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The Cocktail of Money and Relationships

The idea of a cocktail.

idea of cocktail

Before the idea of a cocktail, there were very few options at the table. Then boom! Cocktail happened! You can now have multiple fruit juices at once. The beauty of a cocktail is that it is all-inclusive. Similarly, you can have your cocktail of choices from the universe. You do not have to take long to attract money first and then form your dream relationship. The universe has made it possible for you to have both simultaneously.

Just as it is in bars and restaurants, so it is with the universe. There is a mixologist who is specialized in mixing cocktails. He is there to help you make the right choice and have your desired cocktail. The universe’s mixologist is nature. She is there to mix your cocktail orders for you as you want. So, what do you order from her?

When asked to choose between money and relationships, most people would go for one or the other. Very few people would choose a cocktail of both. Contrary to what most people believe that you cannot eat your cake and have it, the universe wants the best for you – as much money as possible and the best partner to enjoy your wealth with. This is raw love from the universe that you should not take for granted.

How to order your cocktail.

how to order cocktails
  1. Tune your mind.

You should be prepared mentally to accept the generosity of the universe. You need to shift from your old mentality of wanting to have many things in a queue and accept the new world order that the universe is bringing to you. Begin desiring both money and relationships at the same time. This will prepare your spirit to receive the same from the universe. The connection between your spirit and the universe is formed by a spark of desire.

  1. Follow your star streak.

Everybody has their star streak and what they want to do in life. If you are yet to discover yours, you have to look within yourself for it. Your star lies where your passion is at. You could be passionate about music, arts, science, or nature. It is the only place you can order your cocktail of money and relationships. You can mine a fortune by following your passion and where your heart leads you. Your spirit automatically connects to the universe when you are following your purpose. Your future husband/wife is waiting for you where your purpose is.

  1. Earn the gifts of the universe.

Money and healthy relationships are gifts from the universe. Like all gifts, they are earned. It is not enough to blindly follow your purpose. Be strategic while at it. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You cannot earn gifts of the universe if you continue in your old ways. You earn money and a healthy relationship when you stick to your purpose and be creative in what you do. You will eventually be that magnet that attracts pure metals.

  1. Be open about finances

The money issue has never been easy in relationships. It is responsible for many failed relationships. The universe wants total openness on it. The way you are open to the mixologist when you order your cocktail, be so to your partner. Hiding your finances from him/her will make you lose them even as you gain more money. You will be back to square one without a cocktail from your favorite mixologist.

  1. Combine your stars.

Two heads are better than one. This is true even in relationships and finances. Two candles shine brighter. None dims the other. You can sustain your relationship by combining efforts in business or work. The chances of success for both of you are higher unlike when you are struggling alone. When you are in one spirit with your partner, your joint projects are a success. You are not in competition with each other. It is a partnership.

  1. Give back to nature.

Do you thank your mixologist for making you that beautiful drink? Similarly, you should sign a thank you note to the universe when you get your cocktail as ordered. Nature is the mixologist who prepares your cocktail. Take care of her so that she can continue making you your favorite cocktail. You can show your care by being considerate to other people who are also part of the bigger echo system.

  1. Beware of the pride of wealth.

There is the temptation to be arrogant when you are full. Now that you have both money and a healthy functional relationship, you may think that there is nothing much to look forward to. There is plenty. You may not get another glass of cocktail when you abuse the honor of being served by the first. Guard your status of being privileged to be served by the universe. Money and a healthy relationship shall forever be your portion because of how the universe shall be proud of you.

  1. Learn and practice patience.

Most people want overnight success. They want their order served at the snap of a finger. The universe does not work this way. Mixologists take their time to prepare your cocktail and serve it to you. As much as you desire money and a functional relationship, know that it will take some time before the universe works something out for you. Until it happens, you have to be patient to be served. You could give up when you are almost being served and you would have thrown the baby with the bath water.

cost of cocktail

The cost of a cocktail.

Cocktails are costly. Sometimes it might cost you an arm and a leg depending on what you order. Here is how you can purchase your glass of cocktail and live the best of your life. It is also a way of killing two birds with one stone. What glory! Be prepared to devote your time and invest in your purpose, follow your star streak, and combine efforts with your partner. All your efforts shall manifest in due time. 

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