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The Benefits of Spiritual Freedom in Forgiveness

The promise of freedom can keep you on edge. You will be constantly checking on the time to see if your freedom moment has arrived. A lot of things will be running through your mind at the same time. Prisoners jailed by the state and once-upon-a-time colonies are best placed to explain how they crave(d) freedom. They miss the freedom to do what they want at the time of their choice. Other people now plan their time. They follow a schedule imposed on them without consent. You can imagine their joy when you promise them freedom.

The universe is promising you freedom today if you chose the path of forgiveness. It is the beginning of spiritual freedom that will manifest in your daily life.

 The riddle of forgiveness.

Forgiveness remains a mystery to many people. Who benefits more from forgiveness? Is it the one who forgives or the forgiven? Both of them benefit from an agreement of forgiveness but the one offering forgiveness is the biggest winner. He is the one who was hurt and still goes ahead to forgive his offender. It signifies his heart of gold to give a second chance to the offender. This is the will of nature – to give us a second chance as we do the same to each other. Forgiveness guarantees you much-needed spiritual freedom. These are the benefits of spiritual freedom:

  1.     You avoid the trap of bitterness.

Bitterness is a spiritual trap that captures the unforgiving spirit. When you hold onto a grudge against someone, you continue to resent them longer. What began lightly as a joke turns out to be serious to the point you want nothing to do with the offender. This impacts your spiritual life negatively. It is like continuously driving around a roundabout. You will be moving without any meaningful progress because you still return to the original spot where you started. Bitterness attracts the spirit of a roundabout.


The universe is opening your eyes to the power of forgiveness that sets you free from this spirit. You will finally see the road ahead and you can drive away safely. You benefit wholesomely when you choose to forgive unconditionally. You will be like a man who walks away from a pit to avoid falling into it. This is how you avoid the trap of bitterness.

  1.     You walk out of your prison cell.

Freedom is a major blessing that the universe is giving you in abundance. You are free to love yourself more and other people as well. You cannot love other people if you do not practice self-love. This is what the universe is offering to you at no cost! Forgiveness. You love yourself more through forgiving other people. It boosts your self-esteem that you are a special man/woman not corrupted by the world.

Forgiving other people is like walking out of a prison cell that you have locked yourself in yet you have the keys to it. Once you are out of prison, nature opens your eyes to many opportunities created for you. You are a free person and the world needs many of your kind.

  1.     Spiritual freedom attracts discipline.

Discipline is the ability to do the right thing even when no one is watching. Freedom gives you the power to do anything you want but discipline leads you to do the right thing. Forgiving other people demonstrates spiritual maturity and the universe can trust you at a higher level. This earned trust puts you in charge of your spiritual life and you cannot afford to lose it. You will develop a sense of discipline that is necessary for the pursuit of your purpose.

The universe wants you to be forgiving as it is to you. You will be like a tree planted along the river; never withering and ever productive. This is the power of discipline through forgiveness.

  1.     Spiritual freedom teaches what to hold and what to release.

Sometimes we receive by giving. This principle of nature extends even to forgiveness. A time has reached in your life for you to release some things and hold onto others. Release forgiveness to everyone who has offended you and hold on to their good memories. This is the purpose of forgiveness – to see everyone in a good light. The butterfly of love is in your hands, you can release it alive and let it fly away or you can squeeze it in your fist and the butterfly will die. You allow another butterfly to fly to you if you release the first one.

sunset and letting go

Nature shall guide it to you because it knows that you are a safe space. The universe wants you to release bad energy and create room for positive energy. This is possible only through forgiveness.

  1.     Spiritual freedom is a license.

 A license is legal permission authorizing you to operate. It could be a driving license, a work permit, or a visa. You are confident to practice whatever you are licensed to. Likewise, spiritual freedom licenses you to interact freely with the universe. You can confidently pray about something and your prayer shall be answered. Nothing can pin you to your faults because you have been forgiven by forgiving others. You have permission to claim your space in the universe and it shall be done for you.

heart of the Universe

  1.     Spiritual freedom is the heart of the universe.

Every parent desires to see their child grow up to be like them or even outshine them. Nature is an example of such a parent. He forgives and expects you to be forgiving too. Forgiveness is at the heart of the universe. You will eventually attain spiritual freedom through forgiveness. The blessings of the father to the son shall fall on you because you have provoked them by pleasing your father.

Forgiveness has many benefits, among them spiritual freedom. This is a defining moment in your life that could change everything. Forgive and you shall be forgiven.

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