed the go-ahead to germinate and come out of the ground.

  1.     Be ready to be in the limelight.

You are about to be in the limelight for having unlocked the doors of abundance. You cannot hide a new seedling after it has germinated and come above the ground. Other people will notice your success, acknowledge your efforts and call you lucky. Little do they know how it took you three full stages before your seeds of hard work could germinate. You should not stop there. Your efforts are still tender and need to be nurtured to maturity. The doors of abundance are yet to be fully opened.

  1.     Live in an enabling environment.

heart of the Universe

Every plant flourishes in specific weather. Some need a lot of rainfall and do well in a cool and wet climate. On the other hand, others do well in hot weather. Likewise, your new seedling needs favorable weather for it to grow. An enabling environment is where you will be surrounded by the right friends and a loving family. They will encourage you when you are in low spirits and warn you of any lurking danger. An enabling environment opens the doors of abundance wider. This is your moment of glory. Do not hold back from meeting new people. The universe sometimes sends Angels into our lives in the form of friends. They will introduce you to businesses you never knew about. You will sit in board rooms and meet with captains of industry on their recommendation. They are the gateway to your blessings.

Whether by luck, hard work, or both, the doors of abundance will open to you if you gain favor from the universe. The mystery of abundance is solved!

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cake of abundance

Baking the Cake of Abundance

I mean, who doesn’t like cake? (except for medical reasons). A cake is the most common snack taken on almost every occasion – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, team-building events, and corporate events. This has led to the rapid growth of the baking and pastry industry. Cake flavors include chocolate cake, cheesecake, red velvet cake, ice cream cake, sponge cake, vanilla cake, black forest, and many others.

The universe introduces abundance in our lives as a cake. Abundance equally comes in different flavors and tastes. It tastes different for everyone but it is satisfying to the partaker. The cake of abundance leaves a sweet taste in your mouth even after wiping your mouth clean. You will always look forward to when you will have your cake again. The cake-cutting moment is a uniting time. People clap and cheer for you as the ‘person of the event’ gracefully feeds you. Flashes of camera lights fill the room because it is your turn, just as it happens when it is time for everyone else.

The recipe for the cake of abundance.


  1.     The wheat of goodwill.

wheat of abundance

Wheat is a very important ingredient when baking a cake. Nothing goes on without it. Other ingredients are equally important in baking, but wheat flour is the most obvious one. You still need the water, flavor of choice, sugar, and baking powder. When baking your cake of abundance, goodwill is a major ingredient. Your goodwill counts a lot in the bakery of the universe. This is how you manifest your goodwill – accepting the role of spirituality in your life. It opens doors to the gifts of abundance and makes you a candidate to receive them. Abundant goodwill will make you rise in the face of obstacles. This is how you become unstoppable.

  1.     The flavor of good deeds.

The people in your life should have a good testimony of you. Nothing beats a good reputation in the spiritual realm. Your reputation goes before you and fights your battles. A cake flavor gives the cake its taste and attracts a particular group of customers. Some will prefer chocolate, others vanilla flavor or strawberry. Your good deeds give your cake of abundance a good flavor. Do not get tired of doing good to everyone. Consider it as if you are running your cake house. You will not stop baking tasty cakes because of hostile customers. Your good work will vindicate you each time.

  1.     The eggs of fertility.

Eggs are commonly used in baking cakes. The number of eggs used depends on the decision of the baker on duty. The role of the eggs is to bind the dough well and make it ready for baking. Fertile hen eggs are incubated and hatch to chicks. A fertile spirit yields good produce. You can plant your plans in the spirit and they will eventually manifest. A fertile spirit makes the blessings of abundance stay longer in your life. Your basket will never be empty because your tap never runs dry. You can improve the fertility of your spirit by listening to messages of productivity. Nothing is impossible with nature.

Baking the cake of abundance requires your total commitment to doing the right thing in the right way. Abundance is a blessing that nobody should miss. Its benefits are like rain in your life. Perfect bliss!

The benefits of abundance.

  1.     The gift of love and favor.

love and favor

People will love you because you have it all. The abundance of your stores will attract many people to your side because they will also benefit from it. There is love in abundance because of little or no competition for survival. Everybody is sure that they will have their cake. Abundance is also the answer to divine favor. People often reject parasitic friendships but embrace mutual ones. Divine favor drawn from abundance will give you an equal platform with rulers, policymakers, and celebrities. Your dream of meeting your icon is achievable with the license of abundance. It will make you an equal. Are you facing great resistance from people in your circle? The universe has a solution for you – pursue divine abundance and you shall have a lifetime of peace.  

  1.     The gift of life insurance.

Insurance companies are flooding life insurance policies in the market. They use it as bait to win the undecided market and increase their business portfolio. (There is nothing wrong with it). The universe is offering you a similar package of life insurance through the cake of abundance. Your mind gets settled because your risks are insured for life. You begin to live a more mindful lifestyle while concentrating on other more important things. The universe wants you to have this productive lifestyle. Consider the insurance of motor vehicles. In case of an accident, the insurance steps in to compensate those insured. The financial burden is already taken away from the car owner. Are you constantly worried or anxious about the uncertainties of the future? The universe has a solution for you – subscribe to the premium policy of the universe.

