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Taking the Pill of Long Life and Abundance

A long, wealthy, and healthy life is the prayer of most people. The unanswered question is how all of us can achieve it. You could be among the hundreds, if not millions of people, who wish to magically have all of it. The universe wants you to know that manifesting abundance in a long life is not impossible. Other people have achieved it and so can you.

While at it, wealth tags along because according to the universe, wealth is health and the vice versa. In the universe’s clinic under Dr. Nature’s treatment plan, he will give you a pill of long life and spiritual abundance. The instructions are clear that this is a daily dose which you should not skip. This ends the trouble that you have been going through to overcome life’s challenges by hook or crook.

The universe does not intend to make you suffer. The shortcomings that you face are for a moment. Your portion is a long, wealthy, and healthy life. There is a lot of joy in the universe compared to hardships. Even gold is refined through fire. This is the price to pay to get the finest things in life. However, under Dr. Nature’s treatment plan, the universe has paid this price and you are set to get the magic pill of spiritual abundance.

Contents of the magic pill of long life and spiritual abundance.

There are three contents of Dr. Nature’s magic pill – time, energy, and money. It works best when you get them in the right proportions. Teens have time and energy but not enough money. Young adults have money and energy but no enough time since they are constantly working for more. Older people have money and time but not enough energy because of their old age.


The universe wants to lead you to the point where you can have enough of these three components. Age, health status, and financial position will be irrelevant after taking this magic pill. There is nothing that you will not be able to manifest in your life.

1. Time.

There is a lot of knowledge about time and its use. However, did you know that it is one of the basic components of the magic pill of spiritual abundance? Time is a measure of duration. It defines the length of age among other things. Whether you will live to a hundred years is the function of the time component in Dr. Nature’s magic pill.

You can earn long life in the universe by donating your time to the one who gave it to you. This is how the life cycle works. During childhood and teen age, adults take care of children. They guide them in making permanent life choices. When their impact is positive, they turn out to become responsible young citizens.

In the productive years of these young adults, those who mentored them in their youth are in their sunset years. They need the energy and time of their children (now adults). The young adults then give their time to commit to help their aging parents or mentors. The aged will get enough of the time component in Dr. Nature’s magic pill because they donated their time to worthy causes in the first place.

2. Energy.

Energy is the ability to do work. The amount of energy of a person is equal to the work done when the energy is released. Both the body and spirit have energy to do work and some stored in their reserves. The universe has given you the choice to determine what work you want to do with your energy. Once you do the work you want to do, the whole world will see it and will know the type of energy that filled your body and spirit because it was displayed in the work you have chosen to do.


Dr. Nature’s magic pill of long life and spiritual abundance contains enough positive energy that will lengthen your days and fill your spirit with happiness. The universe wants you to contribute to this by donating your energy towards worthy projects. You can use your mental energy to conceive a vision for the universe’s future. This will make your mind fertile for greater visions because you are spending your energy doing the right thing. The energy component of the magic pill of long life enables your mind to make wise decisions that will influence spiritual abundance.

3. Money.

Money is a generally accepted medium of exchange. It can buy you a plane ticket to Disney land, a vacation in Paris, or the latest smartphone. Most businesses are centered on how much money they can make. Shareholders want to know if their investments are profitable and at the same time managers want to suppress their expenses to maximize profits.

The universe is looking for someone who will manage money prudently. To fill this position, the universe is looking for someone who can also attract the spirit of money. You can only be rich if you know how to attract wealth and maintain it. While there are things that money cannot buy, the universe wants you to have enough of it so that your long life is as comfortable as possible.


There are various forms of medium of exchange in nature apart from money. They also play the role of a medium of exchange. The universe wants money to play its primary role in your life of being a medium of exchange. Do not let it rule your mind or spirit. It is meant to serve you and not the other way around. To manifest spiritual abundance, money should not overrule your emotions and thinking. This is how you can convince the universe that you can accommodate abundance.

The intentions of the universe over your life are genuine. It wants you to discover your limitless potential. Dr. Nature’s magic pill will help you to achieve long life and spiritual abundance especially if you get the right proportions of its contents.

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