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The Five Natural Ingredients for Abundance


The making of a meal.

You are the chef, the kitchen is the world and the meal is abundance. How will your meal be served? Or will the kitchen heat drive you away? Chefs will tell you that there is a recipe for every meal. Even the impromptu new kitchen skills are always well thought of.

Every cook wants to make a memorable meal. The guests served should never forget how they licked their fingers after eating your tasty meal. They will praise you even after they have left because you delivered on the assignment. The ingredients used play a major role in how your food will eventually look and even its taste too.

If you want to manifest the Universe’s abundance accelerator, you have to get the ingredients for abundance right. They include:

  1.     A pursuit mindset.

This type of thinking is necessary for anyone who wants to manifest abundance in any area of their life. A pursuit mindset means going for what you want After you have identified what you want to do, you should pursue it to the last bit. A no answer from a potential business client should not lock you out of business. Pursue it and want to know the reason for their refusal. You could be able to reassure them and win the business. Pursuit means never relenting. You should wither every storm that comes your way because you know what you want and nothing can talk you out of it.


Abundance is having more than enough, even going beyond what you initially wanted. It is not possible to attain it if you do not pursue what you want. You could be asking yourself what to do when you are obstructed or when you receive multiple negative responses. When you concede it in your mind, there is nothing you will be able to do about it. This is the reason why you need a changed mindset, that of pursuit, to manifest abundance.

Before you have enough and it overflows into abundance, you have to win the battle of the mind. Pursue what you want and abundance shall be your middle name.

  1.     Accept help.

You already know that two heads are better than one. What you can do in one day can be double if you have help from an equally abled person with whom you share the same goals. It is okay to accept that sometimes you cannot do it alone. You need extra hands to do the job on time. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness but that of strength.

Look at how nature works. For crops to fully mature and be ready for harvesting, they need a lot of input. They need both human effort and nature’s sustenance.

From the time of tilling the land, the favorable weather at the time is sunny. Then comes the planting season and afterward the time for the growth of your crops. The rain will come to water the crops, then the wind will blow to facilitate cross-pollination. Even bees and other insects will help in cross-pollination. The time will come for you to weed your farm and your crops will continue to grow.

Eventually, after all the weather seasons, your crops will be ready for harvesting. No particular weather is single-handedly responsible for the growth of your crops even until harvesting season.

Nature teaches us the importance of accepting help. The sun, rain, wind, and insects worked together for you to get that bumper harvest. Take this example from nature and accept help too if you want to step on the abundance accelerator. It grants you the speed you need.

  1.     Spend more to earn more.

Abundance in its original meaning is to be beyond enough. Why not spend what you already have to get more? Investing your time, knowledge, and resources in working for what you want will finally take you to the table of abundance. You will sit with the big boys and girls and make good use of your abundance.

Having a day-time job does not stop you from thinking about another business to do. The point is to have your money work for you until you have enough and enter the abundance phase. The reality is that your needs grow with time and if you do not increase your income base, then even the little you have will be eaten into by them.

Even when you earn $1000 per hour, your needs will grow to match your income and you will be on the negative in no time. This is why you need to be willing to spend more to earn more. This spending decision coming from you means that you are alive to reality and you want to become a master of it

  1.     Build healthy relationships.

“But what do relationships have with abundance?” They have everything to do with it because they are the pillars that hold you up there when you finally get to it. Healthy relationships are as important as water when cooking. There is no food that you can cook without water. So this makes water a universal ingredient and a very important one. Without water, there is no successful cooking.

Likewise, without healthy relationships with the people that matter, then there is no abundance. Relate well with your business clients, workmates, the janitor, supermarket attendants, bank tellers, and everyone else. You need them as much as they need you. The Universe does not operate in a vacuum. It will use these people to deliver an abundance of wealth to you. What happens when you are not on good terms with the “messengers of the Universe”?

The Universe wants you to bring more people on board if you want to manifest abundance. Add this universal ingredient.

  1.     Build a good reputation.

Your reputation always precedes you. It is a deal breaker when seeking an abundance of wealth from the universe. Nature wants to know whether it can trust you with this abundance. Can you? This explains why some people have an overflow of wealth so effortlessly. They have earned the trust of the universe while you are stuck at one point because you are yet to.

You can build your reputation by being selfless, let not your abundance always be about you. Even in the little that you have, take care of others and be gentle with those who are below you. A good reputation is like salt. It brings flavor to the food you are preparing. May the universe taste your goodness!

The question of what makes an abundance can be answered in our program – the abundance accelerator. Have you hopped in? Please do if you want to become a master of your reality without much effort. You can transform your enough into an abundance.

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