  1.     The gift of independence.

An independent man/woman is attractive. Abundance gives you both social and economic independence. You take ownership of your decisions and accept a hundred percent liability for them. The universe wants you to be responsible for your life even if he is there to tie your loose ends. The independence of a child excites parents and they support him/her unreservedly. There are blessings that the universe will allow into your life only if you are independent. You can unlock them by choosing to bake your cake. You are responsible for your oven, electricity bill, and ingredients. Are you craving independence? The universe has a solution for you – bake your cake of abundance.

The icing on the cake.

Abundance is the only blessing that you can inherit unconditionally from the universe. Abundant wealth, great health, limitless joy, and successful businesses are your portion. You can manifest all of them if you are intentional about it. The cake of abundance is tasty and lip-smacking.

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Learning Abundance – the Language of Angels

There are many languages on Earth. People from all walks of life communicate in different languages in their communities and tribes. As a child, you are most likely to speak the first language you hear the people around you speak. It could be your parents, guardians, relatives, or caretakers. You will grow up speaking that language and adopting the culture of your environment until your adulthood. It is then that you will realize that there are other languages and cultures besides your native one.

You can learn other languages and adopt different cultures out of choice or circumstances can push you to it. Regardless of whatever it is, you will eventually learn to accommodate both languages and practice both cultures, each at a time. Monolinguals (those who speak only one language) are envious of bilinguals (those who speak two languages) and bilinguals are envious of polyglots (those who speak many languages). Everyone wants to be like the one who is ahead of them and the cycle is endless.

The art of learning a new language is at the center of survival. This is true even in the spiritual realm. It is not enough to know only the language of men. You must also learn the language of Angels. This is the language of abundance. The language of men is as different as day and night, and as far from each other as the heavens and the earth. When one speaks an impossibility in one language, another speaks of possibility in another language.

The world of Angels is beautiful and this is the reason why you should speak their language – the language of abundance!

This is a guide to learning the language of Angels:

  1.     Enter the Angelic world.

The best place to learn a language is in its native place. A native English village is the best place to learn the English language. The locals do not know any other language apart from English and they will use it to communicate with you. This will push you to the edge to learn each word and communicate with them in their native language. Enter the Angelic world to learn the language of abundance effectively.

How do you enter the Angelic world? Embrace your spirituality and pay attention to communication in the spiritual realm because your spirit completes you as a person. The spirit is abundant even when there is scarcity in the physical realm at the same time. Refuse to focus on what your eyes can see at the moment – hunger, disease, poverty, unemployment, and conflict. The Angelic world has none of these. There is a bountiful harvest, divine health, wealth, and everlasting peace in the Angelic world.

The universe is granting you unconditional entry into the spiritual world. This is the best place to learn the language of abundance.

  1.     Embrace apprenticeship learning.

Apprenticeship is the art of learning as you watch. You can learn a lot in practice from the best in the field of interest. Books and journals do not have it all. There is equally a time for practice. There are people brought by the universe into your life who speak the language of Angels fluently. Meeting them was not a coincidence but a divine plan that you get to meet other people who were once in your position.

Learn from them about their journey in learning the new language of abundance. How did they start and how are they here? This will encourage you that it is possible to cross over to the other side of abundance. You are not the first learner of the language of abundance; your persistence is what will earn you the spot among a few who speak it fluently. Sometimes success is contagious and you only have to meet a few successful people for you to join their ranks.

Do you know what they say about iron? Iron sharpens iron. It takes a native of abundance to induct you into the community. Fly out of your cage. The universe is waiting for you.

  1.     Practice speaking the language of abundance.

Upon entering the Angelic world, there is a possible language barrier between yourself and the natives there. We see it each time someone visits a new place, wherever it could be. Unless there is a common language understood by both the natives and the foreigners, the language barrier will show its ugly face and break down communication. It is almost impossible to learn a new language within a day (Rome was not built in one day either) but there is something that you can do about it – practice! It makes perfect.

Even in the middle of the chaos, speak the language of abundance. You are enough. The right person for the job you have is you. Your family and friends are blessed to have you. You are a few meters away from your breakthrough. Develop a habit of acting like you have it all. Not in arrogance or pride but through humility because of the favor that you have before the universe to learn the language of Angels. Let your presence fill the rooms and halls you walk into – that you do not complain about your needs but live in an abundance of contentment day and night.

Furthermore, leave a permanent impression on the lives of the people you meet. This level of practice and effort will eventually make you perfect in the language of abundance. You are a step closer to speaking it fluently.

Back to the analogy of a child. We do not judge a two-year-old if they do not know how to speak. On the contrary, they excite us that they are seriously trying to communicate no matter how broken their language is. We clap and lift them in the air for managing to construct one sensible sentence. Goodness! This is the same case as you learn the language of abundance. The universe is the adult and we are His children. He will congratulate you on your progress even when you speak only one sentence fluently. Do not be afraid to speak with the Angels in their language. Let your life be filled with abundance. 

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How to Win the Wealth Competition

The world is full of competition – in school, at the workplace, in business, in lifestyle, and everywhere you go. Even the rich compete on who is wealthier than the other. People even go further to compete on issues like who is smarter or taller than the other. We can control some variables in any competition and influence the results in our favor while at the same time, there is nothing we can do about other variables. They remain constant. Victory is valuable and competitors will do anything possible to be victorious. This makes competition a matter of life and death even when there is no need for it.

