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The Deep Pockets of Nature

The science of deep pockets.

Having deep pockets is the ability to afford something at very high prices and remain unmoved by it. This is especially the situation presented in the world. Soaring inflation and scarcity of basic commodities have made us dig deep in our pockets for basic survival. There are a lot of things that we have been pushed to the wall to do by existing situations.

The universe is looking out for us and wants us to follow its example of how it has survived throughout generations. Many people have resorted to different solutions to get the status of deep pockets like nature. Some choose to work for long hours, others choose to be rogue (unfortunately), others decide to be beggars, and the last group chooses to suffer in silence.

While at it, nature wants you to know that this is not what he chooses for you. He wants you to live a fulfilling life and be able to afford the bare minimum

The first step.

To comfortably walk with someone, you first need to agree. Thereafter, you can walk towards the same goal. Similarly, you need to read on the same page with nature if you want to walk with him to financial freedom. While sticking to the universe’s routine, there are things that you must urgently do to start the walk to financial freedom.

  1. Complete devotion.

There is no single day that the sun has failed to rise or the wind did not blow, even just a little. Even when it is cloudy, the sun is always up in the sky but hidden by thick clouds.

We do not enjoy its light or heat because it is hidden from us by clouds, not because it failed to show up. This is an indication of the universe’s devotion. How devoted are you to what you do? It does not matter whether the business environment is unfavorable or there are new challenges that have popped up your way.

Adopt the devotion style of the universe. It rewards effort and commitment with money. This is the beginning of financial liberation. It is almost automatic that there is light at dawn break and the moon disappears to give way to stronger natural light.

Likewise, when you always show up in your business or work without being held back by challenges, they will eventually disappear to give way to a stronger light – you. Money speaks the language of devotion. Are you devoted?

  1. Compassion.

To be compassionate is to care and look with sympathy to those to whom life has been unkind. There should be humanity in business and any kind of work that you do. Anything that falls short of it is punished by nature by way of missing the reward. Consider the generosity of the universe – everyone gets free breathing air without paying for it. If nature were to monetize this gift for just a dollar per day, how wealthy could it be? Or even still, how many people could afford it?

Adopt the compassion of nature in your work and you will be rewarded with more money. Generosity to others is like a loan to nature and it shall repay you in due time. Do not exploit those in need of a commodity because you are in a position to do it. Instead, strike a balance between business and compassion.

The Universe will love you for it and see to it you remain in business for longer so that you may continue being a blessing. Are you compassionate?

  1. Patience.

Guilty as charged! Many people are caught up in wanting to get instant results. It was not the case before but it eventually became like this with the evolution of technology. Gradually, the humanity of people has been washed away and replaced by the desire to make instant money whether genuinely or not. They say that the end justifies the means.


Look at nature and how it has been able to survive for hundreds of generations. Everything in the universe is controlled by fate and destiny. In the universe’s wisdom, some things happen at their appointed time and not a minute earlier. What you can do is align yourself with the universe’s destiny for you. One thing is certain – your destiny is beautiful. You only ruin it when you want “instant” results. You will get the money you are working so hard for. You will even get the riches that you are working tirelessly for. Would you please practice a little patience as nature does?

  1. The courage to be persistent.

Some of the most celebrated forms of nature are wildlife. Among them is the lion – one of the big five animals found mostly in Africa. Why is he the King of the jungle? There are other bigger animals like the elephant but they are not the Kings of the jungle. Nature chooses the lion and it is so to date. It is because of the courage of the lion. A lioness (the fearless hunter) could not be stronger than a buffalo but she will still gang up with other lionesses to hunt one buffalo. This is courage.

Most people give up without attempting what they think is good for them. They quit the race before it even starts. This is unfortunate. Take the example of nature’s King and have the courage to climb mountains and cross rivers as you work for your money. Be fearless and your reward of money is waiting for you on the other side. The universe loves courageous people because they prove that they will not quit even when it looks impossible to other people. Are you courageous?

Nature has deep pockets for riches and even deeper ones for the love of humanity. Financial independence is the reason for the existence of many companies and businesses in the world. Learning how the universe has managed to survive for many generations will be useful because you will follow suit and develop the right money attachment styles.  

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