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The Art of Spiritual Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping involves recording the financial transactions of a business systematically. These records are important in monitoring business performance and evaluating ways to improve the volume of trade. The business stands to benefit a lot when its bookkeeping is done professionally and accurately. Proper bookkeeping enables a business to make accurate budget forecasts, pay taxes due, report to investors accurately, and comply with government regulations. The scope of bookkeeping is wide to the extent that it keeps on constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of businesses. It has a whole industry of dedicated professionals who ensure that bookkeeping meets the required standards and reflects the true picture of the business performance.  

Bookkeeping in businesses is a shadow of spiritual bookkeeping. Your spirit is the business enterprise and the Universe is the accountant preparing the books. It will give an accurate report on the progress of your spirit. Will your business remain a going on concern or does it face bankruptcy? Proper bookkeeping will reveal all the flaws and strengths of your business (spiritual life). This information is useful in knowing areas of improvement and monitoring to improve the quality of your spiritual life. 

Compliance with spiritual bookkeeping and audit. 

The Universe wants your spirit to comply with the required standards for bookkeeping. Just like companies must comply with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), so should your spirit comply with that of the Universe. It must comply with these principles: 

1. Principle of regularity.

A company’s financial records are required to be GAAP compliant. It is not negotiable to modify these regulations to suit circumstances. The same applies to spiritual bookkeeping. The Universe expects you to comply with its doctrines of universal love and peace without any compromise. Of all things that will be said of you, let it never be mentioned that you were not loving or peaceful. 

2. Principle of consistency.

Accountants should use the same accounting practices across all accounting periods. The business should uphold these practices even when it hires a new bookkeeper. Any change must be noted in the footnotes to alert the users of their financial statements. Spiritual bookkeeping should equally be consistent. The universe is calling out your character. It expects that you consistently be your brother’s and sister’s keeper without treating either differently from the other for whatever reason. Should there be a cause to justify any change in your character, tell them about it.   

3. Principle of sincerity. 

Bookkeepers are required by GAAP principles to report honestly on the financial health of a business without compromise. It is illegal to change facts for whatever reason. Spiritual bookkeeping demands honesty in your life approach. You must do honest work and form honest relationships. This is the best foundation you can lay for your future generations.  

4. Principle of permanence of methods. 

This is similar to the principle of consistency except that it singles out the preparation of financial reports. A bookkeeper should ensure that any report prepared by one company can be compared to another. This sets the tone for the company culture in bookkeeping. Spiritual bookkeeping focuses on your spirit’s firmness. Your character may be compared to your poor reputation in the past but you should be firm to prove that you are a changed person.   

5. Principle of non-compensation. 

This GAAP principle roots that the performance of a business should be reported as it is without making it try to look better (in case of a loss). Bookkeepers should not try to compensate a debt with revenue. Both should be reported separately. Spiritual bookkeeping works on the same principle. While you may not be able to change your dark past, the universe allows you to work on your present and the future. Your spirit must work to create harmony in the present and onwards, not to correct a failed past. The universe wants you to live past it because you were naïve at the time but you are now wise.  

6. Principle of prudence. 

Bookkeepers must stick to facts when preparing financial records. They do not engage in speculation about the future of the business but are only concerned about the current performance. Likewise, spiritual bookkeeping is prudent. Your spirit must stick to the real issues in your life and not the imaginary happenings of the future. This is for the universe to ensure you are committed to your life and that of your loved ones. Instead of building castles in the air about what you think awaits you in the future, your spirit should work on the present. 

7. Principle of continuity. 

Regardless of the status of the business, bookkeepers must assume that it will continue to operate when they are preparing financial reports. The universe wants your spirit to adopt this principle when doing your spiritual bookkeeping. Always believe, by grace, that you will see the next day. This is the faith that the Universe wants you to have when doing spiritual bookkeeping. 

8. Principle of periodicity. 

Bookkeepers should limit themselves to a specific period when preparing financial information. Any other information outside this period is irrelevant in the preparation of financial records. The Universe, in doing spiritual bookkeeping, is focused on only the matters that are relevant in your life. In that respect, it wants you to only focus on the things that you can control and not worry about those that you cannot. This is the best practice. 

9. Principle of materiality. 

As a principle, accountants must disclose all the financial information of a company to the best of their ability. This is to ensure that they are thorough in their work and leave no stone unturned. The universe requires the same from your spirit – to be thorough in everything that you do. It will make you competent, effective, and productive in the Universe.  

 10. Principle of utmost good faith. 

Bookkeepers are required to be ethical in their professional conduct. They should discharge their duties without bias and be objective in their line of work. Spiritual bookkeeping equally demands higher accountability and ethical standards. You will constantly keep yourself in check and comply with the Universe’s standards of honest living. Spirituality discourages a scandalous and dishonest life. In the same breath, it encourages transparency and a healthy lifestyle. 

The art of spiritual bookkeeping is an important skill that the Universe wants you to perfect. It will turn your life around and give you a different perspective on life. Start by observing these ten principles.

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