There is a mad rush in the wealth competition. Everyone wants to be the richer one – with more money, many cars, good houses, and successful businesses. The rich and successful are not backing out of the competition. It is not true that just because they are driving the latest car model, then they will not buy a new one. No, they sure will.

The wealth competition begins in the spirit and gradually manifests in the physical realm. It begins with the desire in your spirit to be successful and fulfill your dreams. With this, you are already on the track waiting for the gun to go off and sprint towards the finish line. This spiritual scene translates in the physical realm with your efforts to make ends meet. Your spirit is not discouraged and you defy all odds to make things happen. This is how you can win the wealth competition:

  1.  Embrace the advantage of an equal platform.

The universe has given all of us an equal platform in wealth competition. We all have 24 hours a day to do everything in our schedule. Nobody has an extra hour or minute regardless of social status. What you do with your time counts a lot. An hour can make a big difference in your life. You can seal that business deal within the hour or make extra sales in your overtime hour. Time is the only resource that we cannot recover once wasted.

The universe has played its part in granting us equal time; our usage makes the whole difference. Competitors use their time practicing for the competition as it draws nearer. Likewise, you should also be accountable for your time. Your small wins will cumulatively put you in the lead in the wealth race. Embrace the equal platform of time and victory shall be yours.

  1.  Motivate yourself.

This is your takeaway package today – as a man thinks so is he. You are largely as successful or failed as your thoughts. It is important to constantly motivate yourself in the face of challenges ahead. There is no room for discouragement, especially in wealth competition. Do not allow negative remarks to strike your spirit. Look at how great sportsmen and women speak during interviews before the competition. They speak highly of themselves and exude confidence in their victory.

The universe wants you to take this mindset of a victor. It is a constant reminder that you are in a competition and you cannot afford to be discouraged. Exude the confidence of a victor and the universe shall push victory closer to your door.

  1.  Surround yourself with good friends.

Every good sportsman needs supportive friends who will hold their hand before, during, and after the competition. They will fully understand your quest to win the wealth competition and cheer you to victory. They will also contribute heavily to your win. You are the average of the people you spend the most time with. Please choose them wisely if you want to win the wealth competition in the first round.

Sometimes the universe uses your friends to point out areas you can improve in business and your personal life because they are closer to you. Use this chance to give the universe tools to guide you to victory – good friends.

  1.  Invest all your effort.

This is the golden rule of the universe – there is no shortcut to wealth. Nature wants you to be ready to work hard for what you want. Wealth shall not come on a silver platter on your table. You will have to make certain sacrifices to get what you want. Forfeit short-term pleasures to build future success. The early mornings and late nights are worth it. Your eyes are fixed on the victory in the wealth competition.

Consider the example of the football world cup. Football teams from the whole world compete for one trophy of pure gold – the world cup. They put all their effort into winning the group stages through to the quarter-finals then to the semi-finals and finally to the finals. The competing teams take nothing to chance. The goal is to win and take the trophy home. This is how your commitment will see you through to victory. The wealth competition has many competitors and you are worthy of victory. Stay committed!

  1.  Clap for others until your time comes.

The law of nature is that you shall reap what you sow. The spirit of competition is to embrace turn-taking. This is the spirit of all healthy competitors. Congratulate other people before you who have been in the race to wealth for some time now. Their experience is valuable to prepare your mind for what lies ahead. The universe will reward your cheerful spirit with grace to win the wealth competition.

A winning spirit embraces reigning champions and associates with them because their current position is your dream come true. You wouldn’t want upcoming champions to hold a grudge against you if you were in their shoes. Clap for others until your turn comes and when it eventually does, you will have the grace to win the wealth competition because you sowed a good seed right from the beginning.

The universe has a lot of goodwill for you to win the wealth competition. Take hints and guidance from nature on how you can be victorious. You can never be wrong. 

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How to Win the Hide and Seek Game with Money

The hide and seek game is children’s favorite. We played it with our peers and sometimes ‘forced’ our parents to play it with us. The childish giggles, the laughter, and the joy of finally finding out where your playmate was hiding are the most memorable moments of the game.

Who enjoyed the game the most? Is it the one in hiding or the seeker? Each of them had different roles in the game. The one hiding is supposed to hide in a discreet place where he’ll not be easily noticed. He is supposed to be very discreet and not make any sounds that will give him away.

On the other hand, the seeker is supposed to be searching for the hiding colleague and smoke him out of hiding. The goal is to discover where he has been hiding all along. The catch of the game is that it is risky to hide at the same spot more than once because the seeker will easily get you again in the next round. The first/last person (depending on your agreed rules) to be smoked out of their hiding shall be the seeker in the next game.

While it may look like an ordinary game at face value, there is more than meets the eye. The universe was teaching us basic life skills from our childhood. We will need the skills of this game in our adulthood, only the variables have now changed. You are the seeker and the one in hiding is money, good health, healthy relationships, divine favor, and wealth.

How soon will you be able to smoke them out of their hiding? There are millions of other people who are seekers in this hide-and-seek game with the universe. Who among you shall be the first one to get money?

Lights, camera, and action!

