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The Honest Friend

Who is an honest friend?

He/she is someone completely transparent in what they do and cannot think of shortchanging their friends. An honest friend has no hidden agenda against the friends. They are like an open book that can easily be read. Who wouldn’t want this kind of perfect friendship? It’s like the proverbial manna falling from Heaven.

Cultivating Heaven-like friendships.

Such perfect friendships are not served on a platter. The good news is that the universe foresaw our dilemma and sent nature to light our path. Mother nature plays an important role in forming friendships. She is like the sea where fishermen go fishing. Depending on where you cast your net, you catch different fish – the big and small ones, and those with or without scales. All these types of fish are in the same sea. Similarly, where do you go looking for friendships? Nature has offered you unlimited places you can fish connections, but there is a catch.

Different places have different types of people just as different parts of the sea have different fish, either in the deep or shallow waters.

1. Entertainment places.

They include bars & restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, movie cinemas, or whatever place that you go to have fun. These spaces hold different personalities but there is a common denominator cutting all across – they are people with a free spirit living in the moment. Ask yourself whether this is the type of person you are ready to have as friends or better yet as a soulmate. Do they possess the characteristics of the person you are looking for? Do not mind about their looks because friendships go beyond that. Allow your spirit to feel their vibe and meet before your bodies come together.

2. Worship places.

They include spiritual spaces like churches, mosques, temples, or wherever people go to fellowship with the supernatural. The type of people you will find here focus on the spiritual aspect of life more than anything else. They devote their time to seek spiritual connection without which they feel lost in a different world. You will want to reconsider friendships (or probably making soul ties) with them if you do not subscribe to their lifestyle. It will be like two people living in two different worlds. However, it can work for you if you are ready to make painful adjustments to fit in their lifestyle. Beware that you can easily be displaced by somebody else who is ‘their type’.

3. Online spaces.

They include spaces like social media platforms and other internet-created spaces that allow people to bond from all over the world. Still, there is nature’s hand in this. She is in total control. The internet hosts different types of people. Caution should hold your right hand and lead you to safety when in online spaces. It does not matter whether you are doing business or living off the internet for fun. The problem is that unlike in the two previous spaces (entertainment and worship places), you cannot judge someone’s character easily. You are likely to make the mistake of your life if you are not careful. You can also meet your destiny connectors on online spaces (like I did!).
These three spaces are the major friendship spots that nature offers. Of course, they can increase as time goes by. A case in point is the online space. It was hardly known until the millennials led us into it. It is now one of the largest places where people make friendships – just behind a keyboard.

The fertility of the universe.

Let’s go a bit into farming. Do you know of those fields where anything can grow? You just have to plant your seed and you are assured of a bountiful harvest. The universe is exactly like those fields! It is marked by rich soils and favorable weather. The weather is the effort you put towards making your friendships work. The rich soil is the fertility of the universe to multiply your seed even a hundredfold! As you start a friendship, ask yourself what you have to offer. Do not focus much on what your new friend is bringing to the table. The law of attraction by the universe will work in your favor. When you bring honesty, your friendship shall dwell on it. Sprinkle some love on your friendship and hatred shall be a foreign language in your friendship. When you offer support in a budding friendship, you shall never be backstabbed in the entire life of your friendship.

Tips to thrive in honest friendships.

1. Your word is your bond.
What you are looking for in an honest friendship is exactly what the other person is searching for. Be bound by your word and all your friendships shall be devoid of deceit. The moment you start shortchanging people is when you lose an honest friendship that you have built with so much struggle.

2. Give back to the community.
Honest friendships are selfless that is why they are so powerful. Your friendships can take you beyond where you had thought because the universe read your pure intentions. Learn to give back to the community to support other people who are at their start-up stage. It is the least you can do to support mother nature.

3. Submit to nature.
Submission is required to thrive in honest friendships. It puts a mark on your personality – a mark of greatness. Mark you, you found an honest friend under nature’s guidance. She led you right to where your male or female friend was standing! Look at you now thinking of a happily-ever-after with them (haha).

4. Positive affirmations.
Always say something positive about your friendships. Do not condemn yourself to anything bad. Beware of what you say even in the privacy of your chambers. Speak life about your friendships and it shall eventually manifest.

Don’t lament about not finding an honest friend. You have not looked under your chin. The answer to your prayer is almost near.

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