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The Magic Of Vision Boards: Bring Your Dreams And Goals To Life

These days goals are the new fun thing for most people.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have one or two in sight. And rightfully so. Goals inspire us. They add meaning to our lives.

And if you’ve got even the slightest ambition, they’ll encourage you to bring out your best each day.

But you know what’s even better than setting goals? Achieving them.

And few things boost your chances of living your dream life like vision boards.

They’re fun to create. And unbelievably effective in getting your goals accomplished or desires fulfilled.

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry “swear” by them.

And as you grow in your manifestation, they’ll form an integral part of your toolbox.


Because they’ll bring you MANY steps closer to achieving what you want.

So if you’re ready to learn how you can create yours for a better life…

Let’s have some fun.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection or collage of texts, pictures or images of your desired goals.

They’re snapshots of a future self or life you’d be proud of.

And they cover a variety of things, from visuals like pictures to text based stuff like inspirational quotes or hand written affirmations. (Yours preferably)

Why Would You Want A Vision Board?

The best thing about vision boards is that they serve as reminders.

Each time your mind wanders off, they bring back your focus. Keeping you on track.

Plus, they remind you of your why. You see, everyone’s got a why. A deeper meaning behind their actions.

Why they go to work. Why they do certain things. And more importantly, why they set their goals.

Having your own vision boards keeps the things you care about them top of mind. This way you stay present and motivated

Another benefit of vision boards is how they shape your mind to find your TRUEST desires.

Vision boards force you to think about the most important stuff first.

You get to dig deep, and unearth the goals or desires that matter most. This is good because you’ll have stronger feelings for them. And in turn, more powerful manifestations.

Also, they give you an added sense of purpose. And in your corner, they ensure you never lose sight of your dreams

Steps To Creating Your Own Vision Board

Our unique experiences provide fun directions for creating effective vision boards.

Pictures speak in a different way to most people. One thought, feeling, goal or desire can be expressed with a pool of different pictures.

The steps outlined here will serve as a framework you can build your vision board around.

And as a bonus, they’re simple to follow.

So let’s get about creating your own vision board

-Reflect on what matters to you.

Goals are all about change. Change in the right or positive direction.

Change that makes life more fulfilling for you.

For some people, this could involve certain areas of their lives. For others, their entire life might need a complete overhaul.

Whatever the case, it’s important you get clear on what areas of your life need improvement.

Then, imagine what life looks or feels like once your goals are met.

This part is crucial in creating your vision board. Why?

Because if you can’t imagine your dream life you’ll find it tough to represent your desires with fun pictures.

So sit back or take a walk. Then picture your own version of the “good life”. A world where your goals are finally accomplished.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions.

-Collect your materials.

Now it’s time to track down the various parts that will form your vision board.

My favorite place to go? Magazines.

They’re filled with pictures of people, places or things that represent my goals.

So take out a bunch of magazines, and cut out pictures you feel fit into your goals. You can also take things a step further with newspapers, comic books or book covers.

These materials will serve as an endless source of inspiration. Or as motivation fuel when you’re running low on energy after a hectic day.

It’s you pull from different places as possible. These will make sure you’ve got enough ideas to work it.

The fun doesn’t stop at pictures though. You can get a bunch of texts of your favorite inspirational quotes.

And as we like to do, write down affirmations in our own writing.

Not sure about what kind of materials should be on your vision board?

No worries, we got you.

We curated a list of categories most goals tend to fall into.

With this, you’ll sharpen your mind in search for the right materials:

Wellness Goals; You can create a vision board to serve your health and fitness goals. Pictures of fit men or women will do.

Income Goals: What life does a significant rise in income present to you? Get some pictures that fit into what you want.

Peace Goals: Looking for some inner peace? Get pictures of a quiet or serene environment. Or an image of a family having fun at the beach.

Relationship Goals: Most people need a companion to go through life’s hurdles with. Whether it’s a friend or lover. And if that’s you, gather a few pictures of couples having fun. Or two friends sharing a hug.

There’s more but this should get you started.

-Assemble And Create

Your creative juices should be flowing. So it’s time to let your creative powers shine through.

And it starts with the right environment. A”workplace” where your ideas flow effortlessly from your mind to your vision board.

No rules here. So allow your mind to wander and experiment.

Plus, you could always bring your favorite music along. To keep you in the right mood all through the creative process.

Where Should You Place Your Vision Board?

In your car? In your bedroom? Everyone wants to know a great place to keep their vision board.

Our suggestion? Somewhere that makes it easy to spot. Your vision board should serve as a constant reminder of your goals.

So you don’t want it tucked inside a box or something. You want it on full display for your subconscious mind to feel alive.

The aim is to keep your desires fresh in your mind. So you’re loaded with daily inspiration.

With this, your bedroom wall remains one of my favorite places for vision boards

A Place For Digital?

With the world going digital these days, why not vision boards?

If you’re the type of person that’s always on the phone, a digital or online vision board makes sense.

For starters, you can open a pinterest or instagram account. Then search the web for ideas to create your vision board.

Trust me, there’s an endless supply of positive photos, images, and words waiting for you to grab them.


I love vision boards.

And they’re a fun way to get your abundance powerhouse running full steam.

Go put your creativity to work so your vision board can sparkle with positivity.

Until next time,

Happy manifesting!

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