Nature continually gives us tips on how we can win the hide-and-seek game with money. This is how to:

  1.  Think outside the box.

 The hide-and-seek game teaches broad thinking. Where has X hidden? Where did X hide last time? Are these two events related in any way? Where will I hide if I were X? These are some of the questions that you seek answers to when playing hide and seek. As you answer these questions correctly, you begin to have a rough idea of where X could have hidden. You will eventually smoke him out of his hiding. This is the same case with money – you need to think outside the box if you want to win the hide-and-seek game with it.

The universe is full of opportunities to get the money that you are yet to discover. The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich have discovered how to win the hide-and-seek game with money. Money hides in opportunities that you would otherwise overlook – small business ideas and humble beginnings. While most people would ordinarily think inside the box and look into it, the universe wants you to think outside the box – invest in small businesses and you will eventually win this hide-and-seek game with money.

  1.     Follow footsteps.

Footsteps show you where someone is headed to. You can follow them behind and they will lead you right to where they are hiding. This is one of the tricks you can use when you want to know where someone has hidden. No matter how far or secretive they hide, their footsteps will give them away – except if there are none. Similarly, you can follow in the footsteps of money to eventually find it. It does not matter whether you are in your twenties, thirties, or late forties. You will get money if you work on the tricks of finding it and eventually win the hide-and-seek game.

There are many income-generating activities in the universe that you are yet to explore. Other people before you took this route and are now wealthy. You will eventually reach them if you walk in their footsteps. Even the small jobs that many people despise generate constant income – farming, small-scale businesses, and public transport will also lead you to where money is hiding. Whose footsteps do you choose to follow today?

  1.     Observe money patterns.

Patterns are repetitive. You can predict the next sequence of the pattern after studying it carefully. There are favorite spots where those you play hide and seek with love to hide. These spots will be the first place where you will look for in the next round of the game. You will most probably find them right there hiding as usual. Likewise, there are favorite spots where money hides as you play the hide-and-seek game with it.

You will always win the game when you figure out these places. Some of the places where money hides are in the service industry. Nature appreciates what you do to improve the lives of others a lot. There will always be a demand for your services especially if your services touch the lives of many people. Align your strategies of looking for money with the market demands of the universe. The clouds will gather above your head and there will be a heavy downpour of money in your life.

  1.     Follow your intuition.

The universe speaks directly to your spirit many times. It comes across as a strong conviction or belief about doing something. Do not ignore this still small voice when you hear it. The same happens when you are playing the hide-and-seek game. You may feel strongly that someone is hiding in a dark corner somewhere. Take your torch and shine light in that corner because most probably someone is hiding there. What is your spirit telling you in your search for money? Do you feel that you should start a particular business? Or do you strongly feel that you should apply for a job in your dream company? Please do without second thoughts because that could be the dark corner where money is hiding.

Nature offers divine guidance to us when playing the hide-and-seek game with money. This is our advantage over those who are yet to understand this divine help. Money cannot hide from you forever. The time to find it is now.

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Building your Wealth Shelter in the Universe

Growing up through kindergarten to lower primary and progressively rising through the ranks of education, there has always been three basic needs – food, shelter, and clothes. Shelter has always been a basic need. Weird as it may sound, even the homeless somehow find shelter on the streets.

The universe is very much aware of it and is calling out every responsible citizen of the world out here to embrace building their shelter. A time is coming when you will be in need and every shelter you go to will be full. The time is now to strike the iron while it is still hot.

A shelter is a place that gives you refuge and covers you from existing dangers. It can be temporary or permanent but it will still serve its purpose. Building a shelter is a full-time job but very rewarding in the end. The joy of sitting under the shade of a shelter you have built from scratch is so fulfilling. There will be joy riders who will seek your friendship because you are now a man/woman of means. Their friendship is not genuine except to benefit from your sweat. It is wise to identify these kinds of friends early enough and learn how to live with them while enforcing boundaries.

Nature understands the importance of you and I having our shelter of wealth. There is only so much that the universe can do for you if you neglect the duty of building your shelter of wealth. This is how you can go about it:

  1.     Have a strong circle of friends.

That no man is an island could not be further from the truth. Strong-willed friends play the protective role of shelter – to protect you from harsh, unfavorable weather. This is one of the reasons why people build shelters – the weather is unpredictable and you need to have a roof over your head to cover you. A good shelter will give you shade under the scorching sun or during a heavy downpour. Without it, you may fall sick and suffer from pneumonia, the common cold, or other diseases. This is just how important shelter is.

This universe understands what we stand to lose without it and it helps us to build our shelter by introducing friends in our lives who will stick with us through thick and thin. These friends even become closer than family. You can confide in them whenever you feel lost and they are a shoulder to lean on on your darkest nights. Do not push them away even when you feel that you want to be alone because nobody will be there for you when your temporary shelter caves in. Do you have a strong circle of friends? Embrace them if you want to build a strong shelter.

  1.     Learn to be discreet in generosity.

In the modern world where nothing is hidden from Cameras, shelters provide us with first-class privacy (at least from the outside world). We can control what happens inside our shelters. We need to extend the same privacy to our lifestyles, especially in charity. Religious teachings reinforce the need to be discreet when being generous or kind to other people. There is no competition in being generous and kind. Nature will set you up for good karma ahead for every good act.

The universe wants you to learn that not everything is meant for the camera. When you build your wealth shelter in the universe with privacy, it will give back the same to you multiplied a hundredfold. We need privacy to cover us in our lowest moments and there is no better place to invest in than the universe.

