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The Hidden Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the ability to put behind the wrongs that other people have done to you. You make a conscious decision not to hold a grudge against other people or even yourself for something you blame yourself for. It is normal for people to wrong us in a social environment. Sometimes it may not be intentional on their part, but still, it happens. You have the decision whether or not to forgive them and start a new chapter.

Forgiveness is a powerful spiritual weapon. You can win spiritual battles in subtle ways without raising a sandstorm. Most people are not willing to readily forgive their wrongdoers. They take time to process forgiveness and sometimes do not forgive at all. They, of course, have their reasons.

The availability of forgiveness.

Depending on who you are asking, forgiveness may or may not be readily available. Some people forgive fast while others take time to process the hurt that you have caused them. How about the universe? It will readily forgive you if you ask nicely. Forgiveness can be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal forgiveness is between people while vertical forgiveness is between you and the universe. You cannot have one without the other.

A stake in two worlds.

Forgiveness is a treasure in both worlds. We need it in the spiritual realm as much as we need it in the physical one. We would like those we wronged to forgive us as we equally forgive others. We also seek forgiveness from the universe for mistakes we may have done (with or without our knowledge). Forgiveness directly impacts our spiritual life and relationship with the universe. This makes it a very powerful tool for knowledge. This is the hidden power of forgiveness:

  1.  It is a spiritual command.

The universe commands us to practice forgiveness. Nature gifts each day its unique blessings. Unforgiveness poisons the new day because it is baggage from the past. Being unforgiving is like being ungrateful for the blessing of the new day. As a principle, practice forgiveness daily. There is no right time to forgive. The spiritual command to forgive makes forgiveness a divine act. This directly impacts your spirit.

Choosing not to forgive becomes disrespectful to the authority of the universe. On the other hand, you are being respectful to the universe when you choose to forgive. This comes with its fair share of rewards and spiritual promotion.

  1.  It leads you to maturity.

There are many signs of maturity and practicing forgiveness is one of them. It takes a sober mind to accept to let go of hurt and open a new chapter. Maturity is choosing not to revenge not because you cannot do it but because you have outgrown it. When you practice forgiveness often, you quickly enter into the maturity zone.

You now get a chance to experience the blessings of this new level because you have proven your worth to the universe. You are no longer a child whom the universe used to feed on milk only. You can now eat solid food. You can be entrusted with more wealth because you have proven that you can handle it. Practicing forgiveness has enlarged your tents!

  1.     You consolidate power

Practicing forgiveness is a way of consolidating power. You gain friends who share your ideologies and have fewer enemies to fight you. A forgiving person is more likable and everyone wants to be associated with them. It is a way of building bridges even with people who do not deserve your forgiveness.

You will be seen as the bigger person who has put his ego aside to mend broken relationships or create new ones. This will bring more allies your way and you will be powerful to control their influence. People will consider you more rational in judgment and will willingly follow your leadership. On the other hand, a hot temper will make people fear you and keep them away from you. You would lose power. Consolidate your power by practicing forgiveness.


  1.  Forgiveness heals.

There is a hidden healing power in forgiveness that remains untapped. Practicing forgiveness can heal your body and spirit. This is what happens mostly in therapy sessions. You open your heart to your therapist and they counsel you through your experiences. The therapist will encourage you to be open without leaving any details behind. The science of therapy is to help you not to be bitter about your past experiences. This bitterness accumulates from Unforgiveness and it leads you to seek revenge.

Practicing forgiveness will help you to confront this problem head-on. Your spirit heals from the bad things that were done to you. You get closure and put it behind you. This spiritual healing will open your spirit to more opportunities that will build you up again. Apart from spiritual healing, forgiveness heals you from psychological and emotional pain. You can move on from past awful experiences. Your body and spirit are now ready for new experiences!

  1.  It brings you peace.

Do you feel stressed, anxious, or worried? Is your headspace clouded? It is time you started practicing forgiveness. The universe has gifted you the power to wish all your worries away. Make a conscious decision to forgive. Your mind will declutter and you will gain clarity. This is your one-way ticket away from the noise of stress, worry, and anxiety. You will be at peace with yourself and others. The gift of peace is within you if you chose to be forgiving. A peaceful mind can make sober decisions without any external influence. You will not vent your frustrations to other people. Neither will you be driven by revenge. You are at peace and that is all that matters.


Forgiveness opens a million doors for you and at the same time, shuts a hundred others that lead to destruction.  It is an untapped blessing from the universe that puts you in control of your life. Now that you have stumbled upon this treasure of forgiveness, the decision is in your hands. 

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