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The Five Doors to the Bank of the Universe


The first bank.

The modern banks as you know them are not very new. They are modified from the original idea of how the Universe wanted nature to operate. Unfortunately, man did not know how to go about it until the first bank in the world Monte Dei Paschi di Siena, in present-day Italy, was founded in the year 1472. People had big dreams and they saw a solution in this bank. They could save and invest where they felt their money was safe. Everybody needs to feel safe and banks offer the same – financial security. Come to think of it, what can’t money buy?

The banking sector has had its challenges and several banks have collapsed. So what happens to those who were dependent on them? Recently, The New York Times reported that the world’s oldest bank was struggling to remain afloat. Despite how unreliable banks can be, there is only one bank that has stood the test of time until now – the Universe.

Did you know?

The Bank of the Universe is infinite. You can ethically ‘loot’ it through its hidden doors!

The Universe is a bank where you can comfortably transact without any fear of recession, inflation, or any economic danger. Your deposits are safe, your secrets too, and everything you will want to put in a bank. Before you open your account in this super bank, know the rules. You can only enter this universal bank through its five main doors, nowhere else.

As you think about withdrawing as much as you need from your infinite account, remember that you cannot deplete its resources so take your time. These are the hidden glass doors of the Universal bank:

  1.     A natural diet.

This is how you live the happily ever after kind of life. The greatest investment you can ever have is your health because it gives you the freedom to enjoy everything else that you have worked for. The universe knows this and has laid the password to the ATM of good health in your hands – natural food and water.

There are a lot of processed foods on the market. They are tasty and a quick fix for hunger. There is a lot of good nutrition in natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, lentils, beans, and nuts. If you want to enjoy infinite health from the bank of the universe, do not look elsewhere but at what nature is offering you in abundance.

Natural foods are rich in nutrients, fiber, and minerals like calcium and magnesium. Say goodbye to sickness and frequent hospital visits by withdrawing as much as you need from the infinite bank of the universe.

  1.     A creative mind.

Poverty is scary. Before you reach there or if you have found yourself caught up by it, the universe is asking you to bail yourself out of it. There is abundance in the universal bank of the universe. As you step into it, have a business idea to solve existing problems. Your customers will reward you with payment as gratitude. It will eventually create generational wealth for you.

A bright business idea gives room for abundance in wealth and not only for immediate use. An abundance in wealth is a reward by the universe for solving existing problems in a way nobody has ever thought of it before. One quick question, what solution do you have to existing problems?

Like every other bank, the Universe cannot fund you for an unjustifiable reason. There are no short-term fixes for an abundance in wealth, even generational wealth.

  1.     Purity.

It is everybody’s dream to be pure. Purity is increasingly becoming rare and people do not know what would become of them in the future. Can the universe solve this for you? Yes, it can. Your thoughts control the direction of your life. This is why you need an abundance of purity.

I recently opened a business account with my bank. They needed the company documents and I had to sign all the necessary papers required. I applied for a cheque book and VISA card so that it becomes easier to do business. After all that was done, the lady smiled and look at me. She told me that she will be my relationship manager. She would ensure my relationship with the bank is okay and explain to me all the policies I will need to understand. Wow! It is a cool idea, isn’t it?

Banks now have relationship managers. Their work is mainly to establish a good rapport between the bank and the customer. Your relationship manager in the bank of the universe is a pure mind and spirit. This is why you need it in abundance for you to grow and expand. – purity of mind and spirit attracts the right things in your life.

  1.     Infinite patience.

Patience has been lacking in many people. Everybody wants a short-term solution so that they can forge ahead with what they want. One thing that the bank of the Universe is constantly searching for in you is patience. It took millions of years for nature to be the way it is. The Universe knows your needs and is working things out for you. The only thing required of you is patience.

What happens when you give up midway before your prayers are answered? Even nature stops working things out for you and leaves you on your own. This door of the universe is like transparent glass. You can see through it and what is on the other side but you cannot take it or touch it. You have to wait for your turn. Impatience will lock you out of the bank of abundance.

  1.     Infinite love.

Infinite love is a door of the bank of the Universe that is very much hidden. Most people have limitations on how much they love. Nature’s love is infinite and it demands the same from us. Love endlessly and do not hold grudges for too long. This door of the bank of the universe opens for those filled with love. Their actions are not ill-motivated and nature can trust them with an abundance of wealth. Actions that are driven by love will not hurt nature. This is why it will open its doors wide open for you.


A creative mind, infinite love and patience grants you access to an abundance of generational wealth, a natural diet grants you good health, and purity is the door to a good relationship with the bank of the Universe. Our program of the miracle 33 gives you all of this and more. Enroll to get access to all the 33 moneyless manifestors today!

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