  1.     Be in touch with humanity.

What effect do you have on other people? People will never forget how you made them feel. Wealth is not measured in riches, luxury cars, or bank account balances. A wealthy person touches the lives of people he meets differently. They go home with a good memory of him/her and look forward to meeting them the next time. That is how you can build your wealth shelter in the universe.

build your wealth shelter

A wealth shelter built this way accords you with a dignified social class. You become a respected member of society because of the kind of shelter you live in. Look at how the population lives in different residential areas according to their social class. The wealthy live in their exclusive estates with a lifestyle that other people cannot afford. They feel comfortable living with their equally wealthy friends as neighbors. They feel safe because their houses are fortified and their compounds are guarded throughout. This is the lifestyle that the universe wants you to have.

You can slowly build your wealth shelter by expressing humanity to other people. The universe will grant you great honor. A good shelter is built through humanity.

  1.     Fence your shelter with prayer.

We keep a lot of valuables in our shelters – electronics, jewelry, clothes, furniture, important documents (land title deeds and car logbooks), and many others. These valuables increase the risk of theft and breaking into our shelters.  This is why wealthy people erect fences and even pay private security firms to guard their homes.

As a wealthy citizen of the universe, you need to do the same. The most effective security is prayer. Fence your wealth shelter through prayer to ward off thieves and people with ill motives.


Prayer is a means of communication between the spiritual and physical realms. Your wealth shelter in the spiritual realm will be safe when you continually pray to the universe about it. Prayer is an electric fence around your wealth shelter which is very necessary for your safety. There is a battle between the good and bad every time you go on your knees to pray for divine protection. Good eventually wins and your shelter and valuables in it remain safe.

A wealth shelter is a basic need. You can build your spiritual shelter in your daily life with the help of the universe. It is not too late to start building. 

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money management

2023- The Year to Level Up your Money Management


Tim and Jack were both determined to make a lot of money. Tim thought the key was to work as hard as possible, so he worked long hours and took on every job he could. But no matter how much he hustled, he never seemed to make enough. For at the end of every month he had no savings.

Jack, on the other hand, was more strategic. He knew the art of money management. He invested his money and focused on building his skills and knowledge. He was patient and didn’t try to get rich quick. As time passed, Tim became more frustrated. He saw how well Jack was doing and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t making as much money. But instead, he just worked harder and harder in hope to double his money.  

Eventually, John hit a breaking point. He was tired, stressed out, and still didn’t make the money he wanted. Nor did he have any savings at the end of the year.

So what is the morale of this story?

Making money is not just about WORKING HARDbut it’s also about WORKING SMART.

What is money management and why is it so IMPORTANT?

Money Management is like a coach for a team. Just as a coach makes sure everyone is playing their part to win the game. Money management makes sure you set budgets, track expenses, invest wisely, and make smart financial decisions.

It is the tool that helps you plan for the future, set goals, and make sure you have enough money to achieve life goals. It also helps you identify potential risks and come up with strategies to manage them. This way you are also confident that you are using your financial resources efficiently and effectively. It encourages you to save money and plan for your own financial future! 

This  is the same strategy that has been used by a wide range of investors and  also by successful businessmen like Warren Buffet. Even as one of the wealthiest people in the world, he is popular for his frugality and discipline in saving money. He spends his money quite mindfully. By investing the money he saved wisely, he was able to grow his wealth significantly over time. 

Thus money management is like having a game plan for your money. It helps you make the most of your financial resources, achieve your goals, and secure your financial future.

This brings to the next question, how does one Manage Money effectively?

Create a Budget:


money management | create a budgetManaging your finances can be a daunting task, but it’s essential to ensure you’re not living beyond your means and are able to achieve your financial goals. The first step towards financial management is to add up your monthly income from all possible sources, such as your salary, payment from clients if you’re a freelancer, sales if you run your own business, etc. 

Once you have a clear idea of your monthly income, it’s time to

Create a list.

 Create a list of all your regular monthly expenses. This includes fixed expenses like rent, mortgage, insurance, and variable expenses like food, gas, and entertainment. It’s important to record everything you spend money on, so consider using an app or budgeting software to help you keep track of your expenses.

Remember, money management is a continual process, so don’t be afraid to review and adjust your budget or list as needed. Regularly tracking your income and expenses can help you identify areas where you can save more money and make smarter financial decisions. 

Learn the 50/30/20 Rule:

money management | savings

In order to effectively manage your finances, it’s important to understand how to divide your income into different categories. This is where the 50/30/20 rule comes into picture. It involves allocating 50% of your income to needs, 30% to wants, and 20% to savings and debt repayment.

50% of your income covers your NEEDS. It means essential expenses that are necessary for survival and stability. This includes things like housing, food, transportation, basic utilities, insurance, minimum loan payments, and child care or other expenses required for work. Anything beyond the minimum payments on loans should be directed towards savings and debt repayment.

30% of your WANTS , covers the extras that are not essential to life and work but can make life more enjoyable. This category can include things like monthly subscriptions, travel, entertainment, and meals out.

PS: It’s important to distinguish between WANTS and NEEDS in order to avoid overspending and debt.

