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Tapping into the Universe’s Oxygen Reserves


There is no doubt that oxygen is one of the most important gasses in the universe. Its availability or lack of it directly affects us in one way or the other. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are the only gasses that support life. Oxygen supports animal life while carbon dioxide plant life. Plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen then animals inhale the oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide that plants inhale. This is the cycle of these respiratory gasses. Without them, all forms of life would be extinct; both plants and animals.

The superior life in oxygen.

Oxygen is the superior gas that supports human life in the universe. It is superior because human beings are superior creations in the universe. At the intensive care units (ICU) and high dependency units (HDU) of hospitals, patients are aided to breathe oxygen to keep them alive. Doctors know that while a patient can succumb under other medical grounds, lack of oxygen should not be among them because it can be handled.

It is a mystery how the human body filters oxygen from the other components of air during respiration. You need oxygen in your lungs to enter the bloodstream and be pumped to the rest of the body by the heart. A failure of any part of this process could mean the end of your life.


The universe is emphasizing that your spirit too needs oxygen. The major difference between your body and spirit is that the former can take oxygen exhaled by plants but the latter needs oxygen from the universe’s reserves. It will not take long after your spirit dies for lack of oxygen from the universe’s reserves for your body to follow suit. However, this cannot happen if you learn to tap from the universe’s oxygen reserves.

Finding the universe’s oxygen reserves.

  1.     Purity of mind.

A pure mind is a beautiful home to the spirit. It has no time to think of mischievous plans against innocent people. It processes good thoughts to improve the spirit, the body, and the relationships they form. The universe wants you to purify your mind and keep away evil thoughts. Have a progressive mindset that will supply oxygen from the universe’s reserves to your spirit. The thoughts of your mind are highly influenced by a lot of things; especially your environment because it is what you hear and see. Take active charge of your mind and you would have found one of nature’s oxygen reserves.

  1.     Honest motives.

Your actions are a product of your motive. Evil motives give rise to evil actions and your spirit receives the same. After achieving purity of mind, the universe is looking at the motive that will influence your actions later on. Put aside selfish motives to benefit yourself at the expense of others. Do things wholeheartedly without any reservation whatsoever. Let your heart have an abundance of honesty and you will always win. The universe blesses honest motives and supplies its oxygen to the spirit that harbors it. This is an assurance of the continuity of life of this spirit.

  1.     Accountable actions.

A pure mind, honest motives, and accountable actions will take you closer to the universe’s oxygen reserves. Accountable actions demonstrate the reason for taking a particular side or making a certain choice. This is what the universe wants of you – to be in a position to be accountable for the actions you did with the oxygen tapped from its reserves. Did you encourage somebody or light the light of homes in your community? The universe will allow you to tap more oxygen from its reserves if you are accountable for your actions. Your spirit will live and so will your body.

  1.  Genuine desires.

A genuine desire for something is one of the ways through which the purity of mind manifests. Genuine desire does not have excuses. It will lead you down the rabbit hole, through tunnels, and across the oceans because you want to fulfill your desire. Furthermore, there is a guarantee you will not misuse the oxygen from the universe’s reserves because you were honest with your intentions from the start. This is how you can find the universe’s reserves – following your passion to the end. It will lead you to achieve your mission in the world and qualify for more life from the oxygen reserves of the universe.

The secret of the compass.

This is the secret of a compass – it always points to the north. Sailors and pilots are some of the major users of the compass because of its reliability. This mirrors the reliability of the universe’s oxygen reserves. They will always have enough supply for your spirit when you reach out to it. Whenever you are lost, feeling discouraged, or disappointed, the universe wants you to take out your compass of spirituality and its north will lead you to the universe’s oxygen reserves.

The promise of renewed energy.

The universe’s oxygen reserves offer you the promise of renewed energy. Your weak muscles will have new strength, your feet shall be lighter in anticipation of the journey ahead, and your mind shall have the much-needed clarity for the next phase of your life.

renewed energy

This is what the universe’s oxygen reserves have in common with renewable sources of energy:

  1. They are both environmentally friendly.

Your spirit benefits a lot from the special oxygen of the universe just as nature benefits from carbon-free energy. Your spirit will not be polluted by impurities of worldly sin. You will remain pure for the mission that the universe has appointed you for.

  1.  Both of them cannot be exhausted.

Renewable energy cannot be depleted the same way the universe’s oxygen reserves cannot be depleted. Tapping the universe’s oxygen reserves is a win because you will have the energy to pursue your life’s mission tirelessly.  

Take the decisive step to step forward and tap into the renewable oxygen reserve. It is a lease that has no expiry date. 

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