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The Magical Power Of Manifestation Crystals

Crystals are growing favorites among people struggling with anxiety or stress

Ever since the pandemic rocked our world, more people turn to them to attract calmness in their lives.

And for good reasons. While they may look like ordinary stones, they’re actually bundles of energy packed inside beautifully shaped gems.

So don’t let their appearance fool you. The right one can take your manifestation power to the next level.

That’s why we’re unpacking the powerful, mystical secrets behind them. So you can find the right match for you or your situation.

Let’s jump right in

What Are Manifestation Crystals?

If you’re looking for a dash of inspiration to take you from stress to strength, these magical rocks got your back.

They’re loaded with high vibrational energy to shield you from negativity. And get your desires to manifest into reality.

You may not know this, but they’ve been used as healing agents for millions of years. Because of this, they’re known today as “wisdom keepers”

All the knowledge from history is stored in the fine lines of each crystal. They’re colour, shape, and texture represents a specific desire or goal.

In a moment you’ll see the results various crystals bring to your manifestation table.

But first, let’s cover how to take care of your crystals for maximum effect.

How To Take Care Of Your Crystals.

You’re finally convinced on crystals. So you order a bunch of beautiful, powerful ones online.

You can’t wait to get started. As soon as they arrive, you pull them out and start manifesting.

Things went well for a few days. You see a few of your desires popping up here and there. So your excitement shoots through the roof.

But that’s when you notice a steady, fast decline in your crystals’ performance. Because now they’re no longer as effective.

So what happened? Well, like your car, crystals should be taken care of.

They lose their mystical abilities once you fail to treat them right. Here are few ways you can do that:

Show Respect

This involves keeping it safe, away from physical harm. You can also take things a step further and create a special box for your crystals.

Don’t bring your crystals around negative people or energy. Because it can absorb it and lose its value.

Your crystals deserve respect because they’re powerful. Treat them like you would with gold. Because having them in your possession is a ticket to the finer things of life.

Another way to show respect is simply expressing your gratitude to your crystals each morning. A little “Thank you” can go a long way.

Cleanse your crystal.

Cleansing is vital to your crystal’s success.

We tend to pick up bad energy in our day the same way our shoes pick up dust.

Whether that’s from toxic neighbors, draining situations or our own thoughts.

This energy reduces your crystal’s manifestation power. Some great ways to cleanse your crystal include dipping inside water or allowing water to run over it. This will remove any negative stuff lurking inside it.

You can decide to keep it under a moonlight too. The moon is a very powerful cleanser. And has been used for centuries as a signification of rebirth. Which means it’s perfect your crystals a fresh start

Clearing your crystal.

Think of this part as programming. You know how your phone comes with a software?

It’s similar to how crystals function. Some carry pre-existing intentions either from previous owners or when you last used them.

You’ll need to input new desires or intentions depending on what you want.

For example, let’s say you wanted a new car 2 months ago. And you happened to use a crystal to manifest it.

If you’ve got new intentions to get a house, you’ll need to clear the crystal.

To clear your crystal, simply carry the intention in your mind as you cleanse them using examples from the previous section.

For instance, while you’re using water to cleanse a crystal, hold your new intentions in your mind.

How To Work With Your Crystals.

Now that you’re set, it’s time to pull out the mystical powers of your crystal.

There are two main ways to do this. Pick the one that most appeals to you

The first way is to install an intention or desire inside a crystal. The second one is to pick a crystal with a specific result attached to it.

I’ll go over both ways in detail so you can wrap your head around it.

To be clear, these are the two ways crystals can benefit you:

Install your intention inside them

Pick a crystal with a pre-existing desire

Now let’s dive into both ways.

-Install Your Intentions Inside A Crystal.

Some crystals like clear quartz are known as all-purpose. And make a great fit for concentrating your intentions inside a crystal.

Here’s a step-by-step process to do this:

Step 1: Find A Quiet Space

You probably know manifesting doesn’t happen in chaos.

The last thing you want is your vibration getting interrupted with distractions. So carve out a serene environment where your mind can relax.

Step 2: Pick A Result You Want

This is where you zone in on what desires you want to manifest.

Whether it’s to remove negative energy, feel more confident or feel more at peace with yourself.

Step 3: Cleanse And Clear Your Crystal

You don’t want to take any chances that’ll ruin your manifestation. So a good idea is to clean your crystals by soaking them in water. Or you can place them under the moonlight.