Lastly, allocate 20% of your income to savings and debt. This is  crucial for building a secure financial future. This category includes things like starting and growing an emergency fund, saving for retirement. By prioritizing savings and debt repayment, you can create a financial cushion for unexpected expenses and prepare for the future.

Start Investing in Emergency Fund: 

An emergency fund is money saved for unforeseen expenses or financial emergencies like car repairs, medical bills, or a loss of income. It serves as a safety net to help you weather any financial storm that may come your way, without having to rely on high-interest credit cards or loans. 

This reserve can be used for both big and small payments that are not part of your usual monthly expenses. It is a useful tool that allows you to withdraw funds if necessary. By having an emergency fund in place, you can alleviate the stress and worry that can come with unforeseen circumstances and be better prepared to handle whatever life throws your way. 

Be consistent and have the right mindset: 

grow your money

You have to get into the habit of managing your money. Set a goal, monthly, quarterly, yearly and make sure you stick to them for they will lead you to huge dividends. Along with this it is also important to believe that you deserve to be wealthy. And you’re already halfway there!. This is the mantra towards money.  It is important to understand while this mantra is surely going to aid to manage your finances, what will truly  make an impact is your consistent effort. 

Remember, that without this, the other strategies are basically moot.

There is also a need for you to intentionally focus on the abundance of resources and opportunities around you.When you have a strong money mindset, you can work towards what you believe you deserve with more clarity and confidence. 


Money management is challenging at first, but it can be an incredibly rewarding journey. With a little discipline and restraint in the beginning, you’ll reap the benefits of a secure financial future in the long run. 

And the best part? It’s not rocket science. 

Anyone with the desire to take control of their finances can follow this principled approach and achieve success. As the saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” 

So why not start today and watch your hard-earned money grow into a flourishing investment for your future.

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wealth | law of attraction

Attract the Right Kind of Wealth Using These Money Tips

“Money is usually attracted not meant to be pursued”

Money is not just a currency; it’s a form of energy that flows in and out of our lives, much like the ebb and flow of the tide. It is a form of energy that is attracted, not pursued. Each of us has a unique relationship with money, an energetic bond that shapes our financial destiny. To become a magnet for financial abundance, we must first examine and dissolve the limiting beliefs that block the flow of money into our lives. Only then can we unlock the abundance of wealth and prosperity that awaits us.

 If you pursue money with a scarcity mindset it will lead to a sense of lack and limitation. On the other hand, when  a person approaches money with an abundance mindset and focuses on attracting it into their life, they open themselves up to new opportunities and possibilities. 

By shifting your focus to attracting money, you become more receptive to the abundance and prosperity that the universe has to offer. This allows you to tap into the natural flow of energy and abundance in the universe and receive the money and opportunities that you desire.

Let’s look at the ways in which you can attract wealth into your life using the right money tricks: 

MANIFEST the wealth you wish to have: 

Manifesting wealth through the Law of Attraction is a powerful concept.  This can bring immense wealth and abundance into your life. However, it requires you to identify and transform your limiting beliefs about money. Limiting beliefs about money can take many forms, such as the idea that money is scarce and difficult to acquire. Some even have thoughts such as that wealth and goodness are mutually exclusive. Before you can leverage the Law of Attraction to manifest financial abundance, it’s crucial to examine and overcome these beliefs.

manifest law of attraction

By shifting your perspective on money and recognizing it as an accessible and infinite resource, you can create the habits and mindset necessary to attract wealth. One effective way to do this is by using  POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS:

Eg of these include: 

The wealth that I seek is within my reach and I deserve it.

My financial freedom is a reality that I embrace.

Visualize your wealth: 

Visualization is another powerful tool that can aid you in attracting the wealth you wish for. By visualizing  the money that you wish to attract as vividly as possible, you can teach your mind to tap into the inner resources needed to turn them into a reality. It will allow you to imagine your goals in your mind’s eye and accept that you deserve to achieve them, while also fostering a positive mindset that can help you stay on track towards success in the long run.


Visualizing abundance can also be beneficial in the context of finances. Picture yourself with enough money to meet your financial obligations comfortably. 

This practice enables you to feel the emotions associated with achieving your financial goals, thereby attracting these outcomes more quickly.

How to get started?

Pair the visualization along with your affirmations related to money, eg: 

Money is constantly drawn to me, I am a magnetic force.

Wealth and prosperity flow to me effortlessly and abundantly.

By doing this you will generate a sense of positivity  towards money, which can in turn attract more money. This generates a virtuous cycle, wherein positive attitudes towards money attracts more financial resources, which can then be used to further increase financial abundance.

It all starts from your home: 

In order to attract more prosperity and wealth into your life, it’s important to keep your house clean, organized, and inspiring. 

Yes a clean home does attract more wealth!!

As per Feng Shui, the more clean and tidy your house is, the more chances of you to attract wealth and prosperity in your life. Make sure to regularly deep clean your house weekly, especially your entry. This is because it is believed that keeping a clean entry can help invite positive energy into your home.

You can incorporate the five element colors. For example, black can represent the water element for more flow and connections, while red can symbolize the fire element for visibility and recognition. White or gray can represent the metal element for increased efficiency and joy, and yellow or brown can represent the earth element for stability and grounding. Lastly, green or blue can represent the wood element for growth and new beginnings.

