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The Highway to Wealth Manifestation

The great highway.

How beautiful tarmacked highway roads are! The road is long and does not seem to have an actual end. Everybody is thrilled by highways. The thrill of seeing such a beautiful road stretching to as far as your eyes can see and even beyond is unmatched.

In flashback memory, how many times have you wished to travel after seeing a highway? You would want to hit the road and plan for your trip almost immediately. Then reality would dawn! It is not possible right now, at least not yet.

Similarly, the universe is leading you to the highway to wealth manifestation. The road is beautiful and you will not hesitate to drive on it. All vehicles can be driven on this special highway that the universe has prepared for us.

Like on all major highways, cars move so fast here and a lot can happen within minutes. It is possible to manifest unlimited wealth fast if you choose to take nature’s great highway. You will need to know the traffic rules if you want to drive safely.

Traffic rules of the highway.

  1. There are other road users.

It is important to appreciate other road users of the universe’s highway. The journey to manifesting unlimited wealth is one that everyone will want to embark on. Most driving tutors tell driving learners this: always assume that you are the only sane driver on the road. This helps a driver take all the necessary precautions and never assume that another driver will do it. The burden of careful driving rests solely on your shoulders. Take this warning if you want to manifest unlimited wealth – it is your responsibility to do what must be done.

Make the early morning effort, go the extra mile, mend broken relationships, and take the necessary risk because all other road users are competing with you for the same prize – unlimited wealth. Recognizing competition from them will make you pull up your socks because nothing is guaranteed. Will you let other road users overtake you on the highway?

  1. Know your limits.

Nature has many lessons on limits and how to respect them. Consider simple weather patterns. No matter how good rain is, too much of it causes flooding and it undoes the good that it was to fulfill. Similarly, too much sunshine is a possible cause of forest fires and sometimes heat waves.

This applies to your journey while driving on the universe’s highway. You should know your limits as a good driver. When to slow down and drive under a certain speed limit and when to speed. When to turn your headlamps to full lights and when to use them when dim. This will prevent accidents on the highway.

You could miss out on golden opportunities because you had no limits. Like nature, have limits in everything you do and let them be known to people around you. While nature punishes weather excesses by droughts and floods, the universe punishes your excesses on the highway by accidents and breakdowns. None shall be your portion if you keep within your limits. The universe is looking out for his child.

  1. Trust the road to take you to your destination.

A driver believes that the road they are taking will lead them to the destination. You should also believe in the universe to take you to unlimited wealth.


The universe requires your unfailing faith like that of a child. Do not entertain shortcuts to achieving unlimited wealth. There is only one road – the highway – that will take you there. The universe knows this and will test your faith by bringing other tempting shortcuts your way. There is no quick fix for wealth and riches. Anything that you make on the sidelines will disappear as fast as you get it and mother nature will not be there to defend you from the harsh reality.

Good drivers know that the road they are taking will for sure bring them to their destination. Even if they have never used the road before, they know other drivers who used it and got to their destination. They follow suit. Do you believe in nature’s provision for you and its pure intentions? Follow nature’s highway to your destination of unlimited wealth.

  1. The highway is wide and accommodative.

The highway accommodates every car on the road – trailers, SUVs, taxis, lorries, or pickups. No car cannot be driven on the highway. You only need a good driver to drive it. Similarly, the universe is very accommodating of all your ambitions. It does not matter how ambitious you are that you become afraid you may not get unlimited wealth.

Pursue everything that your heart desires today as long as you keep within your limits as a good driver. Do not wait to start that business you have been thinking so hard about, learn that skill on your bucket list, meet your friends as you planned, and start that project you have postponed for so long. No matter the car you are driving (your ambitions), you will still reach your destination if you take the universe’s highway. Nothing can put down a good driver’s skills.

  1. Renew your license.

An expired driving license will surely take you off the road. It is a traffic offense that you cannot be easily unhooked from. Before it expires, kindly renew it. The universe is a moral cop who will not let you drive with an expired driving license. You could have a good car and observe all the traffic rules but once your license has expired, you have no right to be on the highway.

How do you renew your license? Support charity and good causes that are at the center of nature and you will have won her affection. Just like that, your license is renewed!

 Wealth manifestation is a journey that you need to start at the earliest possible time in your life. It is long and tiresome. You could be on the verge of giving up but nature is calling out to you to use her highway. You will be there in no time. 

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