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The Four Lights of the Universe

The gift of light.

You can never truly appreciate light until you are in darkness. The dark robs you of the gift of light and you guess your way around while fully trusting in your instincts. The world of darkness is insecure and is honestly not the best place to be. It probably explains why many people are always looking forward to the morning when it is nighttime.

There is another form of darkness worse than physical darkness. It is a spiritual darkness. Life gets difficult when you are in this darkness. Blessed is the universe for the gift of light. It marks the beginning of a meaningful life.

You could use natural or artificial sources of light to shine light into darkness and find your way around. The choice of what source of light to use is yours provided that it serves the purpose of bringing light into the dark place. A torch, electric light, and gas or fuel lamps are all sources of light. Their light displaces darkness. They never co-exist.

The universe also has different sources of light that you can use to shine light into your darkness. “Let there be light! And behold there was light!” This is the voice of the universe.

Sources of light from the universe.

For personal reasons, you can decide which source of light to use. The universe has both physical and spiritual sources of light. They are all meant to serve humanity and guide us into freedom. The sun rules the day and is the main source of light during the daytime. The moon and stars take charge of the night to provide light.

Given that the physical world borrows a lot from the spirituality of the universe, there are divine sources of light that will shine eternal light into the darkness that you find yourself in. This is the knowledge that nature wants you to own and you will transform your life to become the heaven you have always wanted.

  1. Your guardian Angel.

 The universe has assigned you a guardian Angel to protect you. He silently shepherds your life in the right direction away from spiritual “crime scenes” so that you do not get into trouble. A spiritual crime scene is where other people have defiled the universe. The universe is working out punishment for their sins. You attract punishment from it when you interfere with such a crime scene.

It is the work of your guardian Angel to guide you out of such places and keep you safe. Without his guidance, you would be trapped in deep trouble. Your spiritual watcher is the divine spiritual light in your life.

How would you identify him? He whispers when instructing us in the way that we should go. His voice is calm and authoritative. You can easily dismiss his voice because he is not very convincing and mistake it for your stray thoughts. Pay attention to this light from the universe.

  1. Faith.

One of the most powerful lights is the hunting torch. It is mainly used for hunting because it makes you see in the dark bushes where you may have set a trap for your prey. When you shine this torch, bad animals run to hide because they consider you a threat. It is only your catch who cannot run away. Consider this hunting torch gifted to you by the universe to be your faith. This light helps you to focus on what you are believing to get from the universe. It could be your dream job, your house, or even your soul mate.

The universe wants you to use this light to look for what you want and you will eventually get it. The answer to your prayers will be trapped in your trap and you will secure it for yourself. What you have not put your faith in does not get trapped in your hunting trap. It escapes as other small animals do when you shine your hunting torch. This is the blessing of the universe to everyone who uses the light of faith.

  1. Innovative thoughts.

Sometimes, the universe brings some thoughts to your mind and they strike you as very amazing ideas you have never considered before. This wave of fresh ideas is light from the universe to light your thoughts. Nature wants you to think of what is not so common yet often overlooked. The answer sometimes lies in the most undervalued places and this is why you need this divine guidance.

What light does is make you see what is around you. You can thereafter know what to accept and what to reject. Great innovations first started as simple thoughts then the innovators started thinking about how to advance them. Consider the example of the first airplane. The Wright brothers must have had the idea of an airplane from birds of the air. They imagined how they could fly as birds do and behold, we can now fly across the whole world!

How many thoughts have you had yet you overlooked them? It is time to pay attention to this light from the universe and you will contribute to making the world a better place.

  1. Your instincts.

It is normal to have unexplainable feelings about the unknown, both good and bad. You could catch a bad feeling about something that is yet to happen and it eventually happens just the way you had anticipated. This does not make you evil in any way. It was communication from the universe about what was to come.


Please pay attention to your instincts and what your spirit is telling you even if you do not have proof just yet. Your instinct is light from the universe to warn you about something bad or sometimes prepare you to receive something good. Whichever way it happens; you should receive this divine lamp from the universe wholeheartedly.

The four lights of the universe are the compass direction to guide us through the present life. The universe uses them to communicate to us that we may finally manifest both physical and spiritual nourishment

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