Express gratitude to what you already have: 

Never underestimate the power of gratitude when it comes to attracting more abundance into your life. The Universe has a way of providing more of what you are grateful for. By focusing on what you are thankful for, you will begin to pursue those things with more passion and eliminate any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Gratitude also makes you more receptive to new opportunities.

When it comes to money, gratitude plays an important role in attracting the wealth you wish for. It is essential to be thankful for the money you already have and every opportunity you get to make more money, regardless of how much or how little it may be. Expressing gratitude for your financial blessings will help you attract more money into your life. An attitude of gratitude will guide your actions towards your finances. Being grateful for your money will motivate you to take care of it, be less wasteful and save more. It will also help you appreciate the value of money and the opportunities it brings.

Share what you have:

When you give generously, you open yourself up to the possibility of receiving even more in return. Sharing your wealth with others can be a great way to increase your own prosperity. As the saying goes, “you reap what you sow” By planting seeds of generosity and kindness, you are more likely to see a bountiful harvest in your own life.

The act of sharing your wealth with others can have a multitude of benefits, both for yourself and for those around you. By cultivating a spirit of generosity and abundance, you can attract more positivity into your life and create a stronger sense of community and purpose.

Finally be prepared to get more than what you planned for:

When we give, we put positive energy into the universe and attract more positive energy back to us. One real-life example of how giving can attract more,  is the story of billionaire businessman, Chuck Feeney. Feeney co-founded the Duty Free Shoppers Group and became incredibly wealthy, but he decided to give away part of his fortune to various causes through his foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies. Despite giving away billions of dollars, Feeney’s net worth continued to increase, and he remained a billionaire until his goal of giving away his entire fortune was achieved in 2020.

This example shows us that giving can attract abundance and wealth, even in the face of seemingly contradictory logic. This principle can be applied to any amount of money we give, whether it’s a small donation to a charity or a significant sum to a cause we care deeply about. Ultimately, the more we give, the more we receive, both materially and spiritually.


The positive energy and vibration that you vibrate to the universe is what will help you attract wealth. Negativity can only bring bad luck and block the path to success. By removing any mental or emotional blocks, you open yourself up to the possibility of attracting more wealth in your life. So, it’s crucial to focus on positivity and let go of negative energy to allow Lady Luck to bless you with abundance.

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girl with balloon

The Journey of the Search for the Best

Most people, if not everyone, have a dream of having the best version of what they need. It could be the best life partner, job, business, health, or any other material possession. I guess and rightly so, you are also part of this group. If this is part of your new year’s resolutions, the good news is that the universe is about to show you a safe passage to meeting them.

You have come from far and the promises that come with a new year are here. Your journey in search for the best could have started a long time ago yet you have not fulfilled everything on your bucket list. The desire to be financially independent, healthy, and fulfill all your wishes is getting stronger with the passing of each day. Behold a new year is here with us and there is a clear shot at bagging the best.

Eyes on the prize.

Now that we are assured of divine help in bagging the best, our focus shifts to what we can do. Focus your eyes on the prize – your dream plans.

How many times have you postponed applying for your dream job? Write that application today and submit it with your resume as soon as possible.

Do you wish to be disease-free this year? Explore the universe’s free medication plan rolled out for you.

Do you worry about the relationships in your life? Seek spiritual restoration to reconnect any broken ties and establish new ones.

There is nothing under the sun that the universe does not have an answer to. Your focus should be the best; nothing but the best.

The maiden step.

Making the first step matters the most as you start your journey to search for the best. Like a baby who is learning how to walk, it takes a lot of effort to make that maiden step. A baby should be able to stand independently first then master the courage to put one foot in front of the other and voila! Our child can walk. He may fall after two or three steps but stand again and continue walking. This is progress.


PS: Do you remember how your child or younger sibling started walking? How was the experience?

 An open secret.

Can light be hidden on top of a hill? Of course not.

Should you choose wisely, it is not a secret that the universe will hold your hand as you pursue the best. He is the adult and we are his children still learning how to walk into this new year. The universe can make your light shine to be seen by everyone like the proverbial light on a hill.

The story of the magnet.

A healthy relationship with the universe is like the story of the magnet. It is one of the most powerful inventions of man. It attracts metals whether rusty or not, old or new. A magnet is the true determinant of the metallic property. Magnets have varying strengths – bigger ones have a bigger magnetic pull than smaller ones.

The relevance of the story of the magnet is concerning our spiritual lives. Our spiritual lives are the magnets that will pull what is on our bucket list closer to us. The stronger the magnet the closer we are to bagging the best prize.

The journey in search of the best has its fair share of challenges. What is encouraging is that the universe is assuring us that we shall eventually bag the prize home – the best health, the best circle of friends, the best business deals, and everything that we pray for.

The treasure.

Treasures are hidden from people who do not deserve to get them. It is specially designed to be seen by the chosen few. In this new year, the universe has chosen you to partake in its treasure. Your spirituality earned you a place in the treasure room and you are about to go home as a victor.

In a room full of every good thing, how can you be careful to choose only what is best for you at the moment before coming for some more the next time? We are to the universe as children are to their parents. They are spoilt for choice when they go shopping. They end up wanting every shining thing and may, unfortunately, forget to pick up what they badly wanted. It is the grown-up who guides the child in choosing what is best for them presently and promises to come back for more later.

