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The Money Market in the Universe

The Value of Money.

Just how much is enough money? There is so much you can do with plenty of it only after you understand its value in the universe. The value of money comes out strongly when transacting because you can see how much you can buy. Call it the purchasing power.

The purchasing power of money is only limited to a range of things. It can buy houses, and cars, pay for air tickets, and book hotels for vacations. It is ironic that despite all these that are meant to make you happy, you can still be sad. This is because your money lacks value in the money market in the universe. The breakthrough comes when you can successfully trade in the money market of the universe.


Getting more money…

Money is a creation of the universe. The universe existed long before money came into being. Of course, it brought convenience to trade but life still moved on even before money was invented. Now that it is here with us, can everything stop because of it? Many people have money but do not know how to trade in the money market of the universe.

Thankfully, there is a way you can dominate the money market and money shall serve you. This is the original intention of the universe. Everybody wants to make more money. It is what I call the `99 problem. The one with $0.9 wants $1. The one with $99 wants $100. Even the one with $999 wants $1000. This is what you should know to make more money and still successfully trade in the money market of the universe:

  1. Money is a reward.

You may think “But I work hard for my money. How is it a reward?” The only authority responsible for manufacturing money is the government and it circulates in the economy. The more you focus on making more money, the further you get lost. You were not created to chase after the creation of man – money. Create solutions to the problems of other people without greed for it. You will be rewarded for your services with money. Just like that, you become a millionaire!

The mentality of wanting money without thinking of what you offer in return for it will make you stagnant in one place for a very long time. Wrong priorities. When you serve the universe with solutions to problems, you are human first and then a business person. This is the first basic principle of trade in the money market of the universe.

  1.     Do not hoard money.

Money is currency. The reason is that it is supposed to circulate. You do not have any business hoarding money. Stashing money in bank accounts locally and overseas will not make you have more of it. Do something with your money – invest, buy assets, start a business, or donate to worthy charities, but do not hold it for yourself. This will be sabotaging the plans of nature.

Trading in the money market of the universe needs you to carefully balance between saving and preventing the circulation of currency. You can save money that is still in circulation. There is a second principle of trade in the money market – money attracts more money.

  1.     Be unique.

You could be pressured to do something when everybody is doing their thing. Do not succumb to it. You need to be unique in this market. Always do some value addition to the services you offer to your clients. It will make you stand out from the rest who are only interested in money. The universe will identify your uniqueness in serving humanity even as you do business. This will drive more clients your way because you treat them in a dignified way.

You should be guided by dignity as you trade in the money market of the universe. Nature wants you to value others as equals. It is only time and chance that bridges the gap between you two. Be humane however and wherever you do business. The third principle in the money market is that customer is king.

  1. Do not be greedy.

There is no shortcut to making more money. There is always a temptation to take the shorter route. You should resist this if you want to prosper in the money market. The universe rewards hard work. There is no otherwise if you want to be a good trader. You have to make your first $100 before making your first $1000.

You will be paid more for higher-value products and services. Pricing underrated products and services expensively will reduce your customer base. There is no magic that the universe can do if you exploit the same people who sustain it. Embrace stepping on one stair at a time as you go up. The fourth principle in the money market of the universe is that short cut is the wrong way.

  1. You are the product in the market.

If you are seeking to create a fortune in trading in the money market, get this right. A client buys you before buying your products or services. Similarly, you could have the purest intentions for the universe and you fail to demonstrate it. It does little to help. Package yourself well and maintain open-mindedness even as you trade.

The best way to win over a customer is to be the person they want to see and hear. Relate to their struggle and genuinely offer your help. Nobody buys a product without a human face, except at gunpoint. Given two salespeople selling the same product, whom will you buy from? Is it the one who only sells what they have or the one who sells himself alongside his products? Of course, you will buy from the seller selling his products alongside himself/herself.

The role of the universe in the money market.

The Universe ultimately decides whether or not you will attract more money. It has these five principles that you should follow if you want to trade. Every other way of trade without the blessings of the universe is futile. Your money is safer with the universe. Think about it. 

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