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Tapping Into the Power of the Tongue

The pilot is in charge of flying the airplane to its destination (with guidance from the control tower). The driver is in charge of driving the bus to the bus stop (as instructed by the bus company). Who is in charge of directing your life? Nature has gifted you a driver to be in charge of directing your life. This driver can take you to your destiny safe and sound provided he seeks the guidance of nature. A driver under no guidance poses a risk to your life because he has nowhere to consult on how to best chauffeur you. The said driver is the tongue.

The tongue is a powerful body organ that plays multiple roles. It is unimaginable how life would be without it. This boneless muscle is the only trusted chauffeur to take you to your destiny. Should he mess up, your goose is cooked. Should he equally be keen, your glory is served on a golden plate. The driving manual of the tongue is your spirit. It cannot chauffeur you to a place that your spirit has not consented to. This is the control tower from where all instructions concerning your life come from.

Ordained for the Holy work.

The tongue is ordained for the Holy work of being a priest in your life. A priest does not give from his resources but from above. All good things from above are first received by your priest (the tongue) who then pours the same into your life. A perfect universe-priest-spirit-you relationship is the foundation of success. 

perfect universe

The ordained priest (your spirit) has the following dedicated roles:

  • To expand your Kingdom.

The tongue has the duty to expand your Kingdom. As circumstances may have it, sometimes the opposite happens – your Kingdom shrinks. This is unfortunate. The buck stops with the priest because he is the accounting officer. 

How does the tongue expand your Kingdom? It is responsible for building a good relationship with other people – your family, friends, workmates, and strangers. Speaking good things and staying away from conflicts strengthens these ties. The tongue has the power to turn strangers into best friends and bosom buddies to become sworn enemies. Every bridge built is an asset in your life. All relationships are very significant. 

Words can crush bones. Even the best friendships are broken by hurtful words. Refrain from saying harsh words to each other that you may later regret. It is better to say nothing than speak out of ignorance. Nature fills our spirits with good thoughts and desires daily. When your tongue fails to speak the same to the people around you, they stop seeing your importance and can cut you off. Equally, when your tongue speaks from the reserves of the spirit, your Kingdom expands and more people will want to be with you.

  • To labor in your Kingdom.

The tongue is a laborer in your Kingdom. It can either make you richer or poorer. Your tongue works for you by marketing either yourself, services, or products to other people. A hardworking laborer will attract many customers because he goes over and beyond the normal to increase market dominance. Without the input of a good marketer, sales dip and the company will face imminent closure. As the chief worker in your Kingdom, your tongue greatly influences your wealth or poverty.

You can tap into the power of the tongue as a good worker by encouraging positive talk. Do not gossip or be a rumormonger because this will contaminate the role of a priest worker. Use your tongue to work good always by presenting yourself, services, and/or goods as the solution to people’s problems. Nature will not do this for you because He already gave you the gift of the tongue. Use it for your service. 

  • To fight your battles.

Did you know that your priest is a fighter? The tongue is here to fight your battles. Do not hole up everything inside you like a defenseless person. The tongue is well-armed with enough ammunition to fight your battles. Circumstances may have forced you to flee from your enemies. You shall no longer be on the run because nature has gifted you the best warrior.

Nature is a caring parent who will always stand up for her child. Can you hurt a baby elephant in the presence of its mother? You will meet its mother’s wrath because you pose a threat to her child. The tongue presents nature’s protection over your life. Allow it to lash out at your oppressors before it is too late. 

You can tap into the power of the tongue to protect you by using it to pray for your protection. Prayer is a powerful weapon to fight off planned attacks on you. You give the universe permission to stand up for you and protect you like the royalty that you are. Divine protection comes from the prayer of a faithful child of nature made by a courageous tongue. Your priest shall not fail.


  • To bless your future.

The tongue is an intercessor always rising on your behalf to intercede. Who else knows your needs better than your priest? He is aware of your present situation and sees the future ahead of you. His main work is to link you to the prosperity ahead. 

Life has its fair share of challenges but the universe had already foreseen this. He has gifted you an intercessor to pray for you in your weakest moments. When your strength is failing, remember you do not need to do it alone. Let your intercessor pray for you.

What is your relationship with your priest? Do not give the enemy a chance to ruin the beautiful thing that you have. The prayers of your priest are divine and will be quickly admitted to the Holy of Holies. Child, you are blessed and highly favored. The best is reserved for you.

You can tap into the power of the tongue wherever you are if you make a conscious decision to do so. Make this choice today and watch the transformation of your life.

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