As expected, your heart is full of desires of what you want for the new year. Like a child, you may see this as an opportunity to collect everything you have ever wanted. Nature is the adult holding your hand to guide you in this treasure collection errand in the universe’s supermarket.

There are many passing clouds of temptation following you into the new year and you may yield into bad influence to forget what you truly wanted this time. This chance that the universe has given you to bag the prize of the best is a rare one.

All that glitters…

When you are finally in the treasure room and you want to pick the best before you walk out, a lot can happen before then. This is how you can separate shiny objects from real gold:

  1.   Test every “friend” who attaches themselves to you especially when you are on the brink of success.
  2.   Question every feeling you have that is foreign especially when it involves the best that you are about to settle for this new year.
  3.   Trust your spirit to guide you into making the right choice regarding a life partner, business initiative, or new friends. The universe is truthful to your spirit.

You are going to make big decisions this year but do not worry because your spirit shall hold your hand to the doorstep of what is best for you. This is your year!

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Preparing your Wealth Checklist

Do you have a wealth checklist?

It is a list of all the blessings of wealth you want the universe to put in your basket. Consider it like a shopping list. The only difference is that while a shopping list is limited by a budget, a wealth checklist is not limited by any budget. The universe can afford everything on your list because everything belongs to it. Again, you prepare a wealth checklist for the same reasons you do a shopping list – you do not want to leave anything behind.

Purposes of a wealth checklist.

  1. It directs your focus to it.

I remember the games I played as a child and enjoy the flashback memories I have when I see other kids playing them. We used a convex glass, also called a converging mirror, to burn paper using the sun’s rays. (Of course, we did not know it was a convex glass at the time. We just called it a mirror). Now the glass focused the sun rays on a single place where we put papers and after some time the paper would burn. We enjoyed doing it over and over again and it was the fun of childhood.

PS: What are some of the games you played as a child?

A wealth checklist works like the glass we used in our childhood games. It converges your focus on it as you try to figure out things. All your efforts are directed towards getting what is on it. Without it, there is no single focal point and it would take you twice as long to achieve anything on your list.

wealth checklist

For the sake of tapping into your focus, create your wealth checklist already.

  1. It enables you to look at the bigger picture.

Do you remember solving Algebra in mathematics? The basics of this unit – beginning from primary school – is collecting like terms together. All the similar variables are grouped and operated jointly – added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided. This is the principle of mathematics.

Was algebra your favorite unit in mathematics?

Having a wealth checklist helps you achieve exactly that. This is looking at the bigger picture; something that you should not miss. It is when you can look at all your plans at one glance. You know the like terms in your list and you put collective effort towards achieving them. Grouped goals are easier to achieve.

  1. It makes planning easier.

You know what they say about planning – a good plan is a job half done. Sharpening your planning skills takes you closer to ticking off every item on your wealth checklist. It gives you an overview of the resources you have against the goals you have set.

The universe is a master planner. It becomes efficient when you submit a well-planned wealth checklist to Him.

The best wealth checklist.

What does your checklist contain? Wealth, riches, good health, spiritual nourishment, peace, long life… the list is endless. There are many other things to consider if you want your list to be given priority.

  1. Using your wealth for personal development.

It is the dream of everyone to live in a good house, have a decent education, eat a balanced meal, and access health care when they fall sick. Use the money the universe blesses you with to pay for these expenses and even a step further to improve your living standard. The universe is like a mother proud of her progressive child. It is pointless to have money that you cannot buy food with or go to the hospital when you fall sick. Do not be mean to yourself. How can the universe trust you to take care of others when you cannot take care of yourself?

  1. Using your wealth to serve.

Your wealth list should be a selfless one. What will you do with the money the universe blesses you with? It is okay to use your wealth for personal and family use. While at it, do not be selfish not to stretch out a helping hand to those in need. Some of the blessings you receive are for the sake of those you help. The universe knows that other people will benefit through your generosity. For this reason, he keeps blessing you.

  1. Using your wealth to leave a meaningful impact.

Foundations and trusts are very important institutions. They are channels through which wealthy people use to give aid to their communities and beyond. It pays for the fees of needy children, finances community projects, and improves the welfare of people. The impact of foundations in societies is long-lasting. Apart from service, the gratitude of the community goes to the universe (even without them knowing it). When the universe opens its tap of blessings, the man or woman behind the foundation shall receive his/her share.

  1. Have plans for your wealth.

It is prudent to have plans for your wealth or even have ongoing projects. Do not store up money waiting for the perfect time to spend. Consider the example of filling a bottle with tap water. Do you fill an already-full bottle? Of course not. You only fill the empty ones. This is true with money. Always have a money cycle that will encourage the universe to replenish what has already been used. The universe is like a donor. Donors want to see their money put to good use and they have no problem giving more funding.

money planning

PS: What do you plan to do with your money? Or do you already have an ongoing project?

Submission of your wealth checklist.

After drawing up your wealth checklist, you take it to someone who can activate it – the universe. While at it, the universe examines if you are worth the investment. Start developing desirable behavior if you want your wealth checklist to be financed.

Do you remember attending your first job interview? You dressed perfectly, were punctual, and you put on your best behavior. This is exactly the character you need to adopt.

Let’s prepare your wealth checklist, shall we? 

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