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The Language(s) of the Universe


“If it is not two-way, then that is something different altogether.” This is the most sensible statement ever said about communication. One party listens as the other talks. That is the hallmark of communication. Regrettably, most people do not even know if the universe can ‘talk’ back to them. Well, yes it does and much more.

Communication is a process that culminates in feedback. The receiver has to give feedback (whether positive or negative) to what has been said by the source. Consider it a switch that completes a circuit and lights a bulb. The bulb here is your desires and prayers to the universe. Its answers will make your bulb light.

What language does the universe speak?

If you pay attention, the universe speaks three languages. They are not foreign but you could have missed them out of ignorance. Do not take anything for granted.

Coincidence is a foreign word to the universe. It operates on cause and effect. Here are the three languages of the universe:

  1. Yes.

Yes, YES is a complete answer from the universe. Our prayers, both the known and silent ones are like vehicles in a city. Cities are fairly busy compared to other towns. Moreover, there is also a lot of traffic. In the latest research by World Highways, India’s city of Bangalore ranks the highest with the worst traffic in the world at 71% followed by Manila (capital city of the Philippines) still at 71%, and in the third position is Bogota (the capital city of Colombia) at 68%.

The solution to such worst cases of traffic is using traffic lights. When it hits green, vehicles in a certain lane are allowed to move as others stop. The universe answers our prayers with greenlight to proceed as others wait for their turn.

A YES from the universe has no regrets. It is a blessing to what we are permitted to do. The universe crowns our efforts with glory after its positive answer. Can you imagine if traffic lights in Bangalore city would light green to more than one lane in opposite directions? The number of accidents when this happens would be alarming.

This is the main reason why the universe blesses those who wait for a YES from it. Such acceptance comes in many ways.

You can know it when what was blocking you starts moving aside one by one. These are some signals: your debtors start paying you your dues, the national construction authority approves your project of building a commercial house or your driving license is ready for collection.

You shall succeed when you follow this path the universe is directing you.

  1. No.

No is equally a complete answer. The universe is all-knowing and it can deny your prayers. You are not always entitled to a Yes. When your prayers are declined, it is in your best interests.

language of Universe

Still considering the example of cities with the worst traffic in the world, a red traffic light is not entirely bad altogether. There is a reason why it is red in one lane and green in another. The cars are taking turns to pass through such busy cities.

It would have otherwise been chaotic without the order that traffic lights bring. There is every reason to enforce their compliance by all road users.

You may want to consider No as not a bad answer altogether. In fact, it is in your best interests that your prayer is declined.

Would a sane parent give a young child a loaded gun because they cried for it? No, they would not. They may refuse and give no explanation to the minor. That would still be right. In the future, if the child (now adult) applies for a gun license, their request can be granted.

A No from the universe is still a positive answer. Here is how you can know whether the universe has declined your prayers.

You can lack the money to visit a place and yet get funds for your child’s fees and rent too. You may lack money to start a business but get money to help a friend in need. These ironies in life are nature’s way of saying No to your prayers.

Always have in mind that the universe considers what is best for you at every stage in life.

  1. Wait.

“Wait” is neither a Yes nor a No. It simply means that it is not yet time. At least not just yet. While still considering the example of traffic lights, the amber light means to wait. Vehicles are not permitted to move but a driver can have their foot on the accelerator pedal. They do this fully aware that it will soon be green.

The universe similarly responds to our prayers. They are neither out rightly rejected nor accepted straightaway. They are simply put on hold until an appropriate time comes for it. At the appointed time, a YES comes through and things start moving exactly how we had prayed.

language of Universe

A lot happens during this waiting period. Some people become impatient and decide to force their way through only for them to perish. It would have otherwise paid off to wait a little longer until they get the greenlight.

Other people do not even recognize that they are in wait mode. They assume that their prayers have been rejected and they give up. That is how they throw the baby with the bathwater. They read the wrong signs.

How can you know that the universe has put your prayers on hold? Your loan at the bank could take unusually long to be processed. The bank has not refused to grant you the loan. It simply has to complete all the necessary procedures.

You could be seeking a promotion to the next rank at your workplace. It delays and when it finally comes through, you are transferred to another work station with a higher position than what you had prayed for.

language of Universe

Your patience is very important in understanding communication from the universe. It knows what is best for you and will grant your prayers at the right time.

Do not be in competition with it because your guess is as good as mine who the loser will be.

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