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The Art of Money Seduction

Sweet talk your way through.

Seduction remains one of the oldest weapons to wage war and conquer battles. It can get you closer to places, people, or things that you never thought were possible. Ever heard that the pen is mightier than the sword?

There is now a new phrase in town – it pays to have a sweet tongue if you do not have money in your pocket. Nature has taught us that money and a sweet tongue are not mutually exclusive. For the first time, you can now eat your cake and have it!

Seduction begins with genuine intentions toward a subject matter. Do you genuinely like a lady? Please approach her. Do you like the money? Approach the custodian of all wealth – the Universe.

It is natural to seduce your way through what you desire so that you may eventually have it. It is not always true that you need to have a good job and a flourishing business for you to have a lot of money. You can as well seduce your way through the Universe’s bank of money.

The fruits of money.

The Universe has put a lot of power in money and the things that it can do. Money can solve half the world’s problems! You can buy your dream car, build your dream house, go on vacation with your family, pay fees in the best schools for your children, and buy anything that you would ever want. A lot of power has been delegated to money by the Universe and nature wants to give it to you today.

This is the art of money seduction:

  1.  The foundation.

To successfully seduce the universe to get access to its banks, you will need to get things right from the word go. The foundation of seduction is the right attitude. View money through its positive lenses and acknowledge the good that it has done. You are clothed, sheltered, and educated by money. Other many things are presently in your life courtesy of it. It may not be enough to the level you would have wanted but nature made it possible for your needs to be taken care of.

Seduction is a mind game and your mind cannot be compromised by any negativity about money and at the same time plan to seduce the universe for the same.

  1.  Purify your intentions.

After conceiving the right attitude, it is time to purify your intentions so that you may be on the same side as the universe – the custodian of money. While wearing the shoe of the one being seduced, would you accept the advances of someone with ill motives about you? Or maybe someone who only sees you as a means to the end? Similarly, your advances may be turned down if you seduce the universe with unpurified intentions. Why do you want nature to bless you with money by opening up your income channels?

Let it be for worthy reasons like being able to afford a decent lifestyle for yourself and your family or supporting good charitable causes to put a smile on other people’s faces. This will make nature opens its divine doors for you and command money to follow you the way doves feed on grains. What blessing!

  1.  Have a solid plan.

Financial institutions like banks must have borrowed a leaf from the ancient teacher – the universe– on how money operates. The art of money seduction is beyond sweet words. You have to prove your intentions beyond words on what you plan to do with the money you wish to have. Given that the universe does not have a physical office where you will walk into while armed with financial statements and business plans to show cause why you need the money, there are other avenues for the same.

Albeit silently, nature is investigating what you plan to do with the money you are bidding for. Would you work with a new business partner if they had not convinced you of their business plan? This is the reason why you need to have a plan for the money you need from the Universe’s bank.

  1.  Avoid sideshows.

Masters of seduction are straight to the point. They are bold and put on a straight face as they give their propositions. Avoid side shows when seeking permission from the universe to do business.

Permission? What permission?

The success or lack of it of any business is highly dependent on market forces. The target market is a variable that nature can control. With its permission, business will be good.

You can seek permission from the universe by focusing your business on solving an existing problem. You will be amazed at how the money will find its way into your account without much effort. You should only know how to do the right thing.

  1.  Learn the way of money.

Way of money is a necessary skill, especially in the art of seduction. It is like a compulsory subject in college – you have zero options but to do it.

What is the way of money?

Money is a currency that should not be hoarded the way some do with high-demand products. It should be left to circulate freely. You would not want a partner who would limit your social space, would you? The seducer must guarantee the one being seduced of their freedom to maintain their identity. With money, identity is circulation.

When you learn to use money to get more money, life becomes easier for you. Behold, you now have the “power to multiply” money! How does it feel to be a superhuman?

  1.  Bond with money.

You take care of what you love. This includes money. If you love money (reasonably and rationally), then money will love you back. You will be safe from fraud and your money will work for you; not you working for the money.

Do not abuse money and it will be faithful to you. Avoid money laundering and pyramid schemes. The universe will punish you by denying you the same thing that you are looking for. Bonding well with money is by earning it the legal way.

You can build a better relationship with money and it shall stay in your circle for as long as you abide by the rules. The art of money seduction guarantees improved finances and a fulfilled life. 

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