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The Art of Listening to the Unspoken

Listening is an art that is developed over time. It is one of the gifts of nature that our spirits use to communicate with the universe. We hear and listen to many different things from people daily. We hold on to some and detach from others if they are not helpful. Your next course of action is determined by the message you have listened to, actively or passively. This makes listening very important so that you are not misled in your actions.

All this while, the universe is watching you silently. It is normal to only listen to what is spoken and anything that is left unspoken is not listened to. The good news is that there is a way you can tap into this valuable skill – listening to the unspoken.

Listening is the foundation of communication in the universe. Every living and non-living thing has ears. It listens twofold; first is to your spirit and second to what the universe is saying. This is also the reason why you should speak positively. Speak life over your ailing business, financial distress, poor health, or relationships. All of them have ears that are attentive to what you are saying.

Since even walls have ears and they listen to what you speak, do you listen to both the spoken and unspoken by the universe? The universe wants you to. This is how you can listen to the unspoken:

  1.     Trend analysis.

Trend analysis is mainly observing what is happening around you. Observation is the backbone of scientific experiments. All conclusions come from reliable observations. Thereafter, scientific laws and principles are formed. Observe the recent flooding of good news in your life or to the people around you. The unspoken message is that the universe is preparing you for good news ahead. You are about to get a job promotion, new clients, or a good medical report.

The universe is always cooking something good for you. The best way to know it is to look around for signs of it. These blessings are mostly unspoken by the universe until they materialize. What are you listening to today?

  1.     The pattern of repetition.

Do you remember drawing patterns in elementary school? Learning about patterns was fun and we looked forward to it because we could easily predict how it could end. The same applies to our lives. There are patterns all over your life should you choose to observe them closely. This is part of the universe’s unspoken language.

Do you see a pattern of success throughout? Or is there a pattern of a particular type of friends showing up in your life? Your future will look exactly like these patterns. This is your time to shape your future to be how you would like it to be. The universe is shining its light on you. What do you see, my friend? You can also pay attention to patterns in the lives of your family and friends. All of this is in your power.

  1.     Listen to motives.

There is always a motive for why people act the way they do. It could be love, joy, self-interest, friendship, investment (expecting returns), or many others. Similarly, the universe has motives for its attitude and actions toward you. It could be to push you to your maximum limit, to teach you endurance, to congratulate you, to warn you, or to discipline you.

Apart from accepting or rejecting the things that either people or nature does to you, listen to their motives. It is often unspoken and left to you to figure out. Embrace good motives and avoid bad ones. This is how you listen – find out what is the benefit of the other person. As far as nature is concerned, he does everything out of love without expecting payback. Take care of your environment and nature shall take care of you too. You will reap tenfold, in due time, anything that you sow.

  1.     Be invisible.

Invisibility is a great source of power. You can do anything you want in total secrecy. Sometimes your presence can stop other people from speaking about certain issues. For reasons best known to them, they will only do so if they do not see you around. You beat them in their game if you are invisible yet present to listen to what they could not say in your presence. Consider the example of libraries, examination halls, or private meetings. The common rule to all of them is that you should not interrupt what is going on.

Being present but invisible is by not interrupting anything. They will have the courage to speak up about you as they would in private. The unspoken finally gets spoken. Invisibility will reveal the hidden agenda of people. You should try it out sometime. 

  1.     Take your time.

Rome was not built in one day. It takes quite some time to perfect the art of listening and to do it right. Rushing things through does not apply to listening. Understanding a hidden message in language tone, choice of words, and medium of communication takes much time. The unspoken is often left unspoken because you are not supposed to hear it aloud. Your patience is being put to the test.

Nature is the most patient friend you could ever have. It is patient to have a single climate for over three decades! Consider the lion as it hunts for prey. It singles out one antelope from a whole flock and patiently waits to give it a chase of a lifetime. Likewise, slowly learn the art of listening and you will hear the unspoken loud and clear.

A lot goes on behind the scenes. Like at the theatre, the universe has a backstage where thespians prepare before coming to the audience. The language behind the curtains is unspoken to the audience. They will only hear what is in the script. Listening to the unspoken will make you enjoy the play even more! 

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