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The Combination of Unlocking Nature’s Vault

A vault is a safe place where you can store your valuables. Money, jewelry, documents; you name them, can be stored safely in the vault for as long as you need. Suffice to say, the inside of a vault is one of the safest places in the world. There are two major reasons why people put things in vaults; either they are valuable or it is a secret. For these reasons, only a limited number of people are given access to the vault by the owner, let alone know the secret password to unlock it. It remains to be a highly guarded secret for the vault to be useful.

The puzzle of opening the vault.

Opening a vault is not easy because the owner has securely locked it from people with evil intentions. A vault can be locked by a secure complex combination or a series of locks, each with a separate key. The keys are not stored together so it takes time to get all of them to unlock.

Banks offer vaults as security services to their clients. They can lock their valuables inside and take the key with them or cram the combination to unlock and leave the vault at the bank. Whatever they have put inside is very safe and further insured by the bank.

There are a million possible combinations to unlock a vault. This makes it difficult for a stranger to make a random guess to unlock it. As a vault owner, you can be very confident of the safety of your vault.

The vault of the universe.

The universe has a vault where it keeps all its valuables – blessings of good health, abundance, mental liberation, financial freedom, divine peace, and so many more. The universe entrusts the combination of its vault to trusted people who will keep the secret safe. For millions of years, the secret combination has remained a mystery because those who were entrusted with it have been religiously loyal to keep it a secret.

What are the lengths you are willing to go to know the secret combination? You have to prove yourself worthy to know the combination of the universe’s vault. Here is how to:

  1. Being faithful.

Faithfulness is the character of keeping your word. A faithful person is honest in word and deed. This is the character that the universe is looking for in people before entrusting them with the combination of its vault. Your commitment to the universe cannot be doubted.

  1. Being loyal.

Loyalty is the character of being reliable. You can always count on a loyal person to come through for you each time you need him/her. The universe can entrust the combination of its vault to a loyalist because he/she can be relied upon to fulfill its mandate. They will shelve their contradicting values and adopt those of the universe because of their loyalty.

  1. Being discrete.

Discrete is the character of being private with your knowledge. You are always careful not to speak out sensitive information to an irrelevant audience. The universe cannot trust you with the combination of its vault if you are not discrete. This is closely guarded knowledge and you are among the chosen few.

  1. Being teachable.

Teachability is the character of being able and willing to learn. There is always something new to learn for everyone. Learning is infinite. This extends even to the knowledge of the combination of the universe’s vault. It is progressive and there is an extension to what you already know. The universe is calling out your ability to improve your knowledge.

The combination of the universe’s vault is infinite. It is progressive and the universe continues to reveal it to those who meet its criteria. These are some of the revealed codes of the magic combination:

  1. Traveling.

There is an African saying that goes that a person who does not travel only knows his/her mother as a great cook. The importance of traveling widely could not have been put any better. It gives you more exposure to other cultures and their socialization. You will taste the cuisines of other places and conclude that there are other great cooks besides your mother. You also get exposed to the different sides of nature.

  1. Social skills.

Socialization helps you to make friends with people with whom you share similar interests. They know a hack or two that will make your life easier. Their friendship adds value to your life. Well-connected friends will introduce you to new businesses and skills. This is a code in the universe’s vault that will combine with the others to unlock it.

  1. Spiritual education.

Spiritual education is the knowledge of spiritual matters and how the universe operates. It is important to understand the operations of the owner of the vault you want to unlock. Soul ties and spiritual hygiene are important highlights of spiritual education. This helps you to deeply understand the dos and don’ts in the universe. It will also open your mind to discover more possible combinations to unlock the universe’s vault.

  1. Exploration.

Exploration is the art of searching for the unknown. It is a thirst that can be quenched only after satisfying your curiosity. The universe has buried some answers deep in mysteries and you can only see them if you look closely enough. Some codes in the combination unlocking the universe’s vault need you to search deeply for you to see them.

  1. Smart memory.

A smart mind is the glue that pieces together the different codes in the combination of the universe. In one touch, bingo! The vault unlocks when the codes in the combination align. You can finally have everything in it. A smart mind puts everything together for you to get inside the vault.

All your life’s dreams are in the vault of the universe. You can have all of them after unlocking the vault. The codes of the combination of the vault of the universe are dynamic. They keep on increasing from time to time, obviously for security reasons, but nature continues to give you a chance to crack it. 

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