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The Companionship of the Universe

Companionship is beyond friendship.

It is when you develop a deeper connection with someone else and the two of you become one. Your routines become in sync with each other yet you retain your identities. We have friends, relatives, and companions yet we connect with all of them but at different levels.

The scope of companionship

Companionships stick more, bond tighter, and go deeper than any other relationship you may have. Marriages founded on companionship last longer than those based solely on friendships. In companionship, you find love and spiritual ties that bind you with your chosen companion for the rest of your lives. The scope of companionship is tied to two aspects:

  1.  Being whole.

Until you find a companion, you are not whole. You are still a fraction or decimal. But they come into your life to complete you. No one else can fill their part in your life. Although you are doing fine in your daily routine, you can do better when you are whole.


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  1.  A better understanding of yourself.

Companions help you discover things about yourself that you did not know. They bring out abilities you have that you were not aware of them before. You also do the same to them. Discovering each other is an eye-opener. You have the world ahead of you to conquer together.

The ultimate companionship.

There are two tiers of companionships – the physical and the spiritual. Physical companionship is with other people and how close they get to your life. It is not a surprise that people end up falling in love with their companions and end up marrying them.

Spiritual companionship is on a whole different level. It is companionship with the universe. It can happen even when you already have physical companionship. This is the ultimate companionship. Sadly, most people stop at the first tier and do not look beyond to create spiritual companionship.

The importance of companionship with the universe.

  1.  You connect with eternity.

There is life beyond the present. Eternity is such a long time that we would be lost without companionship. The universe is the only one that was in the past, is in the present, and shall be there even in eternity. Bonding with the universe is an opportunity to live across different seasons, most especially in the future while you are yet to be there. Nothing is hidden between companions. This is how the universe will allow you to connect with eternity.

As life happens, things will no longer be a surprise to you. Your every step shall be guided and assured by the master of eternity – the universe.


  1.     You discover your purpose.

Your purpose is the reason for which you were born. Some know it earlier while others wait longer to discover their purpose. Companionship with the universe reveals it to you without struggle and you can lay your foundation in life early enough. The master of time (the universe) knows your fate and everything about you. When you are companions, you will understand your purpose on time and have much to enjoy later on. The universe leads you to do the right thing for you. Isn’t that what companions are for?

  1.  You become genuinely happy.

Genuine happiness is not easy to come by. Most people live to survive and being unhappy has now become part of their lifestyle. There is everything wrong is making unhappiness normal. Genuine happiness will make you live without regrets because there is fulfillment in everything you do. This is an enviable lifestyle that the universe offers you free of charge when you become companions. Companionship with the universe is a whole package and happiness is at the center of it.

  1.   You are prepared for what lies ahead.

Companionship with the universe prepares you for what is to come. If you develop spiritual companionship before the physical one, developing it, later on, becomes much easier because you have already successfully done the hardest part. Your future husband or wife will have an easier bonding with you because you are already fully baked by the universe. That aside, you will also be ready to accommodate somebody else into your life because you now know what you need from them.

Most relationship problems are because either one or both of them have never had companionship with the universe and they, therefore, do not know how to handle physical companionship.

Forming companionship with the universe.

Now that you know what companionship with the universe looks like, you must be wondering how to form this kind of spiritual companionship. This is the first step in the right direction. There are many more to come.

  1.     Create time for yourself.

The universe speaks directly to your spirit. It is not anywhere else where you can say you want to go and consult with them. The ‘you-time’ is how you bond with the universe. Take time off your busy schedule and go for nature walks, sit at the beach shores, go surfing, ride, or sit somewhere alone to meditate. In your lone moments, the universe will minister to your spirit. It will manifest in the new ideas that flood your mind and how your thinking will be renewed.

  1.  Take a leap of faith.

The universe operates on the bandwidth of faith. You have to believe that it exists and controls every aspect of your life. Otherwise, how can a ‘non-existent’ universe have a spiritual companionship with you? Stop doubting if you will ever have a perfect companionship with the universe because of maybe how imperfect you are. The universe is not looking for perfection, only believers who are ready to take a leap of faith.


  1.  Nurture your companionship.

For anything to grow, it needs to be nurtured. Companionship with the universe needs the same. You need to be sensitive in your spirit to things that will ruin the beautiful companionship you have developed with the universe.

Be considerate of other people and express kindness throughout. This ultimate guide will help you develop a healthy companionship and have your forever moment. The help you have been waiting for has now arrived. Grab it!

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