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The Divinity of New Beginnings


As experience has taught us, everything has a beginning and an end. A lot happens in between and you wish to have the power to take time back and put your house in order. Unfortunately, it has been impossible until now that you are about to learn how to leverage nature’s secret of the divinity of new beginnings.

Consider the beginning of a young life. The life of an infant is a beautiful experience, in fact magical. The innocence, calmness, peace, and love that come from the newborn is something lacking in many adults. The life of an infant is just beginning in the world and the universe has consecrated it as sacred. We should treat it as such. This is why you cannot resist the pull of a child. The infant is so fragile yet powerful and although he is not armed, he can arrest your attention in no time. The divine hand of the universe is at work here. Now imagine if this same hand touched your life.

New beginnings radiate hope where it looked impossible. A divine beginning is not influenced by what happened in the past. What matters is the present that the universe has anointed. It matters no more that you have failed in the past ten attempts. This is a dark past that the universe wants to put behind you and concentrate on the new creation that lies ahead. New beginnings write off every bad memory and experience. You are about to start afresh as if nothing happened before.

The daily gift.

Who is it that can give you a gift daily? Few if none at all can consistently do it. They can try for a few days before they get tired and stop. However, nature harbors such great love for us that it gifts us daily. It has never failed, even once in its religious duty to gift you. It has even done so today. This daily gift is a new day.

daily gift

A new day is a fresh one free from the baggage of the previous days. It is innocent and different from all the days that have come before today. It has become normal for us to see a new day when it should not be. Do not take the daily gift of the universe for granted.

Imagine if we had one endless day, how would life be? What would become of us if there was no time and no day or night? Our lives could be in a loop and we could not have a minute to rest. This is why nature gifts us a new day, daily. The divinity of new beginnings cannot be wished away. Instead, it is our time to maximize it.

The journey to restoration.

This is your time to start the journey to restoration of your fortunes. You can turn on a new page in your life and smash every target ahead. There is renewed hope in new beginnings. This is how you can embrace it:

  1. Spread your wings.

What you do as you prepare to receive nature’s daily gift matters a lot. It is cultural to extend your hands with decorum to receive a gift and then audibly say, “Thank you!” How do you poise to receive nature’s gift?

Consider the birds of the air. They are aware they are birds who should fly like their mothers but what do they do before they can fly? These nestlings wish to fly but they do not have enough feathers to do so. Then they slowly start growing feathers and become fledglings. The new fledglings start to learn to fly with a lot of vigor and they will throw themselves from their nests down so that they can experience flying. Faced with the possibility of falling, they spread their wings and goodness! They can now fly! This is a new beginning.

The new beginning in the life of this young bird begins with a step of faith to spread its wings as soon as they leave the nest. Nature equally wants you to spread your wings like a bird. It is impossible and difficult until you leap forward. You will equally not succeed until you try it out. The universe shall give you the grace to blossom in your new beginning if you spread your wings to receive the daily gift of nature.

  1.     Sink your roots.

As you look forward to a new beginning blessed by the high priest himself, the universe, you should plan on how you shall never miss out on each daily gift from nature. This is a divine time in your life when the universe wants to restore you to your former glory and even greater.

new beginning

Consider the growth of a seedling. It has its role to play even if all conditions for growth are met. Water, air, light, and warmth are not the only ones. Although germination can still happen, the young plant should sink its roots into the ground to benefit from the water and nutrients in the soil. Thereafter, a new beginning dawns in the life of the young plant.

The universe is gifting you a divine beginning today. Like a plant, sink your roots to reach water and nutrients required for growth. Stay rooted in your beliefs and values about the present and the afterlife. Your life will never wither. Your leaves shall be green all year round and your leaves shall be a shade for most people. Your new beginning shall be fruitful because you are firmly rooted in the divinity of the universe.

The universal blessing.

New beginnings are universal. You will not be left out of it if you make the first step like the young birds and plants do. Be thankful each time you see a new day because you are not lucky. You are blessed and highly favored.

When the universe blesses your beginnings, the rest of your journey shall be smooth. A new beginning rubs all your mistakes and your life stays on course.

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