Step 4: Get to know Your Crystal

Some people call this dating your crystal. Because it’s like getting to know someone, except it’s a crystal.

You can start by holding it firmly in your hand. Feel the curves or lines on your crystal.

The part is about connecting and becoming one with your crystal

Step 5: Visualize your dreams

You probably know that no manifestation ritual is complete without visualization.

Imagine yourself having your desires in the presence. Feel what it’s like to be more confident, be a car owner or snag a new house.

Allow the feelings to go round your body and into your crystal.

Step 6: Get your thoughts into your crystal

I call this step the “flow stage”

This is where you allow the feelings you get from visualizing to flow into your crystal.

It’s like supercharging your crystal with some of the good stuff so it knows what to act on.

-Using Crystals For Their Specific Purpose

This is the second way to take advantage of a crystal’s mystical powers.

Most crystals come pre-installed with manifestation gifts. And by using each one for its intended goal, you can get the results.

Here are just a few desires you can get along with the appropriate crystals.

– Crystals For Love.

Matters of the heart are important to a wide range of people.

Whether that’s in the form of a companion or a lover. If you’re looking for a partner to stick with you through thick and thin, here’s a bunch of crystals you can try.

1) Rose Quartz

This is known as the heart crystal. Because it helps in matters involving love and connection between two people.

2) Pink tourmaline

This is a double-combo crystal for relieving stress and attracting love.

While it’s not as powerful in manifesting love like the rose quartz, it’s still a great choice if you’re a lover at heart.

Crystals For Abundance & Prosperity

Sometimes you just want to have that midas touch.

You know what I mean, right? Touching things and watching them into gold.

If your goal is to attract abundance, wealth, prosperity, then this is the section you’d want to pitch your tent.

1) Citrine

One of the oldest existing crystals and true money bringer.

It’s a go-to choice for people looking to experience untold levels of abundance.

2) Pyrite.

If the green stuff was a crystal, this would be it.

Pyrite is the ultimate money crystal for financially struggling or ambitious manifestors.

It’s the gateway to wealth. And your trusted sidekick to raising your income level.

Crystals For clarity & cleansing.

We’re lumping these two together because cleansing helps achieve clarity.

And a clear mind is important to getting rid of negative energy.

1) Hematite stone

This is your go-to choice for a razor sharp focus.

If you’ve got a lot on your mind, and struggle to stay disciplined – you’ll need to snag one of these crystals.

2) Selenite

Perfect crystal for cleansing not only your home but other crystals too.

Remember the section on cleansing your crystals before using them?

This is one of the few ones that can help you do just that

Crystals For Raising Your Vibration.

Our energy levels make a huge impact on how well we can manifest.

Limiting beliefs plus a lack of abundance are perhaps the biggest causes of manifestation hiccups.

But that won’t be the case when you’ve got these crystals handy

1) Clear Quartz

You can say we saved the best for last because this is a multi-purpose crystal.

It’s known as the master healer because it covers a wide range of functions. From self-healing, to amplifying your energy and abundance.

2) Black Obsidian

Finding it hard to let go of the past? Struggle with limiting beliefs about your past or abilities?

Surrender yourself to the mystical powers of this gorgeous gem stone.

Once you start using it, you’ll notice an increase in your confidence.

How To Make Use Of Crystals.

Creativity is always something we live for here.

That’s why this is dedicated to some cool ways to make sure you’re getting the most from your crystals.

You don’t have to try all of them. But we’re confident you’ll find a few that speak to you.

Use them as Jewelries

From necklaces to earrings, crystals make the perfect stones for your jewellery.

Carrying them serves as a constant reminder for what you want. And it’s just a fun way to fill your day with positivity.

Soak some in your perfumes.

I know, I know. Before you go all “what?!” hear me out

Smelling nice all day is good. Feeling good all day is great too.

Imagine having all that positive energy stuck on you. All because you decided to get smart with your crystals and put inside your perfume.

Now they’re doing all the work for you. Attracting all your blessings 24/7.

Wrapping It Up

I hope we’ve made a wonderful case for crystals.

They’re truly a joy to have around the house. Their beauty and mystical powers can deliver a one-two manifestation punch – knocking negative energy out of your life.

On that note, you can go ahead and pick the best crystal for yourself.

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