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The Five Hidden Secrets of Mastering your Reality


Reality is calling.

You can run away from everything except reality. It will finally catch up with you and it won’t be pleasant when it does.

Reality reminds you that you are broke and alone. It shows you that you are in debt and auctioneers may knock on your door soon. This is the number one reason why most people would rather not face the reality and continue living in denial. It is normal to have expectations of what will happen in the future if everything goes on as planned. It gives you the much-needed hope not to give up, at least not yet. The struggle to keep up with reality on one hand and still have hope that things will work out is a delicate balancing affair.

Gladly, the Universe in its abundance has not left us out on our own. There are dos and don’ts if you want to master your reality and be on top of things, not the other way round. When you are facing reality one-on-one, your limits are being tested. What will you do when you are caught between a rock and a hard place?

  1.  Manage your expectations.

Our greatest undoing is putting too much trust in people instead of the Universe. While people may change their stand, the Universe will always fulfill its part. Put your expectations on it because they will match your reality. It shall never fail you.

For example, you can be sure as the rising of the sun that nature shall heal your stress when you meditate deeply. You can take that to the bank, not somebody’s word that they shall give you X or Y. Managing your expectations by trusting in the Universe is stepping on the abundance accelerator. You have your foot on the gas pedal and it means your speed will increase. You are on the winning team and that is enough assurance for an abundance of what you put your heart to.

Reality will knock you down when it dawns on you that what you expected is not what you are having. This disparity is what drives people to depression, stress, and anxiety. From then onwards, life becomes intolerable until they can handle it no more. You can cure this by managing your expectations and putting your trust only in the Universe.

  1.     Accommodate pain.

Pain is undesirable. However, the brighter side is that it wakes you up to reality. The body communicates to you that something is not okay and you need to correct it. In its original intention, nature designed pain to bring you back to the reality that you need to do something.

During the December holidays, my cousins from upcountry came to visit us at the coast. The following day, we went swimming at the beach. Suddenly, Mercy, then only 8 years, screamed in pain. She started crying and I carried her out of the water. She has stepped on Jellyfish! It stung her. I soothed her and carried her back to the car so that we can go to the hospital for treatment. But before we even reached there, the pain had subsided. She was smiling!

The reality at the time is that we knew that there were Jellyfish yet we let her swim because of her persistence. She braved the pain when the doctor treated her and gently removed the spikes from her foot. The next time they came for holiday, she did not want to swim on that beach but somewhere else. This is a perfect example of how we can accommodate pain to teach us a life lesson.

The reality that pain is uncomfortable will make you not repeat what you did wrong. So, what did you learn from your last painful experience?

  1.  Leave room for adjustment.

Always leave room for adjustment. The future, beginning with the next minute from now is uncertain. This is why you must always create space for change. If not, the reality of the future may haunt you and leave you without options.

Communicate with the Universe

Only the Universe knows the future. Do not burn bridges because you may need them to cross once more. Do not soil relationships because your paths may cross again. Neither should you commit yourself to a NEVER moment because you may have to take back your statement when push comes to shove.

Space for adjustment makes you flexible to adapt to the present reality. This is a survival skill you should adopt. It does not make you undecided but rather a master of reality who is ready for anything. Hey there Master, how does it feel like to be in charge?

  1.     Master the law of cause and effect.

The law of cause and effect is one of the principles of Karma. X shall happen to you because you did (or did not do) Y. Your every action is directly responsible for the results you get. The only variable is your actions and the reality depends on it. It means that you can create your reality however way you want.

For example, if you want to get a promotion at your workplace, you need to have the necessary qualifications and make a prayer for it. The reality will come when you are qualified then your prayer is answered. The law of cause and effect gives you creation powers! This is how you become a master of reality.

  1.  Review work done and take feedback.

Sometimes we are so engrossed in what we do that we forget to look back at what we have accomplished. It is important to do so because you will know how to act on the present reality to get the same results as it was in your first win.

Although circumstances between the past and the present could be different, there is something that you can borrow from your past accomplishment to control reality. Also, learn to take feedback from other people about what you are going through. They can distinguish truth from fiction because they have no conflict of interest.

Just as iron sharpens iron, we learn through the eyes of other people. You then rise to become a master of reality.

The Universe has hidden these secrets of mastering reality but we unearthed them for you. Join our program abundance accelerator to discover these and more. Having things under control is the ultimate prize. Be ready to receive it. See you soon. 

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