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The Journey of the Search for the Best

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Most people, if not everyone, have a dream of having the best version of what they need. It could be the best life partner, job, business, health, or any other material possession. I guess and rightly so, you are also part of this group. If this is part of your new year’s resolutions, the good news is that the universe is about to show you a safe passage to meeting them.

You have come from far and the promises that come with a new year are here. Your journey in search for the best could have started a long time ago yet you have not fulfilled everything on your bucket list. The desire to be financially independent, healthy, and fulfill all your wishes is getting stronger with the passing of each day. Behold a new year is here with us and there is a clear shot at bagging the best.

Eyes on the prize.

Now that we are assured of divine help in bagging the best, our focus shifts to what we can do. Focus your eyes on the prize – your dream plans.

How many times have you postponed applying for your dream job? Write that application today and submit it with your resume as soon as possible.

Do you wish to be disease-free this year? Explore the universe’s free medication plan rolled out for you.

Do you worry about the relationships in your life? Seek spiritual restoration to reconnect any broken ties and establish new ones.

There is nothing under the sun that the universe does not have an answer to. Your focus should be the best; nothing but the best.

The maiden step.

Making the first step matters the most as you start your journey to search for the best. Like a baby who is learning how to walk, it takes a lot of effort to make that maiden step. A baby should be able to stand independently first then master the courage to put one foot in front of the other and voila! Our child can walk. He may fall after two or three steps but stand again and continue walking. This is progress.


PS: Do you remember how your child or younger sibling started walking? How was the experience?

 An open secret.

Can light be hidden on top of a hill? Of course not.

Should you choose wisely, it is not a secret that the universe will hold your hand as you pursue the best. He is the adult and we are his children still learning how to walk into this new year. The universe can make your light shine to be seen by everyone like the proverbial light on a hill.

The story of the magnet.

A healthy relationship with the universe is like the story of the magnet. It is one of the most powerful inventions of man. It attracts metals whether rusty or not, old or new. A magnet is the true determinant of the metallic property. Magnets have varying strengths – bigger ones have a bigger magnetic pull than smaller ones.

The relevance of the story of the magnet is concerning our spiritual lives. Our spiritual lives are the magnets that will pull what is on our bucket list closer to us. The stronger the magnet the closer we are to bagging the best prize.

The journey in search of the best has its fair share of challenges. What is encouraging is that the universe is assuring us that we shall eventually bag the prize home – the best health, the best circle of friends, the best business deals, and everything that we pray for.

The treasure.

Treasures are hidden from people who do not deserve to get them. It is specially designed to be seen by the chosen few. In this new year, the universe has chosen you to partake in its treasure. Your spirituality earned you a place in the treasure room and you are about to go home as a victor.

In a room full of every good thing, how can you be careful to choose only what is best for you at the moment before coming for some more the next time? We are to the universe as children are to their parents. They are spoilt for choice when they go shopping. They end up wanting every shining thing and may, unfortunately, forget to pick up what they badly wanted. It is the grown-up who guides the child in choosing what is best for them presently and promises to come back for more later.

As expected, your heart is full of desires of what you want for the new year. Like a child, you may see this as an opportunity to collect everything you have ever wanted. Nature is the adult holding your hand to guide you in this treasure collection errand in the universe’s supermarket.

There are many passing clouds of temptation following you into the new year and you may yield into bad influence to forget what you truly wanted this time. This chance that the universe has given you to bag the prize of the best is a rare one.

All that glitters…

When you are finally in the treasure room and you want to pick the best before you walk out, a lot can happen before then. This is how you can separate shiny objects from real gold:

  1.   Test every “friend” who attaches themselves to you especially when you are on the brink of success.
  2.   Question every feeling you have that is foreign especially when it involves the best that you are about to settle for this new year.
  3.   Trust your spirit to guide you into making the right choice regarding a life partner, business initiative, or new friends. The universe is truthful to your spirit.

You are going to make big decisions this year but do not worry because your spirit shall hold your hand to the doorstep of what is best for you. This is your year!

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