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The Four Promises of the Universe on your Future

The value of a promise.

We expect a promise to be binding and unbreakable by all means. A promise is a commitment that people make to show that they are serious about what they are engaging you in. People have high expectations about promises and they will hold on to them to the end with the hope that they will be fulfilled. To some, it eventually works out while others are not so lucky to see the fulfillment of the promises made to them.

There are things that you consider when someone makes a promise to you.

The first one is the subject matter. It is easy to believe in some promises and at the same time difficult to believe in others. They sound like fantasies that are only possible in a fairyland, not in the world as we know it.

The second thing to consider is who is the person making the promise. Some people are believable while others are not trustworthy. There are several examples of promises that people make. It could be a marriage proposal, a promise of a gift, a friendship promise, or a meet-up promise.

There are expectations that we have from the promise makers. That they will either eventually marry us, gift us, remain our friends forever, or meet with us as they promised. Everybody appreciates fulfilled promises and does not wish that they are unfulfilled.

This is Nature’s promise…

Did you know that there are promises from the universe?

What is the value of the universe’s promise?

Nature and the universe are good promise-keepers. We have seen the fulfillment of the universe’s promises to people we know throughout our lifetime. It never defaults on its promises. Here are some of them:

  1.  “I want you to be happy.”

How many people do you know who genuinely want you to be happy? Now you know that the universe is one of those who want to see your happiness.

Different things make different people happy and nature is not in short supply of them. There is a calm environment where you can take a walk and enjoy its shade. If you love water, then you can go swimming at the coast’s beaches and bask in the morning sun.

If you love heights, you can go hiking in mountains and reach the peak to enjoy the beautiful sights. If you love wildlife, there are plenty of them reserved in national and game parks.

Happiness lies everywhere in nature; identify yours today. There is no shortage. The universe has provided all of them for you to choose from. Someone who wishes you happiness and promises to make you happy should be your best friend. Especially if they never default on their promises.

Happiness is nature’s first promise to you.

  1.  “How are you doing today?”

People often ask us how we are doing but hardly do we take them seriously. The universe is promising to be genuinely concerned about you. He is asking you today, “How are you doing, my friend?” His genuine concern for you is everlasting. This is why nature will give you food in natural fruits, vegetables, and cereals. You only have to make the effort of stretching your hand to get the food.

Through little work effort, nature will give you its food. Again, nature cares about your rest and wants you to be always in good form. Your body automatically shuts down at night when it is time to rest, or sometimes even during the day. Nature grants you rest in the form of sleep, daily for the rest of your life. He keeps the promise of always minding how you are doing and ensures that you are in good form.

To keep you well is nature’s second promise to you.

  1.  “I love you.”

You can now add one more name to the list of people who love you – the universe. Even when things get difficult, the universe constantly expresses His love for you and promises to continue loving you into the future.

Nature’s love for you is unconditional; whether or not you are financially stable or have many friends, He will always show up for you. The universe has assigned you a guardian Angel to protect you. He reveals all evil plans planned against you and you can wisely calculate your next steps. More so, nature sustains your life by giving you a free constant supply of fresh air.

There is nothing you have to do to reciprocate the universe’s love, but if you do, the better. Most people would love you if there is something in it for them, but not the universe. 

Loving you is nature’s third promise to you.

  1.  “I will take care of you.”

While we cannot be very sure about everything, one thing is certain – the universe will take care of you. The sustainer of life and provider of needs is the universe. You are part of it and that is why you will not be left behind. There is always someone who will stand in the gap to lift you when you stumble or to support you when you are weak.

The universe puts different people in your life for various reasons but the main one is to take care of you. Further, it could be that these people do not even know each other yet all of them are concerned about you. This is the miracle of the universe. One perfect example is how the flowers in the garden grow. Even without anyone tending to them, they blossom into beautiful flowers.

Nature commands bees to come to pollinate the flowers, sends a little rain to fall on them, and finally, we have the most beautiful flowers in the garden. If nature takes care of the not-so-much-important garden flowers, how much more will it take care of you?

The future is bright for you. Do not focus on your neediness or anything that is beyond your control. By grace, the abundance of the universe is also your portion. 

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