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The Genius Mentality


I bet everyone wants to be a genius.

It is pure joy to be a genius and most people consider it a primary blessing. You will be amazed at the things that people can do to be part of the 1% genius population or less. How would you answer this, are geniuses born or made?

Most geniuses do not even know their capabilities themselves. They consider their ability normal and yet at the same time most people struggle to do half what they do. The question of whether geniuses are born or made is neither here nor there. Being a genius is a spirit. When the genius spirit falls on you, you become unstoppable and this is the turning point of your life.

A genius mentality is a point of contact between the natural and the supernatural. This mental transformation opens your eyes and ears to communication from the universe. Consider it like being born again but in the spirit.

This is how you can be born again into a genius mentality:

  1.     Make the decision.

You need to decide whether or not you want to have a genius mentality for you to attract it. All spiritual matters and those of the universe operate on this principle. Do you want to have a genius mindset? It is not for other people except yourself. The universe is keen on your desire for a genius mentality and cannot grant it to you except if you take the initiative. The ball lies in your court.

  1.  See possibility everywhere.

Some thoughts never have space in a genius mind. The first one is thoughts of impossibility. It can be difficult but never impossible. If nothing is impossible with the universe, the same applies to a genius mentality. It is true that some things can be difficult but train your mind to never give up. Tough situations train your mental resilience. The basic lesson that the universe teaches humanity is that geniuses are never quitters. Hold on to the last minute even when it is stormy. Calm seas never made skilled sailors.

  1.  Fill the gap.

One thing stands out in the thinking patterns of a genius mind – completing the sequence and filling in the blank spaces. Both the sun and moon provide light but they do not do so at the same time. The gap given by the setting of the sun is filled by the moon at night. A genius mind does not compete with what already exists. Instead, it fills the gaps available. As much as competition is healthy, it wears out your mental energy. Set standards for yourself and groom your genius mentality by hitting the target you set for yourself every time.

  1.     Have a flexible mind.

A genius mentality is flexible. Simply put, it can adapt to changes. There are different seasons in a year and each of them is a blessing. Nature does not discriminate against any and there is nothing like bad weather. It can only be unsuitable for this activity but the best for another activity. Even snow is good for skating while the sun works wonders for your bones and immunity. You can be focused and still flexible in doing other things. This is the hallmark of a genius mentality.

  1.     Develop a mind of creation.

  Creation is how everything came into being. When others complain of lack, geniuses see an opportunity to create a solution. Creation starts with words of affirmation. It goes further into making something that did not exist – a solution. Other people can only wonder how it became possible. A mind of creation is a genius mentality that all children of the universe should adapt. In the beginning, there was no hope that the world would be developed in this complex way. But the universe created everything and still, creation has never ended! As a child of the universe, a mind of creation ultimately builds a genius mentality.

  1.  Build a confident mindset.

In the universe, confidence is attractive. Confidence is a language the universe understands very well. Be confident about your self-image and the principles you stand for. Go further to defend your position in different matters. Be bold. Be courageous. The genius mentality dresses you in confidence and you become ready to face whatever comes to you head-on. A genius mentality is nature’s gift to confidence.

  1.     Improve spiritual communication.

Your spiritual communication directly contributes to having a genius mentality. The devil is in the details, all of which have a backbone in spirituality. When you understand spirituality and communication with the universe, you can handle every situation that comes your way. A genius mentality is manifested in your knowledge of handling issues. Understanding spiritual communication opens doors to the knowledge you never knew existed. You will understand how to respond to and what to ignore. The light of knowledge makes a genius person stand out from others.

  1.     Think of abundance.

Abundance is never found elsewhere except in someone with a genius mentality. Even when life throws different shades at you, train your mind on the abundance that the universe has to offer. Opportunities are abundant for you to take a stab at the future. An abundance mindset thrives in success because that is where you channel your energy to. We are a product of our mentality and what we set our minds on to achieve. You can achieve a lot when your mind has a lot of options at its disposal. A simple thought of material abundance can translate into the best years of your life.

Building a genius mentality becomes easier when you are spiritually connected. Your good relationship with the universe brings you closer every time to hit the jackpot – becoming a genius. It does not start with improved thinking. This is just the manifestation of the same. It begins with having a good rapport with the universe. As you wake up to face each day, ask yourself what you are doing to build a genius mentality.

So then, what should you do to build create a genius mentality? Decide to look at the glass as half full, not half empty.

Follow the example set by the universe and have a creative mind – always asking yourself how you can create solutions. Welcome to the world of geniuses!

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